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: Someone just banned Camille in our lobby. Please fix
: Roast Your Main.
{{champion:136}} - Giant motherfucking space dragon that gets killed by relatively large rodents and other beings with much less power than he
: Do Riot enjoy buffing & Nerfing champs?
lemme tell you something about balancing a game like league of legends. League is an ever evolving game, adding new champs, masteries etc so its much harder to balance than most games. Sometimes they buff someone who they think is struggling and it becomes too much ( like {{champion:163}} ). The point is that since league constantly changes is hard to balance. If they nerf one thing, another thing arises.
: Hi, how u know that? :o
: it isnt even 40 bucks, its literally just 30 bucks for the entire bundle its a great deal for them not to do a discounted sale this time around lol.
Yeah, literally just $25 for the base skin (which is legit 10 skins in one which is worth way more) so I don't see OP's problem
: Favorite skin for your Main!
Ashen Lord (Kek){{champion:136}} Classic(Hate his skin, doesn't fit his "I'm the most beautiful fucker to walk this world"){{champion:202}} Star Guardian{{champion:78}}
: Aurelion Sol needs a World Shatterer skin for the worlds peformance
Honestly would be okay with any Skin for him...not biased or anything....
: Whch Champions represent your family members?
Mom:{{champion:40}} Dad:{{champion:122}} (Don't have the best relationship with him, cuz hes a dick) Eldest Brother:{{champion:119}} (Same ^) Middle Brother:{{champion:126}} (Playboy type, Can be cocky at times, still a softy) Me(The Youngest):{{champion:78}} Im jus a lil noodle tryin to be good at things
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Riot is trying skin themes
I actually really love the Theme skins. This isn't really anything new however, they've always had the Legion Commando's for Demacia, did a few Crimson elites etc. Completely agree though, more cosmic reavers would be amazing because the colors on that {{champion:38}} skin are amazing.
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: Who is the hardest champion but most effective when mastered?
As for mages go {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} if you can master those two, you will destroy many players each game
: Other Aurelion Sol nerf?
Yeah the New Aurelion Nerfs feel pretty bad. Although most of my games I end up doing extremely well as him. Makes me sad none the less, since hes hardly played
Wygol (EUW)
: So...does everyone think Aurelion Sol is awful?
No . _ . I really love my space dragon
: Ekko is getting pretty annoying now...
I personally feel that {{champion:245}} and {{champion:64}} are the two most obnoxious characters. Ekko does so much damage without building it and gets all his hp back and Lee is just a nuisance TnT
: PREPOSTEROUS! Riot! Get the animations team! Give this man a recall animation! Animation team: Ugh... can we sleep now...? It's been 3 days... I think... NO. Animation team: *Half of the team collapses, rest of the team gets to work with an audible groan*
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: Jhin, as a champion, is a thematic failure. (LONG POST)
I don't 100% agree. His abilities are very beautiful. He focuses on the art of killing, if you think about it, many things can be counted as an art. I do feel like he is visually lacking in certain things like his grenade doesn't really have the butterflies but other than that I am pretty excited for him. His mask also plays a huge part of his character to me, and we don't even have his lore, or his VO. They also said that on death there are flowers near the dead, so keep an eye out for that. I understand the frustration, but i also see him differently and am excited for you, so I hope you explore him a little more
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE


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