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: This is great.
> [{quoted}](name=EveryGarenSkin,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=vvW43lZA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-20T19:33:52.969+0000) > > This is great. :D
: {{champion:114}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:16}} Throw these into the heal reduction category! c:
> [{quoted}](name=Spookerton,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2uztyQAU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-20T04:11:05.811+0000) > > {{champion:114}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:16}} > > Throw these into the heal reduction category! c: Hecarim is sorta spooky but never have I really been concerned about his healing really.... Usually dies pretty quick if you survive his initial burst.
: ARAM Suggestions
Poro Snax filled with fireworks? Seems kinda dangerous to the little fellas, dontcha think?
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PavLoo (NA)
: That's some amazing ideas.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Stacking any defensive state has diminishing returns. I don't thnik the extra Gold you spent to get from 200armor to 450 was worth it. Would've been better off getting a brawler item or utility...also you're a tank. your job isn't to 1v1
That's not entirely true. Every 1 armor or magic resist increases your effective health by 1% against that type of damage. The argument to be made is that at some point it is more valuable to invest in health rather than additional armor, and that the more armor you have the more value is gained from the Last Whisper and the Black Cleaver, while more health gives BoTRK a stronger on-hit effect.
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Illıum (NA)
: why only 2 patches, is there a morde rework or something?
: Question: How do you view Riot?
I mean, I acknowledge that they are a business and that they have to meet certain financial expectations, but I really do think that they try to put as many players' needs first as they can. You can see designers asking for feedback on their twitter accounts, you can see them post data and trends to support their decisions and methodology, you get a solid footnote with every change in patch notes, you get realistic human explanations as to why champions have been gutted and they tell you up front that a better design hasn't been found yet but that they hope something comes up, and for the most part Riot really has followed through with most of their reworks and overhauls to give quality content. I think as a company they really do try to be fair overall, and I frankly think they are smart to capitalize on their skin-to-popularity ratio because that's their only source of income for the most part and of all the ways to charge people it is like, the nicest way to do so because it is purely cosmetic. Rioters gotta eat too y'know?
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: how do i not get tilted by unescapable one-shots?
As Jinx, you mostly want to throw chompers in such a way that the opponent can't get around them easily, like against a wall, or you wanna throw them on yourself so that when the opponent lands they get chomped. Jinx is an immobile champion and has a tough time vs a lot of these types of champions. Zap usually IMO isn't going to be worth the time unless its really preemptive, simply because of the cast delay. As Nami, many of these champions can be knocked out of their gap closers by your ult, but aside from that you're going to have to throw your bubbles where the opponent is going to land once they started their dash. It comes down to timing and skill 100% at that point. A lot of the time though, that means just throwing the bubble off-centered on yourself or on an ally, which doubles the use because it also grants a movement speed boost to friendly peeps. Unfortunately, in some cases even if you time the stun almost perfect, the burst of these champs can be enough to kill you and that's really just how it is. Warding and playing safe is extremely important in not snowballing these kinds of champs, and you need to consciously be aware of whether or not you're over-extending. Knowing when to give up cs to stay safe and playing around your allies does a lot in terms of locking down bursty champs. In the case of like, Hecarim's ult, there really isn't a whole lot you can do and thats where positioning and flash are pretty much your only options. Sucks but such is life.
: What I want to know as an aram main is who gets the CS?
Champions that can and need to heal off minions > stacking champions > carries > tanks
: How is vlad balanced?
No hard CC. No major mobility. Single target damage and split capabilities are fairly subpar. His safety net skill costs him a significant amount of health and can be followed with relative ease. Not saying he's not obnoxious sometimes, but if he wasn't there would be no reason to pick him because he wouldn't offer anything to the team.
Infernape (EUW)
: I wouldn't say it's not that harsh. It's effectively the same thing as a silence combined with a disarm.
Lulu's W is actually a projectile that can be windwalled and dodged by things like alpha strike. fyi
Moody P (NA)
: if he is on the poll i will be voting Fiddlesticks for next VGU
Honestly, I would rather not see him changed design-wise. I think he has a really unique play style and kit overall and it all takes good decision making and has good counter-play. Everything on him flows together pretty well, and he is overall fairly simple mechanically. If anything, I think he is a very good example of a champion that isn't over-inflated with CC and mobility and other gimmicks and it's kind of a shame that hes always been in kind of a rough spot.
Okagemi (NA)
: A Change That Kled Desperately Needs
On the one hand, I see what you mean by wanting to actually get your reward for building courage. On the other hand, I feel like there are times where you could just be utterly stupid at the last second to fill your courage (like flashing into the enemy team) just because you know you're going to be invulnerable while you remount. You mentioned you don't like him just dying for no reason, but there is a sense of counter-play in trying to burst him down before he remounts, as remounting is a very strong tool in his kit. All in all, kind of neutral on the idea. If he needs a buff somewhere down the road, it would be worth considering IMO.
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: The Rakan changes are pretty nice
In contrast to the changes they had before, yeah I would say this is a lot better. The change in general still sucks though. I hate that hes being made more awkward because of pro play.
: > [{quoted}](name=AHarmlessTaco,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rMRtnNqi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-19T14:50:05.378+0000) > > It is a DOT on hit and only really needs to be applied once. You get up close, AA then W to AA reset and AA again with the shield and empowered auto. Beyond that, it is only there to punish people for ignoring him when his shield goes up and to give him more incentive to whack different targets with his passive. I find the ability to be very solid in and of itself. At max rank, two of those autoattacks = 140 magic damage pre-mitigation. The damage is abysmally low, and because it happens over time, this makes the effect even worse during the mid-game, where champions are becoming tankier, but it is absolutely atrocious early game unless you're against an exceptionally squishy target.
I'm not saying it is a lot of damage, it's only really meant as a minor boost to his clear times in the jungle. Also, if its hitting 3 targets its dealing a good bit plus it is a strong shield on top of it all. Against raptor camp it actually adds up pretty quickly, and in team fights Nautilus brings so much crowd control that you can't have him deal a lot of damage. The ability and on-hit could be stronger if you look at it as a standalone, but looking at his entire kit it makes sense. Also, don't discredit the fact that it is an AA reset on a champion with a very slow attack speed. That is an extra auto attack's damage on top of the DOT.
: Is Nautilus On The Rework List?
It is a DOT on hit and only really needs to be applied once. You get up close, AA then W to AA reset and AA again with the shield and empowered auto. Beyond that, it is only there to punish people for ignoring him when his shield goes up and to give him more incentive to whack different targets with his passive. I find the ability to be very solid in and of itself.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Well. You were Ali Literally the Best champion when it comes to CC and can always shut down fed champions What am I supposed to do if I'm playing something else ? Only Lulu feels like she can handle Yi , but not always Others can't Especially Root Users like {{champion:99}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} He just Presses W lol
{{champion:111}} Would like a word with you. He has 4 CC effects compared to Alistar's measly 3. :D
: Master Yi? Just CC him.
Uh, fun fact, exhaust is really bad vs Yi. With his ult he ignores attack speed / movement speed debuffs. Js
Alüe (NA)
: @riot Do subclasses still exist?
It's been about 2 years since classes/subclasses has been touched on. I also made a post wondering about it and it did not pick up any traction, but I would very much like to know where Riot is on the whole discussion.
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: Kled does not die with marines revenge item
: i can't stick to a champion or playstyle plz help
Have a primary role and a secondary role, each with a primary champion and a backup. Stick with them because you enjoy playing them, get better at them. Use probuilds for a decent idea of items and masteries, then focus on learning your role and champion, as well as how to play around objectives. You'll have a very hard time improving and focusing on macro play if you don't have a good understanding of your champion and role, and macro play makes a large difference.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: Ranked & Demotion 2019.
Yepp, same. Was at 40lp, lost 3 in a row and was demoted and set back to 75lp. Like, what????????????
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: Can Vayne have damage?
Any reason you're spoofing Ahris' post? Kinda distasteful
Ahris (NA)
: Can Ahri have damage?
Uhhh, IMO Ahri is one of the least frustrating, most balanced champions in the game. She has very visible counter-play, solid play-making capabilities even when behind, and isn't utterly overwhelming when ahead but is still very capable of translating her personal leads to a team-wide lead.
Darabasi (EUW)
: This is a really serious issue due to Rakan players always going all in and only having the second dash as their lifeline. Since its stated "at no cost", it should be castable below the costs of the first cast. {{champion:497}}
Yeah, it was working as intended before the patch, not sure what happened. It is a fairly substantial problem though, it usually comes up at least once each game, if not 2-3 times (rare).
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Tioym (EUW)
: Fizz R and Velkoz R?
The thrown fish itself can miss, but when the shark emerges it deals damage in an area around the fish. That area grows larger depending on how far the fish traveled, and if you are standing in that area you will still receive damage despite the fish itself not hitting you. Vel'Koz R is kind of dependent on the angle you're looking at but the gist is that if there's a big laser next to you and Vel'Koz has the ability to readjust his aim during the animation, you're probably going to be taking damage from the laser. Honestly it is a lot more manageable than Lux's R.
: I think it would have to be more expensive, probably around 3000 or 3100 gold. If you think about it, it’s stats are better than Gargoyle and gives 50 AP and AoE damage instead of more stats - for only 400 more gold. If it was for 600 more, I think it’d be more reasonable.
Mmmm, in theory it is less cost efficient than Gargoyle when both are under team fight circumstances, but I can't really argue that it wouldn't be a 3000g / 3100g item post-balancing with the current stats. Most defensive items are between 2700g and 3000g though so I think I would rather see it tuned lower than have the price increased.
: (Bulwark) galio's old W
I agree it was pretty cool
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l MrD l (NA)
: they stopped doing it mainly because it made things worse... its easier to balance around a champ with time and more focus than changing a whole set
I definitely don't think it made things any worse than when they do big balance updates to individuals. At least with that post they developed common themes and ideologies. Having it available just means everyone as a whole can look back and see just how out of line or ideal a champion is in theory and see where live adaptations have taken it.
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Σmsi (EUNE)
: Same with me, it cost me so many saves because I couldn't recast 😭
Uhhhhh TBH Im usually the one that dies because of it. XD
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: Nasus need buf
You forgot the /s
Kalikain (NA)
: So we dont know what the changes are going to be, but thornmail is getting an adjustment in the next patch. edit; I think they posted on reddit, the duration is going from 1s to 3s. So hopefully that helps/is correct
Oh well that would help a lot. Hopefully it goes through.
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: What are your thoughts on the item: Cull?
I never really understand when ADC's are supposed to get it, I just know as a support that if the ADC buys a Doran's Shield or Cull we just lose lane because of lack of pressure.
: This sounds like mana flow band without the stipulation of hitting an enemy with the ability.
Uhhhhhh, well that wasn't my goal. I was just trying to think of something that fit along free boots and stopwatch and baby tear came to mind. It would probably go well with people that also take mana flow band though?
: Thinking of shifting to support for climbing.
I honestly wouldnt switch over until you're like high plat. Its just not worth....
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