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: Im not doing it for upvotes, call it, clearing my consensus(think i spelt that right), but i hate it when people leave, i think ive had two other games in my lifetime on here where i couldnt reconnect due to bug splat/client issues, outside my control, but still feel bad as i was "one of those guys" who left the game and ruined, possibly someone elses series, promos, maybe got one demoted, dont know, which is what makes it worse.
> [{quoted}](name=iKnightmare,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1HA6E8ab,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-10T17:37:19.031+0000) > > Im not doing it for upvotes, call it, clearing my consensus(think i spelt that right), but i hate it when people leave, i think ive had two other games in my lifetime on here where i couldnt reconnect due to bug splat/client issues, outside my control, but still feel bad as i was "one of those guys" who left the game and ruined, possibly someone elses series, promos, maybe got one demoted, dont know, which is what makes it worse. conscience
: Well, the picks were really boring this year.
I'm not in that same camp of agreement, because I consider this entire tournament (from Day 1) to be inclusive of the Worlds experience. So, having the most unique champion picks of any season (for me personally) is very important to the growth and sustenance of competitive League of Legends.
: Hi PuRe Agony, even if you're seeing that the patch is stuck at 33%, the patch should still be downloading. If you look in the upper right corner of the progress bar, you should see the MB remaining displayed. If this number is changing then you are still patching properly. You just need to leave the patcher open wait for the patch to complete. If the MB remaining is not changing then the following steps may resolve the problem for you: * Open League of Legends Patcher. * Open the settings by clicking the Gear icon near the top right. * Disable Peer-to-Peer Transfers. * Save Settings. * Restart your Mac. Hope that helps. :) Let me know if you are still having problems after that.
This isn't pertinent at all, the client is most certainly not patching because it's physically stuck at 33%. It cannot move past it, only load "files" that scale into the tens of thousands depending on how long you wait. Generally, the trend appears to be that it reaches a threshold and then gives you either an error message or a corrupted file message. Also, Peer-to-Peer transfers are disabled as a standard measure, so that doesn't have much influence on this at all.
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: Recruiting Community Reporters for a new board
Hey there Tamat, and welcome to my [spooky]( application! I'm really glad you / Boards staff have created this position! TL;DR: It's an application, so you're going to have to read it anyways- so without further ado, enjoy! Hey, at least I gave you music to listen to during this app... **Games played:** ~1300 normal games, 1100 ranked solo queue games, ~100 ranked team 3s and 5s games over the course of season 4 **Why do I want to be a community reporter?:** I would love to be a community reporter because I love what League of Legends has to offer already and feel that I bring a lot to the table in the community aspects of gaming. League has been a big part of my life ever since I began the quest to be the best, and I would love have the opportunity to assist Riot in a new venture that is beneficial to the entire community, because (of course) a big part of this is creating a better experience for everyone else! As I've moderated/assisted heavily with community topics in my moderation positions at Mochigames and Ninja Kiwi, I know the ropes! I can definitely go into specifics, if any of you have questions! And while I am more of a silent member of the Boards, I am quite active in the chat room with the constant discussions about various 'hot-button topics' of League. I'm also good friends with a couple of the Boards team, so it would truly be my honor to work with them, as well as yourself, Tamat. I have a lot to learn as to how forum moderation/community-handling works! **Where do I get my news from?:** - Reddit - Boards (quite obviously) - Boards chatroom - Surrender @ 20 - Facebook **Comments: ** I look forward to hearing back from you, and thank you for this great opportunity! May this venture be ever so successful. ... and of course, the obligatory *Hail Hydra*.
: I am refering to a game I had recently. I could not use zhonyas while in the air no matter how frantically i clicked zhonyas. I did however turn into gold when the slam happened and ignored damage. Its weird because this video he was able to Zonnya. I can try to go back through replays to try and find it.
If you could find a replay, that would be amazing! I cannot visualize what you are saying here, so a video would be very helpful.
: The player can use the zhonya right as they land on the ground ignoring damage, but not while the knockup is in effect.
If you haven't already, watch the video carefully- it'll show the Zhonyas going into effect mid-air, not on the ground.
snelly12 (NA)
: Riot needs to decide if this is a bug or not so the community can settle down. Either it's a bug and it needs to be fixed. OR Zhonya's needs to have the ability to cancel all hard CC, not just Yasuo's ult.
Agreed, Snelly. It cannot simply just be a one-time sort of thing, if it occurs on one Hard CC, it should occur on all ways of Hard CC.
: I also saw this today. While I don't feel it warrants a remake of the game, (technically speaking this is a long enough standing bug that teams know about it and the potential) Here's my thread that details the bug with other examples. *Edit: My thread was deleted, this thread however has plenty of comments with the video links however. ------- This isn't solely on Yasuo, a long time a go when Cho'gath was a staple pick, it occurred with him several times in important fights in pro games. Several pro teams stopped running Cho'gath BECAUSE of the bug. Cho is probably the most prominent as he can both proc his own, and it's on his short CD abilities so it's likely to happen more often than others as they're intended to be chained together.
I used Yasuo as the center of my argument, but I will edit my thread to show that it can occur in some other cases when Airborne CC is nullified by Zhonyas. Thanks for the response!
Rioter Comments
: You make a some assumptions here for somethings. i also need like 2 days to break most of this down. I am not sure if things actually make sense. But this caught my eye on first pass through Example >Toggle-ably is what we wish Sunfire to be. Ok who is we? a group of your friends? Cause I am pertty sure unless you ran a poll saying players is going to far. For the rest of the idea. Why should it cost mana to burn? Some champs need sunfire to have any wave clear(any that do not build add) What happens to non mana champs? If you make it mana cost (like tear items) you are taking it away from shen, shy, and tanks with mana(mao/naut). So anything like this is a complete failure. There is to much info to break everything down. I will be back but this sunfire change popped out at me as a BIG issue. Hopefully you do not have more things like this.
The toggle-ability of sunfire cape is quite necessary now. The ability to push towers and immediately draw aggro under from turret is limited due to an enemy stepping too close? That's just ridiculous.
Daen (NA)
: +1. I very much disagree with the logic that moving causes problems, I actually feel like outright deleting threads is *significantly* worse. Edit: If the question "Why is there no 'Praise' emote?" doesn't belong in Miscellaneous, I have no idea where it should be. That seems like a weird deletion.
I support these statements. People should be able to express what they want without the risk of outright deletion if they, whether accidentally or on purpose, place their thread in the wrong section of the forum. And about that question, to me that would most certainly be something to fit in Miscellaneous.
: Some God please smite Dignitas...
Of course it's exploiting certain champions... every team comp exploits certain champions to create said team comp. That's just how the meta works, your strategy forms your team comp, and you try to execute your team comp with your strategy. Jinx's AS steroids give her extremely strong split push, and Nidalee's Lich Bane procs do the same. That's simply how the champions are... that's the way you play the champions, and as a professional player, these people will do whatever they need to (when they see an oppurtunity) to apply pressure and win the game.
: The game's already really good about identifying who's a smurf and who isn't. After 3 or 4 games the majority of players on my team were other smurfs. If it's so good at identifying smurfs there could also be a system that scales XP gains with wins.
>identifying who's a smurf and who isn't I don't really know if it's the game identifying the smurfs... I feel like that's just a coincidence. Maybe Riot could shed some light on that at some point in time, I'm not quite sure about that... >a system that scales XP gains with wins There's already a system that gives more XP for a win than a loss, that's standard. Are you proposing a win streak system?
SnowFall (NA)
: I mean if everyone sees question marks, riot do too, dont' they?
I would assume so, but I dunno for sure. Perhaps we are all a mystery... or perhaps we don't even exist! Is this real life? Is this a fantasy? Caught in a landslide... no escape from reality. 3spooky5me. But in all seriousness, Riot needs to get the response from the community about the issues that need to be fixed. Arma posting here just informs them / *reminds* them of this issue, and that it is something that needs to be worked on! Even if they can't see the question marks, it's still an issue that needs to be resolved! Hope this helps.
: Already having a lvl 30 account on NA, it takes far too long to get a level 30 account on LAN. While it may be relevant for new players to experience leveling up it is not relevant for players who already know how to play.
So what would you suggest? I'd love to hear your opinion on it, and maybe we can work out some sort of proposal from there. If you're talking about a way to bypass the levels if you are already experienced in the game? A system like that could be easily abused. Leveling is put in place to help new players, and new players only. Why? Because you're generally supposed to only have *one account*.
Qube132 (NA)
: Red Tracker suggestion : add a simple Boards filter
I quite like this. Very simple to navigate, and it will filter down to the exact topic that you would like it to be. This could be very useful...
: Stats on Lyte's Heavy Permaban Announcements?
I would put a guess in the 70% range. From what I've seen, and discussed with some other Rioters, it appears to be extremely successful in punishing those who deserve the punishment. A lot of thought and analysis goes in the the decision making for bans based off of report. Sure, there's a system that sorts the cases into "Yes- this needs to go further" or "No- this is just a troll report", but the actual ban decisions is made by the specific Riot team themselves based upon past games and experiences that the player had. I'll throw in a quick quote from Phreak here about nonsensical reports / game anomalies here. >One thing I really gotta tell you is to not worry about frivolous reports. There's a few things to keep in mind: >1. People who abuse reports, their reports become meaningless. So anyone who's abusing the report system is basically not abusing the report system. So you truly don't have to worry about abusers putting you in the tribunal, or up for restrictions. If this is your primary concern, do whatever you can to push that out of your mind. I've looked up my report history and had a bunch of bogus reports for things like "Didn't build a Trinity Force" and "Is impersonating a Rioter" and I have never ended up in the Tribunal, with Chat Restrictions, etc. And I know I lose my temper sometimes, so I have real reports in there, too. >But again, all I can do is just keep restating point #1. Fake reports aren't going to get you. So there's a pretty damn high chance that you won't get permabanned randomly for just having one or two bad games... but if it is a consistent trend, then you sure as hell deserve it. Lyte also throws in a quick bit about previous Tribunal stats in one of his responses: >For the majority of players (74%), the first warning in the Tribunal was enough for them to improve their behaviors. In fact, with warnings + chat restrictions, that number goes up to 75-77% in many servers. >More % of players improve their behaviors after the next tier ban, but at the end of the day, we see about 1-3% of players refuse to reform regardless of the consequences. Systems like the one here try to identify those players, and immediately escalate their bans to the highest tiers. We've seen that players who tend to be consistently severe in their behaviors tend to never reform, which is why we built a machine learning approach to try to identify these patterns. >In general, we'll always focus on reform. It works for the vast majority of players that ever see a punishment system; however, by giving the worst 1-3% so many chances, we're actually letting them ruin a lot more games and players' experiences and that's something we want to try to reduce. So the previous system from Riot had to have been doing SOMETHING right, so I assume this one will be pretty effective. Sort of a trial-and-error thing, Morgan would quite proud I think! However, there's always the chance that people won't change and in these cases, the permas should be handed out. One last point to make here, just gonna throw in my last quote from Lyte: >No systems are perfect so obviously there will be false positives. In fact, even when every single case is reviewed by a human being, there are still errors sometimes. As people get tired they might miss something, or they might click the wrong buttons in the interface. However, every time we see a request on social media, we'll commit to being transparent. So hopefully, it will have a positive overall impact to the game by removing the negative side of the community and keeping the community in check! Though it isn't a permanent feature at the moment, I strongly believe that the results of the test will be enough to implement it as a permanent feature. However, the function should be better and more universally announce, as well as have an easier route of access for players to see the chat logs / reasons that caused them to receive the ban. Riot has a long way to go with this system, but I believe it will only improve the game that League of Legends has become.
: So many people don't care about winning when leveling accounts.
*Tl;dr It gives you a way to gain experience and a goal to strive for.* The issue there is that people have multiple accounts, and already have experience at playing the game / understanding the game. Those people don't feel the same stress of winning, and are simply playing to rush their accounts to level 30. Having those early levels gives experience to *new players* before they dive into ranked games once hitting level 30 (emphasis on new players; after completing the tutorials, the new players are simply set out into Summoner's Rift, and still do not understand all the basics of the game- League is an ever evolving learning process, and each day brings new and unique experiences. No two players are the same. While I understand your mentality as to how leveling is worthless, think about it this way. Say you just started the game, and you are allowed to play ranked... so you decide to immediately dive in (we all know at least one person like this) instead of practicing and preparing for the games that matter... and you're in queue, and arrive in a game with people that have played for two years and are in, say, Silver. You will, quite simply, be weighing your team down with your inexperience. Just imagine how people will rage when they find you just joined the game! In a way, it's also here to weed out the players who aren't committed to the game and becoming a better player overall. I am certain that most of the people that join league are playing to get somewhere with their account and achieve something, like place high on the ranked ladder. This reason, however, is not as central as the other one I listed above. Going through 30 levels is not easy... but it takes a certain level of commitment, and once you reach it, you gain a certain pride (I have experienced this myself, and I can assure you that it is quite magnificent). There's always something left to strive for, something more you can get, something else you can do. You just have to seize your opportunities and play the game like you want it to be played, and play it to the best of your abilities! Good luck on the Fields of Justice! If you have any other questions about my points, or about anything in general, reply here or add me in game! Cheers, Otter.
12tales (NA)
: Looking Back on 4.11
You bring up some excellent points. This post is quite spot on in most aspects, and I'm glad you've created this post. I'd like to touch on a few points that you've discussed here, and perhaps Phreak can grace us with his presence on the viability of SotAG and its presence (or in this case, lack thereof) in the meta/esports. > Remake of the Hunter's Machete and SotAG intended to bring scaling, tanky junglers back into viability This was certainly the goal Riot was hoping to achieve with the changes, but you really hit the nail on the head with the reason it isn't being played with this quote: >The change largely shifted the meta even further towards high damage, early game champions And there it is, right there. Currently, the way the game is being played, tank junglers simply aren't viable anymore due to the need to pressure early game. The esports scene dislikes dragging things into late game because of the equality of skill levels of players, and the fact that everyone will be full build and have equal chances, in which case it will come down to the team comp and execution of plays to finish the game. It is undeniable that early game junglers have the opportunity to change the course of the game during the first parts of the game, and this fact means that tank junglers, in their early levels, do not have the appropriate pressure to match, say, an Elise or Lee Sin. This is largely due to the mentality that early game pressure will result in the snowballing of the game. I honestly believe that SotAG needs to have a more unique "personalty" of sorts, something that defines it as a tank item *and* allows it to give early game pressure either during ganks (perhaps an aura?) Its current role in the meta is nonexistent, due to what you said in the quote, and I do not foresee it playing a major role in esports any time soon, unless it experiences some major changes that allow it to fill the holes it currently has, those being lack of early game pressure and inability to scale into late game. ~INCOMPLETE POST: HAVE TO GO DO SOMETHING FOR AN HOUR, SO I WILL BE BACK TO DISCUSS MORE POINTS LIKE THE ROLE OF MELEE ADs IN THE META~ Big patch changing 40 champions apparently coming up, from what I heard... you'll have your work cut out for you. :P
Nazzadan (NA)
: Regarding Meddler's recent post about Nocturne's current state
*This is a long post, I've added a tl;dr at the end to sum up my statements! Otherwise, feel free to read all of this lovely, lengthy essay.* To be fair, the Red Tracker function allows you to see for yourself what the Rioter has posted. Simply click on the big box containing the thread name, instead of clicking on the thread name, and you'll see what the Rioter has posted. This can help you decide whether the thread is relevant to what you are looking for or not. I feel that differentiating the "good" Riot posts from the "troll" ones (troll, of course, being a very subjective word) simply is not as viable as you think. A filter for red posts that "actually matter"- what matters to one may not matter to another. What we have currently works well, I feel, and even gives you an opportunity to see what you are diving into before you click into the thread. And about your champion rework bit: Riot has priorities already. There are things on the way, things that the community is not exposed to yet because Riot is simply not ready to show us. Surely, you would understand what the community reaction would be if Riot teased us something then didn't do it for another X days/months/years (*cough cough* East Coast servers/events *cough cough*). If we know it's coming, we'll become more and more irritated with the more time we have to wait for it. Riot has also changed their focus to quality over quantity (I discussed this in length with Griftrix) because of the overflow (again, a subjective viewpoint- I say overflow because there are 100+ choices to select now) of current champs we have. So it's not that Riot is neglecting the community or anything, they are trying to get the highest quality product out: and this, unfortunately, does not mean a short amount of time. I wish I could promise you that changes are coming soon, but I can't. But what I can promise you is that Riot has worked hard, and is doing what is necessary to produce a high quality product that will hopefully please the community. Unfortunately, there are other current priorities like bug fixes, champion balances (this one is especially key because certain champions are *definitely* OP and require fixes as fast as possible), skin creation to balance out the number of skins per champion as well as fit in with upcoming events, forums (we're on Community Beta, beta being the key word here. *Boards* will be out sometime, and Riot wants to fine tune this as well so they can have a better way for a community to interact with itself and Riot as well), and several other things. While your opinion is certainly important, your sole voice will not make it a priority for Riot. They make choices based on statistics and risk analysis (most of the time), which guarantees a better product (most of the time). However, your opinion as part of the community is *very important* and should be treated as such. You certainly should not be afraid to voice your concerns, but as a company, Riot has a reputation to uphold, and this reputation is created by the quality of the product they release. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it helps clear up some of the mindsets that Riot has (I don't officially speak for Riot, as I am not an employee, but I hope my post is mostly on point and clears up a few of the issues you mentioned.) Cheers, Otter. Tl;dr Red filter within the red tracker= not so viable, Riot already has priorities and do what they need to to enforce quality over quantity.
: Possibly, I don't know what they know so it's good form in a Beta to report and and all bugs. The icons have been a pain point for a little while with riot fists rendering behind everyone's icons since the update to the look. I can imagine this is just them fixing that, but again, I don't know so bug report :)
What Arma said. The key to any boards/forum is the interaction between the community and the company itself. Reporting any and all bugs helps the head honchos keep the board in check and make sure it runs as smoothly and properly as it is designed to do. *ESPECIALLY* since this forum method is in beta.
: Who are these people in the new Ezreal skin splash...
Looks like an upscale place,and they seem to be having a nice drink... possibly romantic? My guess is Debonair Jayce and Heartseeker Ashe.
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C3Sound (NA)
: Hey all, let me know what you think of his audio - I'll be around listening for feedback on the forums during his PBE.
Listening around... I see what you did there. ;D
: Pfft...NA Challengers means Korean Bronze...Where is Faker?!
SKT T1 on tilt... why would you want Faker right now? :P
LilAggy (NA)
: I was really hoping to see Jatt in this :c
Everyone voted for Toyz, and I guess the NA and EU hoping for Jatt wasn't enough to outvote the Asian player base! I'm still looking forward to seeing Misaya and Toyz though!
Arjuna (NA)
: ***
C9 can't play in All-Stars for these specific teams, because they are already in the tournament for full teams. The winning teams of the actual splits fight each other for the title of the best team in the world, which- let's face it, it will most likely be a Korean or Chinese team.


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