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: > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0dWJrpAK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-28T01:16:29.239+0000) > > Keep in mind Xerath will have a character arc, as will Azir, Sivir et al. I feel your pain. I have a lot of sympathy for Xerath (I helped out on re-breaking his arc a couple years back) Xerath isn't all bad-- he's a person ruined by circumstance and by the person he cared for the most betraying his trust. He's a human being (or was at least). Currently what he is doing is evil and selfish, but you can't have the dawn without the night. I can't say if Xerath will have redemption, but his perspective will change. Azir and Xerath are imprisoned by the past.... Sivir holds the key. Xerath is my favourite character in all of fantasy universe. And I know a lot fantasy universes... I'm literally obsessed with his lore, even though his lore changed a lot, he will be always my favourite (at least in LoL). Old or current, it doesn't matter. So, after Shurima Update, I will feel like ''I already ate the topples of pizza, it is turn of crust''. xD It is good to hear that Xerath will have live-action changes though. I believe it is related with Bloodline, isn't it? I also wanna ask those questions to you that I already edited on the original post. *So, what do you think? What would he do in your eyes? What would he become? A total asshole, or a powerful ally? Or goes crazy and figures he can dry out the void energy even while he knows nothing good will come from doing this?*
Commenting just to keep a record, because: > [{quoted}](name=Fasmodey,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=0dWJrpAK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-28T01:26:03.362+0000) ''I already ate the topples of pizza, it is turn of crust''. xD ... is literally one of the best things I have ever heard in my life.
: for some fucked up reason it takes 4/5 votes to surrender.........who knows why 3/5 isnt enough. so all it takes is 1 afk and 1 troll and BAM you cannot end the game. the enemy knows how "fun" your game is so they help you have "fun" as long as possible.
If you think that is the average game, you have an incredibly vitriolic view of people in general. Normal people will not drag out a game to make you suffer personally. There may be a few people out there like that, but it's not the norm at all, as you seem to think. And this "everyone out to get me" attitude is really juvenile and self-centered. Remember this: If all of your games are shit, they ONLY common denominator in all of those games is YOU.
: Such a bad explanation...
Just because you don't understand or agree with an explanation doesn't make it bad. The point still stands: Making a character require more skill to play does NOT make them weaker, especially if the rise in skill-cap allows for more power to be loaded on their kit. Taric was one of the first champions I bought when I started playing, but I quickly stopped playing him because he felt boring to me, and could only do things if you got really fed. After his rewark, he is easily one of my favorite picks for a tanky support. He has FAR more utility, and is able top help his team even if he is behind, because tricky AoE stuns and well-timed AoE invulnerability for your team are amazing. Just learn how/when to use them.
: Sorry for the delay in response! I performed an audit on your account too! Could you see if you're still having this issue?
I'll see your late response and raise you and even later one! Yes, the issues seems to have been resolved. There is another little issue where I will log into the boards and somehow it will log me into to some weird "null" account where I can't upvote/reply/post and I have to log out and log back in a few times to get it to work. But it happens intermittently and only every once in a while so it's not a huge deal, just odd.
: It was a TERRIBLE change that will turn my already niche main into a flat out troll pick. Viktor derives a lot of his strength from his item versatility, but now since Rylais is going to be mandatory to land aftershock and ult tick damage, he is going to be weaker, not to mention how he is at time of writing, the second lowest win rate mid. Of course win rates don't depict the whole picture, but when your sample size is literally every game from the most played game in the world, some truth has to be in the numbers.
That's not entirely true. He doesn't become weaker. You just might have to get better to bring out his strength. IT get's old seeing people who seem to think that if something doesn't go off almost instantly or requires some forethought to pull off, it's "impossible to land" or makes them "weaker". You are confusing inherent power in the champion with the skill level required to use that power to full effect. Most of the time, the reason these champs of low win rates is not because they are weak, but but because they have a high skill up required to bring out that power, and there are FAR more people who just like the champ than there are people actually skilled with that champ. So, when there is a champ that is thematically cool who has a lot of potential to be strong, TONS of players are going to play them, but many of those won't have the technical skill to make the most of them. It's not that win rates don't depict the whole picture, but that you are looking at the wrong picture. You have to look at win rate in relation to PLAY rate. The more a champ is played, the lower the average win rate is actually going to be, simply because of the volume of less-skilled players is bringing it down. A sign that a champion is weak is when they have both a very low play rate AND a very low win rate.
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: I've always felt like you should be able to choose runes and masteries during the game loading screen, not just character select. It would cut down drastically on people having the wrong runes because they ran out of time. Though i understand this would be tricky to implement
Not just tricky, but impossible. Or at least incredibly impractical. All the data that is going to be used in the match has to be preloaded. That's what the loading screen is for: Loading all the map and character data into memory so it can run smoothly without having to be loaded during the actual game, which would cause significant delays. If you could change your runes and such during loading, it would have to not only reload that data, but the system would constantly have to respond to your input for changes and check for those changes, which would drastically slow things down. Haven't you noticed that pretty much no game in history lets you do anything while loading? There's a reason for that. And seriously, you have TONS of time to pick your runes and masteries. Even if you are last pick, you STILL have 30 seconds to confirm them, not to mention the fact that you usually have a fair idea of who you're going to play before you actually lock in. If you have all the time in champ select plus at LEAST 30 seconds after last pick and you STILL go in with wrong runes/masteries/summoners, well... sorry, that's on you.
: I think color coding the kill/death/assist numbers would be cool. Green for kills, red for deaths and yellow for assists for example. Would be a faster read imo. Everything looks amazing, personally love that your summoners and stuff is saved for specific champs now the most
I like that idea, but green and red probably wouldn't be a good idea, because colorblind people.
: "The White Stripes" only works well with "they" because "stripes" is plural, and makes using the plural rolls off the tongue a little more naturally. Think of it this way - if you replace "The White Stripes" with "the rock band", it sounds perfectly find to say "The Rock Band is playing tonight". Its not 'simple' English. When a group is being used as a single, unified entity, it is proper to refer to the group in the singular form. However, if the individuals of the group are the main focus of the sentence, you use the group as a plural. So if you are referring to Kindred as the champion, its singular ("Kindred is pick or ban in the LCS"). If you are referring to Kindred as the duo of Lamb and Wolf, its plural (Kindred, the eternal hunters, are elemental spirits").
You seem very confused. If the name is "The Rock Band", then when you say, "The Rock Band is playing tonight," you are using their name, which is a proper noun, as the subject. But this isn't the topic of the discussion. We are talking about which PRONOUN to use. > pro·noun ˈprōˌnoun/Submit noun a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you ) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, this ). So, your argument about "The White Stripes" is null, because the name (again, a proper noun) has nothing to do with which pronoun is used to reference the entity. A single musician could go by the stage name "We Are Fifty People", but just because the name of the band suggests a plural, that really has nothing to do with the pronoun you use to address them. You could simply just use Kindred's name all the time and eschew pronouns completely, but that is clunky and not how we speak English in everyday life. The proper noun "Kindred" refers to a GROUP of entities, and the pronoun you use for a group of people that you do not belong to (or for any singular third party for whom the gender is unknown) is "they". And yes, that IS simple English.
: i never said how i treated them........but there's a difference from being outplayed and you just sucking hard
If you are playing with people that "suck" on a very consistent basis, as people like you like to claim, then it is because you have similar MMR. So, you obviously can't be as super amazing as you think you are.
: Of course not. Not every game is going to be enjoyable. Everyone gets games that they lose hard and don't enjoy. But if you keep a positive attitude instead of getting upset at every loss that's what helps you enjoy more games. Are you telling me you've never had a single game where you've lost and still had fun? That seems unlikely. Wasting your time? No, the only one wasting your time is you. YOU chose to play, and YOU chose to be negative in those lost games. Do you have to be completely cheerful and happy every game? No. But the only person in charge of your attitude is you. And if you can't handle even losing games without being rude or pessimistic, I don't know what to say other than you maybe should reevaluate how you view entertainment. You know what's harder than having fun in a 4v5? Having fun with a toxic teammate. And, from the looks of your recent comments and overall demeanor, you seem to be that kind of person. Also, I doubt your games with afks/feeders took 50-70 minutes, but that's just details.
Of course they don't take 50-70 minutes, because there is a forfeit button and an enemy team. If your team is feeding THAT hard, the game doesn't last that long. Games where everyone feeds hard are actually much shorter, so this guy is either lying (and quite poorly) through his teeth or his perception of time is out of whack... and judging from the fact that he keeps quoting wildly varying figures, I'd assume it's the former. Plus, look at his profile. Level 16 and no match history. What is he even talking about? When I play with people like him, I actually don't want to win. I'd rather lose, because I don't want people like him being rewarded for being a jerk.
: > [{quoted}](name=5000000000000000,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UmhRE66y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-23T21:46:01.355+0000) > > A player was toxic all game, but carried your team. What should you do? > A. Honor > B. Report > C. Do nothing > > Report that person. It doesn't matter how good they are. If they're toxic, they need to be reformed. Reformed? You honestly think that the punishments toxic players receive actually reform and help the situation. That's hilarious. Chat restrictions/Ranked restrictions are easily rid of, and when banned, they just make a smurf, ruin the game for lower level by being extremely toxic and being more experienced. The punishments do nothing but make the toxic people worse. Just use the mute button, 100% more effective. They will stop being toxic if you stop egging them on.
Go ahead and make your smurf account, then. Go ask Tyler1 how doing that worked out for him.
lunien (EUNE)
: Sorry, I won't argue with you, since you seem to believe a lot in your own opinion, but not respect (that sounds a bit... arrogant, I know, but I'm serious about it) the opinions of others.
Don't feel bad. This guy is wrong, and everyone knows it but him. Besides, look at his profile. He's level 16 with no match history, so I have no idea why he thinks he's qualified to speak. If the vast majority of his games are with unskilled player, then that is simply the bracket he is in. Having played this game for quite some time, I see people like him far too often. They are actually not very skilled at all, or average at best, but they THINK they are just the best thing to ever happen to the game. So when they inevitably do bad, their poor little fragile egos can't handle the cognitive dissonance so they blame it on literally everyone else, or "lag", or "my Q/W/E/R didn't go off". These are the people that spam taunt when their jungler does all the work in the gank and then lose their flipping mind when they get outplayed on their own and blame their team for not helping. Let this person be mad. You will never, EVER get people like him to listen to reason, because they are not reasonable. Just report him and everyone like him every game, and eventually the problem will fix itself.
: i could care less about what players "say", i care about how they play. if i wanted to bullshit all day with "nice" people id go on twitter or facebook and play those *ville games. i play a moba that is considered competitive to be competitive. if you dont feel the same way, que normals, bots, or arams. my attitude is charlie sheen, aka winning.
Being a good, skilled player and being nice are not mutually exclusive. You can be both, and so we WANT both. I don't give a shit WHAT your rank is. Get the hell out of our game and we'll just replace you with people who are good without being a narcissistic blowhard. You may win games of League, but you lose at life.
: Words like "Community", "Group", and even "Couple" are singular. The number doesn't necessarily mean it should be plural. If Kindred is the name of the entity that is Lamb and Wolf combined, then it might make more sense to describe it as a singular. If "Kindred" is short for "The Kindred Spirits of Lamb and Wolf" then it should be plural.
I think it makes send to think of Lamb and Wolf as a musical group, and "Kindred" is their band name. Like with the White Stripes, Jack and Meg are separate entities of their own, and while you might be able to argue than one is more useful or up-front than the other, "White Stripes" is the name of their GROUP, so you wouldn't never refer to them as he/she, you would refer to the White Stripes as "they". Kindred is the name of the union of Lamb and Wolf, and so it goes by the same rules. Whether or not you think Lamb does the vast majority of the work, there are still two entities that make up the group "Kindred", so it's a "they". This is seriously simple English usage, folks.
: I generally like the idea of creating a champion that has to decide between the passive and active effect. Making this a mage/warrior seems fitting too, however: * ranged % health damage * true % health damage * 50% tenacity * an ability to dodge CC * high mobility * hard CC * purposely useful in all lanes * tank stats and range This is just too much. Champions need weaknesses to be interesting and to be fair. This is what I generally dislike. More specificly: * P: you need to mind the difference between bonus AD and total AD here * Q: I don't understand the channel? +0.5s? To what? Does it hit in 0.5 periods? Also that much range on a tank shredder? Is this a skillshot??? * W: Values way too strong. Tenacity AND CC dodge AND mobility? * E: This passively gives you 2000g worth of stats. * R: You don't mention the max amount of stacks? Does this stack endlessly? > In the jungle, his passives give him sustain They do? Which one? Anyways, this guy would be a nightmare to play against. Especially toplane. W for ability dodging, E for ability dodging, R for hard CC and Q shreds through anyone at range. And you can't even build armor or mr or health because he scales against all of them. # Summary I like some concepts and abilities, especially some scaling knockback sounds fun, but a champion that's just good at everything will not and should not ever be made.
So, I pretty much 99% agree with your assessment. So let me address some of those. P: I was kind of going for sort of a Vlad thing, but with damage instead. The reason is that I want him to be able to be played in any role, but he gets 0 damage from AP except for a low ratio on his Q. So if he built pure AD, his utility would be really good, but he would still get SOME damage out of it, because otherwise he wouldn't be relevant. And if you want to build him AD, he still will get some utility off it. The idea behind him is that he is attuned with his soul, so his body and soul are one. Making his spirit stronger makes his body stronger, and making his body stronger makes his spirit stronger. That being said, I definitely MEANT bonus AD/AP, and the 15% I just kind of pulled out of my ass. But the ratios and specifics can easily be tweaked. Q: I'm sorry if this wasn't clear. The idea is that it is a skill shot, and when you activate it, he charges up for 0.5 seconds before firing a ball of aura in the direction you clicked in. Basically, think Xerath's Q, but you don't get to move while he's charging, it's not AoE, and the initial range is pretty short. Imagine someone charging up and focusing aura and then shooting it. While it's channeling, you can activate it again to charge another pulse of spirit into it, and you can keep doing this as many times as you have points in the skill (so, at level one, you can over charge it once, the up to two times at level 2, etc), which increases the damage and the range at the cost of being a sitting duck for up to possibly 3 whole seconds at 5 points in the skill. But it ONLY hits once, and only hits the first target struck, and does not go through minions. So while it is very when charged up, there is considerable risk in doing so, and it's unlikely that you would ever charge it up at all when it's 1v1. Only when you have allies around would you be able to charge it up, and even then you'd have to anticipate where your preferred target will be so you can hit them. So yes, it CAN be very strong, but it has a HUGE amount of counter play. W: The values are much too strong, I agree. I honestly just kind of put something there expecting to change it. What I envisioned is kind of an evasive dash that doesn't go in a straight line, but moves kind of like a wave (think like a stretched out "s"), or like how a snake might slither, tangling up and evading as he dashes. I didn't want to just straight up make him immune during the dash because that wasn't quite right, but I wanted to work some sort of evasion mechanic into the dash, and the best I could come up with was CC resistance during the dash. That being said, the tenacity on the passive could easily be reduced or even removed, and I'm definitely open to suggestions on how to balance this as long as the fluid, evasive feel of the dash is preserved. E: Again, I totally just pulled those numbers randomly as a guideline, expecting them to be tweaked. I think now that it would actually work better as percent instead of a flat value, maybe something like 3/6/9/12/15%? R: Yeah, the reason I didn't mention the max stacks is because I wasn't really sure what would be a good number, but there SHOULD be one. Upon thinking about it more, I think 6 would be good. So if you can manage to to get 6 stacks on a single target in a duel, the maximum you can ever do is 18% of their max health and a 3.5 second stun. I think this is fair because it is melee range, so you have to keep yourself in harms way to get the most out of it, and it doesn't benefit at all from any scaling, unlike other sources of true damage (Vayne and Vel'Koz, I'm looking at you). It's basically like getting the third hit from a fed Vayne's Silver Bolts, except requiring much more set-up and risk to use. I probably misspoke a bit when I said "sustain", because he obviously has no healing at all built into his kit. But his E would be a very good start in the jungle, because it beefs you up a little and lets you mitigate some damage. Jungle would certainly be his most challenging role, but I want it to still be a viable option. Another thing that was important in my thought process that I didn't really make obvious in the original post is that he is INCREDIBLY item dependent. His base damages are extremely low, and his scalings are very low as well, especially on his actual damage. His Q wouldn't do much at all if you didn't invest into decent AD or AP, and without CDR you're only using it at MOST every 4.5 seconds, and that's only if they can't dodge a short range skill shot, and charging it up might help, but that's more down time, and you lose your ability to kite while it's on cooldown. His E has the highest base damage of all his skills, but it's still on the low end of base damage things, and e has to get into the thick of things to use it, and leaves him very vulnerable afterwards unless you built tanky... which also means you weren't invested in damage. I wanted this guy to have many possibilities and many options, and I believe his kit allows for him to be flexible, but his effectiveness in any role at and stage of the game will be heavily influenced by his item builds. The important thing to know is that when I wrote this, I fully expected people to comment and weigh in and help me balance. I in know way thought that I had created a perfect, healthy champ from the get go. I simply wanted to get the idea across and try to get some semi-workable numbers in there, and the intent originally was to modify and work with others to balance it out. So, thank you for taking and interest and weighing in, and I look forward to hearing any other suggestion you have in regards to balancing him. :)
Sharjo (EUW)
: Taliyah: Homecoming
: I will grant you, the reversed it does work and function better, but it's still not that great a premise. We already have buffs that provide increases with no drawbacks. In order for the trade off of getting a debuff after it to work, you would have to provide a massive buff to begin with, which (in my hypothetical opinion) would be OP.
I don't think so, because it would grant plenty "lever of balance" to play with. You give them a buff that's stronger than normal for a short period of time, but are penalized if you don't lose it correctly. Most current buffs have no risk for a tiny reward. This would simply be more reward in exchange for greater risk. Tons of champions are based on that concept. I mean, again, Blitz's W is a perfect example of this EXACT mechanic, and it's not broken. He gets very strong for a little bit, but if he doesn't use that "window of power" effectively, he then becomes easy pray. And it would never be "OP" because there are so many ways to adjust for balance if there are problems.
: That completely goes against the idea of supports though. Why not just play a support who provides no debuffs to my ally and buffs to the enemies? That would be like making Lulu's speed buff apply a slow before hand. It defeats the purpose, and it also gives the enemy a HUGE window of time to react. "Oh, I'm about to be slowed, better use my speed buff to run away" "Oh, the enemy is dealing less damage. Better back off now before that damage buff comes up."
Exactly, it's completely unintuitive and not good gameplay. However, as I mention in my own comment, it WOULD be cool the other way around. Meaning, you get a short, powerful effect that changes to a relevant counter-effect after a short while, like Blitz's W. This gives you the power when you need it in the moment, but punishes you heavily if don't make good use of it.
It would actually make much more sense (and be far more useful in-game), if you did it the other way around. Like some sort of twisted nurse/doctor that injects you with drugs that give you a short-lived and powerful "high" in exchange for being hurt or weakened somehow when it wears of (think of something like Blitz's move speed buff). You'd use it on your allies to help them secure a kill, or you use it on an enemy to soften them up for your assassin or carry. Both of these give you a very clear "window of power" in which you either rewarded if you use it effectively or heavily punished if you don't. You want to have it front-loaded like this, because starting weak and then going strong doesn't allow you to make saves or plays, which a support REALLY needs to do. You would have to anticipate when you would need the buff/debuff and hope that now one gets to you while you're weak, and then feel pressured into using the buff when it activates. It's much better game play to give a strong, instant buff in the moment that punishes them afterward if they fail to capitalize on it.
: Some valid points. I think it's a bit of Riot's fault to make this possible in the first place. It especially annoys me with Thresh's lantern, because I've seen it abused in tournaments. However, I am tempted to call it "counterplay" if someone really is as mindful as to take the crest for a targeted ally... in the end, it would mean he him/herself takes a lot of damage in return. And if it's a Ouru W, he would eventually also heal your ally :). Another saving grace is probably, that Heca doesn't ignore unit collision outside of his E anymore. > And about the "imaginary reworks", I was saying that yes, I DO like to do rework concepts for champions that already exist, but all I've posted on here is an original champion idea. I was saying that if you wanted to get a feel for my style in champion design, that would be a good indication. Ugh, I thought I missread that at first. Got it now. Do you have a link?
I was thinking more of a fat tanky champ preventing you from placing it on an ally, but that is also a possibility. And yeah, here's the link: [Ren Wei, the Warrior Sage](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/sxjFPhHz-champion-concept-ren-wei-the-warrior-sage)
Beruon9 (EUNE)
: I only dislike Brofresco because his style is too... I dont have the word, maybe _PewDiePieish_ (not copying or anything, just the similiar style that I found really iritating...) btw I think the champ will be a support/mid mage, but Im sure that she will be a really OP {{champion:54}} counter...
Oh yes, he can definitely be hyperactive/annoying, and often I skip his videos or stop watching early. But sometimes he does cheer me up, and one thing I particularly like about him that I haven't seen much from other people is that he will take every new champ and play them in every role just to see how they do, which is a lot of fun for analytical meta-challenging players like myself.
: > I agree that it would lose some flexibility, but with that being the case, how would you address the issue with targeting? My iteration of Karma doesn't involve a lot of technical skill. I want her to make a lot of mindful decisions. If this means hectical Karma players sometimes hit the wrong target, I think this should be seen as an expression of skill, or something they can improve upon. _"There is wisdom in war."_ _"Indecision is failure."_ > Also, it's not a rework, but I just posted an original champion idea. I thought you called it "imaginary reworks" ._. ?
> [{quoted}](name=SilverSquid,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oxNbhh7j,comment-id=0049000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-01T17:09:47.264+0000) > > My iteration of Karma doesn't involve a lot of technical skill. I want her to make a lot of mindful decisions. If this means hectical Karma players sometimes hit the wrong target, I think this should be seen as an expression of skill, or something they can improve upon. > _"There is wisdom in war."_ > _"Indecision is failure."_ > > I thought you called it "imaginary reworks" ._. ? I MOSTLY agree, but then you can have people like Hecarim who can "reverse support" and basically prevent you from clicking on targets because they are so big and ignore unit collision. I feel like it should be more about when and who to target without adding the issue of whether or not you even have the ability to click on that target, because it removes control. Your timing and target-selection skills mean nothing if you are forcibly prevented from using it because of something you have little to know control over. This was the reasoning behind allowing one to "cook" Alistar's Q during his W, because it should be more about when and if and not about if you even can. That being said, I still love everything about your rework and my only concern is the huge complication in target selection with that particular skill. And about the "imaginary reworks", I was saying that yes, I DO like to do rework concepts for champions that already exist, but all I've posted on here is an original champion idea. I was saying that if you wanted to get a feel for my style in champion design, that would be a good indication.
: The problem I see with this idea is that if people start blocking each other, game queues will take longer as well.
I answered this in a previous comment, but I'll sum it up here: The reason this probably won't happen is because every time you block someone, you're also making just a teeny bit harder for yourself to find a game. If you use your block prudently, then this will have pretty much zero effect on you. If, however, you block lots of people for petty reasons, then yes, it will make it harder for you to get in games. And if you're the type of person that does that, it's like that you're the type of person who is also being blocked by others. I believe that we should be have every right not to play another game with someone that ruins the game for us. In the scope of a single player, it's nothing more than a quality of life change. But on the macro scale, if could see a huge reduction in the number of toxic players, or at least reduce the likelihood that you will be in a game with a bad player. This is because, not only are you never going to play against the people you block, but you will never be in a game with anyone blocked by any of the ten players in your game. So, between the 10 players in each game and their blocks, there is a kind of herd immunity that would keep a large number of toxic people out of your game. Some would fall through the cracks, but then you block them, and that number gets smaller and smaller. And I don't think this will do much to queue times. League is the single most played online game in the world. There are millions of friendly players to choose from. And even if that were the case, I wouldn't mind some extra time in queue if I knew it meant I was much less likely to get a Tyler1 in my game.
Drehirth (NA)
: We will build a wall, and the toxic community will pay for it!
Well, it's more like the wall will build itself in response to the very existence of toxic players. If they stop being jerks and ruining for everyone, then they will see little effect. But if it their idea of fun is systematically ruining the game for everyone else, then yes, they deserve to be shunned, and I should have every right in the world to say that I do not want to play with a particular person (whether they have been officially reprimanded or not).
: First - block player doesn't prevent you from getting queued with them. It simply mutes them to you, and prevents them from adding you or messaging you. Should they let us block people from playing with us? Honestly under Master I don't see why not, there are so many players it changes nothing. The argument that challenger players would block people to always get the same teams though is the reason it doesn't happen (however with dynamic queues now I don't see the problem). Second - The tribunal no longer exists. The entire system is now automated based on report frequency. The tribunal used to exist, but was taken down for maintenance (presumably because a lot of players voted to punish regardless of what actually happened).
Wow, thanks for the info. I was unaware of all of that. So, for some follow up: If that's not what "block player" does, it should be. The argument about it making it harder to find games if you keep blocking people is part of the point. If you are a troll who just indiscriminately blocks everyone because you're salty (in addition to most likely being blocked by others as it is), then that causes trolls who do that to essentially punish themselves, making it even harder for them to find game. If you make judicious and prudent use of blocking players, you will find zero ill effect. If you block volumes of people for petty reasons, you are only going to end up hurting yourself and removing yourself from more games. And the idea of Challenger players using it to get the same teams seems like a non issue, because why not just queue together to begin with like literally everyone else? I was unaware the Tribunal no longer exists. Probably because I keep seeing mentions of it when I do report someone. That being, said, though, I had been saying for years that it should be automated and based on the volume of reports, so it makes me happy to know that they actually started doing that.
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: The Sticker System
I really like the spirit of the idea, but coming from someone who programs games, I can tell you that the system as you have proposed it would kind of be a nightmare to code and implement. Too many live requests to get player sticker data, and I can also see some ways that allowing that access outside of the client (boards and such) could pose a security risk. Also, there would be no reason at all to remove the current Tribunal system in favor of this when you can just have both. That being said, I definitely like the idea of a better reward system for friendly players. Not to toot my own horn, but I get honored almost every single game I play (and never been reported as far as I know), and yet I still haven't gotten that little ribbon. Even if we had something as simple as showing the number of times we've been honored/reported on our profile would be immediately effective. Sure, some trolls like to report people for no real reason or to be spiteful, but if the number of honors you've gotten is large and you only have a few reports, people will be able to see through that. Also, knowing the TYPE of honor and reports would mean a lot. Beyond that, instead of stickers, why not just gain honor ranks for each different types? This would be like the normal ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc), but be for each category of honor (Friendly, Helpful, Teamwork, etc) and should be attached to your banner on loading screen as well as the mouse-over pop-out on your friend list. I myself just posted a request to add a "Block Player" button to the post-game results screen, so if that and this were combined, I believe it would be a very effective community fix with basically no potential for abuse. Time and time again, psychology asserts that positive reinforcement (i.e. being rewarded for wanted behavior) is superior to all other forms when it comes to getting people to perform a specific behavior.
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: Petition To Have An Old Lady Champion
I just posted an original champion idea, and while I envisioned him as a man when I created him, after seeing this post I think making it an old lady would be crescent fresh.
: Thanks :) And I hope I can see one of your reworks in the future! > What about if the targeting was based on which dragon was active? Difficult. It loses its identity as a flex-ability, which is needed, to be a proper "bridge" ability. It more often forces you to use it on a champion, where the main effect isn't necessarily needed. Also don't bother with reducing ratios, they might be too high or too low in my version anyways^^
I agree that it would lose some flexibility, but with that being the case, how would you address the issue with targeting? It seems like it would be incredibly difficult to get the right target in a hectic team fight, which is when you'd need it the most. Also, it's not a rework, but I just posted an original champion idea.
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: In one of a red's posts after Azir was released they talked about potential kits for him. Jeremy Gaming Curios also has a video on it on YouTube if you are curious.
I love Jeremy. He is by far my favorite League-tuber in terms of logical and analytical content. Though, for fun I like to watch Sp4zie and Sky. And I grudgingly admit that Brofresco is a guilty pleasure when I'm feeling down. He just gets so excited about everything. He's freaking out over Taliyah.
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: Yi is WAY too strong for basically a no-skill required champion. He needs to be completely reworked at this point. There needs to be much more interaction to playing him other than just dodging stuff with Q for a pentakill.
Completely agree. From the very first game I ever played of League and we got slaughtered by a Yi, I have thought that he is an incredibly unhealthy champion. The skill required to play him is far too low for the amount of damage he puts out, and unless you have HARD CC, there is nothing you can do to chase him or to keep him from chasing you. He can basically just take a time-out in the middle of a fight to regain health while you do almost nothing to him, and his Q is like a bigger, stronger Fizz E but with far less counter-play because you have zero idea where he is until it ends. He has so much hidden damage and scaling that he snowballs super fast and it's very hard to figure out how much a threat he is based on his built items unless you are very familiar with all of his weird scaling. I'm by no means a new player any more and I have found a wonderful counter to Yi in Janna (I'm a support main), but man, for new players he is a damn nightmare. I almost quit the game when I first started because of Yi. Any newb (myself included) can grab him and just rampage through lower-level play and really ruin the game for lots of people. His power is obvious to opponents, but his weaknesses are not. And since he requires less skill to play than literally any other champ in the game, I honestly feel like he gives new players a very misconstrued view of the game. Beyond that, Riot has been saying that they have been trying to to move towards making every champ unique and fit some sort of niche. Yi doesn't really have one besides being a newb-steamroller and basically having no risk to balance out the massive rewards he gets. I think Yi needs a COMPLETE overhaul. And I don't care if Yi mains whine, because if you are a Yi main, you are basically the worst kind of person.
: A Detailed Post on Karma and her Twin Dragons
Overall, I think this is amazing. In fact, I do lots of "imaginary reworks" in my head and I have thought about almost this exact thing for Karma, and totally agree that it fits her much better. Also, I'm a support main who likes to dip into mid sometimes, and this would make her even BETTER as a flex-pick in that regard. That being said, I see a teensy weensy problem with the **W**: Targeting. With something that could go on an ally _or_ an enemy, attempting to get the right target in a team fight would be a bit of a nightmare. I have a hard enough time with the current **W** and that only affects enemies. What about if the _targeting_ was based on which dragon was active? Ouru lets you place the beneficial effect on an all, while Boros lets you put the detrimental effect on an enemy. Then, the **RW** would, instead of targeting a unit, simply create a moderate AoE field that weakens enemies while reflecting their damage and bolsters allies while giving them "omnivamp" for 4 seconds (reducing the ratios a bit to compensate for being AoE)?
: > [{quoted}](name=JerulEon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kjKRU2mk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-26T06:29:40.865+0000) > The new dragon system looks fantastic. In the current dragon system, each additional dragon loses value because each subsequent dragon becomes harder/less likely to attain until the fifth dragon, which in many games is never gained. But at the same time, this can be used against the dragon changes. Because every dragon has more value and the different dragon buffs stack onto themselves, it adds the RNG of if the first dragon provides a favourable buff to the 1 teams team comp and they manage to obtain it, they will end up snowballing immensely. So the new rule of dragon will be about the first dragon in relation to your team comp and who manages to obtain it. _e.g. Siege comp gets gets Earth or Water dragon first, they are now able to take objectives at an even faster rate or are able to much more easily continue sieging._ If the team that gets first dragon gains a lead, it is now significantly more likely that they will snowball much harder and retain their lead due to how powerful the new dragon buffs are and how hard they stack. The new buffs are just far too impactful for specific team comps, providing excessive power to some team comps and an average or below average amount of power to others, meaning a team that is focused around taking towers gains a much larger benefit than the enemy team and leaving the enemy team with the option of getting the negligible buff in order to prevent the buff getting into the hands of their enemy or allowing the enemy team to obtain it and end up being at a significantly great differential in power than if they obtained it themselves. The current dragon increases snowball potential on the first dragon alone, not every consecutive dragon. **_TL;DR: new dragons are poor random design that add far too much RNG to the game. Some buffs favour certain team comps more than others, giving them much greater power than if the enemy team obtained it._**
There is something massive you seem to be forgetting. You're putting WAY too much stake in probability. For one, only 3 of the 4 types will even show up for each game. So, if someone builds a comp that favors Earth Dragon, that Earth Dragon has a 25% chance of not even showing up at all. Beyond that, even if the Earth Dragon IS included, it only has a ~33% of showing up each Dragon spawns. And, if the enemy team comp would obviously benefit from Earth Dragon, then you will know well before it pops up and it becomes a priority to contest. So, any team that builds their comp around the hope of a specific dragon is taking a huge gamble, especially since it's not guaranteed they will even win any of the contests if that specific dragon type DOES pop up. I am VERY excited for this change, and I firmly believe that it will inject some liveliness into the game, and help us all get better at adaptive decision making. If you want a game without dynamics, League is not for you. I'd suggest CS:GO.
: Hey HDBreakd0wn, I performed an audit on your account and I believe I updated your level on boards. Are you still experiencing this issue?
Sorry to bug on an old post, but this seems to be the only way for me to reply. I'm having the same issue. I've been level 30 for some time, but the boards still have me as level 2 and I can't join any of the discussions I'm salivating over. Halps!{{item:3070}} ~~EDIT: In an ironic turn of events, posting that comment updated my account. Someone should really look at smoothing this out for others. ~~ EDIT: Nope, never mind. It seems to SAY I'm level 30 on here, but still tells me I don't meet level requirements when I try to comment or even upvote. So frustrating!


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