: So I agree with the Aatrox nerf
Let olaf have the revive maybe. According to the lore.
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: It sounds fun, but it would be stupid. The meta would very quickly become {{champion:122}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:157}} also it would fk with the queues too much so realistically this will not ever happen. They removed a mode to help the main queue's time
That's why it can be a random champion. They added aram and draw more people for summoners rift though.
: Why in the world would you make a cool 1v1 ranked game mode and then make it random champion?
: Diamond Solo q = Abomination \ how do u win games?
I lost my d4 promo 4 times on my smurf as a ex challenger player.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: If there is a REAL solo rank game mode. @Riot
Also balancing a team game for both competition and average play is impossible. Because these two different clusters behave completely different.
: They had this for a while way back in the day. People asked about bringing it back and they said that it bogged down their system really hard because you have to match make for 5X the number of games.
I don't really remember when they had it before. With less player base nowadays, this might solve a lot of problem they have right now. Also might bring more people back or bringing in new players in the game . Team game maybe good for watching in competition, but it can always leads to disaster for everyone else. In the end less and less people are having fun in 5v5 games. People complain too much about the balancing and the match making. The toxicity would be reduced by 90% I'd predict.
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: Olaf vs. Everything
One trundle is more than enough to beat the shit out of olaf
: Fix the "If my bot lane loses, then we auto lose" issue.
Make this game a 4-man game instead of 5 would solve everything.
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