: Maokai is Underwhelming
Maokai was a victim of many nerfs when he was top tier top laner a few seasons ago. They actually changed his ultimate (used to be a damage mitigation ultimate) some years ago which...didn't really help. Ultimately, most tanks are struggling right now, they need their items to actually be tanks, and poor Maokai is a victim of that. Which is a shame, I really miss jungling with him, but I guess I'm still stuck in S2.
: what is your favourite skin line?
I wish I could vote for two, but for me its Pool Party and Star Guardian. Those are both skin lines that I feel like I can say I like every single skin for. Star Guardian just edges out Pool Party, just because I play the majority of the Champions with skins.
: i wouldn't really consider this as a skin line considering as there are only 2 skins available. i would consider something a skin line if they have 6 or more skins involved
I feel like two skins makes it a skin line. 6 seems like a lot. There was a time when some of these skin lines were 5 or less and still considered skin lines.
: > A similar hood... Basic hoods tend to look similar. With the exception of those like on Blood Moon Jhin & Twisted Fate - since they're close-fitting - of course PROJECT: Irelia's hood is going to look similar to Xayah's hood, just like it looks similar to Ashe's hood. Besides, it's not like hoods are anyone's trademark appearance, or that some Champions who don't presently have hoods _can't_ have hoods. Xayah has Sweetheart and SSG skins, which don't feature a hood, so clearly it's not something particularly pivotal to her character silhouette. > ...purple/pink colors... Likewise, color schemes aren't exclusive to any Champion. Xayah's default skin may have dark-purple/pink colors, but that doesn't mean that her colors will all exclusively be the same purple and pink combo. And in a similar vein, the PROJECT: skinline is pretty widely open to both dark, muted colors (like the purple of Irelia's bodysuit) and bright neon colors (blades, armor bits, etc.). And very few Champions actually carry the same/similar color palettes into PROJECT - Ashe, Zed, and Leona being notable for doing so. > ...and a cape with feather like stuff on it... The cape loosely fits Irelia's silhouette due to her long, flowing hair. It's thigh-length at most, and it's pretty uniform across her back - and there's not really any "feather-like stuff" to it. It's 3~ lengths of synthetic cloth, compared to Xayah's cloak of feathers, which tapers off to one side and goes down to around her feet, as well as covers a majority of her figure in silhouette. > ...is enough for me to make this comparison. Xayah has a more slight, thinner figure than Irelia. Irelia has shoulder pieces, whereas Xayah has her cloak collar and one shoulder ornament. Irelia has an elegant face, whereas Xayah's is shorter and younger. These are all points of comparison that make it difficult to really see how you could misconstrue this for Xayah. It gets much harder when you look at the full splash art, where you can see Irelia's blades - not to mention, the pose doesn't look like something Xayah would do. And this is all ignoring the fact that Irelia was visibly shown in the [PROJECT: Reckoning](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg6lffteZ-w) trailer.
Yeah, I was about to mention their faces. Xayah has a round nose and rounder face, Irelia's features are longer.
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=q56Qb5ay,comment-id=000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2019-07-19T23:24:46.379+0000) > > ...You know that just has to do with her magical abilities right? "Stones" has a non-gonad-related connotation. This is in no way a confirmation. Are you the guy who told the kids there isn't a santa? LET ME BE IMMATURE AND HAPPY
Santa IS real. So is the definition of stones that Taliyah uses when she speaks of them.
: I'd say Jhin is actually a lot sadder but he just has an optimistic/twisted way of looking at things. He's also a psychopath so any emotions he does feel are likely shallow and fleeting. * He's self-conscious about his appearance and hates how he looks, probably because he fits society's standards of "perfection." He essentially self-depreciates himself on a daily basis because, by his standards, he looks ugly. * No one understands him. They call him a monster, a demon, and he doesn't like this. However, his entire way of looking at this is "they'll understand eventually," which basically means "I'm going to kill them and make them understand." * He's probably confused as fuck, at least in the current lore. I mean, he was in prison for at least a decade, and during that time, his nation was ravaged by a war. He had no idea what a gun was or how it worked(this is mostly because his nation had no guns before the invasion). He's also being sent all over hell and creation by the cabal to places he's never been before, which can be a bit jarring for anyone, especially considering the drastic change in environments. * Speaking of the cabal, he has no real free will anymore. Granted he still kills whoever he wants(he kills in 4s so he's likely killing normal people along with his target(s)), but for the most part, the cabal controls where he goes, and what he does. He does not like this, but if he defies the cabal, he risks going back to prison or possibly death, which is not what he wants(his main goal is getting back to the Blossom Festival and killing Zed and Shen).
C'mon, Jhin, aren't you an artist? I feel like the most creative things come out of limitation. Tell him to get his butt into gear.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: How sad is your champion (professional, scientific, objectively true)?
Emotions can be pretty subjective, but I like prattling on endlessly over this type of stuff, so allow me to indulge. Feel free to respond, or ignore this ridiculous wall of text that I spent way too much time on. {{champion:32}} The saddest of sad bois {{item:3070}} {{champion:81}} Pretty sure Ezreal's parents are dead and the guy isn't sad only because he's in complete denial about this. This alone should give him at least a 2/10, in my opinion. Unless awareness is part of the sadness rating. His parents are still missing in his mind. {{champion:105}} The city he formerly lived in was massacred by sea monsters. Feel like he shouldn't have a 0 {{champion:41}} He didn't fail Illaoi's test, he passed, or else he would have died. {{champion:104}} Would his sadness go down now that he's made up with TF in the events of "Burning Tides"? {{champion:74}} I'll admit Heimerdinger isn't really that sad, but being logical doesn't mean you don't have emotions, right? Struggling with feeling emotions is more of Orianna's thing. {{champion:427}} I'm sure he also has the capacity to feel sad when wild places he visits get destroyed, for example. You're right that he's generally upbeat though. {{champion:202}} I see what you did there.... {{champion:30}} I would say acceptance of death is generally a good thing. Karthus maybe took it a bit too far though...but he's fine with that, it seems. {{champion:38}} I feel like Kassadin would be higher, like a 7 or 8. He is driven by regret and loss. What exactly constitutes getting an 8 or a 9? {{champion:203}} Someone else in this thread mentioned Wolf feels sadness. Seems like Lamb either doesn't feel or has trouble feeling emotions, because she asks Wolf what it feels like to be sad. {{champion:64}} Lee got banished for misusing his powers and being arrogant. Sure, he came back and is probably more stable now, but I think the backstory should at least give him a 2 or 3. {{champion:127}} Who knows now with her confused characterization? Before her most recent bio update I would say she is pretty much not sad because of her belief in her purpose, serving the Watchers. But now, since her motivation is so unclear, I don't know. {{champion:11}} Being Wukong's teacher doesn't help? Wouldn't that mean he is passing on his teachings and make him somewhat glad? If it doesn't help, why is his sadness only 4? {{champion:61}} Someone else already pointed this out, but she left her father because she felt she wasn't the same girl anymore. So she doesn't even have him anymore. {{champion:497}} In their combo color story, both he and Xayah mourn for a character that dies during the story. I think Rakan has some kind of base sadness for the plight of Vastaya in general, as it is a cause that Xayah spearheads, but Rakan is fighting for as well. {{champion:98}} While calm, I doubt Shen is completely unaffected by regret. He just handled it much differently (arguably better) than Zed. {{champion:102}} ~~I agree~~ {{champion:72}} I feel like sadness is kind of his thing. I'd personally put him much higher, like an 8 or 9. There's no way he's lower than someone like Syndra, who I feel is more driven by anger than Skarner is. {{champion:44}} Taric protects beauty. I'm sure he'd be devastated if he failed to protect anything he felt was beautiful. In fact, in his bio he's very sad that he failed the Demacian troops he was leading (they all died) and as he is being tested to be an Aspect, he is sad at all the beautiful things shown to be lost in the world. Its not his default mood, but he can definitely be pretty dang sad. {{champion:8}} I'm not sure I understand your reasoning with this one. Vladimir struck me as someone who kind of delights in his immortality. Not saying he's a 0 by any means but a 10? I don't think so. {{champion:498}} I think she falls into your category of "puts on a strong face". I don't agree with her ideology, so I find it hard to sympathize with her. Still, we know from Rakan's color story that she holds in emotion until she allows herself to be vulnerable around him only. {{champion:350}} I think she's upset that her master is missing. I'd give her a 1 for that. Still a cat though. {{champion:154}} He can feel the emotions of others, the good and the bad. He's also technically an orphan. I'd say he's at least a little sad. {{champion:115}} I think he's a little sad that he and Heimerdinger parted ways. Maybe we need to do anger next. Get all the mad bois up there.
: Wolf gets sad too. Lamb: "Are you there, dear Wolf?" Wolf: "I am, little Lamb." Lamb: "Are you sad?" Wolf: "I am." Lamb: "What does it feel like?" Wolf: "A long hunt with no kill."
Yeah, I was gonna say that I thought Wolf was the emotional one, Lamb isn't. That's why Lamb asks him "What does it feel like?" She doesn't feel emotions.
: > [{quoted}](name=LordRedStone Nr1,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=q56Qb5ay,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-19T15:49:52.056+0000) > > Nope. > > 1. You're getting your numbers mixed up, she's stated 16, not 14 by at least four different rioters. Check her Q&A, you'll find 16 multiple times and an "as old as Ekko" who's estimated to be 16/17 as well. > 2. She's 23 now, confirmed by Scathlocke on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/LaurieGoulding/status/1145741861832626185). > _Based on current understandings of the timeline and lore, as of "now" Taliyah is 23. This means she was only 16 when she abandoned the Noxian military in Ionia._ > y'know 16 isnt really any better than 14.. maybe I'm just old enough to not see a difference anymore but 16 is still too young > Her stories take about two years of her life, and since she was 16 at the start, she's 18 at the end (which we now know is 5 years ago.) > > Also nope on the second part, that never was canon. > [Edit: Format] They confirmed it was only withheld because of controversy in russia, all of her voice lines elude to having stones...
> [{quoted}](name=Hammermancer,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=q56Qb5ay,comment-id=00000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-07-19T15:57:02.086+0000) > > all of her voice lines elude to having stones... ...You know that just has to do with her magical abilities right? "Stones" has a non-gonad-related connotation. This is in no way a confirmation.
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=JEt2EE0y,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-18T22:46:55.207+0000) > > I saw this on S@20 (who I believe got it from reddit) for context on his face: > > https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93a4af66581b5a65129b85ab4aa22f4519a711839cf89ea8b0997556ae322446.jpg?w=800&h=367 >Showing his face at all tied to the lore Atreus coming back confirmed????
Maybe! I'm hoping so personally, I was really invested in Atreus's part in the bio (which was most of it...)
: Yeah but I'm talking about how it looks in-game on his current model on the PBE. Like, his face is on his _shoulders_. Its so fucked and its so hilarious let terrifying.
Yeah that's true, its even more messed up. Clearly not supposed to be on that model _at all_.
: Pronunciation and how to do it.
These days, it feels like they have Champions say place names and proper names more often, which helps a lot. These days, we have a firm pronunciation for most Champions, if you know where to look. Xayah and Rakan say each others' names a lot. Rakan is pretty much how you'd expect (Ra-kan, emphasis on the 'kan') and Xayah is pronounced with a 'z' sound (Zai-uh). They are one obvious example. Another interesting example is in story form. Veigar is pretty much the only pronunciation I know from his color story [The True and Ghastly Tale of the Beast of Boleham Tower](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/veigar-color-story/). In it, he corrects someone saying his name (“It’s Vay-gar! Veigar!”) which is both very in-character for the indignant little guy and also very helpful for us, since I've heard people pronounce it "Va-gar". It would be nice if we had a pronunciation guide, but Riot has been better about including pronunciations in the Champion VOs.
EdgeLady (NA)
: To note: X in the Ixtal language is used how it is in some Native American languages, to represent the "-sh-" sound (used with a long S in the IPA). However, as one can hear in Qiyana's voicelines, it's pronounced a bit differently than the typically-seen English, French and Italian pronunciations of the sound. I'm not an expert phonologist, but I believe the tongue is a bit flatter when pronouncing the sound, and I think it's pronounced more similarly to how the sound is pronounced in some Slavic or East Asian languages. I've already seen people instantly claiming it's "Ikstal" and "Iksaokan" or "Iztal" and "Izaokan" instead of the former (which shows pronunciation as "Ishtal" and "Ishaokan"). Also, I fully support this idea. I'm a linguist and I'd love to see Runeterra's fictional languages get fully developed and shown to players.
I always thought it was supposed to be pronounced "sh" since that's how Mesoamerican languages like the Maya language pronounce 'x', and Ixtal is very obviously based on Mesoamerican cultures. The Mayan word "xoc" eventually became the modern English word "shark", so you can kind of see the pronunciation there.
: League isn't supposed to be a horror game. What the fuck, Riot? Why would you put that in? That shit is terrifying. I mean the potential teaser is cool and all, but sweet Jesus.
Texture layouts always look kind of scary. I think its the face being all stretched out or something.
: Dragonslayer Pantheon Chroma Texture Update (Pantheon VGU?)
I saw this on S@20 (who I believe got it from reddit) for context on his face: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93a4af66581b5a65129b85ab4aa22f4519a711839cf89ea8b0997556ae322446.jpg?w=800&h=367
Pika Fox (NA)
: This isnt a data or security breach, LoL is not a bank. Youre comparing apples and oranges. Even then, you dont fire someone for simply making a patch with a security error, else youd have to fire LITERALLY EVERY PROGRAMMER YOU EVER HIRE. No matter what you do, there will always be a back door, as it needs to be accessible and convenient in the first place. You have exactly ZERO evidence anyone did their job wrong. Terminating an employee without proof of error will not work in your favor unless you give them a big severance package and they agree.
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't bugs just kind of always going to slip through the cracks? Feels like every piece of programming I've ever encountered has some kind of oversight, however small or large. These don't even necessarily have to do with bad coding or anything, some things are just so big, something is bound to slip past their notice. That's why updates constantly happen to most programs these days, to constantly improve functionality, security, etc. iOS and Windows aren't just updating for fun. I'm sure it depends on the situation, but I don't think a whole team should be fired for most bugs, especially not something as harmless as this, where people can still play the game no problem. Old death recap was garbage, its not like we lost anything important. They'll fix it eventually.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KewEG7M7,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2019-07-18T15:45:25.071+0000) > > No its 9. > limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud, and treachery. but game of thrones duuuuuudeeeee
The nine hells come from classical literature, the "Hell" portion (called "Inferno") of Divine Comedy, a poem by a guy called Dante. Its quite an interesting read with a lot of good imagery. He also puts people he doesn't like or who have wronged him in hell, which is pretty funny.
ChunLii (NA)
: 3/4 ships I listed was teased by a rioter or group of rioters. Only the Jayce/Viktor wasn't teased by a rioter (as far as I'm aware) but is more popular in fandom so they are well aware of those ships.
Can you show me where a Rioter teased them? And were they a part of the narrative team? I think most Rioters are aware of the most popular ships and often reference them, but I don't think they are always serious. All of the pairs you listed are also Champions that just have some kind of relationship in the lore, not necessarily romantic. Of course any future stories teased are going to involve the other in some capacity.
Peardix (NA)
: Whats your favorite story?
I really liked The Whispering Doodad. I do wish there was a bit more world-building in it, but we got some excellent characterization for all involved. And very fun, kooky fight. In particular, I feel like they nailed Lulu perfectly.
ChunLii (NA)
: Aside, from Varus as LGTBQ+ representation, here are some other champions that could serve.
Most of your suggestions feel too fanservice-y rather than actual legitimate candidates. Half of your suggestions are enemies or former enemies. I feel like that would reflect poorly on LGBT+ relationships rather than be good representation. These are popular ships, rather than legitimate suggestions with any story beats or reason backing them up. I know that characters don't need a strict "reason" to be gay, but I think injecting romance into any of these stories, gay or straight, would be detrimental and/or pandering, rather than natural story beats. Most Champions aren't involved in romantic relationships, so its entirely possible that some of them ARE LGBT+ but its not relevant to their story, so it isn't mentioned. I think stories can be just as strong with platonic relationships anyways. People can just be close friends, too. Also Neeko was confirmed to be more attracted to girls than guys. She's probably the most organic representation we have. Doesn't feel tacked on to an existing Champ, she just is attracted more to women.
: I just loved on how in the Awaken video, Sion was invading Ionia all alone without Kled or Talon or anyone. It just seems a little bid odd that the Noxians would in the future invade Ionia only with Sion present.
It IS kinda funny. But I feel like this is kind of what he was used for back when Boram Darkwill was in charge? I don't know if Noxus expected such resistance in the form of Irelia and co, but then, you'd think Swain (a master strategist) would have though of this. The tweet concerning the scene said "Noxus has launched a second smaller incursion into Ionia. Irelia desperately signals for help and rushes out to meet the threat, unsure if her allies will answer the call." So maybe this is just testing the waters? Just makes me want to get to these scenes in story form even more.
: The fact that there are more male gamers in general should make this a moot point really. Honestly they make prestigious skins for popular champs, otherwise they won't make money. It's not that difficult a concept.
Yeah, they are popular because players play them and buy their skins. Its not some kind of sexist conspiracy like OP seems to think.
arowin242 (EUW)
: they actually already finished a story: {{champion:92}} and {{champion:157}} these 2 have settled their respective problem with eachother and have gone on to live on. (riven was allowed to live within Ionia, yasuo was cleared of his crime's and also allowed to live in Ionia again.) effectively, these 2 stories have already come to an conclusion, and are furthermore just side characters, unless they add a new chapter to their stories where they are both main characters. That's all
I feel like this is just the first chapter in their stories, much like MF and Gangplank's Burning Tides was conclusive and its own contained story, but has setup for future parts. Riot said the scenes in the Awaken video are all things that will eventually happen, but have not yet. I guess Riven eventually finds her way back to Noxus and is sent for execution. Yasuo is also in the video, answering Irelia's call to action against Sion and Noxian forces. I'm glad they have a satisfying conclusion, but its also nice that they have things to do in future stories.
Larriet (NA)
: There 100% are finished stories that just haven't been released because they haven't had a good opportunity, given that they don't usually release things unless they can do a bunch of related stuff at once.
They've been trying a little bit more to release lore continuously, with things like the "lore patch notes". But it just isn't enough. We don't _need_ some big in-game event, the lore itself can be the event. It doesn't have to come out with a new Champ or a rework; it would be nice if it did, but I think they are just wasting good lore on just not releasing it. The Lux comic has been coming out. Why not release a few tangentially related Demacian stories: Shyvana was alluded to, why not release a story about her and J4, or maybe something completely unrelated like a Quinn story? No need to limit releases so much, I think it would be better to release things a bit more regularly...and have some of those things not be bio updates and other retcons. Well, here's hoping we get some follow-up Targon lore with Pantheon at least. That has potential to be good.
: There is also the difficulty and number of changes needed. For some champions, you alter a particle effect, and that is it, For others, it's not only particles, but actual objects and textures Take Jinx vs Taliyah Jinx has, bullets, traps, and a rocket Taliyah has, Her passive, her thrown rocks, her tilled earth, her push up, her rock mines, and of course, a wall that actually has to look good. I mean, popularity is also a big thing, but there is definitely a scale of work to profit as well. And it sucks, really does, but that is how it'll work Even if I'd vote at least one in a bunch was an old / lack of skins champion just to compensate the sixteenth Annie/Ahri/Kai'Sai/Jinx etc.
Yeah, like Zyra for example has additional model work for her plants. Same with Yorick. Some Champions are just harder to make skins for. Some Champions are just older, like Annie, so naturally they have more skins because they've been around for a while. Some Champions just work with more skin concepts. If I had to guess, I'd say this is why we don't have an Ornn skin yet, as he doesn't easily fit in many of the popular skinlines and probably needs his own concept developed for him (something like Elderwood might fit him better). A more basic mage Champion is going to fit more skinlines, visually and thematically.
: Some Pantheon Questions For Riot
1. I don't think they will do this, but it is an interesting possibility. I would be sad if they glossed over Atreus's story, because I was very invested in Atreus's journey in Pantheon's bio. 2. Seems like they will make him more "starry" to match with the Targonian aesthetic/theme. I expect him to retain some Spartan-like elements, though, as that is very iconic for Pantheon. I'm sure one of his skins will be even more Spartan-y, like Myrimidon or Perseus (man, he has a lot of Greco-Roman themed skins, doesn't he? Even Ruthless and Glaive Warrior are Roman-esque. Interested to see where they will take those. Ruthless is such a weird skin name...) 3. There will surely be some reference to his desire to be a baker. Maybe this will be one Atreus's desires! At the very least, he has his Baker skin, so the reference to baking won't go away entirely. Looking forward to his big reveal.
: The un-continued story threads is one of Riot's biggest sins with its lore. I remember there was a red post saying they knew how the War of Three Sisters was going to end a few years ago and the War of Three Sisters started in 2013... The lack of progression is infuriating. We have a MONTHLY comic series for Lux ongoing right now... meanwhile 140+ other champs get fuckall while the Lux comic is ongoing. It's baffling to me just how barebones League's lore after the Great Retcon 6 years later and their release rate of new lore content is slow as hell. I don't know what Riot has planned in their concept boards and drawing rooms but what they've produced so far is honestly not sufficient for the scale of the game, and the story. Oneshot color stories where nameless redshirts and nobody secondary characters die or get their come-uppance is not satisfactory. They have over 140+ champions and Jinx, who is one of their flagship champs in terms of skins, has 1 oneshot comic and 1 music video on top of some color stories. And it's sad to know she'd probably be considered a champ who has **above average** lore dedicated to her compared to other champs.
It sometimes feels like they don't realize how little is actually given to the public. They probably know internally where a lot of their stories are going and how they are going to end, maybe even have a few things written up...but I think sometimes, when you are wrapped up in the excitement of planning a story, you forget that none of this stuff is available to fans yet, so while you (the writer) are excitedly progressing, your readers/players are in lore limbo.
: It's about time Riot started progressing with the lore.... I think it is safe to say we have more than enough _**backstory**_ on the lore. I want to see champions crossing paths, the politics progressing, even people **_dying._** As cool as it is to drop lore bombs relating to the past, those bombs only last so long until it really doesn't matter.
They did great with Bilgewater, but its has been awhile. More of that please. I'm really hoping these comics will start something for one of these regions. Probably not, but maybe it is valuable setup for the next part of one of these stories.
: But what if you're wrong, and if Vi's real sister is an unreleased character? Misdirection is a bitch sometimes yknow?
Even twists need setup. A second reading/viewing of a twist ending should reveal the hints that you were missing all along. There's a fine line between ass-pull and too obvious of a twist, and its the writer's job to find the in-between
: Psst, Riot: WE GET IT.
I don't really mind these references; since we don't get new lines for Champs all that often, more hints now will mean nice shout outs later. Swain referenced Kai'Sa just before her release to Kassadin: what was a nice hint at the time is now a cool reference to other characters now that our understanding of the story has (ever so slightly) progressed. But I agree that progression is long overdue. Still, I look forward to it. They constantly reference Garen and Katarina, but I look forward to seeing how these two even meet now, how they form even a neutral, non-hostile relationship. There are many story avenues this could head towards, and with both characters set up to go through arcs (especially Garen, who may be trying to become a more accepting, open-minded person in the wake of Lux's character arc(s)). They could be potential catalysts for each other's arcs, which would be cool.
: Thighs have gone wild
Its possible that it happens in her base skin. Does anyone know? Feel like this isn't something you would even notice unless you are scrutinizing. In-game, it is good enough not to notice. Would be nice if they cleaned it up a bit though.
Bòragar (NA)
: yea but with more males than females playing by far and im sure males main female champions, im sure the stats are high, but im not sure about higher maining male champs ( i dont pretend to know the answer to that). but to say that guys buy the skins more is simply because of ratio of male to female players. id like to see a ratio of male to female skin purchasing with proportion to total players of that gender. i have a feeling the females would be higher. i could be wrong and would accept the answer either way, but the curiosity is very high
My point is, these Champions are made popular by men, and the men are buying these skins. Therefore, the fact that most of the prestigious skins are for female Champions is not a case of sexism, because these skins are for men as much as they are for women. Plus, it depends on the Champion. I think a Champion like Riven for example would show that the ratio you are interested in would show men buy more skins for her than women do.
Bòragar (NA)
: im not saying i dont play female champions, or that i dont because im male. im just saying patterns and repetitions show statistically.
I think you would be surprised by actual statistics. Ahri is a Champion that receives a lot of skins and is very popular. Its not her female players that are making her that popular.
Bòragar (NA)
: females maining champions that are not females it not a super common thing.
Maybe not (I'm skeptical, but maybe not), but males maining female Champions are incredibly common. More common than perhaps females even playing this game in the first place. The guys are the ones making Riot money off of these female skins, not girls (in general; obviously women are buying skins, too, but not nearly in the quantity of men).
: > [{quoted}](name=łnśane RBF,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sMItyzbW,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-07-16T13:49:53.637+0000) > > They do have antagonists.....Dark Star skinline No, not really. Dark Star is the antagonist of the Cosmic Defender/Reaver skin line.
I don't know why people constantly get this mixed up. I guess its the names. We already know what the "alien threat" looks like somewhat, they have this greenish hue, like the enemies in the Star Guardian mode. I think the darker neon would contrast better with the bright pastels of Star Guardian.
: I wish. She only uses her passive for the mana to heal/shield more. lol
Yes but its contradictory to "she only just stays on a guy and heals him". She cannot both stay on a guy forever AND proc her passive. Both of these statements cannot be true at the same time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QqeVbf1d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-15T19:28:50.342+0000) > > Lamest skin Ths is, Gragas eqs, a skin so bad I don't think I've ever seen it in game. http://www.leagueoflegendsskins.com/images/champions/splash/Gragas_4.jpg
Like rubberduckie said, not really a fair comparison. Plus, this skin has a theme in mind and executes on it well. "What if Gragas were a posh drinker instead?" Gragas Esq has wine effects instead of the usual beer and the design of the suit itself executes on the what-if question perfectly. They even thought to braid his beard and give him a cigar. This skin is no slouch considering its age. I personally think its Gragas's best skin mainly because of its excellent theme execution (also, I mean, I like beer, but I like wine, too).
: Rioter themselves stated that she is supposed to be chaotic neutral. She doesn't go out of her way to kill someone, she wants to have fun. So if it turns out that people are getting too close to a bunch of rockets she is going to blow up for fun, then so be it. But she won't get out of her way and aim these rockets specifically at people. She is careless, not malicious.
> She is careless, not malicious. Really good summary of Jinx's morality. I'm keeping this in mind for the next Jinx discussion I encounter ;)
: I don't think her personality even fits the PROJECT: motif. Her character outside of Star Guardian is so Chaotic Neutral. All she wants to do is blow shit up and laugh. She has nothing to gain or to lose being a part PROJECT. Everyone else has some kind of purpose for being PROJECT, gathering memories, taking down PROJECT, realizing their still human, surviving. There's still destruction to be had, it's just with Jinx there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason. Besides wasn't SG Jinx the one who says, "Star Guardians Rule, PROJECT drools?" Like bro, do you even play you're own game?
If they wanted to go the cyberpunk aesthetic for her, which does feel like a decent fit, I think expanding the Cyberpop line would have worked better for Jinx. Of course, Cyberpop isn't a line that gets events yet (if it ever is) so I guess that was never going to be a consideration and they were only thinking "who do we want for PROJECT?" not "What skin do we want for Jinx?" SG only worked because it was legendary, they had the lines to adjust her personality slightly to be a mostly good wild card character.
Bòragar (NA)
: looking in a mirror? jokes aside, i dont know many male maining female players. outliers are sure to pop up, but thats how statistics work.
This is not an outlier thing. This is just as common as girls maining girl Champions. Perhaps even more so, particular since the majority of League players (so the majority of people paying money for these skins) are male.
: PROJECT: Jinx - Feedback
Yeah, the lack of neon and the relative brightness of the splash compared to other PROJECT skins is really killing this skin's aesthetic. I think the hair style is one of the few things that actually works, though: its very punk, which both goes with Jinx's typical aesthetic and the cyberPUNK aesthetic of PROJECT. I don't think it has to be pink though, I think a cooler blue or purple to fit better with the rest of the palette would be better and less jarring. Again, it better suits the "themed colors" thing PROJECT has going on. I didn't even notice Pow-Pow was missing from the splash, but now that you've pointed it out, its so obvious. Big miss. I think making the visor glow (a la PROJECT Lucian and Leona below) could help a lot and is a simple fix. Pow-Pow really needs to be in the splash, the overall splash just needs to have that "glowing in a gritty futuristic city" feel that every other PROJECT splash has. Her particles look nice from what I've seen, but her weapons hardly glow at all, which again, is a hallmark of PROJECT skins, their glowing, distinctive weapons (re-watching the preview yet again, it looks like Pow-Pow might be intended to glow, but is not. Again, this feels like a simple fix, possibly one they're working on...I hope) https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/001/185/088/large/joshua-brian-smith-project-lucian.jpg?1443929975 http://www.lol-wallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/PROJECT-Leona-Splash-Art-HD-4k-6k-Wallpaper-Background-Official-Art-Artwork-League-of-Legends-lol.jpg Overall, there's just nothing setting this one a part from any of Jinx's other skins, aside from maaaaybe the unique "tech" theme, which I feel was covered with both Odyssey and Zombie Slayer along with being skinlines that better captures Jinx's personality. Star Guardian is still the best imo, if you want something with flashy VFX but don't want the price of SG you've got Firecracker or Odyssey. Elf Jinx captures her personality and is very festive, Slayer feels like her weapons are cobbled together in a survival situation, Firecracker is another festive one. Mafia is showing its age, but at least has charm and is a great first skin for her. Even Odyssey, which I personally felt was a little lackluster, does the "tech-y Jinx" theme much better than PROJECT. If they really wanted a cyberpunk look for her, I think continuing Cyberpop would have been great for her, a much better fit. It doesn't even have to be part of a set, I think Jinx can carry a single skin on her own if they want.
: Is Project Jinx...
Honestly, I can see where you're coming from. Its bizarre that she doesn't have the hallmark Neon "zing" that literally every PROJECT skin has. If you look at some previous skins: https://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/vi-project.jpg Vi has her obvious glowing fists of fury to contrast with the dark PROJECT setting. https://i.redd.it/389s3z6gv8e21.jpg PROJECT Vayne's crossbow really pops, and the whole splash is bathed in a neon glow. https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/010/611/492/large/alex-flores-project-jhin-final-alexflores.jpg?1525321060 You've got Jhin, who is a little more subtle, but has a very distinct PROJECT-y helmet with the glowing symbol. And just every other PROJECT splash besides: https://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/fiora-project.jpg https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/001/185/088/large/joshua-brian-smith-project-lucian.jpg?1443929975 https://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/master-yi-project.jpg (Even Yi, the "original", where they were still figuring out the aesthetic!) Then you look at Jinx, and she just doesn't have that same Neon accent at all. Sure, her color palette is using some neon purples, but its not providing any sort of light source. The splash as a whole is just far too bright, not even the others of this same batch are like that. Its just too bright for the gritty cyberpunk aesthetic. Demacian Vice has the neon color palettes without have the "glow" of PROJECT's accents against its dark colors, so I could see how one might think it would fit better with Demacian Vice. (BTW, I hope all these images show up, we'll see)
: she looks like she belongs to that gamer zoe skin universe to be honest
Cyberpop, yeah. She honestly would probably fit that world a little bit better, a more positive spin on cyperpunk.
: It would have been dope asf if ww got a legendary skin where he was a man and his Project implants changed his body into a robo werewolf. His head would just be in the helmet. EDIT: I have discovered that he actually IS HUMAN under the armor and its so cool!!!~~
If you check out his recall animation, this is exactly what they did. You can see his creepy decrepit human head as the "wolf head" opens up at the end of his recall. I actually think Warwick has the potential to check all the things you were asking for in your first paragraph (other than Pyke did for you). He's unique for a PROJECT skin, simply by picking a non-human Champion that formerly looked human and leaning into that part of Warwick instead, they made a unique PROJECT skin AND a unique Warwick skin. Not quite the legendary you were describing, but still pretty close to the concept and a pretty good looking skin. Warwick deserves this skin.
Falrein (EUW)
: See, I did think about the story. However, as most tales, we don't know how much of it is true, and how much of it is tainted by centuries of it being told, etc, so I'm wary of taking it into account. Don't get me wrong, I want it to be true, I really really do, but I'm wary of using such stories to confirm anything, since it's a tale. It's the perception people have of her - Of course they'd say there are potions and that she lives in a weird cavern much like a witch, since it's how they see her. But how much of it is true? This is also one of the reasons why I wasn't fond of the tales as their color stories, but that's another matter. I do think she _can_ fill that niche I'm looking for, but right now, I'm hesitant to call her so. I probably won't have an answer to this until... She gets revisited, which won't happen anytime soon. Basically, I do believe -and slightly headcanon- that she did learn earthly magic (what else would she have done anyway :')), but my problem is, it's all very vague and there's nothing to confirm it, as I can't quite use the details of a tale as a confirmation, you know? ^^
I doubt Riot's lore team would provide this sole color story for her and it would just be full of blatant lies. She's not the only Champion that has a story told as an in-universe tale (Kench, KAYLE, Ornn, Braum, all come to mind), I doubt we are supposed to believe the tales are false. As you say, not *entirely* accurate, but probably mostly true, as our introduction to the character. The very fact that Morgana's story is told as a tale makes her very similar to a witch of legend in the real world, a story told to teach children a lesson. Its just that in Runeterra, those stories are way more likely to be real.
Falrein (EUW)
: Morgana's possibly lost archetype - Mistress of the Dark Arts
"Should have", I think she DID. As Pale Mask said, she's treated as a forest-dwelling witch of legends. Her color story is a tale told to the young to teach them a lesson, but unlike the people of Runeterra, we know that the story is most likely true. She used her magic in the story, described here: > The Veiled One opened her palm and chained the Cleric to her with dark fire. The bindings glimmered with immaterial violet light, but the Cleric could not break them as he struggled. This is likely describing her new found magic, or else her Celestial magic has been colored by her own perception or other Earthly influences. I don't think Morgana is going to be a pushover against Kayle. I think both Kayle and Morgana are some of the few Champions who have most of their abilities from the game translated into the lore in some way. Here's another quote from that story: > They entered a cavern illuminated by candles. Water dripped from the ceiling, and strange potions lined the walls. It stank of gravesoil and moss. Dozens of raven-black feathers littered the floor. That sounds like the traditional "witch" you are looking for. She may have an odd backstory for a witch, but I still think Morgana can very much fill the type of witch niche you seem to be looking for.
Nevos27 (EUW)
: we don't need more lux skins tyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I don't know why people aren't allowed voice their opinion on what skins they'd like to see just because its for a Champion that has quite a few skins. Everyone is voicing their dream skins, Lux isn't disallowed from us just talking.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Reverse skins, any that can be done. Braum - A ram carrying shield with Braums face on it (i've seen a concept for this once, it was amazing). Kindred - Wolf is main body, Lamb the floaty one. Azir - Soldier guy summoning pigeons. Fizz - A tiny shark that summons a giant yordle Gragas - A walking barrel that throws fat people Rumble - Tiny Robot riding a mechanical Yordle Kled - Well, you know.
The reverse Kindred would be really cool.
: Thoughts of Skins: Mordekaiser
Somebody mentioned Battle Boss Mordekaiser a couple of weeks ago, I think that could be really good. Fun but thematically appropriate, his ult could take you to a boss room.
usul1202 (NA)
: That jhin skin would be wonderfully terrifying. I'm so on board there. Bard needs a new good skin. His winter wonder skin is God tier (and is one of the few skins that gives an in-game advantage imo), but its been a while.
Yeah, I always feel like you can tell more easily when his shrines are "ready" in his Elderwood and Winter skins. Love the hot coco too :3
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