: It took me 2 months to get from honor locked level 1 to honor 2. People who say it takes months and months are just continuing to be toxic. Good on you!
that or they play champs that go under the radar when it comes to honors {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Kyoia (NA)
: sometimes "just dont type" doesnt work. I went as far as blocking league's chat IP address on my firewall. No chat comes in or out. I cant type, and I cant see what you typed either. I can't get tilted anymore. ggez
teach me how you do this so I don't have to /muteall every game
: Coming back from a 14-day ban, chat disabled...
be grateful for the disable, typing a smiley in chat over the next 6 months can get you perma'd with a report through riot's dogshit way of running the watchlist system. pings can't get you banned as far as I know, but you better watch who you piss off. in any case, just /muteall for the next half year.
: if that's genuine thx :D ( can't tell what's sarcasm and what's not on these boards anymore)
: euw boards is like that on every category lol
love that name lmao
: Remove this category
that's a bit overly generalized don't you think? I just saw a post about some guy getting perma'd and its just a genuine letter of apology and his farewell to a 10 year old account. yeah sure shit goes down in this category but can you really believe that shutting PB down is going to solve anything about anything as if you aren't just gonna move the worst and most committed trash from this category to something like the rants page?
Sukishoo (NA)
: There is a HIDE PRESET PAGES tick for a reason.
what he means is getting the ability to change the ~5 extra runepages already given as permanent default pages, not just straight up remove it.
: > If you know someone I can contact that might give a response that's different to this You mean "different" as in "remove your suspension?" Not gonna happen. > Aatrox Eichmann: trash wukong kys As the support agent told you, this is not acceptable. Nothing you're going to say to anyone at Riot support is going to make them lift this suspension. You dropped a zero-tolerance phrase. > If people can be throwing slurs around and chaining N-... into "E-ready to use", "R-ready to use", up to actually typing the slurs and get away with it, why am I the one to be banished and waste my event pass for a first offence without prior warnings or even prior chat restrict? This "other people have done worse" shit is getting **really** tiresome. If they get reported for zero-tolerance phrases, as you did, they'll get punished. Again - **SOMEONE ELSE'S BAD BEHAVIOR, WHETHER PUNISHED OR NOT, HAS NO BEARING ON YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR.** If you refuse to understand this and reform, you're going to lose your account. You have two weeks to decide how to proceed.
> [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZeNExFUf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-18T02:33:47.320+0000) > > You mean "different" as in "remove your suspension?" Not gonna happen. not **remove**, **adjust **. I have never had anyone tell me that this is as severe as it is, I've never been involved in any other transgression previously and just had a bad game that made me agitated in the 1.5 year I got this game. I was hoping that they will make this into at least a 10 day chat restrict, but if you intend to skim over what I'm saying and make your own assumptions about me then sure whatever tickles your self-righteousness. > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZeNExFUf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-18T02:33:47.320+0000) > > If you refuse to understand this and reform, you're going to lose your account. You have two weeks to decide how to proceed. by that you mean not use the chatbox in constant fear of being banned from the system. no different from the message given by support.
: Should Players be banned for using Acronyms
straight up don't, I never got into any trouble or deserved any before, at least right up until yesterday, I said the k acronym in chat literally twice and I got suspended for 14 days until the event pass runs out, and the chat logs they attached were just pure salt on a wound, since only 3 lines were in all chat, I was with 4 other of my real life friends, and since the riot system for checking tox is based on chat activity and I was typing to not use my mic in fear of waking my brother, I was pinned without prior transgressions. straight up a 14 day ban out of nowhere, no previous warning, no chat restricts, just to waste my time and money. I guess lesson learned, the people at riot support are not at all more understanding than the blitzbot auto response and its best to just muteall and not use the chatbox for good.
Nice Try (NA)
: Thank you for the memories Riot Games Im sorry i couldnt improve and be less toxic. (Please Read)
I hope you find something better than this. there are way worse players out there that deserve what they gave you way more than you do.
Gimli008 (NA)
: you got permabanned for this?
there are a lot of cases where this happens, the system is based on chat activity, so if you don't talk much you wont trigger it unless youre already under watch. it creates a lot of false positive cases since it can include team-chats as well from enemy reports. and riot absolutely refuses to act out for those cases.
Rioter Comments
lasreveR (NA)
> [{quoted}](name=lasreveR,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=tUdgW1PR,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-17T13:43:49.243+0000) > > are we on par with the other three leading regions? WOAH SLOW DOWN THERE PAL
Duskamm (NA)
: The border is automatically unlocked and auto-equips every time you select the skin associated with it.
do you have to equip the icon just to use the border?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Aatrox Eichmann,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dfL3F237,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-05-16T05:06:30.294+0000) > > all these idiots talking about her needing waveclear > > > > > she is a support she doesnt deserve to have that, she is an enabler enchanter, not a straight nuke. Sona doesnt have waveclear either, and she doesnt have ungodly mobility and an invuln. yuumi is a janna you cant focus. > > pushing for an AOE on an ability that slows and can be remotely controlled to navigate through minion waves in a huge radius is absurdly stupid. I don't want her to have waveclear. She doesn't need more damage per se - i want her slow to be applied in a small AOE so you can't counter her by standing inside a minion.
thats the issue though, there no counterplay if thats removed. unless it applies nothing but a slow without the damage or vice versa
: Yuumi's Q feels like it should be a small AOE.
all these idiots talking about her needing waveclear she is a support she doesnt deserve to have that, she is an enabler enchanter, not a straight nuke. Sona doesnt have waveclear either, and she doesnt have ungodly mobility and an invuln. yuumi is a janna you cant focus. pushing for an AOE on an ability that slows and can be remotely controlled to navigate through minion waves in a huge radius is absurdly stupid.
YuuMew (EUW)
: assists on yuumi
seems to me like he took his time and you needed to slap a buff/heal/shield on him to get the assist cred.
: Going to China
Don't they use Garena? You'll have to set u a garena account if thats the case. I've lived in Hong Kong, which is southeast of China on the coast, and the garena platform spans taiwan, singapore, vietnam and even Thailand. if not then you probably are referring to the servers tied to qq, its usually best to try setting up when youre already in the region instead of trying to set up beforehand. since asian platforms like qq and such are often times "exclusive" for reasons unknown and will block certain access and capabilities when accessed from online, even up to Garena. Although you can bypass this with a VPN, I bypassed the Garena region lock with NordVPN, at the cost of high ping when playing since im connecting to taiwanese servers from Canada, thats why I play NA now. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
: Trials Update: Week One
warband gamers rise up
: The Trials Begin
it doesnt really matter in the end bc its visible that every edgy kid in your friendlist had already picked faceless regardless of the quiz
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Gotta love rolling through those slug-things before the boss room though. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: Alright folks, this is going to be a big one; Let's talk ALL the current Tier 1 VGU priority champs
: These Irelia nerfs actually force her moreso into mid than top.
long overdue changes imo, however this may change her style of play, she is still the high burst mechanical bruiser with high mobility with a high skill ceiling as we've gotten to know her since her rework, but there is just so much extra shit on her that im surprised that they went unremoved for the longest time, not many champs have shields, except for toplaners or supports, and seeing toplane is where she was primarily designed for, lets not forget she is a yasuo whose kill combo starts at level one because of her braindead busted passive that equates to 2 triforce components worth of stats in under 2 seconds of prep, forcing you to give up some degree of lane pressure early despite laning a lategame monster. I'm glad she is getting unnecessary bullshit removed from her kit bit by bit. maybe soon we will see this type of development in akali, pyke, zoe and sylas. who are just chocked full of meaningless extra stats and capabilities that disguise the term "being broken" with "being fun/interesting" because why wouldn't you have fun bullying any other champ with 0 effort as a busted broken champ that they slowy nerf to the ground in over 5 months. the 2018 reworks are major mistakes. having CertainlyT being in charge of gameplay design is an even bigger mistake(even tho he wasnt behind irelia)
Altiverse (EUNE)
: With max CDR, Sylas's ult can get to 8sec CD!
: Not a Viktor player but please nerf the right thing
To be honest i think any substantial nerf that comes over to viktor is going to end up fucking him in the ass(since riot is doing it, its either gonna be band-aid or meta breaking, theres no in between). Viktor wasnt even viable before this bully build came out, but then it singlehandedly put him back into the meta to top 10. I know some players are really desperate to see viktor in meta again, and i do realise this is an unfun thing to go up against, but viktor is far from without counters, when an urgot/akali/irelia/talon top can easily demolish him before he gets an item.(you can argue people dont play safe enough, but i have never lost lane against a top viktor when playing urgot top. I only lost a game once because 2 teammates ragequit even after i got two solo kills onto the viktor being behind initially by an early lee sin double gank at level 2)
: November sales schedule
why is there so much champion sale overlap with last month's sales?
: Oh bull shit. Did you even play during the Juggernaut patch?
have you? none of the past patches matter if all that determines if morde is in meta or not hinges on one item {{item:3151}}
Madsin25 (NA)
: Dude....they have literally not touched morde at all.
he may be untouched since then but it was the items and masteries that made him powerful.
Kyster (NA)
: yes
: Video editor price
it really depends on the length of the video, the quality of the work, and the steepness of your requirement. though i doubt you can find any outstanding editors in the boards since they almost never check these
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Back to an Ahri meta
because everybody likes to lane against a syndra and ahri that can choose stay in lane and kill you or roam for more kills. thats good game design that riot likes to promote
GepardosCZ (EUNE)
: Keyn new skin concept
: 8.12 Titanic and Ravenous Hydra
well nobody really finishes it except jax or whatever so im cool with that
Reziztor (NA)
: God King Darius or God King Garen
im honestly convinced whoever chooses darius over garen mainly did so because of the champion and not the skin
: Hitting my 30 minute powerspike on Jinx
the game is so fucked right now ziggs and heimer bot seem perfectly normal and kayle vs taric mid are commonplace. hell i can play fiddlesticks and nobody protests. and i can play taliyah and roam full time, to think that the meta would change so much in 6 months is beyond me but this was what a noob me would have wanted. pantheon and fiddlesticks in meta, supporting a yasuo in the botlane, and rakan building full AP. the only thing im happy about is that lucian is finally in meta. but i barely get to enjoy jack shit when games are shorter than a chinese daughter's life expectancy
GigglesO (NA)
: How is high damage, High mobility....
yi right now is powerful but thats attributed to the fact that riot didnt see the synergy between champs like kayle and taric have with Yi, but irelia is just fucking horseshit
: squidward
this thread is so damn stale... {{champion:111}} :seems like the only way left to go is for{{item:3340}}
CLG ear (NA)
: taliyah got mad she doesnt have a skin so she killed LCS and LCK servers
wait until the sweaty A-sol and kled skin activists start to spread their cringe all over this post
: Wow, that's such an improvement
i like how this rework only comes out after 3 years and when he is actually finally good
: "If crowd control is the only way to counter a champion, then its design is bad."
you can CC a champion but you cant CC their lategame {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:41}}
: Why no Project {{champion:236}}?! He hasn't been on sale for over a year.
right? i caved and just bought it straight up.
: Can taliyah get a second passive?
> {{champion:131}} = Mana return+ Damage and Attackspeed > {{champion:55}} = Daggers landing + resets > {{champion:122}} = Hemorrhage and Noxian Might well some champs are weaker in lane because they farm with melee basic attacks > {{champion:157}} = Double Crit + free Shield but this is still inexcusable.
Jobriq (NA)
: Irelia QoL on Q
the last thing we need is a buff to this irelia not even a quality of life one.
: I've won every game with Irelia since the first!
irelia is OP and im waiting for nerfs too tbh. for now just rolling face and throwing out e whenever the corrupting pot allows you to kills any laner except maybe vlad.
: I wish I could I buy a skin before I buy the Champ you know.
: Are these chests a permanent addition to the hextech shop, or limited? Time to dole out cash and attempt to farm Zombie Brand since the Harrowing is literally never returning.
since when is the harrowing not returning? they sell the skins everytime halloween comes around
: They are so broken after you own all the champs. I use one to get champions the first week they are released, without any first week cost increase & the still get the Mystery Champ Token discount. Still have a few left.
: > [{quoted}](name=FatedSaviour,realm=OCE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=6KhbxgPL,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2018-03-15T13:51:02.930+0000) > > only reason i voted for the skin is because i pictured her being actual battlecast, not resistance, just, ew Then you didn't read the first post very well or look at the concept for that matter.
you are pretty much another guy fresh out from under a rock if you hadn't realized that illaoi was supposed to have robot hands as tentacles instead in the original concept art. i side with fated.
: Who is your support crush?
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