: I got rejected
He probably doesnt want you to interrupt league time! Having gf = spending time with them = less league time. He wants to be with his addictions.
: {{champion:119}} Oh yeah klepto is working great on ME, DRAVEN, THE ADC.. now who was my support again? Oh fuck that's right :( {{champion:126}} I herd u lyk kleptomancy {{champion:119}} You know you're not a support right? {{champion:126}} {{item:3303}} Do you want me to not poke them? {{champion:119}} Fuck this leaving lane {{champion:126}} Double killllllll{{champion:126}}
Its funny because I play Jayce support when im autofilled and this is pretty much how it always goes. The adc doubts you, then you carry as Jayce Support while the adc is 3/7/1
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: explain fervor vs this keystone update?
Fervor = Auto grants 1-2 stacks of fervor depending on range/melee. Gain 1-8 ad depending on level, max 8 stacks. You gain 2 stacks of Fervor for 8 seconds with each basic attacks on-hit against an enemy champion, stacking up to 8 stacks. Ranged role Ranged champions only gain one stack per basic attack. Each stack of Fervor adds 1 − 8 (based on level) AD for a maximum of 8 − 64 (based on level) AD. Conqueror = Every attack from ability/auto grants ad or ap. Only stack 5 times, at 5 stacks you get 10% health from damage dealt and your damage is 10% true damage.
: is it a nerf? does it work on jax still?
I wouldnt really say its a nerf, its basically just old fervor but with a little bit of changes. Im sure itd be fine on Jax.
: is this real?
Yes. https://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/02/27-pbe-update-tentative-balance-changes.html
: So, the stacks last 3s on ranged and 8s on melees but both need 5 stacks. I'm not sure.
Yeah im confused about that part as well. I wonder if it resets the stack timer after each auto, otherwise its gonna be almost impossible for any ranged champion with 1.5 or less attack speed to get their 5 stacks off.
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: Why Is This happening in most of my ranked games
I main Jayce ADC and Jayce Top. When I play Jayce ADC, its jg/top dying too much making it hard to carry. When I top its bot lane and jg dying too much. I hate it too.
: This game is really good right now, I don't know why you guys are complaining!
I like how majority of the dislikes on this probably didnt even read the page lol.
: Legit nothing feels worse
If you want the real answer to how smurfs do it, you need to shove wave and roam. More specifically, push wave to tower, go to enemy jungle, ward it up and prioritize trying to kill him. Always go where you think the next fight is going to happen, one wave of minions is only 100 gold, winning a team fight could be a potential 1k-2k gold.
Moody P (NA)
: I like seeing champs in lore before theyre revealed as champions
Still waiting on Shen's dad and the ruler before J4 to become champions
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