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: Ok now that you all know, back to the story. {{champion:120}} Let the battle...BEGIN!!!! {{champion:120}} {{champion:201}} _rolls dices_ {{champion:13}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:110}} _gulp_ {{champion:201}} YES!! Braum has won. {{champion:120}} Unbelievable. To think you would roll 3 sixes. {{champion:201}} I know. {{champion:120}} They aren't....loaded are they? {{champion:201}} Try them yourself. {{champion:120}} _rolls dices_ Ok so they aren't loaded. Very well I shall allow you inside Great Hero. {{champion:78}} Did someone say HERO!!? {{champion:110}} Ummm...Who are you? {{champion:78}} My name is Poppy. I am the keeper of this mighty Hammer and I have searched these lands for decades looking for the Legendary Hero that will take this hammer and unite all of the lands. {{champion:13}} _whispers _ Damn that good backstory {{champion:110}} _whispers_ Yeah. We need to step up our game. {{champion:78}} You guys look like Heroes, but only 1 may claim the hammer and there is only 1 way to find out. BATTLE!!!
{{champion:223}}Your standing on my river!
: League of Legends : The Movie
i would like to see this movie i hope riot actually have this on there mind
: League of Legends Movie
Just leave what u think of this{{champion:122}}
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: 5.8 on 2nd part of patch it was taking up to 17000 file scanning
: Scanning files won't stop
5.8 on 2nd part of patch it was taking up to 17000 file scanning
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: /ALL Chat – MaTTcom from CLG, shots fired
{{champion:432}} Leave a comment
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, available now
about to be a op BARD!{{champion:432}} {{summoner:4}}
Mirross (NA)
: Champion Mastery Q&A
lets make this wild


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