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: It all comes down to luck honestly. If my team is raging then half the fun is gone. I've been playing a lot of jayce jungle lately and some people don't like seeing a jayce jungle, so they harass me, but it's team builder so whatever. just recently had a game as jayce and I started talking to the enemy gragas jungle after a long chase thru both our jungles and we were laughing back and forth about how silly it was. After that I made it my mission to counter gank and focus him whenever possible. All lanes were doing great after my ganks and everyone was enjoying the game. Then our adc which was a P remade with top and support had to afk because his sister fell down the stairs, instead of raging the mid and I expressed our concerns and we played on. Later in the game is was getting to be baron time so I went to ward it and met their Alistair support there. Instead of jumping on him I decided to dance, he then danced back and the enemy gragas asked to join in. Very quickly we had both teams minus our Graves dancing in the river around baron and using sweepers as disco balls and my joke/taunt for confetti. It lasted a good minute or so until the enemy Darius said "okay, break in 3,2,1." Then we all went back to playing the game. We ended up losing due to 4v5 but everyone was nice and I had my first ever dance party, funnest game I have ever played Sorry for the novel.
I wish that would happen to me occasionally :(
blkh1 (NA)
: I refuse to believe this! Treason I tell you! Everyone is "entitled" to be great, regardless of what it is they are doing! If they aren't, it is someone else's fault! They are perfect in everything they do. Their moms and dads and teachers tell them that, so it must be true.
: Try playing in a different server. Seriously i am not trying to offend anyone here but americans are some of the most spoiled, greedy, depressed, disrespectful, uncooperative and egoistic people on the planet, did i mention terrible teamates with no sense of teamwork. Yes they are, they won't accept making mistakes, they won't accept to hear any advice and all they do is report because that makes them feel powerful and fulfill their sick imagination. I am sorry again if i am being rude and negative but it's just the truth. I suggest try a different server and maybe you find more piece there.
I am ashamed of my own country. Every time someone post something derogatory toward Americans all I can think to myself is, "yeah, he's right..."
Xietnin (NA)
: In the end, it is the player that makes the playerbase. Cater to your teammates and treat them with the utmost of respect, and you shall so receive it in return. Should one person shoot you down for being so friendly and kind, the others should back you up and you are immediately rewarded as is. The community is much better than you think, you just have to bring it out in people. Its like working for a support company, you can't have good experiences if you don't make them, to both the representative of the company as well as the person in need of help. Perhaps I ask of too much, but it works for me.
I hate to be a negative nancy about this.... but you've seen the internet right? I think respect can come from..... 2% of people on the internet (when involving video games). We are a blight on our own community.
Neclord (EUW)
: It's a common thing to happen when a game surges in popularity. It's also to do with the fact that league became less about strategy (in terms of how it was advertised, and arguably in the game too) and more about "big plays", when you say a game is flashy and cool and hype shit occurs frequently, you're going to attract an audience of kids with lofty egos. You don't see Dota littered with kids that say stuff like "wow thresh ur 0/4 stfu" and ignoring the fact he's support and has 93 assists; being more interested in getting "epic" kills with his 100-0 assassin "this champ is so fucking mechanical cogs and gears are falling out of my pockets" cancer ({{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:92}} - and generally anyone with dashes and the ability to snowball off of one kill), regardless of whether it screws his team over, and generally being obnoxious; and I'm not sucking Dota's dick here, you can just replace the little kids with angry Russians which are just as bad (if not, worse), and that's the bad lot in Dota. But Dota didn't aim at a "big plays wow sikc epurx skeehlz" demographic. It was always advertised as a MOBA about **_STRATEGY_**! Do you know what kind of people hate boring old strategy games? Kids. "Why the fuck should I consider more than myself" is their mentality. "Strategy? I'm not a fucking nerd! I want to have a good k/d for my montage!" is their mentality. Why do you think CoD got so popular for young kids? Not because it's a very fleshed out game with great gameplay; because of quickscoping and montages. It's "cool". Dota has significantly less annoying kids as a result. People bitching about the tank meta? Kids. The fucking "mechanix skillz" assassins have to fucking think before diving someone now, because if there's a tank nearby they're gonna get fucked and their shitty montage with some stupid ear-raping dubstep is gonna be ruined. "Kids" is a generalizing term of course; I'm bound to offend people, mostly the "mature" 12-15 year olds I'm guessing. If you're 12-15 and not like the above descriptions then good on you sir. You're in a great minority and you should be proud. I bet this minority started playing this game for the strategic elements too. Apologies in advance for any other generalizations. Try to look at the bigger picture of what I'm saying and don't nitpick anything that isn't politically correct.
I think I may just quit LoL for Dota after reading this.
: I see what you're trying to say here and I do agree with most of it; however, when you said"one person cant lose you a game." I had to chime in. In most games your statement is correct. A loss tends to be the accumulation of mistakes made by the team rather than one player consistently. Over my thousands of games I have seen a fair number of occasions where this proves to be false. One player can definitely lose an entire team a game. I'm not posting this for any other reason but to state that yes, flaming one person for their mistakes or flaming in general is not a positive course of action and 99% of time will do more harm than it will help anything; however, recognizing a single player for their "throwing" of a game or detrimental play style shouldn't be deemed taboo. Sometimes there is a valid reason for commenting on or singling out one player. A quick example for reference is a game I was in not too long ago (I'll try to be brief as this is just an example). The game overall was going decent, our bottom, mid, and top were holding their own and I was in the jungle. Our middle (talon) was decently fed with his "rambo" play style (diving in, getting kills, not caring if you die because of it). Wasn't the best thing, but we were doing well on objective control since we could simply out fight them. Most of the kills have gone to the talon at this point making him our team's main source of damage. Sometime later in the game our Caitlin makes a comment (not inherently derogatory but was specifically directed at the talon telling him something along the lines to group with us or he shouldn't be so "rambo"and lets just focus on objectives). For whatever reason this offended him and he proceeded to go "afk", actually left the game and came back, when he got back selling all of his items for things like majias, sword of the occult, multiple boots, eventually bought all boots, all the while being very negative, abusive in chat and trolling by just running into the enemy team. Long story short our main source of power decided to take it upon himself to screw over the rest of the team, be abusive in chat, and halt all positive contributions to the game thus turning a good game in general but also a fairly secured win into a loss. Even the enemy team apologized for his actions as it wasn't just our chat but all chat he was being abusive in. TLDR: Flaming one player for a loss when there are a multitude of mistakes made by an entire team is a bad idea and poor sportsmanship, but recognizing one player that has obviously single handily lost their team the game shouldn't be taboo. People need to know when their actions are not okay. Toxic actions catalyze a continuation of negative comments and feelings.
No, it's not necessary to call someone out, EVER. Even if they are intentionally doing it. If the Riot system worked as it should, reporting him should be enough. The whole "let god judge him and you're not the judge" thing
: All I hear is "TryHARD"
How do I thumbs this up? It's like the worst of humanity comes to this game. I deal with it all the time and it's very upsetting and causes me to lash back. I'm guessing because of this I've gotten stuck with all the players that keep doing it, it's no wonder why I'm always losing lately. Either way you are completely right and unfortunately there will probably never be anything done about it, the human condition and keyboard warriors and such. Don't hold your breath and if it makes you end up leaving this game in the end, so be it. I keep wanting to quit lately because of the toxicity of the enviorment. I'm already an angry person (IRL), I don't need my games causing me to be mad too.


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