: Winning wasn't a mentally agonizing chore 2 years ago, it was simply boring and games were never practically over within 5 minutes unless someone was running it down mid. And I think the longer you play, the less you care about comebacks, even in ranked. When you start, and you first fall in love with the game, like me at the end of 2012, you want to pull off those EPIC COMEBACKS! THE SWEET BACK DOORS! THE SOLO CARRY! THE 4V5 VICTORY! For me, I was obsessed with kog maw, and despite me building him retardedly: beserker's and 5 blood thirster's, it still freakin worked and I felt like a GOD! I'd endlessly back door and if they came to kill me, it would always be a 1:1 trade minimal thanks to my passive. That's if they could eat through 100% lifesteal and 400 bonus AD. Then it was nautilus, and I derived so much satisfaction from defending my team mates and getting them fed. My KDA may have had fk all **K**'s, but that **A** counter was through the roof and my ADC/APC's **D** counter was negligible. Hell occasionally (very very occasionally) I'd get people who recognized my name and pick because I was the dude who got them fed AF and indirectly solo carried them, that and absolutely NO ONE PLAYED NAUT! in that elo haha That feeling, is kind of like a non-addictive drug, it gets weaker and weaker the more you use the same dose, but there's no way to increase it. And now, there's no thrill, there's no tension because when you've played this long, even at a basic level you can see defeat a mile away and you know full well when the probability of a comeback is essentially zero. Like a sixth sense almost, some of the signs are blatantly obvious like deaths, CS, communication and grouping while others are more covert, like the way your jungler routes (displaying a lack of knowledge) and the way your laners interact with the enemy. Chances are a veteran can tell who's going to win before the 3 minute mark even without a troll. Now with games that only last longer than 15 minutes because the surrender vote needs all 5 and players don't know how/don't want to close out games, it's any wonder they give up. An expectation of impossible to come back games has been welded into the brains of the newer "generation" of league players while veterans are simply sick of it and can't be fked wasting brain capacity on a lost game
I've been playing since S1, eight whole years and for the most part, I enjoyed it. It wasn't around till s5 to 6 that it started to mentally exhaust me to play even one game I started to get cynical, wanting to give up at the first sign of trouble because I knew trying to win was just gonna be exhausting On top of that, you have the trolls and the leavers who always plague ranked, which made the game that much more frustrating, but I kept playing S8 has been my least played season to date, I have yet to touch the game since February. After taking a few weeks hiatus, I decided I'd try and do my placements. I pick support Nami with Cait and our mid Yasuo goes 1-6 and leaves the game in my first placement I stepped back and came to the conclusion that I just don't have another season of this in me. There are a ton of other games that are really fun and relaxing to play Maybe I'll revisit League in the future, but for now, I'm just done. The game just isn't fun for me anymore, it's a chore.
: I'm actually surprised at the effort Riot made to destroy ARURF
I really fail to see how anyone enjoyed urf period Playing against urf Zed, Shaco, Fizz, Ez etc made me wanna rip off my dick and shove it up my own asshole. Mode should have been renamed "Play a handful of extremely broken champions or don't have fun"
: they aren't really fight changers, just emergency spells to use when you are in a pickle. Zoe is the hardest champion i have ever seen to master and I have actually one shot a guy from more then half health with q at max range with only 250 ap. but it was so hard to execute and luck was on my side and managed to pull of the play. it was hard but still did it. now those plays are rare so her damage is high but hard to pull off sort of like nidalee's spear. she does not need a nerf or buff right now.
Not really fight changers? Do you even play League of Legends? Summoner advantage is absolutely massive. Anyone above tinfoil 5 knows this
: Riot should enable One For All for a week every time a new champion is released.
Or they can ditch Normal Blind Pick and just bring back team builder Which is just a way better version of Blind Pick
: @Riot. Listen. Don't touch Zoe for at the very least a month or two.
Her W is hands down one of if not the most broken ability riot has ever made (It's almost on par with beta TFs global teleport) Summoners are fight changers, and she literally picks them up like their candy
Snowic (NA)
: Everything wrong with this meta in 30 seconds of worlds
People keep bringing this up but the two ults used weren't that high damage, and Cait wasn't allowed to DPS him on top of the enemy literally blowing everything to keep him alive... Honestly, it looks okay to me
Arcyyy (NA)
: Evelynn's Empowered E range should be greatly increased versus targets with the full charm mark.
They want her to completely rely on her stealth to close the gap and set things up, it's just they nerfed her stealth really hard so it's not good enough to be reliable
: Y. Can u stop banning her now?
I don't, I've played her a fair bit
B45590M (NA)
: That and yah know, She has like No damage. In order for her to actually be able to kill someone you NEED FULL ap/lethality runes and masteries to compliment them, then you are forced to Build straight ap, If you build any utility item on her, She wont get kills, EVER, unless you ks your laners. The only game I have played where she shined Super well, Was in mid lane, and even then the player had basically straight ap and full lethality, (not to mention that the person she was laning against just stood in minion waves and let her get kills.) Playing her in jungle just isn't viable because she has 0 wave clear for camps if you farm, you will fall severely behind which forces her in this awkward "I need to Gank" situation. Her ganking pre 6 is just, Not reliable at all. In the off chance you catch out an enemy and Your laner is there to help, eve SHOULDNT be getting the kills because a junglers Job is to feed their lanes which really defeats the purpose of her even having a sub par execution ultimate which in english actually means a high ap scaling escape tool that does rediculous damage. I agree that her more Modern kit was needed, but with the scaling and builds needed to really balance her is still just so much, No assassin should be This heavily reliant on runes/masteries/building. All you should need to do is build sustain then compliment it with damage items for survivability in 1v1's and she NEEDS those sustain items because she is an Ap assassin. Yet if you build anything other than damage, You will be useless for the majority of the game. Her early game is so weak that any enemy jungler can catch her out, and just dive her in jungle 2-3 times then sit back and watch the victory logo come across the screen because you will be utterly useless. These are all compounded with the problems people are posting about her kit, An exceedingly high range on her w which i fail to understand why, If i had to choose between a high range on hit charm, Or a medium range engage tool, I'll take the medium range engage tool on her e, But the range on it is so small that its not even worth using in most fights. You are better off proccing a charm, Qing it, Then just let your team kill the target, because if you engage you will die. Of the times ive played her shes Legit just cannon fodder, cant build anything for mana or health, low range engage, and a kit that basically fully tells the enemy where you are before you can even engage. I get that she needs counterplay but She has WAY too much counter play. To make matters worse, You better hope and pray no one has grievous wounds or any form of burn damage from things like llandries torment, because if they do, You may as well afk in fountain the whole game because you will have 0 escapability late game due to not being able to reinitiate your passive until the burn subsides.
Like I said in my post, they want her to use her stealth to do things. That's the reason her charm has the range it does and the reason it doesn't break her stealth. The issue is, her stealth simply isn't good enough to be relied on right now, it doesn't give any passive damage or mobility or anything an assassin would need to kill their target (coupled with the fact that her charm just takes too long to fully proc right now), and the detection radius is pretty large. I don't think her damage numbers are *that* far off, but I could see at least giving her Q some more damage
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Penns,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EUu2Gt4b,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-10-11T11:18:36.996+0000) > > 39.0% win rate so far xd > > she isnt as fun as expected cause she does almost nothing until level 6 feelsbad I don't get why they changed it so that she has to be level 6 to get her stealth, would she be too strong with the early stealth or? I guess so but then again she lacks things that other better junglers do, so idk.
Because there was really no way to buff her without tuning her early game down.
Xenohaz (NA)
: Evelynn's color story and bio are out.
I preferred her assassin for hire backstory better tbh
CLG ear (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=General Elephant,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Qiay7KoU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-09T22:59:20.221+0000) > > what kinda games do you like? > > if you're looking for small cheap games that are fun Faster Than Light on steam is pretty interesting. FPS, RPG
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Qiay7KoU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-09T23:01:47.921+0000) > > FPS, RPG Rainbow Six: Siege is an excellent FPS
Awoof (EUW)
: The only frustrating thing about this mode for me is when people bring the group down by slacking off. That's really it, I think you are blowing this out of proportion. You can clearly play around everything, it just requires a lot of attention, reaction and coordination. I actually love this design compared to say doombots, because they were just overpowered stuff that you eventually could just cheese. Yes, the Vel'Koz hell levels are probably the most difficult ones (strength be with you when Rek'Sai is there too), but in my opinion they managed to put actually difficulty into it this time, not artificial or "unfair" one.
: True but there are only five of them. They're also questionable in strength if (canonically) a guy like Kayn who is a bit of a normal dude can kill one.
In weapon form, maybe. But the Darkin strengths definitely lie in manipulation on top of just raw power Imagine them gaining control of Ashe? Or Yi? Or a champion of real significant power. That could be a pretty massive disaster
: The Biggest Problem with League Lore: Villains
the Darkin are pretty bad dudes who probably need to be dealt with
: Mercury Treads could be buffed to 40% and not be overpowered
I don't think it's just mercs being underpowered, I think Tabi and Mobi's are crowding out a ton of the boot options
ZER0 2 (NA)
: I used to think that this was bullshit because I never had problems with it myself as a female gamer, but as soon as I created another account that had a female-esque name, I've never been more flamed in my life. Almost every single game someone points out I'm a girl or asks if I'm a girl (and if i say I'm not to try to avoid the situation, they call me a "%%%got" because of the name), and almost every single game I get flamed for it, whether it's by my team or not. Blaming my mistakes on my gender, the enemy team saying it'll be an easy time, saying I'm a waste of a woman because I'm not out sucking dick or in the kitchen, saying they'll find me and rape me, or that they're raping me by destroying me in game, and if I say something about it, then I'm a "triggered" or a "feminist" or a "libtard cuck bitch". I've never seen anything like it, and you're right, it's horrible and it needs to stop.
Idk, as a male who's had an extensive amount of online RPG gaming, and who prefers to use female characters with female names, I rarely ever got that. I would get the occasional "Are you a girl or guy?" question, but I never got flamed based on people thinking I was a woman Even now, with a name based off of a female character, I never get that. I don't think most people really care all that much tbh. (I'm not trying to discredit your situations, I'm just telling my own personal view)
mecharri (EUW)
: Everybody is complaining about new Sejuani...
As someone who's been playing Sej a lot, this is why I've been banning Trundle recently lol
Rioter Comments
: Grow the fuck up.
Fact is, a problem like this can't be "fixed." It can't even be maintained really You're either a decent person, or you're not. You can't "make" someone be decent. Especially in the internet age where people can hide behind computer screens and say whatever they want with basically no consequence (No "real" consequence anyways) I mean, the worst thing to happen is they get permabanned, and more than likely they're not gonna care. Tyler1 got the harshest punishment Riot could ever give and he could give two shits and a fuck about it. Anyways, you're free to vent, but it doesn't amount to much
: Does Surrendering Save You Time? (Full Mathematical Analysis)
If the odds of winning basically rely on the enemy team fucking up so substantially (I mean, in games like this, they have to fuck up real bad) in order to win I'd rather just move on. Especially if I see that they're showing no signs of throwing at all
Slythion (NA)
: same, I would've gladly done away with blind pick instead of TB I know some who would disagree with me though, but I'm still sad over it
Yeah, I have no clue what purpose blind even serves. TB was like blind pick, just better.
Slythion (NA)
: if it's not ranked, you shouldn't be banning them anyways, let them play the new champions if it *is* ranked, they shouldn't be playing them and they should move to norms also, they can't be mains yet
Really miss team builder just for this reason
: I love Vayne's new lore. I just wish she had more depth.
I always thought she was more batman than anything. Her old lore is a direct copy and paste of Batman, save for how their parents die
: ok ... but she isnt a support not meant to be... just cuz it worked dont mean alot she is meant as top laner . jungler and sometimes mid based on meta/match up she has the #1 win rate as a top laner
Why can't she be. What's preventing her from supporting?
: with who is meta in bot lane as supports id say no... the best thing she has as a support would be her ult but that isnt til 6, she has a small heal. she is best as a counter to some melees top and she can jungle . id say those would be her best roles
I've been winning most of my recent games with Kayle support
McFatal (NA)
: "somewhat decent ganks" you have obviously not been ganked by a graves. he walks into lane red smites you aa's you 2 times q's and ults for your life. if you dodge the first q going in , when it comes back it has an awful hitbox so you get hit regardless and it does about a quarter of your health for the lulz.
Skorch (NA)
: MagikarpUsedFlys URF video is a good representation of what almost EVERYONE thinks of ARURF.
: They DO DO DO DO DO want to, or they'd have picked a different strategy. If you know the support is not going bot, you pick accordingly. If you pick and play exactly as usual, it means you are ok with it.
I'm fairly certain that's not how it went though. Otherwise, I doubt he would have been reported so much
: Thank you for the detailed response. My main lingering question is this- What do I do if my teammates object? I very simply cannot play a lane support at the rating that I'm at. If they refuse, what am I expected to do? My winrate would be abysmal and I get the impression that the primary (but yes, not only) reason people report me is because they incorrectly believe that I'm intentionally trying to hurt their chances of winning.
I mean, there's always learn another champion. Hell, Tobais Fate went from a TF only player to a GP only player who occasionally still plays TF/Karthus and is now learning Tryn. I used to be a Leona one trick (And she's still my most played champion to date) But that doesn't mean I've neglected other roles or champions. There's 134 to choose from, I'm sure you can fine one other champion that you enjoy playing, just a thought. Of course I get down voted for just suggesting something lol
Bârd (NA)
: Option 3 Earn a seat in Odins hall as I battle filthy weeaboos and tin men. **sigh** Try as I may, Valhalla and Odin are not quite as good memes as Deus Vult. At least we vikings have pecs. https://i.redd.it/9084tmsb6pfy.jpg
: Nunu has tools to support this... his move speed buffs and atk speed buffs to others, and his ability to deny farm from the enemy.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: If supports would kindly piss off - when I see they aren't helpful - so I can 1v2 in peace, I'd play ADC more often than once a month to remind myself why I haven't played ADC for the past 29 days. The only thing I'd love to expect from my team in this situation is to ward for me occasionally - since the vision game is such an utter garbage - because I'm physically unable to have even one ward with a 50% uptime. But then there's the fact that, since I never mained ADC, I have all kinds of skills most ADC mains can't even comprehend.
You clearly have no clue how support, or bot lane, works in general.
: Counter jungling and deep warding would show when this is approaching, which would allow for both supp and jg to get there and counter.
In this mage support meta, the jungler wouldn't even need to come bot. The support would just zone away the lone ADC from even touching the creeps and the ADC would literally become useless.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doctor Jarvis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pZr9dNzW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-02-28T19:51:28.129+0000) > > He. Was. Not. Playing. Support. He was playing a jungler while queued up as support. Meaning he consistently left his adc to go fuck with the enemy's jungle. This is a cute idea and, in a five man pod, I could even see it being a fun thing. But he was not in a five man pod. ADCs are **not** 2yo invalids who can't be left to their own devices. That's insulting to the ADC if you just assume that an ADC is a blithering moron who has to have his other laner present at all times or he spontaneously erupts in a puff of smoke. ADCs are players, just like everyone else, and they can lane, even when alone. You make ADCs sound like divas.
And I don't know why everyone, their brother, and the kitchen sink are just assuming the ADC wants be to left alone to 2v1.
: So do you not accept Bard supports?
Bard has tools to support this... his journey and his health packs plus his mobility when picking up shrines. Stop using this poor example
Xonra (NA)
: He did it in Masters as well (I don't know for how long, I just know at least at a point he was in Masters, did it, and won there as well).
So why wasn't he banned then It's almost like Riot doesn't single out people like this to ban just for the lulz
: "Rubick, go break the meta with adc darius in master/challenger!!" sorry guys, i don't want to get perma'ed for losing one game out of 100, getting reported and banned for "breaking the meta at the expense of other players" the funny thing is that people would honor me at the end of the game for winnning with adc darius too bad
Weren't you diamond when you were doing the ADC Darius? Guess what, so was this Nnunu.
: > [{quoted}](name=UndyneUndying,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FrILlWp7,comment-id=00f0000c0002,timestamp=2017-02-28T13:15:00.118+0000) > > 1: Malz support was unusual until it was done, so was support MF, so was jungle Nasus, AP Yi, AP Tryn, AP Trist at one point. > > 2: I guess you completely ignored the fact that he was not only reported in his losses but also his wins **with reports in 50% of his games** Half. Half of his games he was reported in. I guess you ignore that more then 50% of people- according to the redpost- did not think it reportworthy, or at least didn't bother to report. He got reports in less then 50% of the games, and unless he got x9 in each of those games he got reported in, it is a clear minority that reported him... Either that, or the redpost is wrong. How dare we ask for a precise answer on a topic such as this.... > > 4: The only thing being enforced here is making the game enjoyable for everyone, which this person was clearly not doing. In half of his games. Both wins and losses. Again, the use of the word "**everyone**" when the **majority decided not to report**.... **What is the real problem here?** Someone playing **sucessfully off-meta- ** or that some people are **unable to accept such innovation? ** Riot has to choose to either take a stance on "non-meta is punishable" or "people's close-mindedness is the problem". Currently, they choose to punish innovation. With the same arguments they can ban anyone for playing off-meta picks and everyone who roams to much. And thats just sick imho. > > 5: And people wonder why Riot is so uneasy to reply in threads like this these days. If they can't deal with responsibilty, then that's what i call a weak excuse...
Wait wait... you think 50% of the people who reported him in hundreds of games is the minority???
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=OMG halp meh plz,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=FrILlWp7,comment-id=00f0000c,timestamp=2017-02-28T06:35:14.614+0000) > > "Wow malzahar support!" isn't an unusual pick. > > There is no common plan, the team refuses to play with this strategy. You're insinuating that the support player is required to seek approval from his/her team on how he/she is meant to play. > > This player told his team how he plays and he carries it out, and wins. He's higher ranked than the majority of LoL players, clearly he knows what he's doing. > > Cool, so you're admitting the support role is a slave role; you're forced to play how the ADC tells you to play. Then you wonder why everyone hates the support role? > > > Bullshit, this is the very definition of enforcing the meta. Dumb meta slaves don't want to play a little differently and reported this player. That's the end of the story. Their experience wasn't terrible, stop making shit up with weasel words. > > A terrible experience is getting AFKers and feeders. Getting a nunu counterjungler is not remotely a "terrible" experience. > > Go fuck yourselves, this is a travesty and a rape of justice. 1: Malz support was unusual until it was done, so was support MF, so was jungle Nasus, AP Yi, AP Tryn, AP Trist at one point. 2: I guess you completely ignored the fact that he was not only reported in his losses but also his wins **with reports in 50% of his games** Half. Half of his games he was reported in. 3: Ya know, I've been seeing this a lot in this thread "THE SUPPORT IS A STRONG INDEPENDENT ROLE WHO DON'T NEED NO ADC." And you know what? You're right. It's actually the opposite. ADC's desperately need their support in the early game. Watch any LSC game, high elo stream, watch bot lane and see for yourself. The supports dictate 90% of the lane interaction. They harass, they heal, they set up plays, they ward. The ADC plays whack a minion until the support sets a potential play for them to capitalize on. So no, supports are not a slave to the ADC, it is in fact the other way around in most cases. 4: The only thing being enforced here is making the game enjoyable for everyone, which this person was clearly not doing. In half of his games. Both wins and losses. 5: And people wonder why Riot is so uneasy to reply in threads like this these days.
: Mm from my perspective, he wasn't contributing positively to the (Serious) discussion himself with the content and wording of his post. It could have been expressed in much better language and tone that does not come across as rude and assumptive of the original poster's intent. Frankly, I found it quite close to harassment through means of ascribing pre-conceived maliciousness on the OPs behalf without allowing for a meaningful discourse of his own reply. Your turn.
I'm just tired of people coming in here acting like Riot is enforcing the "meta" when they're not. Riot doesn't enforce jack, if that was the case, support MF wouldn't have even been allowed to be used in the LCS. Also, people here seem to think Riot is just singling out these people to ban when in reality, there are many many otps who have never gotten the ban hammer (Hence my Tobias Fate argument) If this guy has received a 14 day ban, it isn't because he's playing support Nunu with smite. It's very likely he's doing something that's causing a very negative experience for the rest of his team. And I could care less what his rank is, if someone picked a support with smite in challenger and didn't play support, forcing my ADC into a very unfavorable situation, you can bet your left ass cheek I'd report him afterwards. (Especially if he explained himself, the team was against it, and he just did it anyways) Frankly, all this Riot circle jerk hate is silly. Very rarely does Riot ever unjustly ban people, and on the occasion they do, they're pretty quick to over turn it and admit the wrong.
Sinlaire (NA)
: Riot provided numbers about 2 months ago showing with their own data gathered, infernal drag actually places about 3rd in most influential dragons in the game. behind ocean and wind drake. it tied with mountain drake and elder took last because its spawns too late and gets taken too infrequently to give it proper comparison. meaning it fell middle of the pack and really wasnt even close to best drag in game. Infernal looks good on paper, but look at it like this. Infernal drag boosts % AP and % AD. but if you are using a non auto attack based champion, then most of your AP and AD are only relevant in your skills. lets say your Q has a 60% ratio, your W no scaling, your E a 60% ratio, and your ult a 60%+60% ratio. then that means You will only get 60% of the infernal drags buff on your Q and your E, no effect whatsoever on your W, and 120% of the dragons effect on the ultimate. That's it. some champions have scalings as low as 20 and 40% in some areas while other champions may have their damage scale on things like health and mana pool ({{champion:13}} ). making it so that blue boy is only getting half benefit from red drake as only half his AP scaling is tuned around him having actual AP. The red drag is a trap in that everyone seems to THINK that the %BOOST it gives to stats is how much every champions damage goes up, but it isn't. since there are little to no kits in all of league of legends that 100% scaling anywhere outside of their ultimates. meaning other than auto attack based champs who can use the AD boost for better autos, everyone has to rely only scaling giving them a watered down buff that isn't nearly as effective as they thought it was.
Huh, that's actually pretty interesting. But if that's the case, it really needs to be changed if it's bad at being a stat stick increase, which is it's only real purpose.
: Infernal Drake's problem is that an AD/AP boost helps you deal damage to everything
All the other dragons serve a pretty niche purpose But inferal is like "Alright you kill everything faster, go have fun" It really needs to be changed so it's not the best dragon in the game
Rioter Comments
: I guess you missed the part where he reached diamond 1 with this and not only has some of the highest objective control stats of many "meta" supports but also more wards and a good win ratio to boot? It was basically the entire post. Not sure how you could miss it..... Oh....
And Tobias Fate climbed all the way to masters playing Fill TF (Jungle Top ADC Mid Support) And by the boards logic, he should have been banned long before he reached Masters. So I'm curious on what he did differently. Maybe he actually played the role he was given instead of forcing a strategy his team wasn't familiar with. It's a possibility
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
OP tries to play this game single player. OP could give two shits and a fuck about what his team thinks in a team based game. OP gets reported and banned. I don't see an issue
: Lol, -5 AD and +15 sec cd, totally fixe it dude, you don't understand that it should be removed, i won't explain why a third time
The only reason I've seen from you is that you personally don't like it. Which isn't a valid reason
: an other day an other thread to try to open meddler's eyes
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEsApaVZ,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-02-23T02:30:39.836+0000) > > Edge of Night should be getting hotfixed tomorrow. That's not reflected in the patch notes because those were written and localized to other languages before we decided to do the hotfix. Are you just not bothering to even try and keep up with stuff? Or what.
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yw5eE39y,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-25T18:24:13.446+0000) > > REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ftfy
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