: And you were WRONG!!! Everyone keeps talking about her damage or her mobility or whatever other reasons they can come up with for why she's too strong or totally OP. No. The real reason she does so well is because people's reaction times go down when they're aroused. \#MakeAhriUgly
: I see a ton of people asking for damage nerfs, where I can side with the defenders in saying the damage isn't her problem, but her safety is.
I think the damage on her w and r, that she doesn't need to aim, is too strong. But other than that everything else would be her saftey. Three ult dashes with 1 second buffer, q speed up, and 2 seconds on her charm are all ridiculous. She's a burst mage and her charm doesn't need 2 seconds.
Paquay (NA)
: Bronze is best!
The problem with bronze is that you have a handful of people that don't belong there that are held back by incompetent teammates. Solo carrying gets harder the more you climb at in silver 3 I'm finding it almost impossible especially when my teammates don't listen to anything I say or just don't know what they're doing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dopFREvk,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-28T16:31:32.770+0000) > > > > Every single thread about this is the exact same. Ahri players insist she's completely fine and bombard the thread and anyone who disagrees with downvotes. Ahri is overpowered, there is noway a sane person would think that she's balanced however there are 2 kind of behaviors that are unacceptable to me: -the first is the one that put every ahri main in the same bag and say "ahri mains downvoting everyone and think she's fine" when i myself AND multiple ahri mains know she isn't fine and suggest a lot of way to fixe her -the second unacceptable behavior is "ahri is op"----> "but why?" --->"muh win rate, pick rate, ban rate, lcs pick rate bla bla bla". Every single thread doesn't even KNOW what is op about ahri they just quote her stats so you want a reasonable thread about ahri? start to understand first what is wrong her ability to not lose lane is the problem, and this has happened since riot buffed her Q damage+reduced minion's hp (helping to waveclear)+reduced her Q mana cost+buffed her passive sustain a long time ago+gave her bonus ms on Q
You complain about them using the term Ahri mains in a broad spectrum, but then say that "Every single thread doesn't even KNOW what is op" which is kind of funny right? I know that I have posted a couple threads on Ahri detailing what I thought to be problems.
: >Ahri players insist she's completely fine and bombard the thread and anyone who disagrees with downvotes. Let's stop generalizing already because there are quite a few of us who know she's too strong and want changes... >But we can't even have a discussion about it because of the people who play Ahri absolute refuse to compromise. For over 2 fucking years I've screamed at Riot to get rid of that retarded Q speed they shoved into her kit just so she could still be an LCS pick. What I _want_ is the Charm amp that was wrongfully taken, but if it doesn't come back, as long as the Q speed is gone, fuck it, I'll live. Edit: It's not close to 2 and a half years yet, I could've sworn 5.2 came out in January. Had to check to be sure.
You say generalzing which would implies "in general" and the fact of the matter is that in general, most ahri mains do think she's fine. In a year of seeing ahri threads rarely on the boards, I have seen maybe 2 ahri players that thought she was too strong. Like he said in his post, nearly every thread against Ahri is flooded with people claiming she's fine.
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Skias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AKATzkiDEIDARA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6H8gHfj1,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2017-03-24T16:56:00.673+0000) > > Cait is ridiculous but jhin, varus, ezreal, and lucian are bigger problems right now. Once they get addressed, then they should fix caitlyn. Also it's irritating hearing she has a weak mid game because people don't understand what that means. Saying she has a weak mid game would mean she is likely to lose during that time, but she still retains over 50% winrate. Her mid game is weaker than her early and late but that does not mean that it's weak. At least Ezreal requires a good deal of skill. The problem is how easy to access Caitlyn's power is. Jhin is similar to Ezreal, he requires some ability. Varus, I don't know how I feel about him. Caitlyn has a low skill floor and low skill ceiling, which makes her power overbearing.
Maybe ezreal used to require skill but his qs aren't that hard to land and they destroy health bars. You can't even build against ezreal because of how much damage he does. I don't think jhin requires skill in the slightest. Maybe a little for effective ults but outside of that not really. And I don't think caitlyn's skill ceiling is any lower than most of the adcs. The adc class as a whole can only do so much and learning mechanics on one will transfer over to a couple. Like there's barely any difference between ashe and twitch really.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: The KEY Difference between Cait and all other Crit ADCs
Cait is ridiculous but jhin, varus, ezreal, and lucian are bigger problems right now. Once they get addressed, then they should fix caitlyn. Also it's irritating hearing she has a weak mid game because people don't understand what that means. Saying she has a weak mid game would mean she is likely to lose during that time, but she still retains over 50% winrate. Her mid game is weaker than her early and late but that does not mean that it's weak.
: He goes slower than Gragas lol
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: He saw Ezreal in Phylol's video he must be op right?
Or I've seen him in nearly every other game because he has a 34% play rate
Rioter Comments
: What you are experiencing is called confirmation bias. There is no plot by riot to keep you down. You can get feeder teams at any rank, and sometimes they come in streaks. "And people wonder why I get so many of my accounts permabanned" - makes me wonder how much you are contributing to their poor performance. When I run into your type I make it my personal mission to guarantee their loss, because I know I can make up the LP loss easily.
People that lose purposefully to make others lose are real %%%%s. You know it wouldnt just be him right? You're also fucking over 3 of your teammates. I've been on a team with someone like you and the game was perfectly winnable untill he wanted our jungle to lose so he never grouped and we just lost.
Denerka (NA)
: You die a lot, friend. Focus on not dying and your own personal play.
How is him dying 2 or so less times going to stop the 1/18 bot lane from losing him the game? I've never understood this mentality. "There's always something you can do" Yes you can improve in gameplay solo but when it comes to the fact that league is a team game you have to at least rely on your team mates a little which is something this guy and me haven't been able to do for a long fucking time.
: So Ryze is at a 37% winrate
It's funny because his winrate is so low but he's also insane when it comes to damage so if they give him the smallest fucking buff he'll shoot up 10 winrate and then be pick/ban in one patch. There is nothing riot can do with this ryze to make him balanced and useful.
: I'm not "jumping on the Ahri bandwagon". I'm just giving my ideas for a small nerf.
I'm fucking pissed. Did you read my thread? These are the exact same ideas from my thread that got 16 downvotes in 20 minutes. Whatever I don't care as long as Ahri gets nerfed.
: Why is Lux getting buffed in such a ridiculous manner?
Lux is strong as hell anyways with one of best parts of her is her ult being on a 25 second cooldown which is less than some basic abilities. The last thing she needs is a lower cooldown on a low as shit cooldown ability
: > He killed me in two autos. Did you have < 200 health? Only way that's possible unless he went for the ol' AD Nunu with tiamat.
he had titanic hydra
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Lyseth (NA)
: Says Ahri's op, plays Corki constantly. Honestly her only CC (Charm) is easy to dodge plus Lee Sin, Hecarim dashes, Kha'Zix leap, or Rengar leap. seriously, why is THAT op if it can be stopped easily? Just stay behind minions to avoid charm, also when charm is down, she's vulnerable, heh, Vulnerable.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Anyway, just play Veigar or Vel, they beat her with their heavy CC
Corki got nerfed like he deserved and is now at a 47% winrate mid, where I play him. And you'd have to be a pretty shit Ahri to lose to velkoz.
Yara0 (NA)
: Nerfing ahri would be like nerfing yasuo people would lose their shit. If the problem is shes to mobile though it would be cool to see her ult be turned into what DFG was maybe a little stronger in some areas. :3
That sounds horrible no offense. I just don't see it. And for that reason, I'm out.
: you talking down to my boy Swain? That shit has won me so many team fights by either starting them or keeping them there. Nothing sweeter than catching the person peeling along with the peele. Needs to activate faster though. Also ahri is still pretty poop.
53% winrate mid for nearly a season maybe longer is bad? The more you know. And I was just saying that swains cc is easier to read.
: anybody want to help me climb?
Add me if you want and we can talk tomorrow. I used to main jungle but I main mid now so I could give you advice.
: I Need someone to train me PLSS ASAP
Add me if you want I'll be on tomorrow. I can help you with mid, top, and jungle but I main mid.
: > [{quoted}](name=AKATzkiDEIDARA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nQ00oz4H,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-20T02:48:27.701+0000) > > u can just change it you know. I&#x27;d kinda like this thread to get some attention so maybe Riot will see an ahri thread in the trending section. > > But yeah that speed up is just plain unnecessary. I can't change it, I just end up downvoting you again no matter what button I press, so I'll just stop. For some reason I have like unlimited downvotes on this.
Nah it's cool man the Ahri mains have already got it. That was fucking fast.
: i just lost to an ahri. ahri is not the problem. its your build/champ choice/lack of hard initiation on her. ahri is among the weakest champions in league, she outplays you. shes has the tools to create a pick while being safe. thats her core. im sorry you are a carry and got shreked all over, but she literally does dirt to everyone else. you find it difficult to chase/pin her down/blow her up. and thats fine all because she has to work very hard to do it to you with charm.
Are you fucking serious? This is why Ahri will always be ridiculous. Because people don't want to, for whatever reason, accept the fact that she's strong as hell. Weak? No not even that, you went as far to say she's the weakest. There's probably nothing I can say to people that hold your belief that would change your mind. Also I don't play ADC and I don't think you even read the thread.
: She's only popular now because the mid laners we've had for a while above her got nerfed.
If that were the case, she wouldn't have a steady 20% play rate. She's been this way for a while now and the only reason she wasn't addressed was because there were bigger problems. Now is the time to address her.
: I agree, she should not have the speed up on her Q. It's bullshit. (Sorry for downvoting you. I pressed the upvote button and for some reason it downvoted you. Just know that my +1 is in your heart.)
u can just change it you know. I'd kinda like this thread to get some attention so maybe Riot will see an ahri thread in the trending section. But yeah that speed up is just plain unnecessary.
: Ahri is fine. She has to get close to deal most of her damage and her 1 cc can be played around
Exactly what I mean. You didn't read the thread did you? You just saw the title and commented. I even bolded the main points so people didn't have to sit through it. I'm not going to waste my time explaining things I've already explained. "Has to get close" lmao
: Mhmm...if Pants are dragon plays him as a tank. Can i repeat that E is useless? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
LMAO Shaco's e is useless? It's got decent range and a decent slow. You cannot tell me the slow isn't useful, especially for chasing which shaco is good at. You want to know what a useless slow looks like? I used to main akali. Did you know that her shroud slows? Most people don't because the slow is next to nonexistent.
Rioter Comments
Kivolan (NA)
: Would A Nerf To Ahri's R Help Balance Her?
It's been more than a year which shows that riot really isn't interested in nerfing her. It's the same with lee sin and yasuo. People play the living hell out of these champions every game and after forever we get 150 damage shaved off lee sins ult, which hasn't stopped him from instant killing me, and a miniscule amount of damage off of yasuos e. My best friend mains yasuo and said that the yasuo nerf was nothing and it couldn't be felt in game. Ahri's going to be like this for much longer untill riot decides to do something. When they do, it's going to be a small as fuck change like "We decided that Ahri might be a little too strong in solo queue currently, so we will be nerfing her ult cooldown by 5 seconds to allow for a longer window of counterplay. Also to compensate, we added an extra 2 seconds on her bullshit charm." or something like that.
: Uhhh Riot, is this ok? Lex the Lucian clone?
"Hey man can I copy your homework" "Sure just change it a little so they don't notice"
: Uhhh Riot, is this ok? Lex the Lucian clone?
LOL "Paladins" has been ripping off games since conception. The idea is directly stolen, along with half the character list, from overwatch. I don't know why they haven't been in a lawsuit yet.
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: So since Vladimir just won some LCS games today, what dos that mean for him?
Yeah vlad was my first main but then I started maining azir and I did really well with him and considered myself pretty decent untill riot had a nerfing frenzy on his entire kit. It also happened with kindred. It really sucks and I'm just hoping they know when to stop with my newest main corki. Every time my main gets nerfed I just feel like riots going to keep going so we'll see.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Since his rework is next, I'll reveal the hidden OP on Urgod finally.
: Well, in silver some people stomp with champions like zed/lee/Yasuo but in lower elos they're far easier to play since your opponents are not able to deal with super mobile high damage champions. You had a few games on Lee in norms, sorry this doesn't mean he's op. Lee might not be super mechanically difficult and I still think his second q deals way too much damage but I could make any champion sound broken in low silver...
In every game I got a kill by taking half of someones health before level 5. That's not the least bit over powered? The slow on his e is fucking stupid, the fact that he gets lifesteal, spellvamp, and a shield for just pressing w twice is even more retarded. Lee is actually broken and his kit is overloaded out the ass.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AKATzkiDEIDARA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WH0wJn93,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-16T04:58:01.236+0000) > > He&amp;#039;s honestly so broken i&amp;#039;m just going to climb elo with him. This is ridiculous. 16/4 14/2 16/2 Yep, hard to play all right.
12/7 is my worst one and I still carried two team fights. This champion man
: All of the not very good Syndra mains would beg for it to be reverted and Riot will either: A. Will not change her ult. B. Make it work Like Shinbis ult but might compensate it to make it more rewarding for landing abilities. C. B but doesnt get compensations. Also, Paragon is fun http://i.imgur.com/8dSTOlA.jpg
fuckin love shinbi but I don't think my deck is very good. I think the card system is kinda stupid but it is what it is. What cards and upgrades do you take?
Rioter Comments
: Poke isn't viable? Poke. Is not. Viable. An entire way of playing the game isn't viable when it comes to countering a champion? You poke {{champion:86}} It doesn't matter You poke {{champion:104}} and he has nothing to do if you're actually pressuring him, he's got low range and is actually much squishier than you give him credit for. People blow his stats out of the water and it's honestly infuriating, even more infuriating when people discredit an actual method of defeating a champion as "not viable" There are "Poke Comps" for a reason, if you're going to turn your back to a genuine method of counterplay then I guess we should just yell at everything rather than learning or playing against it.
poke isn't viable as a specific counter to a champion. Some characters are more or less effected by poke but it doesn't change the fact that poke still affects them.
Rioter Comments
: Why is this still a thing: turret first blood ?
I don't have a problem with first blood as one guy stated the winrate only increased slightly. What I have a problem with is them pinning it on bot lane. All towers need to be equal and riot has made it so bot lane is the prime target to get the first turret.
Rioter Comments
Ralanr (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AKATzkiDEIDARA,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4Yh4yUkZ,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-11T16:26:30.178+0000) > > Poke isn&#x27;t a viable way to counter a champion. It&#x27;s like saying cc counters somone. CC counters everyone. Poke will affect every champion and graves still has his e to avoid poke or just reduce the damage from the bullshit amount of stats he gets as a burst adc. CC just hurts some champions more than others, that's why it's considered a counter. Poke is considered a counter because as long as you can keep out of his range, he can't keep his E up for too long. Harassing him from a far is meant to be his intended weakness.
Even if it's his intended weakness it doesn't transfer into the game well at all. Especially later into the game when he's in the middle of his team poking him isn't really an option. When you can finally get to him, if he's not hard cced for at least 3 seconds, you still won't be able to kill him because he was spamming e throughout the fight. Like I said in my post, Me, almost 4 full items with one of them being void staff, couldn't even do half of his health when I landed my entire combo. After my stun wore off, he dashed forward and autoed me twice and I was just dead. The game doesn't and hasn't for a while given graves any reason to consider safety like most adcs would have to do.
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