Micbran (NA)
: post replays just press the download button in the match history, view the replay, find the time where it happened and press the record button in the UI.
how do i actually post to the boards? I get how to record highlights but I'm not sure how to save it in a format i can post here.
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: Best champion to one trick?
{{champion:84}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:42}} - All champions i've one tricked. They're all really fun and that's what really matters when you're looking for a one trick.
: Best champion to one trick?
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: Partial Revert for Rengar to make him relevant again
Rengar is far from unplayable. I don't even know why this is such a big deal right now. You know who's unplayable? Cork as an adc, kindred, azir. Not rengar.
: Horde vs Alliance, Jedi vs Sith, Lissandra vs Ashe. Calling it now, Yasuo wins
You're reading too much in to this. I think most people just think the yasuo skin looks cooler and I know that almost everyone I've asked wants soulstealer vayne significantly more than hextech annie. Vaynes skin is just significantly nicer and because of that more people are probably going yasuo to try to get it. If there weren't hextech skins on the line here, I'd venture to say this would be a pretty close race.
ProtexBG (EUNE)
: Riot You killed 50%+ of the Rengar players with the Rework and by dumping him down to Azir levels we can clearly see that old was far easyer to balance that this one .Even tho current Rengar is more healthy he is more garbadge and more clunky than Pre-Rework Aatrox.
Holy fuck. Azir levels? I mained Azir when they gutted him. You know his winrate dropped more than 10% right? Rengar's dropped to 48. Saying he is anywhere close to Azir is fucking reaching real hard. In reality, rengar is the most balanced he ever has been because it's a 48% winrate with a 3% play rate. Instead of buffing rengar, they should nerf some of the op junglers and then rengar will get better.
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Zerenza (NA)
: Indecisiveness Loses Games.
Hesitation is the seed of defeat
: It's hilarious that people on this board are upset about "being crowded out" by rengar threads
You still can't say anything about ahri. The problem with your argument as that it is completely unfair to be crowded out by a larger community. I read a thread that said /rengarmains was just telling people to upvote threads and their community is larger than that of the boards. Its similar to how political machines would work in the 1800s where a larger group just crowds out a smaller one. If it wasn't fair then how is this fair? The league boards are a very small fraction of the community. I highly doubt that most people would agree with rengarmains.
GankLord (NA)
: Pls nerf Caitlins trap arm timers Riot
LOL riot hasn't done anything about cait for half a year now there's no way they're fixing her soon. I mean, just recently, they buffed half the adc roster to make cait seem not as bad.
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Lapis (OCE)
: They are a permanent feature. Wish granted.
okay i wasnt sure but thanks
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: Executioners call offers a bit... too much?
Grevious wounds needs a buff tbh. It doesn't stop enough life steal on ad champions.
: You walk forwards so he can't land his E. Anyway, you say all he does is R->E->Q
that's all he needs to do to kill you. Unless you have mobility, you can't get away without burning summoners every time.
: That works usually, but if she ever manages to step forward, she can put them so far behind minions that you have trouble moving up to cs. She's got a better range than Zyra at activating them though, and she doesn't give as much of a warning untill she actually pulls them. I think if there was a max pull range, it would be less likely to be an issue, without actually making her unplayable.
From my time playing her, I can assure you that walking forward to cs in front of a couple of feathers isn't that bad. You can also go out to the side of the wave and if she trys to do that to get an angle then you can punish her for it. Like i said, one or two feathers is fine but of course you already know to avoid 3 or more. My problem with her having a max pull range is it would severely limit her possiblities more than you think. For example, I was running away from a fizz after farming a wave. Fizz ran in a straight line towards me and caught my q and 2 or 3 feathers from the wave. Because xayah has no movement ability, i wouldve been dead right there if I couldn't pull the feathers from the wave. It was also avoidable by fizz just walking a little to the side of me. If he had done that he might have eventually got close enough to e q and it would've been too late at that point. To sum up, I think xayah really isn't a problem and that her feathers are decently avoidable. Most situations are in your favor if you walk at an angle towards her.
Ônyx (NA)
: Daily reminder that we cannot silence teammate pings.
A would venture to say a majority of players use the pings for the purpose they were designed for and it would be detrimental to those people if you muted them and didn't realize the kassadin was roaming or there's a jungler behind you because you can't see their pings.
: She's got plenty of range, and relies on the root from her E as her CC. If anything, I think some of the feather range could use a nerf.
If anything, the feathers are one of the more balanced part of her kit. It's like zyra or something. Just simply don't stand in between her and her feathers it's not hard.
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Sqkerg (NA)
: Anyone can fourshot anyone with the right build and opponent.
: ehh yasuo isnt that op...
right four shotting me with phantom dancer/cloak is really balanced
: By actually walking forwards and trying to sidestep the Q.
that's what his e is for. to slow people so they can't dodge your shurikens. There is nothing you can do if he throws his shadow directly at you
: APPARENTLY YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH READING COMPREHENSION i stated that lee and vayne are better in people who are better skilled at this game... meaning yea u can player her in silver 2 but you are far from good on her and the higher the skill level of the player makes a champ like zed, ori, lee, vayne a more dangerous champ due to their skill ceiling . and btw you have 4 games on vayne going 1 and 3 for a 25 % win rate and 10 deaths or more in 3 of those games meaning you arent good at her ...
i used to play her in normals and did a lot better than i dropped her for a while and trying to pick her back up resulted in that
: You just have to learn how to play against Zed properly. But I agree, Swain really needs a full VGU.
How do i properly not lose my entire health from his ult and point blank range abilities without zhonyas?
: if he was that easy and that strong then he would have a higher win rate... see ahri or nunu or ivern or lucian etc but even with his pick rate he is sub 50% win rate. they made him more difficult ... he is as good as the person who is playing him... like LEE, VAYNE, Orianna, for example
Im sorry are lee and vayne difficult? I play both of those champions they are far from difficult. Vayne especially.
: White Knight Mode - Player Replacement Feature
I like this idea a lot but if I queue as a white knight and lose what about my lp? I think you should lose lp but drastically reduced, like half of what you usually get because a lot of the time you're joining losing games.
: In B4 People Lose 1 Game Against Rakan/Xayah and Rant About How OP They Are
Xayahs pretty op honestly she's so fun to play. However, she's not nearly as op as most of the problem champions have been for a while now. Graves, yasuo, ahri, etc, are all stronger and way more of a problem.
: an average zed player and a really good mechanical zed player is clearly obvious now after the changes made to his Q and the cd increase on his shadow and how his ult acts now with a delay. its not face roll slam head on keyboard and kill something now. and ontop of that how lethality builds and scales if he don't get snowballing early vs the mid laner lethality isn't as strong when behind or even with the opponent. ahri has a win rate of 6% higher than zed and a similar pick rate if not higher... she is less mechanically demanding then zed. zed isn't as strong as he was or use to be... his win rate shows it.
Zed not being as strong as he used to be isn't a bad thing. And saying he used to be stronger is a shitty argument. How much do you play zed? I find snowballing in lane ridiculously easy and landing to w e qs is all it takes to kill someone with ignite. Saying "if he don't get snowballing" that is the entire assassin role. That's not the issue.
: if he is picked so highly and have such a low win rate and if he is so OP and has a really low barrier of entry to succeed then his win rate would be higher
I said that was by games played. Naturally people that put less than 5 games on him lose more and there are a lot of players that do that. On the other hand, between 0 to 20 games played, zeds win rate spikes drastically. Just by playing 10 games you're already winning more than half of your games, and by 20 you're at 53. For a supposedly high skill cap champion, playing 20 games is a low barrier for entry.
: lol he is worst then he has ever been and for you to say other wise is you just showing bias of how you dont like the champ
Oh come on man you used to use statistics when we argued. 48 to 9% is really high in contrast to the number of players. The higher the play rate goes up, the lower the win rate should be because there would be more inexperienced people playing the champion. It's like ahri right now where she's way too strong for several reasons and her win rate/play rate shows that. It's also incorrect to say this is the worst he has ever been. In season six, he was overpowered as hell. But before that there was a time he had a 44% win rate. With the current stats, he's probably as close to balanced as he's ever been. But he's still too strong for people that put more than 5 games on him. Really low barrier of entry to succeed.
: The reason they focused on just three was because they found that if they focused on too many at one time it lowered the quality of all the reworks in the update.
Valid point. But when they were talking about the class update, they mentioned the vanguards and there are several more champions that fall into that category.
: Swain is kitable, you should distance yourself and fight away from minions to prevent him from healing off of you. Zed is Zed, which means mid and late game you should already have a Zhonya's completed and later a GA if you're another carry.
It's not really the healing that bothers me its the lack of mana usage on his basic abilities and how little options there are for grievous wounds.
: {{champion:238}} has a 48.03% win rate for 32nd among mid lane. if anything he is less of an issue now then he ever has been.
48% is pretty good considering that he has the third highest play rate of the mid laners. The problem with zed has always been that he's too safe for a melee assassin and it's nothing new.
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: Vel'Koz
He's okay from my experience but he's really team reliant. Having a velkoz is like having another hyper carry and the team should protect him but I don't see that very often when I'm playing him. If your team peels enemies off of you and you can land all your abilities you basically win the fight.
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Kilanost (NA)
: Your team got shit on because of the following: 1) your top and bot got dumpstered 2) Your pantheon played an assassin into a full tank team (as far as i'm concerned, pantheon is an assassin). 3) you had no tank into a full tank team 4) no LW item on vayne or pantheon. 5) poor CC aside from elise single target stun, vayne condemn, and bard doing bard things. 6) your top and bot produced damage output similar to your bard's. This isn't a tank issue. The issue was your team mates were garbage and your team composition was about as poor as it could have been especially walking into a tank heavy team.
This is a tank issue. We only lost because of their ludicrous damage output when they didn't build any damage and we had mr. If they were just hard to kill that would be one thing but I shouldn't have to worry about getting bursted by tanks through my lifesteal and heal. Our team comp was shit but it was the most cooperative team I've played with in weeks. Games shouldn't be auto lost in champ select because even if vayne did have LW it hardly would have made a difference.
: Sounds like either your team wasn't peeling for the carry(s), or the carrys were getting caught out of position. You didn't have anyone tanky on your team, Bard was the closest but he shouldn't be your front line nor did he have much armor. So either Luician had to be caught out or he melted your team before you could wear down their tanks.
thats the problem is that lucian was hardly a factor in any of the fights. It was just chogath and zac walking through our team and destroying our health despite me and pantheon both having MR. They did too much damage for how hard they were to kill.
: Can we not nerf Gunblade because of Leblanc
im sorry they're nerfing gunblade because of a kite mage building it???
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: Ya know what I don't get about people complaining about Zed?
I disagree. I don't play zed often but whenever I do end up playing him i really don't find this high difficulty that everyones claiming he has. Winning your lane with zed is easy in most match ups and the only thing that's difficult is 1 v 3 out playing but even most 1v2s are in zeds favor.
Kilanost (NA)
: There are not enough GW items currently to fit the needs of all the different roles/classes. Even morellos only kicks in when the target is below 35% health. Life steal is a huge issue with very few counterplay options at the moment. Hence the reason why fiora can lifesteal tank 1v5 if she gets even a little ahead. Because of this, you are lucky if you get one executioners calling/mortal reminder built on your team (the only reliable GW item). And that is because many adcs will refuse to buy the item early if needed or even at all in favor of bigger damage numbers offered by lord dom's.
Yeah I agree. If morello activated GW around 50 percent than it would actually be viable.
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: And you were WRONG!!! Everyone keeps talking about her damage or her mobility or whatever other reasons they can come up with for why she's too strong or totally OP. No. The real reason she does so well is because people's reaction times go down when they're aroused. \#MakeAhriUgly
: I see a ton of people asking for damage nerfs, where I can side with the defenders in saying the damage isn't her problem, but her safety is.
I think the damage on her w and r, that she doesn't need to aim, is too strong. But other than that everything else would be her saftey. Three ult dashes with 1 second buffer, q speed up, and 2 seconds on her charm are all ridiculous. She's a burst mage and her charm doesn't need 2 seconds.
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