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: So, this app allows one to to communicate with friends... can it (in the future) allow for spectating? Also, and this one is something I would find fun, can we be able to gain extra IP for walking during the day if we turn on a feature on it to allow such a thing (toggles on for IP, toggles off for no need). This can then be transferred over to our accounts to help buy things with IP. We can gain like 1 IP per every 10 steps we take, so since on average I take about 3,560 steps a day, I'd only get about 356 IP per day.
we shall call it....the Riot diet
: All-Star Hexakill Results – U.R.F. Mode Revealed!
: Ultra Rapid Fire bows out
everyone loved it, whether u lost or won, nobody raged or trolled. it was just fun, and isnt that what league is suppose to be about?
: Ultra Rapid Fire bows out
Beavis and butt head quote time riot..."This is the coolest thing you have ever done." bring it back... URF for president

AWWWW sh1t

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