: {{champion:111}}
He is one of the people I hate to play against xD
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
Blitzcrank Nautilus Alistar Hecarim Shaco Evelynn Rengar Leblanc Fizz Olaf
Surge06 (EUW)
: When you see someone playing your main
For me it is less silently judging and more actively backdoor gaming them into never playing Soraka again. xD
: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:16}} I love making people rage quit. >:D
Kadavik (NA)
: Why is Soraka the best girl of League?
: His E is a cone?! Yorick is Morde's long lost brother
No wonder Yorick and Mord bot lane worked so well! ;)
Jeddite (NA)
: **Miscellaneous Memes & Games General Discussion** These are all the same f*cking thing, but apparently Rito James™ needs three subforums for the same thing: pointless drivel from nerdvirgins who treat the lolreddit as a surrogate LiveJournal. But kudos on killing off the **Maps & Modes** subforum -- like this game needed _that_.
There is a reason why GD and M&G hate each other. Trust me, it is not the same thing.
: What I do while all the big name memers here are too busy memeing
: inhibs are already easy to kill. Doesn't make sense to have things like that on them. I'm barely ok with Susan being able to proc Q on them, but that's is what she is for so I can't complain too much.
Well, this will also mean friendly abilities that can protect turrets can protect inhibs now as well. There are pros and cons about having the ability to interact with inhibs in a similar manner as turrets.
Rioter Comments
: A Gnar lane in a nutshell.
{{champion:57}} : Stop throwing my wife
: How to tilt Airman Ban Raka http://i.imgur.com/jaSUpbi.png?noredirect
I'll just play Yorick.
: Farwell Memes/games... if i had to describe memes/games....
The group will be here for you when you come back. :3 And hopefully everything will be set up and better than ever before. Self functioning and everything. And hopefully completely together and unified. The RP world should be in full swing and you can come right back and join in. We won't forget. I'll even make sure to put your return date on the coaching calendar. xD But yeah, in all honesty, it was good playing with you and as much as I hate myself every time someone supports me, it was still nice to have you be one of the first supporters who has helped me through times when I was ready to just disappear. Good luck in med school. Don't torture too many people. :P
: That's my boy, not telling anyone how to tilt me! x)
: Not everyone can be as naughty as you :^)
You aren't Odarth. You can't say that. *eye twitch*
: I can't right now, off to work for 10 hours straight.
I'm already at work... but that never stopped me! >:V Shit... my boss.... *minimizes browser and closes laptop*
: B...but. I'm on 0 lp now..
Even more reason. xD Take a break and take up your position as "Hand of the King." (Also, coaching is all set up and stuff. Just get on discord)
: When I press R as Karthus, expecting only to kill their low HP bot lane...
Stahp spamming ranked. Come back to NA. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.
Caítlyn (NA)
: Would Barry Bonds listen to your high school baseball coach's advice on how to hit a baseball?
"If you believe that you did the best you could possibly do and that you could not improve anymore, then you just gave someone else the opportunity to get better than you." - my swim coach 2014 I live by this and am willing to any advice from any player and think it through reasonably. As a platinum player, I have been surprised countless times how intelligent a few people in silver and sometimes even bronze can be in their analysis about stuff. It could be something simple such as good warding spots I might have missed or could try, or a pattern that would come up in my teamfighting that I might have missed. Just because they might not be high elo, does not mean they do not know what to look for or places someone could improve.
: What will Heretic Lunari's tombstone read?
Cause of Death: http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/ca/ca47580b0e4c03cdf6952e80366c17064eb5b5ecd4255859c778585a022ded0f.jpg
: I'm inclined to believe it's part of anyone's childhood on these boards.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Her traps last up to 90 seconds. Even halving the duration in front of enemy turrets(45 seconds) would still be too long to wait out. Basically lasting up to 5 seconds would be decent as it would prevent Cait to siege the turret by denying actual defense. In front of her own turrets would be work pretty much like now and it would be fair to do so but under enemy turrets - nope.
The thing is, at least this nerfs her early game a lot when it does come to seiging towers (unless she maxes traps first for some reason). Because lvl 1 traps have a cooldown of 45 sec and she can hold a max of 3. So at most she can have 3 under the tower early game. Sure it is not perfect, but that is a ton better than 5.
: I hope you are not a jungle main :( I almost play nothing but Jungle
I play nothing but support (specifically Soraka *cough*). If you are forceful enough you get your position. :P
: Partly interested, though most likely will be a lurker (which is what I often do on nearly every forum I've been on.) Of course, this still means I'd have to wait for an invite? I suppose?
Don't need an invite. :3 Just add Hades and I and one of us will brief you.
: MFW I show off my Mastery 7
+1 for Toothless. I love the movies and shows so much :3
: Lol no, it has nothing to do with anything in-lore. It mostly has to do with Airman dating King Odarth, thus making her queen. And when she decided to try and become the "leader" of the boards, her followers were named the "Queen's Army". And technically it would be princess Shyvana, and J4 is a prince not a king.
I don't care for becoming leader of the boards. Don't worry. I'm going to disappear once this group is self functioning.
: Of course you can't join us. We can't have two Mordekaisers after all. So, hop along, go on.
This group is Memes and Games. So anyone from M&G is invited.
Zacster (NA)
: Twitch Twitch
*rito calls Twitch* RIOT: Hey, can we use your icon pls & thank u TWITCH: No gtfo RIOT: Ok srry bb
: Count to 100,000
Kittenguin (EUNE)
: Something about Soraka
*sees Soraka thread* *sees it try to connect to feminism* *sees incorrect use of feminism* *judging intensifies* http://i.imgur.com/dNVvntX.gif?noredirect
: So... is a Cactopus an octopus with thorns or a cactus with tentacles? I NEED TO KNOW.
>a cactus with tentacles? Is it just me or does that sound like an extremely painful hentai. Okay, just me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Airman CompSci,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tgE8BrsE,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2016-07-29T15:40:32.618+0000) > > If they only take a tower or shot or two and get the kill then they did their job well and I will admit I got outplayed. It is when they take 5-10 tower shots and still live that I get pissed. Especially after I just dodged their combo at least two times in a row and got them tanking for a good while but I still die and he or she survives. The heat up mechanic I don't mind that much since they buffed it to rack up after only 3 shots. Its just that... again.... past 1-2 should be much more punished. outplayed by what? a more mobile kit? thing is its not difficult to just take 1 or 2 shots in a dive on a mobile champion like fizz or leblanc or other similar champions. same goes for ranged champions poking you under your turret. they can often risk taking a single turret shot for an ability or auto attack and come out on top of the trade.
> outplayed by what? a more mobile kit? If I dodge LB's distortion and chains. If I dodge Fizz's ult and E and keep enough of a distance from him to keep him from autoing (like flashing after Q). Dodging Yasuo's Qs (tornado and non-tornado), and if I flash after he dashes and try to keep enough of a distance so as to not let him auto. Dodge all of Zed's basic abilities. I mean that if I manage in any of these situations to do what I said above, then I wish that the assassin would get legit punished if they stay too under turret just to get another combo off, maybe even die for it. If they hit all of that then I fucked up and couldn't dodge well enough or position myself well enough to let myself dodge the abilities. I am NOT saying it is easy to dodge, but it is possible and I do it often enough, it just that poor assassin tower dives are not punished currently and it can be aggravating.
: Whenever I get Demoted...
IKR. I am not looking forward to this pain if I get demoted back to Plat 5 again. ;-;
: just buffing turret damage alone wont do much. its the retarded heat up mechanic that causes turrets to deal low damage with the first few shots and then increasing damage with subsequent shots thats responsible for assassins being to dive so easily. their mobility will guarantee them taking on average only very few shots on a dive. this means they only really take the few turret shots that tickle. imo the mechanic should be entirely reverted. turret shots should deal full damage on the first 3 hits and then deal less damage with subsequent shots. this would punish mobile and ranged champions who only take 1 or 2 hits much harder while not affecting less mobile champs who have to take 4 or 5 shots on a dive.
If they only take a tower or shot or two and get the kill then they did their job well and I will admit I got outplayed. It is when they take 5-10 tower shots and still live that I get pissed. Especially after I just dodged their combo at least two times in a row and got them tanking for a good while but I still die and he or she survives. The heat up mechanic I don't mind that much since they buffed it to rack up after only 3 shots. Its just that... again.... past 1-2 should be much more punished.
: Odarth be like http://memeguy.com/photos/images/mrw-my-girlfriend-is-too-depressed-to-have-sex-after-the-cat-ran-away-115643.gif
: I might have a problem....
That's like looking in my match history and seeing me play only Yorick again.... Oh wait, I'm still okay with that. :3
Fllesh (NA)
: not knocking your comment, im just curious who gets to decide on #2 though.... what is a "key item", wont it depend... do we talk about our ranks, throw down our epeens? while im sure many suggestions are trying to be helpful when people tell others to build something or some way or even pick a certain champ, most times in a text environment, this one in lol in particular, it comes across really rude yes, we can all suggest things, the op posted this though because it does not often come across as nice when people do... and if the support dares to not build that item, the next thing to be heard is how the support is losing the game for the team
What Pozezt said was a good point in regards to suggesting what a support should build, but just to add a counter view, I might like to add that there have been numerous times that i would ask my ADC to build executioners if we are vs a Vlad, Soraka, Mundo, or lifesteal heavy/sustain heavy champ. As a support main, there is nothing that probably infuriates me more than going vs a Soraka and he or she already has 4 items.... none of which is an executioners. I cry every time. Also, there can be a lot of communication between another tank and yourself (as a support) on who will built an aegis item. Sometimes my tank jg or top builds it. Other times I build it. It depends on who is already building what and who wants the extra stats on it (or has room in their build for it). Just some thoughts. :3
: You're a golden human. Thank you for making my night :)
:D *waits for fangirling to subside* Just don't tell King Odarth I said I love you. He might get jealous. :3
  Rioter Comments
: Well yes, I know, I play Soraka too, but you said they were snared under tower in your description, which implied they allowed the spell to go to completion. The Q does, however, give you a speed boost moving away from enemies, which was why I said "book it the fuck out of there".
Q has a channel time so it allows the assassin to get closer and even get a few autos off on you (which can hurt a shit ton if a zed, yasuo, talon, etc) and the movement speed buff from it is only 15% which only starts after the animation returns to you. Its just not enough at all vs. the mobile everyone of today and especially assassins. Also, I was making a general description in my first comment, not just toward Soraka. Soraka is not the only one with a snare.
Dynikus (NA)
: If I'm not mistaken, reports block you from ever playing with that person again.
: That IP price is so bad why even bother. If you want to provide incentive you need at least (LEAST) 1k IP. 50 is like 10% of a 450 champ.
Meanwhile I am here thinking 50 might be too much for such a small and easy task.
Rioter Comments
: Its the players that are supposed to protect the towers not vise versa. If you got killed under tower you got outplayed and should have went back to base instead of giving up a kill.
If I get outplayed under a tower than ok, I got outplayed. They deserve a kill. I just think since an assassin is not a tank, they should be at least punished for trying to keep pursuing a dive when they missed all their abilities at least once or twice in a row. And barely losing any health in result. They are not tanks, they should not be tanking turrets like they are barely even there while doing tons of damage in result. TL;DR Outplayed = is fine. Huge failure in dive should not equal a kill anyway with nearly no health lost.
: I find it hard to buy that an assassin could pick up a kill on you and live after missing their entire combo with _only_ one item under tower, taking tower shots and spells and attacks from the person they were tower-diving the entire time. Also, since I'm assuming from your snare comment and what I know about your character pool you were playing Soraka, which leaves me to wonder why, once snared, you didn't just starcall the assassin and book it the fuck out of there while they were still in the snare.
> what I know about your character pool you were playing Soraka, Not necessarily, I play squishy supports. > once snared, you didn't just starcall the assassin and book it the fuck out of there while they were still in the snare. Because that is not how my snare works. It involves them bein gin the snare for it to happen and they have enough mobility that they either a) kill me before the channel for my E goes off or b) just walk out of it just fine, with or without my Q slow. Also, Q doesn't heal nearly enough to keep an assassin from killing me.
blkh1 (NA)
: turret damage should be based on %hp and %armor damage. I believe that three consecutive hits from a turret should kill any champ at any point during the game.
I like the percent health idea. This way tanks can still tank if they have resistances (aka they can still do their job), but assassins and squishies have to be a lot more careful.
: If they did true damage, they would do more damage to everyone, not just tanks.
Exactly. Hence why I don't care for the true damage aspect of it.
: Hey Airman, I was told by some people to poke you if I wanted an invite to the Meme club. I didn't know any other way besides replying to one of your comments, so here I am!
Sure, np! Add me whenever you get on. I need to wait for the client to patch and I'm dead tired. ;-;
: Been saying it since season 4, yet riot buffs damage on everything but turrets.
: I think turrets should just do true damage so that tanks can't take 20-30 shots before dying
I don't care as much about tanks because at least there is SOME chance that you can kite away from them (since their burst damage is significantly lower and are meant to tank, unlike assassins). It's just that I think assassins who can kill you pretty much in just one combo should be punished if they miss it while under turret... twice.... in a row.... while tanking tower for a solid 5-10 sec.
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