: thats because kayle procs klepto much more consistently then ezreal, as most of her matchups are vs. melee champions which skews the numbers slightly. but if you pit her against niche matchups like kennen, teemo, or neeko, she procs it much much less then your OP actually seems to imply.
did you say she gets that much gold because she procts kelpto..No she literally gets bags of gold constantly through lane because of Riot's Coding giving her more Rng for it. Also her abilites proct it so much...and I do not think she procts it more then ez...that's very doubtful considering it's the aa that gets the proct. Another thing you aren't thinking about what I posted . She literally get 700 plus gold before 10 minutes from klepto. THAT IS BROKEN AF!!!
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mack9112 (NA)
: But the mmr system is placing them correctly and if you continue to play well the system will allow you to skip particular ranks. Your mmr can rise and fall rather quickly depending on game by game scenarios as the matchmaking system tries to adjust as quickly as possible to create even games. If you allowed for your rank to jump back and forth as fast as your mmr did all value of the rank system would be lost.
Did you say the Value of the ranked system would be lost if you jumped in the division that your mmr is in that would actually mean the ranked system is working!?
mack9112 (NA)
: Your own matchmaking shows that the silver players are performing just as good as you or Even better why should they not be in your matches ? Mmr is a real thing and it surpasses division rank
that's not what I asked you.
: The reason most people are stuck in silver/gold
Wow people are really on here writing stories lol...Yet don't get the concept of the argument posted. They even look at the stats as if games are won off stats. AND LITERALLY All the posts here talk about stats. I can't even believe people will downvote a post like this
mack9112 (NA)
: I am explaining that your mmr directly relates to who you are matched to and not your division rank. And both of our play historys show that the silver players who do play in our gold matches deserve to be there.
So you think silver 3 should be in a Gold 2 game. You also think it's my MMR as if I'm the only one in the game, as if you really understand anything about how match making is. You are throwing the same lines you're thrown. Do you even think for yourself
He may have been strong that game, but he is one of the lowest winrate champs according to LoL. Also Waveclear lets yasuo do pretty much nothing. Best thing he can do is ward enemy jungle and possibly fight. Quick question do you know any other champion that has to rush boots to be viable, so boots shiv and IE. That's pretty costly. plus he's a melee champ that can push, which makes him easy ganks. You probably don't know when to wave clear yourself or when to trade. Depending on who you pick and how you position yourself makes all the difference. yet if you laned vs Irelia, Akali, Kat, fizz, Talon, Zed, blah blah. How can you reasonably take anything from yasuo
: How do I get out of bronze?
Play Fiora with grasp Demolition bone plate and overgrowth. I take Dmination tree 2nd, with taste of blood and Ravenous. I'm sure you're thinking sorcery tree for the movespeed on the ult, but that's not really good with grasp and this rune page isn't ult reliant, Far better IMO. Then just look up a build guide. Get you Tiamat when you feel like you want/can just push into your lane opponent. If you get good with frioa, I think her kit will help get you back up the ladder. She is also not really banned ever
mack9112 (NA)
: If you play every game with the perception that every teammate I have is trash and they have to listen to me because I am superior then I don’t know what to say other then fix the attitude and you will have a far better winrate. You have to stop and think for a second that you are being matched with silvers for a reason. Look at my last ranked match my team was myself a gold 2 silvers and an unranked vs 4 golds and a plat ... we crushed them.
Man you're just trying to sound spiteful now. I don't go around as if I am superior to anyone. but more often then not the fight that I try to get my team to come to is successful if they all come at the point. to your point of matched with silver dude. If i'm going for gold 2, that means I'm WINNING! You have one memorable game that your pulling out of nowhere acting as if the silvers did anything. You should stop an think about how you just like to argue and not see the point I'm making. Do you even understand what I'm saying. Can you read at a decent level and understand arguments. I can't tell, but from what you're saying, it doesn't seem like it. You just seem like an undercover riot employee trying to convince me that Silver 3 players should be in gold 2 games
mack9112 (NA)
: Your argument is that in your ranked games the gold players have to carry the silver players that are matched in there games. In your last 20 matches three of them are ranked and in those 3 matches all but one silver player performs above or equal to the gold players in that match. It shows that mmr matching is working as intended irregardless of the division rank.
No it isn't...It's just showing you that mmr system is actually broken. Literally, word for word, what you said has no meaning to what I stated. ok cool they didn't do poorly on paper, but you're not in the game telling these rugrats what to do because they are playing foolishly. Also most of those games I am the reason they did well. CLosing Games out is very hard for people to do. That's why people can't climb Mystery for you solved. Whether you feed in lane, you can be absolutely useful and win the game, but people have to listen(Participate)
: Gold ISN'T that much above silver any more. They changed up ranks, meaning they have different values than they did in the past. Not only have they added in Iron, they dropped to 4 divisions in each rank. That means a Silver 1 or 2 player is much closer in skill to a Gold 4 or 3 player than in the past.
I think you aren't considering the massive pool in silver 2 and 1 to gold 4. Like I'm competing for gold 2 There should never be a silver 3 in my game...Do you know how many games and people there are that are playing. just from population size that should be enough. ALso now this is the kicker just because you're beating silvers, what makes you think you should have to try and beat gold 3 and gold 2's...you need to do the time and rank up into gold to do that
mack9112 (NA)
: I mean in your 3 ranked games from your last 20 matches the silvers players in those matches played pretty well indicating there mmr is simply enough to play with golds ...
Literally everyone who sees your post is now dumber
Kai Guy (NA)
: Oh, on this we are Agreed mostly. It can be fringe if some ones attempting to minipulate the system, Like I once wanted to make a Bronze account and then dodge as needed to fail every promo so that my MMR always grew but my LP became static. I though it would be hilarious to see folks lose their shit when that account hit their games. Riots got a system in place for LP catchup to MMR sadly so I never bothered. (edit. I also don't like smurfing. Huzza pub stomping, an old gamer tradition of toxicity.) The reasons for this are likely related to a few things. Duoing is an easy culprit to see. Check op.gg. Look for if theres a duo W high gap. When yes... theres your problem. Far as other situations. To the best of my knowlage you can find issues from the following. Making games to fast by having range widen is an issue, you need a tight range in MMR to keep accounts into fair ranges. Having K factor be to high early on flucates players into and out of ranges to fast. Riot can do this and get away with it because LP system, so rubber banding accounts for the first 10-50 games is a potential way to reduce the overall # of matches but does cause chaos for the matches. You can compensate players by treating a high K factor gap similar to a placement game where you reduce MMR risk on accounts with low uncertainty because of a high uncertainty teammate. But this is behind the curtains and makes 0 impact on the quality of the match + it wont deal with player perception especially if its a hidden bit of the system. Starting MMR values and LP out of placements are not accurate to each other. (this year riot did not let your Tier drop after earning one off a placement game so you could sink in your MMR pretty far but have a higher Tier.) Main thing i want folks to walk away with is that Duoing is the simplest thing to instantly address. Make it off MMR ranges. This will remove a very common very frequent negative impact on matchmaker.
good words...I just hope it stays more abnormal then common as it is now. so my mind is like who do I even play anymore lol
Kai Guy (NA)
: If riot wanted more people out of silver into gold then they have options already available. 1 be able to just shift starting MMR for new accounts to be say silver 1. All newbies and weak players will now boost up more folks as they sink down. Smurfs will get above and away from eating up MMR for low and mid silver unless they actively try to lose games to slow their climbs. 2 Manipulate the ladder during a soft reset because they chose the values accounts get rounded too. 3 1 sided Slant MMR to favor a Tier. Any one under that tier has higher MMR gains then losses 100% of games. Artificially pushes accounts up. This impacts MM negatively by creating higher uncertainty IMO so I don't recommend it 4 They set what MMR each Tier is expected to represent, just lower that.
that's a fair opinion but what's really happening in games are different gold 2 and 3 shouldn't have silver 2 and silver 3 in their games
Kai Guy (NA)
: To an extent as LP gains are lower then MMR gains your going to see divisional gaps into your games, and a high uncertainty accounts Tier will commonly be inaccurate to their skill. Op is correct that Good MMR MM requires a good Range. Make matches to fast by increasing the range is problematic. Duoing destroys this range and is why I have been telling people that MMR systems are good and function but Riots has some problem areas, like how duo is off tiers not hidden MMR. I don't think its unreasonable to ask for that restriction to be in place and to be off the same range MM considers Fair. As previously mentioned Tiers move slower so bottom of S4 can have Bronze MMR then que with a gold player with Plat and MM has to compensate for this massive range somehow. Not ideal. Then there was the new starting MMR + new Tiers which realistically is going to sink the entire ladders Values to be lower.
This is a good point, But I would like to see More Buffs if Riot wants more people out of Silver and into gold. If people from higher divisions have to carry lower divisions, You need to be playing Strong Champs. Champs that people play in gold and silver
: Or simply nerfing him wont stop low elo from banning him anyway. They will never stop banning him regardless of his state.
: why nerfing yasuo wont fix yasuo
This is pretty accurate. I have been waiting for nerfs just to play him more, but honestly There are so many other strong champs right now. yasuo is already very weak. He's really good at waveclear and trading with people who have bad positioning or who lack waveclear, but this makes him easy gank since he will be pushed, so really this game just has a jungler problem
: I'm Gold 3, and I've gotten unranked players in my game, so basically Riot really doesn't care about the ranking system, they just made the code simplified enough to use the vast pool of users versus creating code that would narrow down the ranking system.
You seem like one who has had to grind a ton of games as I have
Seen (NA)
: Silver 2? I'm lucky if I get that. I'm sitting at a solid gold 4 but I'm getting put with silver 3-4 team mates while the enemy team is gold 3+. Wtf matchmaking. And my silver teammates aren't smurfs, they're literally garbage.
yeah I see a lot of smurfs in almost every game. Fresh level 30 account...Maybe they are level 40-50 and got the champ they want to one trick. Low ban rate but good. I just thought gold was so much above silver. Like you get a reward just for being in gold and now it just seems like hey we have some silver people in our game again. How do I get them to listen
: I see a lot of this in my own games. Gold players in my silver games. It usually doesn't mean much, just that they're queued with someone in silver. It's honestly not that much of a difference if you ask me though. I've seen some gold players int the hell out of a solo lane.
True it may not seem much of a difference just from what we can usually assume, but if you are actually silver and have not yet improved and are going against someone who has improved, it makes a difference. even a few seconds. Mostly it's in closing games out
: > [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aUTMiIEj,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-04-19T12:59:00.007+0000) > > For those who don't have the required skill to carry 5 people(including themselves) silver is just going to stay a gamble. > > I said that already... but that is not what this thread is talking about. > > I'm talking about strictly low elo. > low elo, even if you are good enough it's gonna be a gamble to climb. and i am strictly trying to explain to you that that is the system in place and it AFFECTS every elo not silver not gold not iron only... ALL OF THEM
honestly you are just ranting here. You are saying what Juicebox already said! Your mind is in a completely different place and you want to make your opinion sway when you aren't even talking about the same thing LMAO. JuiceBox is literally saying there's so many people in silver to gold, that there's a big discrepancy of skill and match ups. It's like the world of fighting. You have professional and then say there's underground. You might see some really fantastic underground fighters. But it is a coinflip. So no reason to impose so hard
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: Looks like the projectile was already on the way, de-targeting doesn't do anything for stuff already on the way. Edit: Looks like I was mistaken (I did a little searching once I thought about Fizz jump operating differently). https://www.reddit.com/r/KaynMains/comments/7vqjff/killed_in_ult/ It seems to be a bug.
wow interesting....seems this is old lol
: Looks like the projectile was already on the way, de-targeting doesn't do anything for stuff already on the way. Edit: Looks like I was mistaken (I did a little searching once I thought about Fizz jump operating differently). https://www.reddit.com/r/KaynMains/comments/7vqjff/killed_in_ult/ It seems to be a bug.
you're right it was on the way, but that has to be a bug... It can't hit you when you ult. that's part of making the best of his ult
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: > [{quoted}](name=A i Bot 0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jGxfTJ3I,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-26T01:00:13.206+0000) > > I'm trying to post a clip from my replay to show a bug in the game assuming you already have the clip you want, go to your documents folder, then league of legends folder, then highlights. in there you should fine a .webm file. upload that to something like gyfcat.com then copy the link it provides. paste the link wherever youre trying to post it.
OMG Thank you. I've been trying to figure it out and finally a Savior. Figures your name is FOR JUSTICE lol :D
: Explain a little bit more what you need. Do you have a clip you want to share? Are you copying one from somewhere else?
I'm trying to post a clip from my replay to show a bug in the game
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NahDaddy (NA)
: I never said the speed is fine. I agree that it is a little slow, but I don't think reverting it completely is the right move.
You could be right about the revert not being the right move, but I did enjoy the ult far more then now. The spam let you point them in the direction that you wanted. when you have slow cast times you can't direct them, so you cannot predict much of anything, since there is nothing to go off of. <( Best prediction definition you will see friend) Look I know people are still getting used to this game, but I don't see why I have to suffer because people aren't used to it. This isn't really coming from the Xerath complaint. If other champs are going to have HUGE Damage WHy is it THE CANNON CHAMP OF THE GAME LACKS. AND THE CANNON is what's lacking!!! KAPPA
NahDaddy (NA)
: I don't think it sucks, I just think it could be slightly better than it is currently...
His ult is only good with frontline teams or if they are running away. That is it. You may get lucky and kill someone running at you, The odds of that are slim considering your only using your ult because you have no other abilities up and that's your last ditch effort in winning the trade. I'm glad to see you have budged a little on the speed of the ult. No one is using the ult because it's good, or they think it's good. They use it because that's the only ammo they can shoot. And that ammo is quite bad and slow to reload and fire
NahDaddy (NA)
: Here's a short reply for you then... Yes, he (and plenty of other champs) need to be addressed but this version of his kit fits the current state of the game as best it can. Should you be able to fire off all of his ult charges at once? Personally, I don't think so. I wouldn't be against a _slightly_ higher cast time though.
You actually sound like you work for Riot. Fits the state of the game. Cmon, what kind of garbage response is that. I would rather have his ult's hit box smaller like ziggs q bomb and shoot faster then the trash governor they put on him! if you know anything about speed. You know that his ult sucks. I bet you if you played him in 500 games you may get better. But are you going to climb. Maybe. I wish they had a stat that kept track of ult damage through the game, You know, for like the public to see
NahDaddy (NA)
: In addendum, Jhin, Xayah, Ivern, and Neeko have little to no mobility in their kit. Sure Jhin gets the MS increase per crit and Neeko has her W increase but that only lasts 2 seconds (3 in the near future).
Seriously why are you even comparing champs to what I have stated and Jhin LOL././...REALLY. Serious Question, but do you not think for yourself??? First of all Jhin's ult shoots FORWARD! enough said...those other champs you mentioned I won't even comment on bcuz that's wasted typing at this point.... I am not trying to be rude to you but you are toxic person. You're just down voting everyone who thinks for themselves and has an opinion other then yours I still don't think you even read what I said
: Revert.
NahDaddy (NA)
: Well... From what I've seen the old Xerath ult forced people to either take a great deal of damage, or flash and still risk getting hit by the remaining shots. I think this way is more balanced. I do think it makes champions with lower mobility a higher priority for his barrage but any dodging movement can be at least partially predicted given you know the range of whichever movement ability they use to sidestep the shots. I'm not sure you have to onetrick him to reliably hit your ult with consistency but that delves into individual skill and game knowledge {{summoner:13}}
I'm curious, why do you think you have so much to say. The old Xerath was actually Viable. You will Never see Xerath in pro play. Ask yourself why, It's not his mobility because every other caster shares the move speed. His q does great damage. His range is great for Jungle duels. His stun is ok. Lets be real. His ult sucks now more then ever. No 1 is doing great with Xerath because of all 4 of his abilities. If they nerf his q...He is trash can level. His ult needs attention because it's absolutely too slow. the cast time alone just for the camera to change the angle cuts your casts down by a huge margin. That part is soo unneeded. After you deal with that if you didn't get any issues trying to cast ult while the camera was moving the enemy surely has you figured out much more then you can ever figure them out( Note this Scenario that were drawing up only deals with them running away). His ult is WACK. He needs attention. It's actually kinda funny because none of the reworked mages are even in a spotlight, I think that says enough. But I appreciate your time!
NahDaddy (NA)
: Putting the other comments aside, I don't _personally_ think there's anything wrong with his ult. It does considerable damage late game, as well as having an increased number of shots you can fire as you rank it up. As for waiting until the range is at max, think of it as a base channel. Neeko has a delay on her ult, Aatrox does as well. It's a form of balancing as far as I'm aware. I wouldn't like to get hit by a mortar with no warning as to where the safe zone is. Honestly, it's kinda fun to try to outplay where the enemy is going to move. Pardon if I stepped on any toes {{sticker:galio-happy}}
IF you get hit by his ult sure, but the timing is far too slow. I really loved the old Xerath ult because you could spam the 3 ults and actually hit someone. Everyone Riot makes now has mobility. I'm not saying I'm the best Xerath but I hardly think I need to be trying to one trick him just to land more then one of them if landing one at all. People can say what they want. His damaged can be regulated, but his ult skill wise or not is actually way to slow to be good!
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: Magic Damage feels too weak without voidstaff, and too strong with it.
DeejayF (EUW)
: I was mentioning Talon and comparing him to her because she has such a good level 2 even though she is supposed to be a late game champ. Just like talon she can all in you at level 2 which I think is completey counter intuitive to what she is supposed to be because Talon falls of hard Riven does not she only gets stronger which is ridiculous. But hey at least my baby Azir gets nerfed into the ground and shot into the knee. That's so balanced. I hate Riot Games so much for it. I already know how much of a pain Irelia is that's why i always ban her, well almost always. You get one shot by her or anything else because there's just too much damage flying around so playing adc is no fun at all. Which is why I swapped to mid, but I'm still pissed. Or how they give tanks more damage because that# what they DEFENETLY NEED lmao
You're not wrong, but I do like the fact that you don't see the same champ every single game like before. It was getting so stale when all you would see were the top win rate champs. I'm actually going back to adc. I think it's one of the most pivotal roles now because bot lanes can impact the game much higher then a solo lane if played right. Because now you have 2 people mia instead of just one!
DeejayF (EUW)
: didn't I mention that I DON'T play top so I don't have DIRECT influence over the matchup. and in the late game. WHAT CD??? Her shield is on a 2 second CD making it kind of hard to even scratch her. And still doesn't explain why she has a power spike on like almost everything especially early game at lvl 2 where she can the lvl 2 of TALON fcking TALON how just how and why is this decision made by Riot Games. And maybe you would be saying something along the lines of "she was intended to be a lane bully when she was released". I know but that's not how she works anymore her early shut be gutted so hard because it's not fair imo why she gets have so much early burst and pressure while Azir almost got his waveclear gutted and just gets spitted on by Riot. It makes me sick. As you probably noticed I am extremely tilted by this. But I want to understand where the fairness in that should be.
I can understand you're frustrated, but I can't really follow what your comment much in the middle where you mention talon. If you aren't going to play top lane and if you are having top laners not understanding how to play the match up, then you have to influence the other side of the map since Riven's will usually roam after getting some kills. You didn't really say what lane you played either, but to me Riven isn't that great. There are people who have mastered her mechanics and have her timing down. Especially if the riven is maxing her shield. All I'm saying is if you chase Riven she will outplay you. That's why top laners are supposed to farm and buy good first items. If Riven's that much of a pain, wait till you see the good Camilles, Fiora's, Irelia's constantly stomping. If you are afraid of the top laner's potential. You need to get bot lanes towers pushed so you can pressure mid or better lane swap with top lane for objectives
: > [{quoted}](name=A i Bot 0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=66Yz6zFs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-17T00:10:17.588+0000) > > You are choosing to rank in preseason. There are many risks as the ladder is not made yet. You are used to the ladder where people are where they mostly belong. Most people build expectations once they get used to it. Have you come up with a strategy to win or a way to influence communication with the teams you have? Do you buy pink wards and keep track of the jungler? Do you Duo? Also what time of day do you rank? yea im pretty sure it has to do with shitty preseason matchmaking, though i want to fix the mess i did by trying stuff until i demote from gold after ending there,but it just feel impossible to climb back with this preseason matchmaking, i dont want to start next season lower cause i played in preseason :/. And fyi, yea i come up with strategies to win, i keep doing them the most i can but as soon as they start failing even a little bit, i can,t help myself, i need to find another strategy and i try so much stuff that im not sure anymore what is the best :s, and yea i get a pink every back, i try to keep my map and game awareness up but since i have adhd, its hard for me to do it consistently. I rarely ever duo and i play at all kind of hours when i have free time,i sometimes play late in the night, im kinda binge playing rn to get my gold back before season start but it looks like i definitely cant in time.
If I were you I would find good times of the day to rank. One thing I try when I rank is to get bot lanes towers gone because it opens up a lane swap for top lane. if you can get your top and bot lane to swap then you have a better chance to control baron by the mid game. It's best to give the plan early when you have time to type to check and see if people are ok with that. One thing to consider is buying the right builds and runes to create your power spike because that's when you want to have the pink wards. Depending on what roles you queue up as say adc. If I can't afford a core item I usually go with double dorans blade and pieces of my core starting build. It's amazing what double dorans blade can do for you if you make steady farm and trades. Also since you play vayne, people see her picked and want to play big poke damage or cc champs. so the extra hp and lifesteal is very good for the lane. If you can get boots by the time you are able to lane swap you will have greater success with this strat as well. Try it in norms and I would play fewer ranked games in succession unless you are really feeling your skills are in rhythm. One thing to consider though is if you notice your teams skills are not in rhythm because that might be your sign to go play a different role, practice some lane starts, jungle invades(also later level invades), and maybe finding a duo
DeejayF (EUW)
: How to do I counter riven?
If you are saying that a scenario where you are playing top lane then I would advise a few things. 1 major way to beat anyone in top lane is to control the wave by last hitting much better. Also depending who I am playing I like to move the wave toward the right side of the lane. You can do that by making a small trade. Small tip on trade to manipulate the wave is to bait Riven's or any top laners ability by faking your last hit by walking up to a minion early enough to back away if you can make her blow an ability. Once she blows an ability you at least have 1 more ability you can use on her then she has now.( Usually Most Riven's Will freak out in a sense and use all their abilities if you keep faking in....Now you have more abilities to use vs her Lvl 2 can be a good power spike to gain control of the minion wave, but lvl 4 is also much better so if you lose lvl 2 advantage. Don't get greedy and let the wave push because early game XP is better then that little amount of gold. Even though 1st back is great way to get an advantage)) I have a few other things I could add but I don't want to make reading uninteresting
GigglesO (NA)
: Wow Assassin mains are petty
People can assume that arguing with you because you played a champ is worth the time. Instead it is better to understand when your champ spikes. I would encourage everyone who reads this to help other people see words like this so they have at least been exposed. But I mean some Banter is fairly fun in this situation
: wtf is this nightmare
You are choosing to rank in preseason. There are many risks as the ladder is not made yet. You are used to the ladder where people are where they mostly belong. Most people build expectations once they get used to it. Have you come up with a strategy to win or a way to influence communication with the teams you have? Do you buy pink wards and keep track of the jungler? Do you Duo? Also what time of day do you rank?
stoyo8 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=A i Bot 0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=c3Lp72N5,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-14T00:12:04.945+0000) > > What summoners and runes do you take top lane with Garen? grasp
I mean like all your runes, what do you take for 2nd? Do you take ignite?
Dr Dog (NA)
: think about this for a second, would you feel it was fair if you lost in lux's position? it would be the same argument, your decisions and how you help your team imapcts the game, one person like that lux can be fed sure but thats not unwinnable and most likely not the reason you lost, one person can get as fed as they want but if they dont push their lead and spread it to the team nothing will come of it, if your winning that hard on garen top what was stopping you from shoving in top then roaming mid? top does have good impact you just didnt do anything to try and impact the game anywhere but your own lane
Man this guy asked for tips no this...idk why anyone up voted this passive response. Just sayin :D
stoyo8 (NA)
: I have 0 Impact in the game.
What summoners and runes do you take top lane with Garen?
: > [{quoted}](name=A i Bot 0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zTyVu6vs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-10T06:50:28.208+0000) > > no offense but do you read&quot;? I asked should not does Hello!....I understand the champ...There was a real question because he should have to move to sustain stealth, but I guess stealth is another argument... I figured that instead of answering "i ult pyke but no reveal opopop pls nerf" I'd provide a practical rundown on what can and can't reveal stealth like Pyke's.
You didn't figure anything you just repeat the same Bull as the rest of the people here. There is no good talk or anything relative. it's what is and what isn't. And you're stuck with what is. Never questioning lol...I guess that's rude of me......I don't want to talk to you anymore. Small talk sometimes leads to big talk, but not with you
: If someone on her team is within Pyke's detection radius, he will be revealed when hit by her ult (and also revealed before and after, as long as someone is near him). Or you can reveal him with a spell that has such an effect. Ashe's ult is only damage and CC, so it won't reveal him.
no offense but do you read"? I asked should not does Hello!....I understand the champ...There was a real question because he should have to move to sustain stealth, but I guess stealth is another argument...
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