ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: It wasn't implemented originally in the new client and it is much harder to add on to an existing system than it is to include it when originally programming that system. Riot HAVE talked about it in a blog once, though I can't seem to find it now.
wasn't the entire point of the new client to be able to make changes easier
MirrorU (NA)
: Wanna hear another good joke? Rito believes they have a balanced game.
riot once said they keep the game unbalanced and give champions a rotation in the spotlight to keep things fresh
: so my guess for candidates for the next star guardian skins (if riot continues the skin line) are {{champion:44}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:55}} any of those. the most likely on that list would be **tristana, taliyah, sona, leona, taric**. because their personalities come closest to the champions who are targeted by the skin line. mostly female with flashy particle effects, (tank) supports, marksmen and mages primary. i could see taric as a male exception similar to ezreal just because the flashy, colorful "fabulous" style would fit him. same with rakan.
: russia and the united states are not friends. you ever heard of the cold war?
I think it was sarcasm
Canastus (NA)
: Cass "celebrating" 1600 days without a skin
baby snake i named danger noodle
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: My point is it is not balanced. You get free damage from stuff you don't have to aim, and your ultimate negates the need for you to land your skill-shots. For quite a few champions, there is nothing you can do against Ahri dashing in.
Hide in minions to stop ahri from dashing in, it prevents her w from doing full damage and blocks her charm.
: she excels at not dying and excels at always deciding when the fight starts. you wanna enagge on ahri? we out. 3 flashes. she wants to engage on you? shes in 4 flashes with point blank charm
To prevent ahri from engaging on you hide in minions, it prevents her w from doing full damage and blocks charm. And in a team fight situation if she tries to engage just blow her up she is extrmely squishy. pro tip: ahri has a short period before she can dash again. So if you want to be sly time your cc for then. Edit: forgot to mention the closer ahri is to you the easier it is to dodge the second half of her q.
Ciaoe (NA)
: Ahri is perfectly fine, too bad if your brain is slow
Ahri is a jack of all trades, and master of none. So while she doesnt have any significant weaknesses she doesnt excel at anything. Also fyi her biggest weakness is her short range compared to other mages and general squishyness.
ybuR (NA)
: Cait is like ahri except cait actually has a weak point and not a free win like ahri since season 5
Ahri is a jack of all trades, and master of none. So while she doesnt have any significant weaknesses she doesnt excel at anything.
: What does a Yordle call the Mini Map?
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} The door is that way
: Teemo blinding a blind man may give him vision, but Rito never said Lee got good vision from it. Maybe the ward is too blurry to see it's a ward.
Don't quote me on this i believe riot did actually say this as a joke one time.
: > You can have a bunch of toxic ragers(WW2 Axis Forces) vs a team full of incompetence but with one carry(European countries), and lose. This is what I said. In World War II, when only those sides (European Ally forces only vs Axis forces), the Europeans would get destroyed often. They didn't do well vs the Axis forces. Especially Germany. They didn't stop Germany from slowly creeping over more and more Westward and gain more power. > Also calling the european countries incompetent is just ignorant of geography and economics It isn't. Taking out assistance from the other countries, Europe did a horrible job in WW2. Your spelling/grammar also need... work. I'm not criticizing Europe as a whole, nor am I criticizing WWII. I am criticizing Europe's actions in WW2; they didn't do much during most of it (there are a few exceptions, but overall, they did a bad job). Churchill did a good job, for instance, in managing the people.
so first off most countries in europe are far smaller than germany was and is, the only one who you can make an even try and make an argument for underperforming is france. Second off it was not a "slow creep westward", it was a sudden blitzkrieg that the germans used their superior speed to their advantage. They quickly surrounded the british and french forces in belgium which forced them to retreat back to britian. This in turn created a vulnerability in the french defences since they had put much of their resources in the maginot line which then the germans could simply go around and march to paris. I will repeat myself again this was all made possible thanks to the germans getting their heavy machines (tanks, artillery, etc) through the ardennes which the british did not think was possible due to the natural terrain. Third it was not churchill that did a good job, it was more axis forces lack of competence that allowed them to be beaten. The battle of britian was full of errors in the commanders strategy (constantly switching targets, not targeting air bases), hitler breaking his truce with stalin, and italy falling so fast. Finally I lack the ability to see why you are bringing my grammar/spelling into this, it really is irrelevant to the conversation we are having. Edit: Also several countries remained neutral until germany occupied them since they did not want to fight them, or were just too small to fight germany which in comparison to the rest of europe is a large country.
: Europe got screwed over. It's hard to find something that's as easy to reference. There aren't many wars to choose from, sorry. America vs Britain w/o interference from other countries works too. European front/Poland, etc.
You could say europe got screwed over however i would say the world came out better from it, the great depression ended, all the technology used for war was later turned to civillian use making many people's lives better, many of those european countries gave up their colonies after wich ended years of opression. Also calling the european countries incompetent is just ignorant of geography and economics. Also i don't really know enough about the america vs british conflict so i can not say much there.
: > Team communication and playing to everyone's strengths can trump the simple numbers game! Just look at the history of warfare! Also a con for the solo carry in soloQ. The team can push you forward, but it will just as often hold you back. If we're sticking with the whole War thing, you can have a bunch of toxic ragers(WW2 Axis Forces) vs a team full of incompetence but with one carry(European countries), and lose. Edit: Y'all downvoters need to learn your history
No offense but as a history buff, that is a horrible analogy.
: Low Elo Ranked SoloQ in a nutshell
In a tank meta They cant focus your back line, if you don't have one.
Saewin (NA)
: Wait, Laughing Fish in Gameplay? EVERYONE RUN THE FISH IS LOOSE
: Even with the League definition of "One shot" (one rotation of skills), this is impossible.
: Rengar trying to get that last stack
I feel like we are seeing a new golden age of laughing fish memes. After the dark ages where he was non existant on the front page, it is nice to see him back.
: Bronze 1 with team full of silvers. Facing Plat 2 player and others. Of course we get destroyed.
I have only ever been gold and yet get matched against plats and diamonds. It's no big deal really, half of them are boosted.
: Im gonna have to agreee with this. My Aunt was in the hospital with cancer and then i deleted LoL and all of a sudden she was healthy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I wish i could have done that with my mom :/
: Interesting opinion. I would say that most champs released in the past two years have had new and innovative features, such as Azir soldiers, Kindred ult, Aurelion passive, etc. Only old champs I can think of which match new champs in this regard are Yasuo and Orianna. And ever since Riot killed tank Ekko, playing him is straight up the most fun I've ever had in League; I can't imagine whats not to like about his scrappy, mobile, bursty playstyle.
That moment when yasuo is now considered an old champ but you still consider him new {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: And all items providing the stats would have to be orange in colour.
{{item:3751}} {{item:3801}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3155}} Full build
: Meh, still superior to my Balsa Wood 5.
On the contrary I love balsa wood as it is the wood used to make one of the best and most influential fishing lures ever.
Skorch (NA)
I am actually a big fan of tokyo ghoul {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: *** Cory in the house is far superior
Brascus (NA)
: High damage can't suit LoL
What about dota?? it has even higher dmg than league and that is one of its selling points.
: 4 man start asap
: 4 man start asap
2 spots remaining
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: Nice name lmao
Thanks, unfortunately i am not that creative and a friend came up with it for me.
: This.... Speaks for itself
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Xyzx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Photos of Ghosts,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=JaXP9Z07,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-02T12:33:15.371+0000) > > 2lazy I do dis way i even more lazy
> [{quoted}](name=A Bloo Banana,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=JaXP9Z07,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-01-02T12:39:49.357+0000) > > i even more lazy same
: League of Legends Match History Site Does Not Work
Your adblock is blocking it. Turn it off for the website that worked for me.
Rebonack (NA)
: Nearly every game has a Mumen Rider. He knows he can't win, but he has to solo that fed Marksmen anyway.
: Yes. I am a genius and am thus intellectually capable of fathoming my own brilliance. But for the average peasant here, the light of my mind is blinding. So, being a humble man, I help them out by explaining my reality.
Actually smarter people think they are less intelligent since they realize that they know little.
Here is 3 yasuo {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} May the -4 downvotes commence
: According to..him? You do understand, NA ranks 3rd below EU and from there it's EU and KR. You can't be serious. He's been Diamond. As far as i know, getting Diamond in NA is not much of a feat if you put some time into it.
Actually he made it to master on korea playing only yi :/
: Cause it is seriously the truth. Its NA... lol
Not according to cowsep who just happens to be a high elo yi main on Na and Korea. According to him in solo queue not much is different between Korea and Na.
: My friends mmr was gold 5 on he lost 4 games in placements and it's now b5
i am currently on a 18 game winning streak for when i solo in ranked so i am not to worried
: Do placement matches matter anymore?
according to my mmr is still gold so i thing i'm fine
garren9 (NA)
: If I got 4 dollars for every time I got a quadra kill as mastery level 4 jhin with 4 items
Magus7a (NA)
: Sir what are you doing bringing spicy memes into gameplay?
just posing a real gameplay question my dear Magus7a.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I'm ok with nerfing Rylai's, definitely deserved, it's just the fact that this adds up to the whole other nerfed ap items + Blue buff not giving 15% ap anymore. I think next patch we'll be seeing rarely something different than {{champion:84}} or {{champion:7}}, or ad assassins. Many builds will shift into either {{item:3027}} or {{item:3030}}
: My grill aria (streamer)
Offline now but will be coming back shortly
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