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: But what if someone attaches their phone to a dog? So many extra steps! {{champion:19}} We will be adding and iterating on features that help you better connect with friends. Spectating is not in our plans but we really like hearing how you want to interact with League on your phone!
Could it possibly let us buy things on our phones in the store?
: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Wait so now that Ao Shin is no longer a thing, would be dope if you took the Ionian lore in some direction that incorporated the old storm Dragon. Or are we just ignoring the udyr comic.
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: Champion Update: Shen
No updated slash arts :/ I thought you promised more updated splashes on Poppy's update, or maybe I'm putting words in your mouth IDK but I would like to see some updated Shen splash arts
: ***
Championship and victorious are 2 different skin lines.....
: Dominion Rework : First Draft pics inside.
Why not just delete the map. JK I'm actually working on the map with him, he'll vouch for me, but I'm working on the model assets i.e. turret, points of interest, Nexus blah blah blah. Just wanted to come in and give everyone and a warm welcome this is an extremely crude design, we're working on actual sizing of the map and I'm working on making the map more "Ionian" themed. Thanks for coming in and checking us out. <3 :D
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: Personal opinion: Never update your OS the day the new one comes out. Wait a couple weeks for everyone else to bash their brains out with the pain that comes with it. I've been running Windows 10 beta for a while, League's been fine, however - I don't ever recommend people update unless they have a newer computer which drivers will be readily available.
Lol kk ty for the feed back but i got an i7 i think i can handle windows 10 if not ill cry q_q
Pokeguy35 (EUW)
: Windows 10?
I also just posted im just wondering about the dropping of internet explore since that's the gateway that League uses to patch and connect you.
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: What if... i played a game 5 v 5 summoner's rift with a full team, but we lost, will i still get the champs? ( I didnt do anything more than this match)
You participated in a full pre-made team, and you get the champ if you just connect your facebook.
DeadJokr (NA)
: i hope the new champ comes out before we get the Mystery Champion
They would never ship a brand new champ in 9 days. Needs weeks of testing to find bugs.
: I checked! Whoever presses their button first their ability goes through and blocks the other one. Phew.
Say you're in a situation where you're taking damage when you're channeling your ult, can you activate the E as your channeling your ult for a protective barrier?
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Dude AP assassins are at the worst spot, cause to fight a tank you'd just go {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} but with the abyssal change coming it's not even worth building. So that's one more percent MR reduction out the window, while the only 2 viable AD mid lane assassins get a new and improved cleaver.
: So is he meant to be a jungler or what? I'm guessing he's either going to be played mid or jungle.
They mentioned poking and zoning, which is used for laning. And they called him an Assassin. Combine those 2 things you get a Mid laner.
Beddlam (NA)
: I'm guessing single target.
In what way, having it single target it might as well be a supression, but instead extremely wonky.
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Insidaos (NA)
: So they're nerfing {{champion:13}} with his update but not {{champion:92}} ... Well okay, there's an interesting move
They buffed the scaling on all his moves and made it almost impossible to kill Post 6 with all that spell vamp.
: well technically that still is a nerf
But, it's not.
: Picks & Bans: Team SoloMid's tremendous team play
I think that with Loco's insight in the game and the amazing precision of this team they actually are the key to NA's first worlds victory. Even their support can carry, I remember one game, I forgot against who, but Lustboy single handily won them the game on Annie, and they were losing that game for the most part.
StrayXL (NA)
: To be honest it's Mid to Max damage is the same, you just can't shoot it point blank to finish a guy with 25% HP off anymore, but you still get the execute damage so you just need to shoot them like 1 or 2 more times.
Also the ad scaling increases with distance traveled so. Not a nerf more of a balance.
: Champion Update: Ashe takes aim at PBE
Now do {{champion:133}} , lel jk take your time. GJ with the update though.
: Champion Update: Ryze update heads to live!
Man I have to get the Bundle if I want professor Ryze. Damn, gotta wait till they open the legacy vault again. :/
: zilean and zyra both need a major buff
1. Zilean has high enough mobility and he can bring hiw ADC along with a couple seconds and W. SO no health buff. {{champion:26}} 2. Zyra has a huge range, snare that can snare multiple targets, again huge range on her abilties and lastly a giant AOE ult. SO again no health buff. {{champion:143}}
: >Relatively easy to play with a starting 600!!! range. If you spam rockets like that, you'll go oom early game, not to mention she's got the lowest base attack speed when doing so. She doesn't have any other projectile that can go past minion waves like Caitlyn/Sivir/Draven, her snare is relatively easy to dodge, and her W has a slight delay and is blocked by minions. She's got her weaknesses. Besides, she doesn't fit every team comp, and other adc's are fun to play. Hell, Sivir has a few wombo combos up her sleeve and more teamfighting utility, not to mention dat spellshield. And Vayne in the current meta is both fun and strong. I understand if you hate Jinx, but other adc's can be more fun.
RIP pre rework Soraka, infinite rockets. {{champion:16}} {{item:3070}}
: Legitimate DC vs AFK
Difficult to detect, cause someone could just pull out their cable jack or disconnect from their Wifi if they wanna go AFK, and then those people will receive no penalty. Sorry man you're either gonna have to stop playing the game till you internet sorts itself out or just deal with your internet as is. {{champion:53}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Steveman,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=tELPBzvs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-04-10T04:10:24.732+0000) > > Lol the salty community is real. Can't take a joke. Sorry, only funny ones.
> [{quoted}](name=Xavaresxutris,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=tELPBzvs,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-04-10T04:19:36.383+0000) > > Sorry, only funny ones. Your mom is a funny joke. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: As a Bronze 2, I have no right to post, but here goes anyway. Ryze's new passive. As someone who played Gnar for a little bit I love the idea of windows of power. They are very useful tools to create counter-play. His new passive allows him to be counter-played, while annihilating his opponent if they do not pay attention to his stacks (a skill any player needs, paying attention to his enemy), which is also why he is going to be a very powerful assassin when played correctly, and not so much when he fails to utilize the passive. Learning curves are also very important to game health (Garen). Ryze's new Q is not going to kill him. Everyone is saying Veigar died to his Q change. That's not true, what killed him was the change to his E. I personally am very interested to see where his top lane matches end up early game because he can't pressure melee champs until level 3 or 4 (whenever he decides to scale both his W and E). Ryze's W looks the same, so there is no need to comment on this. Ryze's new E is a very interesting change, and I know a few ways that people can take advantage of it. First off, Ryze was always meant to be a teamfighter who steamrolled clumped groups in the late game. This actually buffed his late potential by giving him a targeted nuke that damages the target TWICE if other units are hit in the aoe. Hello, Luden's Echo (for a mid lane Ryze). And lastly, Ryze's ult. It's the same, but the cdr from old Q went to new ult. Nothing much to say here, although the idea of an aoe snare would be interesting, but I doubt Rito would buff his 1v5 THAT much. Overall, I think new Ryze is going to be a very powerful top and mid pick, with maybe slightly less focus on tankiness and more sheer power to delete two squishies at once. I am very excited to see the fast paced teamfights his passive and ult will bring, along with the QQ spam (laced between other abilities, of course), and laning phase without reliable level 1 and 2 poke. TL;DR, THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD BOYS
Dude wanted to say, I've heard plat people on other forums saying how Ryze is now dead. And to be honest you make more sense than they do. And I wish more people like you would voice your opinion. Really good job also throwing in new item possibilities, people seemed to have a problem wrapping their head around that.
: Idea for Dominion
Lol the salty community is real. Can't take a joke.
: Ryze needs to retain his zap.
He's a rune mage. He doesn't throw lightning.
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: Disaster during New Ultra Rapid Fire upload!
Wow riot is the ultimate {{champion:48}}
4yoyoman (NA)
: Im not the only one that mains {{champion:112}} ? What is this madness?
I have a friend who says and I quote, "{{champion:112}} is my shit" and he's not joking. I had a hard time going solo 1v1 in the mid lane with this guy, and he's played the guy since before his rework.
: Champs that are underestimated or under-picked like {{champion:112}} and even {{champion:85}} can become carries of a game if used in the best ways. Its sad that *some *people only realized this when an elite player makes a great play...
Well you're half right but you forget to include those who are interested and genuinely like the champion but they can't cause people in low elo have the issue of The Meta Is Law. So if they pick an out of the ordinary/meta pick than they usually get blasted. That is until that champ is played by a couple pros in the LCS scene. So when they finally get the chance to play the champ they hold so dear they're usually banned cause the pros played them. But there are those as you pointed out who just hop on the band wagon for the Freelo.
Krevik (NA)
: Yup, so easy when their dash cooldownss will be doubled...
And with the attack delay there's no point in touching {{champion:429}} cause you'll go no where.
: Poro Icons
: Not a bad call, considering tank junglers who focus on initiation could really use something like it, and maybe will start rising again. The flaw with that, though, is that technically anyone would benefit from such an item because it's exactly that: an item.
> [{quoted}](name=Togekiss24,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FNeANa2u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-17T01:00:51.780+0000) > > Not a bad call, considering tank junglers who focus on initiation could really use something like it, and maybe will start rising again. > > The flaw with that, though, is that technically anyone would benefit from such an item because it's exactly that: an item. I totally thought through that, a jungler who is currently strong due to a certain smite they would have to decide whether or not to go split push or be useful to the team and do damage, it's really up to the jungler and what he feels.
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: I wish people would vote on this lol. It'll be lost by tonight. Winter SR and Autumn SR would make way more sense than TT and Howling Abyss being the holiday maps lol. People play more SR than aram and 3v3's anyway. It doesn't make them money so they probably won't do it ever again. I just thought it would change things up around the holiday's instead of the summer map all freaking time lol. Guess I'm just stuck in Season 1 lol.
> [{quoted}](name=Caddo,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=Y8iy8AAg,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2014-12-10T00:46:17.057+0000) > I wish people would vote on this lol. It'll be lost by tonight. Winter SR and Autumn SR would make way more sense than TT and Howling Abyss being the holiday maps lol. People play more SR than aram and 3v3's anyway. It doesn't make them money so they probably won't do it ever again. I just thought it would change things up around the holiday's instead of the summer map all freaking time lol. Guess I'm just stuck in Season 1 lol. Well I love ARAM and 3's and I know some other people too but I see your point, why isn't your oldest and wisest of maps getting some holiday love?
: Please allow 10 min surrenders in ARAM games
Well if you do add a 10 surrender ability then people on your team who are more late game, i.e. Ryze or Zilean, and they want to hit their late game to decide if they can carry, I've had games where my team wanted to surrender and I was Ryze, but I kept denying and just like that I hit late game and carried us to victory. So just give everyone a chance to decide if this game that you're in is worth it.
: What has league given you?
An empty wallet, and a friendship between me and my brother that we never had. But still more importantly my wallet..........
: Dragonslayer Braum - Passive Indicator
So I bought DS Braum hoping for a new Passive indicator cause I saw it on the PBE when he was revealed but then I was sad cause I'm unobservant and didn't take notice that you guys removed, but Now El Tiger Braum is coming out and IDK if I play DS Braum anymore. :/
: Couples who lane together...?
Lol all these couples and I'm forever Alone {{item:3070}} {{champion:72}} {{item:3070}}
: Patch 4.21 notes
WW and jungle item nerfs, I didn't see that coming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: **MTU** {{champion:102}} Her updated splash made me realize she can look real cool with her current theme. Her flame particles need an update {{champion:63}} His variety in skins is lacking. He has opportunity to look cooler in model. Also could use a particle update on those flames {{champion:40}} She floats and isn't melee. I like that her face in the new splash is distinct and looks like no other female champion. Now her model needs to show that. (yes i know she is one of the first "VUs" to be releases) {{champion:90}} At first i didn't want admit he could use an MTU because I want cooler animations, interactions with Kassadin and others, and also his R to come out of his eyes instead of mouth (looks bad imo). But he is also a floater who doesn't really depend on his auto attack animations too much {{champion:62}} His model just does not do justice to the champion. Besides Underworld, all his models translate horribly from splash. He could look a lot better if they simplify the design on his base skin (its too busy), and fix his other skins {{champion:3}} Imo he could use some tweaks to make his look cooler. Plus his particles could use an update {{champion:89}} Her armor could use a pass in design {{champion:5}} His auto attack animations are on point actually, just needs new model base and to change his recolors into variety, needs solidified theme I know you're probably asking more about MTU type work but... why not.... (not mentioning the obvious {{champion:12}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:6}} ) **VU** {{champion:81}} great potential for animations, VO, particles {{champion:79}} He has no legs. his proportions are no bueno {{champion:39}} Great potential for animations, solidified theme/direction, VO {{champion:59}} At first I disliked his armor design, but after seeing his updated splash i see that it can not only work, but look friggin badass. Needs a VU because his auto attack animations are horrendous (that body-whack tho), and his idle stance is ridiculous {{champion:24}} Needs solidified theme, attire, and lore. Huge potential for animations ( can have like 3 animations for auto attacks, 3 for empowered attacks). Watching a Jax fight would be beautiful {{champion:38}} void blade could look so cool.great potential for animations, Needs a bit of a redesign imo, VO {{champion:2}} This berserker needs to be taken to the limit. could be such a cool addition to Freljords lineup {{champion:80}} Needs a bit of a redesign, solidified look and theme, needs updated animations on auto attacks (Azir's soldier's attacks look better than this guys'), needs better animations on abilities ( that heartseeker strike... he flicks his wrist -__-) {{champion:50}} My boy has much potential to be one of the coolest look Noxians {{champion:77}} SGU and his new splash show that Udyr has much potential {{champion:8}} Much potential in theme, needs upgraded particles model, and animations
Wow thanks for pointing out my favorite Mage with a giant diamond for a foot {{champion:38}} , btw sarcasm update him pls, but he actually might need a VU
: Agreed, but chances are we'd go full VU on him. IMAGINE EXPANDING/CHANGING/GROWING/MORPHING MODEL on a proper rig! Could potentially be so epic..
I literally thought about this last night, "Why doesn't he change as he feasts more, similar to Kha Zix without having to invest points"
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