: "My teamates suck"
Your match history is filled with you having 8-15 deaths on frequent occasion, and that's on NORMALS.
: Is The Milky Way galaxy dying?
Im a flat earther, galaxies don't exist reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
: > I know for a blatant fact that there probably isn't a single Aatrox main within the Riot balance team community, Live gameplay balance team, rework team, or what have you. The first sentence and you already don't know what you are talking about.
: Why the new mana changes are not as bad as you think
Except the changes are fucking horrible.
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EyasHawk (EUW)
: @Riot: Why can't we zoom out more?
Yeah, shouldn't be killing people with Nunu mid with e's and comet.
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: You're literally talking about a non-ranked game where you're flaming someone for doing badly? Those games are meant for training/practicing/enjoying the time. You're on a smurf of all things and think someone is intentionally feeding. I looked at Annie's score, they had nine deaths, while Varus had 18. Now we could say Varus intentionally fed, which might be the case. Looking at their history- they seem to be also smurfing from what I can tell. (Being level 3 yet playing Jungler?) Don't you think it just becomes an endless cycle at some point if you are literally taking your skills into lower ranked games to stomp people, and flame them?
I was defending the annie player because Varus was flaming her lol, I dont understand why you dont read before you type nonsense. I legit told him to quit the shit and he said "I guess I'll int then since annie is allowed to" then start running it down mid, how about watch the replay.
InTheory (EUW)
: You still didn't answer my question.
InTheory (EUW)
: Nope. All NA. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/88382337/Aatroxs%20Legacy#/profile So why do you create a smurf?
Lolking sucks. Doesn't update shit. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=aatroxs+legacy
InTheory (EUW)
: I see. It's a smurf account. Smurf accounts are all thrown together, no matter whether or not they are original platin players or bronze V's. Your original account doesn't seem to be ranked at all - so why do you create smurf accounts then?
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InTheory (EUW)
: I actually don't find such a game in your match history. Were you playing on a different account than you're posting?
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: the whole summoner requirement thing kind of died with runes, i personally thought back then a jungler wasn't feasible because you lacked stats to clear but even then, most new accounts aren't new players, so why bother, let them take smite if they want to even if they're a noob, they'll learn hell we're told to just deal with them in ranked and the numbers overall are all that matters, so fuck it, if the numbers overall are all that matters, let them run smite as a support too
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Maavaip (EUW)
: Riot is beta, ,no free speech, cant speak what u want
I like how you state that you're calling them beta because you can't say what you want, but you stated that you're running it down mid.
: @Riot if you want free money here is a hint
Play more than one champion, simple.
: Infinity Edge Rework
They need a nerf anyways, been the strongest class for 2 seasons now.
: Yi is such a one-button wondertrash
Except he has the Katarina problem, if he gets CC'd once, he's fucking dead in a second.
: pretty much like AP shaco.. one ability every 4-6 seconds that does a large amount of damage.. not that broken. He also sacrifices tanky stats to get to a point where his E does damage, so now he's squishy. If I see the enemy has an AP sion on their team it's pretty much a 4 v 5 because he's only relevant twice per teamfight. Less if you dont stand behind minions.
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: You mean a character that is designed to do damage hit full build and is doing damage?!!?!? The nerve of Riot! Seriously. Camille lategame needs 1.5 seconds to even trigger the second part of her Q during a teamfight. That doesn't sound like long, but with peel, knockbacks, and whatever else going on, sometimes you don't even get the option. It usually ends up going: Q something, quickly Hookshot to a wall and into the designated kill target, and ult. If she managed to pull that off, they were likely dead anyways. But, let's be honest. She has to build a hell of a lot of damage to get that high. Trinity + Sterak's is not enough for 1,100 true damage on her Q.
Trinity, Sterraks, Ravenous Hydra, Ninja Tabi, Deaths Dance, and GA is enough, trust me.
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: Lesson? I'm just pointing out the obvious. You can't learn from me because you won't, so trying to tell you anything is a waste of my time. You're an angry person, just look at the posts you've made here to other people. You are not in control. Good luck thickening that skin mate, you've got a long way to go.
Im a emotionally balanced person outside of this game lol. Neckbearded fucks on the internet are the ones that piss me off.
: You're letting your emotions control you, so you might as well be a child.
How is me calling people fucking idiots = "My emotions taking control of me"? Are you a fucking psychiatrist or something? Because your lesson isn't doing anything at all.
Kaioko (NA)
: A permanent ban means Riot doesn't want you playing their game. Unfortunately they can't stop you from buying/creating new accounts as IP address tracking would cause to many issues. Ultimately you've been seen as a burden to the community and the game to the point that they would really rather you go elsewhere.
Riot doesn't ban me, I can promise you that they don't give a shit. A bot "bans me" through autistic reports.
Jo0o (NA)
: YOU need to figure out how to fucking deal with these type(s) of situations without flaming people.
Sooooooooooooooo, lets see here. How about taking all of their farm in their lane purposely instead.
: Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's worth your money. You'll lose another account I'm sure, so that price will keep going up. Put the testosterone down and think with your brain. You're an adult now, not some teenager governed by your emotions. Having a temper tantrum because someone said something mean to you is not a proper response, so shave those hairy balls of yours and grow some thicker skin.
I'm aware that my testosterone is through the roof, but that doesn't conclude my fucking argument. I don't have tantrums, for I'm not a child, I'm simply calling people fucking idiots. Is me calling them fucking idiots worthy of a fucking perma ban? If so, you're a fucking idiot as well.
: you expect too much
Me expecting them to mute me is expecting too much? My mistake.
: Someone who repeatedly does what you're claiming that Draven did should get banned. And so should you, because you're an asshole.
Trumps an asshole, why is he the president of the united states? Why hasn't he been banned from the presidential office?
: You seem pretty upset over something so simple as losing $5.
I'm upset about getting banned over words that can be removed by simply muting me.
Jo0o (NA)
: Figure out a way to not flame people, fuck's sake.
Or people need to figure out how to fucking deal with these type of situations without going into the autopilot report option.
: Buying an account is a waste of money. Just spend a week leveling one up and not only will you have avoided potentially getting ripped off, you'll have an account that isn't instantly breaking the terms of service.
5 dollars when I make 500 a week as a college student, gonna hard pass.
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Galizien (NA)
: ***
: so you want new players to be able to start jungling when they barely even grasp the basics of the game? like really? do you really want them to go around with no idea what the hell they are supposed to be doing in the jungle? really?
So you want to force new players to 1v2 top lane? Makes sense.
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: pls rito make a champoin that is a minion
: I think that this rune was intended for the likes of aatrox irelia lane jax (basically your old school bruisers) but if this hits live the 3 i mentioned will either get the rune nerfed or be nerfed themselves.
It most certainly does need a nerf, you shouldnt be doing like 30 true damage per auto at level 2 while in combat. It should be like 10-15% of your total AD converted, not 20%. But, I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.
: PATCH 8.4 they removed rumble
This patch actually puts Rumble back in the game, I have no fucking clue what you're talking about.
: It's going to make toplane consist of darius and pantheon again. in other words, it's shit
Except Pantheon is a shit tier champion and Darius has outplay potential.
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