BanBazi (NA)
: LFM Diamond+ Brand new team
IGN:ASTROPHlSlCIST Rank This Season:Plat 2 (peaked diamond 5 then stopped playing for a bit) Rank Last Season:Plat 1 Role Desired:Support Main Champions:Thresh, Blitzcrank, Soraka, Braum, Morgana Pool of champions:I can play any champion Time Zone:pst Availability:everyday after 1 pm pst Strengths:communication Why are you looking for a team?:i want to do something with league since i spent a lot of time on it Any Questions that you have:i play on a mac and cant use teamspeak was wondering if you guys use skype or curse voice.
: Putting Team together to play under a Org
i dont have a twitter but im a plat 1 jungle main wanting to join a serious team my names cameron i have everything that is required. I am 18 years old and i want to play competitive league. I usually shot call for teams ive been on prior so add me on league im really serious about this.
: Making a serious team to make it somewhere!
IGN:ASTROPHYSlClST Current ranking:p2 Peak ranking:p1 Role:mid Champions you like:viktor, lulu, orianna, annie, yauo Any former ranked 5's experience:yes but all very short because the teams would disband within a few weeks i was usually the shot caller Goal(s):to become a pro team that can be in the lcs maybe Anything extra you'd like to add?(this may make you stand out over somebody else for try outs so keep in mind!)im a good shotcaller i understand every roll to the basics and i know strong suits of champions and weaknesses i can help out the team mentally with communication and forming bonds with all the players.
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: Making a serious ranked team that will play everyday
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: [Ranked 5s][LF Top, Jung, Mid, and Supp][Gold+]
IGN:MrPlattDaRealMVP Role:Jungle Rank:P4 Champions you can play well:Shyvanna, Vi, Skarner, Udyr Do you follow the meta?(have an understanding of it)Yes Can you shot call? are you good at it?I am used to shot calling basically every team ive been on ive been the designated shot caller Will you have dedication to the team?Yes
Tik (NA)
: High Platinum - Low Diamond - Serious Team - Fight 2 Win Gaming Is Looking for an Jung/Top.
IGN:MrPlattDaRealMVP Rank:Plat4 Age:18 Role:jungle Top 3 Champions (for each role):vi,shyvana, udyr Are you able to make practice?yes Any previous Team 5's experience?yes but only briefly because have a few days they eventually disband Additional info:i was plat 1 last season and i just starting playing again so hopefully i can preform to your standards. My mmr is about plat 2.
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: Team TorVa Recruiting | Serious | Dedicated
IGN:MrPlattDaRealMVP Age:18 Role:Jungle Best champions in your respected role:Vi,Reksai, Naut, Volibear, Sej, Wukong Availability:Everyday just message me before hand so I can make sure im not doing anything Team-speak?:Yes Why should I pick you?:I can make calls unlike many people. Very mature can take criticism without taking offense. I can also give help to other players if need be. I believe that im good with communication and is probably one of my strongest suits i can bring to your team.
IGN:MrPlattDaRealMVP ROLE:jngle AGE:18 DO YOU HAVE A SKYPE, CURSE VOICE:yes MAIN CHAMPIONS:vi,maokai,sej,amumu,gragas,wukong YOUR RANK:gold 3/plat 2 last season
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: Ranked 5's team looking for a top laner


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