: > [{quoted}](name=AINT NO SHEEP,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XTYNadNZ,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-05-10T07:46:15.627+0000) > > Agreed. He no longer feels like unkillable werewolf. Sylas, Swain or Vlad are much more tanky and unkillable feel... on top of having much more damage. feelsbad. Old WW was far more scary than the new one. I don't want to recap what everyone else said but he used to be a late game drain Tank that had great build diversity as a bruiser, On hit duelist or AP nuke. Now he's pigeonholed into only one real build path and play style. His mana costs are too high and he doesn't do enough justifiable damage for those high premiums. I like the new WW a lot his kit and overall look hit the nail on the head but they removed too much power and he's just not a good pick compared to so many other junglers.
Rhyvin (NA)
: 51% win rate? Sure its not the best but certainly not bad compared to others who have % in the 40s. Lol. I do wish theyd do something about the death sound though and why its so loud
51? It's 49 on league of graph all server. What is your source, which server, which patch, what elo?
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Lower winrate than Nunu, Azir and Ryze? Bish please.
Nunu is at 52.2% winrate in plat+ on all server, check on league of graph. High pick rate as well. He is one of the best jungler atm. ... can you check facts, give sources, before talking non-sense please? Thanks =)
: Lane Nidalee Is Not Forgotten, Riot Needs To Do Something
I hope to see Nidalee and Warwick in the next patch... But we'll probably have changes on Aatrox and Urgot.
Deprecious (EUNE)
: Also used to main him, he is so garbage right now, i went from 70% winrate to 35%.. He got nerfed a lot, from jungle exp, to cinderhulk nerfs, to nerfing his q, to nerfing tiamat, etc.. Not to mention the bugs, like 1 second delay on his Q healing , and his ultimate hitbox, i don't remember how many times i wanted to jump in a direction and my champion somehow humped the champion behind, but riot doesn't care, as always, that's why i didn't buy RP for over one year, and will never buy again
I have 1 million mastery, I played so many games...... it's never been as bad as now. I am at 22 % winrate over the past 23 games (18 losses, 5 wins), the game where I win I need to have S+, if I have S I lose. In season 6, I had 61% winrate in mid platinum with ww, over 300 ranked games. last season, I had 55% winrate in low plat as ww, over 300 ranked games. This season, I was at 52% winrate on EUW, in gold (started bronze with MMR reset from transfer back) Now I transferred in NA, it started well I was at 70% winrate and my MMR was high platinum. But then last week or so started a huge loss streak. Now overall 42%. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=aint+no+sheep https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=ir+sun https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=tundra+hunter
: How it it a problem, his win rate is almost 51%, also the graphs are pretty much the same for the last few patches, the only people who agree with your perspective on balance changes are other Ww players.
Where did you see a winrate of 51%!?? Source, elo, server? League of graph gives him 49% across server, all elo, or plat+ only. And even if it was 51%, does that makes it okay for him to be full of bugs in your opinion? Wtf is your reasoning really? Again, at least, fix the death sound bug.
: >At least, fix his death sound bug. I'm glad that i'm not the only one who's experiencing this. Also i'm convinced that his flat on-hit damage which he heals from just simply isn't going to work anymore due to how much damage and how much grievous wounds is everywhere (since now most if not all mages buy Morellonomicon). What he needs is % Missing Health healing on his Passive, which would be doubled when he's below 50% max hp, and trippled when he's below 20% max hp. No idea on what the % Missing HP Healing numbers should be but Warwick no longer captures the idea of being this unkillable Werewolf.
Agreed. He no longer feels like unkillable werewolf. Sylas, Swain or Vlad are much more tanky and unkillable feel... on top of having much more damage. feelsbad.
: I remember when this exact sub (yes, not the same people but you see my point) said Warwick was too strong and that Riot was doing satan work for not balancing him/nerfing him. I personnally feel his passive should be buff mid game indeed. The runes being normalised hurted him a bit after riot nerfed some part of his kit. I just feel he should dual better, I wonder if people are also not building wit ends enough/at the right time on him...
After Warwick rework, ww was well balanced. But low elo people complained about him being too strong, because their teammates (or themselves) didn't know how to play against him yet (as he was freshly released), and would, for example, overstay in lane, overextanding, while being low life. Thus giving free kills and allowing ww teams to snowball. This translated in ww high winrate. Now, people have learned to play against him, he has received unnecessary hard nerf (he was balanced, ppl didn't know how to play against him). And on top of that he suffered a lot from recent jungle changes (tiamat gold increase, changes to early jungling making him less relevant early but still useless late game). With all that, he is now very very weak, on top of being full of bugs. He deserves some attention, but for some reasons, Riot seems to have entirely forgotten about this champion, which is unforgivable because he is a newly VGU champ (I think it is more okay when they ignore a champ who needs a VGU). I really feel bad for the poor doggy. I agree with many suggestions made on this thread... my hope is that Riot just at least have a look at him and do something, anything, just stop ignoring him.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: just fix the shit where tf throws a gold card at you and you ult it just for it to stun you and interrupt your ult.
> [{quoted}](name=FkValeRly,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XTYNadNZ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-09T22:36:44.072+0000) > > just fix the shit where tf throws a gold card at you and you ult it just for it to stun you and interrupt your ult. Not only TF. Same thing with Ahri. You ult in Ahri charm, you're supposed to be unstoppable during ult (like malphite) well you're not. You'll get charmed AND your ult gets on cooldown. RIP. I think this bug occur with multiple CC, but I haven't made a list (there is just SO MANY bugs with ww, on his passive, his q, his w and his R. Only his E is okay I think)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Are you going to fix warwick death sound bug? Also, will you fix his many other bugs on the occasion? And since he is at the lowest winrate and pickrate he's been in ages, don't you think he deserves a slight buff? He is suffering a lot from his unnecessary nerd, from tiamat being more expensive, jungle change and scuttle change, etc. He is completely forgotten. I hope you at least give it a thought. A 1 million mastery platinum {{champion:19}} main since s4
Rioter Comments
: Conqueror is a result of the same kind of oversight in design logic that created 4.20 Weedwick.
: "Jungling feels like shit"
You say that, but in competitive pro games, junglers are 3 level behind solo laners and have less gold than supports. I'd say fed junglers is more a thing in low elo where ganks are free and junglers take lanes cs on top of free kills.
: Gonna take a look at this tomorrow and see if something strange is going on.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot MoreChrono,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Eak7Kd7P,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2019-05-06T03:46:53.698+0000) > > Gonna take a look at this tomorrow and see if something strange is going on. Wait a minute, is that even possible? I mean, thanks for looking, but it's worrying to know there might be an issue. It means it would potentially affect everyone, or at least a lot of players. Why don't Riot just openly show their match-making algorithm? Be transparent, I think it would only be positive. Players would stop speculating, and if something seems to be wrong in the match-making they could help with making it better and pin-point what exactly would be a problem in the algorithm.
: Why is support such a disliked role?
Depends on regions, but jungle is the less popular role these days, after the multiple nerf to jungle exp and gold
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
Can we address Warwick multiple bugs? I feel like ww is the new Mordekaiser...
: why is this a thing, that hurts my soul as I play WW sometimes
Yeah... It's not as bad as the W not working EVERY SINGLE GAME, where there's someone nearby with 10% HP, you're CLEARLY out of combat for ages, the passive would be a GAME CHANGER (like getting a ace that would lead to a win late game), but it just won't work. I didn't made a video because it's just happening all the time. But maybe I should start making plenty until Riot actually does something..... I'm sure Warwick played in competitive would be a big issue, they would have to remake games all the time due to game changing bug
nelogis (EUW)
: Game affecting Warwick bugs that would be really cool if they finally got fixed
I'm so glad this topic is getting some attention. I posted a few days ago a topic reminding of ww bugs, legit curious if he is allowed in competitive games because they would have to remake them so often... Now that they will probably HAVE TO address his loud noise death bug, I really hope they look into other bugs at well on the occasion. Maybe this topic will help a bit.
: First step: accept that life is not fair
Meanwhile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owL6FUUkg9Q
nelogis (EUW)
: Game affecting Warwick bugs that would be really cool if they finally got fixed


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