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Okay, so first off I had won that game AND I did mute him after he had said I have a black eye. "alpha" lol Also, it IS an issue. It's been an issue for a long time. League of Legends is known for how toxic its player base is and how Riot kind of avoids fixing it. I've been playing since the beginning of season 3, I've seen almost everything when it comes to toxic behavior and over the years, I'm immune to it. The one main reason I posted about this is to make something negative into a positive, it's not okay to talk to people like this regardless of whether or not its in a video game. I know I'm not "special" lol I never said I was. Harassment in league has always been a problem, there has been multiple times where people have tried to hurt themselves because of something another player had said. So tell me, how is it an annoyance?
: >If I had responded and asked him to stop, I'm pretty sure he would become even more aggressive with his messages. My only complaint is that you didn't try. >my team said nothing and did nothing to stop him from his rude remarks. That is why you should have at least tried. You can't get upset at your team when they behaved the exact same way you did. Just a side note, nothing you quoted was sexist.
First off, if I had the chat logs I would show you how this person had typed their messages. It was safe to assume this person would have become increasingly aggressive and belittling, like the "black eye" comment. Secondly, the part where he had stated "that's what happens when they don't listen" _they_ meaning women. During that time of the message, he was being increasingly sexist by saying something along the lines of how apparently "typical" women play league and how women don't understand how to play the game. I can't remember word for word what he had said but like I mentioned it was along those lines. Lastly, if you read my other responses to other comments you would see that I'm not upset with my team because I understand. Some people don't know how to respond to these kinds of messages or they possibly already muted him from the beginning when he started to complain about the team comp. My main purpose for this post was to share it with others and that its not okay to treat ANYONE like this, man or woman.
: What's upsetting (atleast from my point of view) is that your teammates COULD have said something, but they'd have to worry about the IFS punishing them for Being Toxic towards that Draven. In the end, you did the right thing by reporting him for his Actions. What he said was completely uncalled for & no one should have to deal with that.
I agree with you on that! Though sometimes people freeze up in situations like that and don't know how to respond which is understandable. Hopefully next time they see something like this (which I hope doesn't happen, but this is league we're talking about), they speak up and help stop this kind of toxic behavior.
: u may think its an issue but this thread isnt really going to do anything. im just saying, because riot dosent read this board
Maybe that's true but sometimes reading a post about this sort of harassment and going through a similar situation sometimes helps people. Just wanted to share my experience and shed light on the issue. Doesn't matter if Riot reads it or not, sometimes its better to talk about these situations and let it out instead of letting it fester.
: First, the person who said all those things is not a good person. > [{quoted}](name=A Wild Nidoqueen,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cEL8AbRX,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-30T03:11:04.310+0000) > > my team said nothing and did nothing to stop him from his rude remarks. But, what do you expect out of your team? I would have muted him early, given that what he said was useless. Jumping into a flame war wouldn't have been a productive use of my time. >If I had responded and asked him to stop, I'm pretty sure he would become even more aggressive with his messages. I feel the same way about any response I could give in text. So, I think that ignoring him was the correct in-game decision. If you didn't respond to his jabs, I would make the assumption that you had also muted him. My action would have been to report him post game. But, if at least one person does that, then the additional reports aren't useful.
I agree completely. They either muted or didn't know how to respond, was just sharing my experience.
: I guess I'm just confused, as a fellow woman, how he knew you were a girl? Or is it just a lucky guess off of the Soraka pick??? Do other women radiate special internet hormones and I just suck? :c Either way, sorry you had to deal with that. I would have likely just muted him; Draven seems to attract a lot of toxic players.
My user name is kind of a give away :P Thank you though, I've been playing league for a long time and have seen harassment a lot. Just wanted to put a post out there and that its not okay to talk to someone like that.
: what do you expect your team to do? they probably didnt care about your situation. solve your own problem by muting/ignoring.
I did, I'm just posting because its an issue. It's disgusting to talk to anyone like that.
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: Patch 8.12 notes
What the hell riot? Why are you nerfing supports? It makes no damn sense when you have other champions running rampant and are broken. Oh Irelia broken? Better nerf supports.
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: What anti virus are you using? You may need to configure your antivirus and other settings to allow league as an exception, which our[ patching issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202969434-Patching-Issues) guide to help with. The part that sucks if you've already had the file removed, in which case a repair would be necessary. That function can be found through the gear icon of the main patcher screen. I hope this helps fix things up!
My antivirus is Webroot I believe because I'm away from my computer right now, and I've never had a problem with league and my antivirus. It was just this one update. I don't want to do something that'll possibly cause harm to my computer.
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