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: "Grow thicker skin"
this isn't the real world, that point has no merit. you can't mute people IRL, which btw means you will never be queued with them again. i don't even see how you think that's a point in the slightest.
: > i have no idea if my report did anything since his report got me 2 week banned. The IFS doesn't work as "If X player gets punished, their report is worthless", there's literally no other conditions for it to operate besides: Receive a report; go to review. Review finds punishable behavior; punish. Your report will do something, provided the player you're reporting actually broke the rules. > in what world is nuance BAD? Where did I say nuance was bad? I said it's not necessary. > if someone rages and feeds on purpose, ignores lanes out of spite, and in general throw games because of their infantilism. how are they going to be punished? i know for a fact riot doesn't watch game replays even 10% of the time. so things like shit talking "which you can just mute" get you two week banned in a second (even if the person your shit talking has been trolling you the whole game). but actions that have real impact ( and you cant just mute) go by un-punished? From what I've heard, Riot has to manually review cases of feeding/trolling - but they don't get brought up for review if you don't mark the report as "Intentional Feeding". I could be wholly wrong, but from my understanding, most of the error for trolls/feeders not getting punished is primarily on players, not Riot. Besides, there are millions of people playing League every day. And with so many people - either reporting trolls truthfully or calling "wolf", Riot's bound to have a backlog. That doesn't mean trolls and feeders go unpunished - in fact, there's a good few posts here on the PB forums where people complain that they got punished for feeding and trolling. Beyond that, shit-talking won't earn you an immediate 14-day ban _unless_ A. You recently got off of a 25-game chat restriction, or B. You used hate speech. Chat abuse has its own punishment ladder - 10-game Chat Restriction, 25-game Chat Restriction, 14-day Suspension, Permanent Suspension. And it doesn't matter if you can "just mute" chat misbehavior. You shouldn't have to see it in the first place, let alone mute it - which is why people can be punished for abusing the chat. Mute is a defense for players who don't want to have to deal with people abusing the chat. It's not an excuse to allow said players _to_ abuse the chat.
Do you know what impotent rage is? its health effects? the fact its an inescapable physiological phenomenon everyone has to deal with? if you do not release frustration it will harm you, in the past video games had no problem with this, the person raging is only doing so to calm down, muting them completely fixes the problem. but thought policing people is immoral, the order should be MUTED permanently BEFORE banned permanently. micro managing the way your players behave is Orwellian. a sterilized game ecology completely based on the untrue statement that people are all hugs and nice feelings is dishonest. the inability to express frustration is WHY league is known as such a toxic community. older games didn't have these problems, people got mad, people said mean things, people muted them. games like old world war shooters or even new ones don't have an identity as a toxic community because they don't try and censor peoples frustration.
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