mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4JyNbLAi,comment-id=001e0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-19T15:26:27.188+0000) > > So you think that a game over ten years old should change its logo, and then you link a game that is even older and shows how they retained the same basic logo for that long? I know it wasn't the example you chose, but I think Kingdom Hearts is a perfect example AGAINST your point. The logo fits the games' aesthetic and tone, when you see it you instantly think of Sora and the ridiculous plots he gets into. Sure they change the color and some embellishments from title to title, but overall it has remained the same. And that same logo is stylized to fit the game, from its unique font to the heart behind the words to the stylized Roman Numerals that fit the look of designs of the Heartless, for example. > > On top of that, companies very rarely change their logos. Coca-cola has the same logo for decades, almost centuries, and they actually went back to one of their older logos at some point because it is that iconic and recognizable. Apple's logo is pretty much the same as it was since the beginning, only changing once very early in its life and retaining the apple with a bite ever since, with some color variation. Logos can change, sure, but once its iconic and recognizable you really have to consider what benefits there even are to changing it that drastically. I mean both Companies you used as an example had a logo change in 2007 which is 12 years ago. Assume this is roughly the same trend should League not be allowed to modernize its logo at 10 years ?
But they didn't? Not drastically anyways. Here's Coca-Cola's logo in 1887 Here it is in 2007 I'll admit my research was merely a quick Google search, but from what I can deduce from several sources, anytime they drastically changed the logo, they eventually went back to that script font Here's a brief look at Apple's logo history: My main point is neither of these companies changed their logo very drastically. They both keep the same basic shape, look, font, etc. There are only tiny detail changes and color changes. This is NOT what Riot did with League's logo. What those companies did is more like the difference between this logo: And this one: Very simple modernization, color change, detail change but still same shape and visual silhouette. Kingdom Hearts does a similar thing for each of their entries. Basic things like the shape or font stay largely the same, but colors, subtitles, and smaller embellishments differ from title to title. League is free to modernize its logo, but I think this particular design is a poor decision. Its a little disingenuous to say the two companies I mentioned "modernized" their logo in the same way League did, because there's clearly a difference. Both Coca-Cola and Apple modernized their logos, sure, but they look extremely similar. League's new logo is completely different and made large changes to its design.
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=4JyNbLAi,comment-id=001e00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-18T11:30:17.956+0000) > > Look at it this way... Its like taking the Kingdom Hearts logo, taking away the heart and writing "Kingdom Hearts" in Comic Sans instead of the stylized font. It takes away any individuality the logo had and makes it boring and forgettable. Personally I think it fits pretty well for he time. From beer logos to car logos to or even telephone companies brands logos change and evolve over time. Will the current old logo be relevant when 2020 roles around ? Probably not. We are talking about a game that is 10 years old and is still the largest PC game played around the world hope fully for another 10 years but thIngs like this need to remain modern in my opinion. Here are all the kingdom of heart logos for relevance.
So you think that a game over ten years old should change its logo, and then you link a game that is even older and shows how they retained the same basic logo for that long? I know it wasn't the example you chose, but I think Kingdom Hearts is a perfect example AGAINST your point. The logo fits the games' aesthetic and tone, when you see it you instantly think of Sora and the ridiculous plots he gets into. Sure they change the color and some embellishments from title to title, but overall it has remained the same. And that same logo is stylized to fit the game, from its unique font to the heart behind the words to the stylized Roman Numerals that fit the look of designs of the Heartless, for example. On top of that, companies very rarely change their logos. Coca-cola has the same logo for decades, almost centuries, and they actually went back to one of their older logos at some point because it is that iconic and recognizable. Apple's logo is pretty much the same as it was since the beginning, only changing once very early in its life and retaining the apple with a bite ever since, with some color variation. Logos can change, sure, but once its iconic and recognizable you really have to consider what benefits there even are to changing it that drastically.
: What should the Phase 2 of Comics be?
{{champion:254}} {{champion:51}} Vi and Caitlyn buddy cop series. Now. This has been needed for so long. Sprinkle in some Vi backstory reveals about Jinx, add some tension between Vi and Cait when Cait detectives the crap out of the truth and Vi doesn't believe her, etc etc. Characters like Jayce and Ez can show up too, or even some Zaun characters. Maybe some Camille drama. You can tell a lot of stories and include a lot of characters with just these two. {{champion:59}} I too would like a follow up to the Lux series. They can show us the consequences of what happened in Lux's story. Alternatively, I really want to see what happened with J4 and Shyvana. Shyv is only mentioned in the Lux comics, and not even by name. Would like to see that cleared up and give Shyvana some time to shine. Lastly, I really wanted to pick Ezreal, since he's a natural protagonist and can have stories pretty much anywhere in the world....maybe even a Lux/Ezreal story, since I would love to see that but...since I already picked a Piltie and a Demacian, I'll offer some variety. Either {{champion:429}} {{champion:120}} Blessed Isles story or {{champion:246}} Ixtal. Blessed Isles/Shadow Isles doesn't have a lot of lore, and hasn't been touched in a long time. In going with the theme of "backstories" with these comics, I think Kalista could serve as a good focal point, to see the ruination take its course, and the details of that tragedy. Many SI champs owe their backstory to the events of her backstory (especially Hecarim, who would basically serve as an antagonist) plus important side character, the Ruined King (also a cool nod for people who don't know much about the lore, since his blade is in-game). With Ixtal, we desperately need more details about it. Its culture, its people...and while Qiyana wouldn't be the most heroic protagonist, we could still see her manipulations in action, and meet some of her siblings or her parents along the way. Having more side characters to connect to could help the region as a whole. Ixtal seems interesting, but it just needs more, and a comic series set there could really flesh it out. I'm seeing a lot of good suggestions here. Its hard to only choose three. I would love to see more of almost anything.
: The "5" Darkin
I don't think the next Champ will be a Darkin. Its not impossible, but so far it doesn't seem like it. I've not seen this leak, but I would remain skeptical as most leaks I've seen over the years have been fake (pretty much the only leak that was real was one that leaked Xayah and Rakan, Evelynn rework, and many skins among other things). I'd like to see a mage Darkin, since its clear that many Ascended and by extension Darkin used magic. There were a TON of interesting Darkin in "Twilight of the Gods", many of whom perished but surely some of them ended up in weapons? Its too bad the weird crow twins died because they seemed cool in a crazy, confusing yet omniscient kind of way. Since it'd be cool to have a "Darkin" team, it would be nice if the last two were a solo laner and a support. Maybe have one be a tank. Its not a requirement but its an interesting thought and could help the Darkin have distinct visual, gameplay and personalities from one another.
: Original character. Its a term used to describe a fan-made character for a certain fandom, or just a character in general.
I should also mention its often said in a negative way, but isn't supposed to be inherently negative. Just a character someone created.
: > Zed seemingly noticed this arrogance so he send Kayn out to basically a suicide mission, retrieving a Darkin weapon from the heart of Noxus so it could never be used against Ionia and he did that too. Quite the opposite. Zed hopes that Kayn will one day lead the order of shadows. Kayn was sent to deal with the scythe imprisoning Rhaast because he was the best student in the order of shadows, and if some fool were to release this fallen god warrior it could have consequences beyond imagination.
Right, Kayn was the one who went off the wheels and grabbed the weapon himself. Kayn is disobeying Zed by doing so. I believe there was another student with him who basically was like "but that's not--" and then Kayn was basically like "don't care, still doing it".
: Kayn's kind of cool because it's as if he's designed to give off the most "deviant OC" vibe he can get, and then you actually play him and hearing his VO and you're like, "well it's not as bad as I'd thought". The greatest part about Kayn is less about his personal history but his interaction with Rhaast. Basically a self-important edgelord (sort of) battling in wits with a brute, which probably sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Because what happens is that the said brute (Rhaast) has to fake a persona and take things strategically, and Kayn has to somehow overpower a hundreds if not thousands of years old entity in composure and stand his ground. When you see Kayn and Rhaast interacting with each other in jolly cooperation as they each seem to depend on one another, complete each other's sentence and fool around, it is in the end all for the end game of finding a vulnerable moment to completely consume the other. Now, that's interesting. Kayn's personal background is basically just a filler (and it's as if the writer does everything they could to make sure you know that), his interaction with Rhaast is the real writing.
I agree with most of your post, but disagree with the "personal background is filler" bit. Something could be said about both Kayn and Rhaast's warped perception of violence, and how Kayn pretty much since childhood has only ever been recognized for his skill with violence. Then he meets one of the most violent beings in existence, ancient and warped by events like the Void War, yet despite being from vastly different backgrounds Rhaast is kind of similar to Kayn in the way he thinks. That said, I think they are just ok apart and agree that Kayn and Rhaast's story is elevated to be something much more interesting when you factor in the two together. This is one of many reasons why I would like to see more Rhaast backstory to complement Kayn's. We really ought to know more about Rhaast's pre-Ascension and pre-Darkin life.
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: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QRE6E4Mn,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-09-18T00:24:37.841+0000) > > Geez how many accounts does this guy have?? Do you all have more than one accounts? Why you guys keep saying that
I have ten accounts for every ship I support, so that people always agree with me.
ContraBL (NA)
: Why people keep saying Garen and Katarina are a couple? They slaying each other
: Jesus when I see this, I just think to myself "release a damn MMO already" Went offtopic, soz, might actually buy it tho
Or at least release SOME game that can show us SOME part of the world. The world has a lot of potential for many stories and games. I'd have fun with an RPG too.
Adder (OCE)
: Am I the only one who is fine with the new logo..?
Its nothing I'm really upset about (in fact, this post made me do some research on it, didn't even know about this yet), so much as I just think the new logo is weak compared to the old one. The old one could be in a different language, like Kanji or something, but it was still instantly recognizable. The shield/crest-like backing made it stand out from a purely text-based logo, while also fitting the aesthetic of the setting. "League" was also centered over "Legends" giving it emphasis on the "Legends" the characters that drive this game and the ones that you will be playing and focusing on. The letters aren't all the same size either, the L and S of legends are larger, and serve to bookend the entire text. Some years ago, they cleaned up the logo to look a little sleeker and shinier, and I thought it looked good in this version. The new one is fine, but its a little plain. Its pretty much just text, its not very shiny like the old one...and that's about it. There's really not much to talk about, and I think that is part of the problem. You don't have to know everything about a game from its logo, but at least give it some personality. This is literally just an all caps font "LEAGUE OF LEGENDS". Its not dynamic, its not embellished. Its just...really simple. And its not like the old logo was overly complex either. I mean, just take a look at them and which one stands out as the logo of a game that takes place in a fantasy world: New Original,550x550,black.u2.jpg Slightly updated version Just take a look at another game for reference. Castlevania has had several logos in the past, but still retain the spooky, Victorian Aesthetic that reminds us of the setting and the enemy aesthetic. The only thing I can think is Riot wanted to differentiate the League logo from WoW's logo? But even then, WoW's is distinct due to its use of the original "Warcraft" font and the image of Azeroth incorporated into its crest-like background. Not to mention the overall silhouette shape is very different. WoW Even so, if they wanted to differentiate themselves from Warcraft once and for all, there had to be something more interesting than just text.
: Not really. Xerath's tomb/armor can be anything, but the energy that _is_ Xerath can only really ever be one thing: A solid color of energy. Its easy to make a skin for a human like Kai'Sa or Lux, because they're models are flexible and can fit into nearly any skin line with minimal effort. A being like Xerath, while extremely creative in design with seemingly limitless potential, is limited by the fact that they are so unique.
I think they can get creative, like they did with that lava skin of his: the abilities look distinct from his base in that they are clearly lava, melty and goopey. I agree that its difficult though, but even with that in mind, they can do it. If they make great skins for other Champs like Garen, who barely has any particles, they can make a cool Xerath skin. They have the talent and creativity, they just need to brainstorm and figure it out already.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dark Star will never happen on him though as he is a Celestial style being, and Dark Star / Cosmic are to bring that concept to characters that aren't already. Hence why if you look at the skinline you'll see things like Thresh, Varus, Xin, Ashe...they are in no why a Cosmic beings in the main story. So when people keep trying to push for stuff like Xerath who is an Ascended Mage or Sol who is a creator of the universe, they aren't going to give that skin theme to champions like them as they already have something similar in their base.
A Sol I don't get at all. I can maybe see Xerath (but I think something like Battle Boss would be better) but Aurelion's base skin is practically already a Cosmic skin.
: Not really. Both Yasuo and Riven come to mind here. Currently popular - yes. But when they have both gone through "gutted" states, their playrates plummeted. People just don't like it when their particular champ feels lacking in power. Players are fickle that way.
Yeah, but how much do they really plummet? Sure they go down drastically, but I'd say if the stats go from insanely high to just middling, that's still pretty popular despite being gutted. Now, I've not looked at any statistics on this over time, so I could be off. But I suspect some champions get nerfed, their playrate drops, but they are still played at a decent rate, and these are the truly popular Champions, not just ones that players pick up for being strong. Yasuo can be gutted, but from my personal experience, its been a long time since I can remember not seeing him every now and then.
Leetri (EUW)
: Riot could release a billion incredible Aurelion Sol skins and he still would't be popular because no one likes playing him. The only way Riot could make him popular would be to either make him super busted or by completely changing his kit so he doesn't play anything like he does currently. Aurelion Sol looks amazing, has cool voice lines, and his lore is interesting too, but no one likes him because he plays weirdly.
Yeah I really think A Sol has the potential to be popular, but he plays odd. He's got an appealing design (who doesn't like dragons?) and one of the best VOs of the game, but he plays completely unlike any other champion. And they aren't going to change his gameplay so drastically that he becomes more "mainstream". Same could be said for Ivern. His gameplay is the most unique in the game, so unlike any other Champ. I would probably play him more if he weren't so odd gameplay-wise. Its hard to learn him, and this is a turn off for a lot of people. So he's very niche in popularity, with a small group of dedicated players. Not to mention he doesn't do well in jungle meta at the moment, his time to shine is long dead with the Ardent Censer meta.
Adder (OCE)
: I would absolutely love to see a Shyvanna rework eventually
I think Shyvana's basic design is actually rather good, it just looks bad in-game. Her splash arts for her various skins hold up pretty well, and her base skin's splash (which has been updated) looks really cool. I think retaining the dragon look in her human form is the better option. But it would be nice if they gave her some Demacian armor or something, to show how she blends in while being in J4's guard. It be cool if she had a "Demacian Guard" skin that was lore-wise, what she looked like while blending in, but Riot doesn't seem to like doing lore skins much anymore. Ironscale Shyvana is kind of a meh skin, maybe they could transform that into something along those lines? Make it more interesting? And for goodness' sake, Riot, fix her lore! Everyone is in a tizzy over the mismanagement that was her lore update and they haven't done anything with it since. Make it better Riot! Bring back some of the old elements of her father and other details like that. There was no reason not to change it back other than limited output ability and limited writers with limited time.
: they go to school, someone has to be principle
They don't go to a Star Guardian school though. The Star Guardian part of their life is hidden from most of the world, a la Sailor Moon. Their principal would just be some normal person more than likely.
darkdill (NA)
: Theories on Lux's future following the comic
I don't know if I want Elementalist to become canon, but there are a lot of good story ideas here.
njrk97 (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=iiGazeii,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PxfitEQg,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-14T23:50:07.750+0000) > > {{champion:164}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:254}} > > Would make for some fun Star Guardians. I have always liked the idea of Illaio and Taric being released alongside First Star Asol acting as his two Sentinel Guards, two Star Guardians tasked with protecting the First Star's vessel. Perhaps their designs are somewhat more regal and armored looking to indicate they are a more cosmic rank in comparison to the others. I also liked the idea of Gnar, being that he was the Familiar of a Star Guardian that had been corrupted, but he was sent away during the fight, so unlike his owner he was only partially corrupted (Justifying his whole transformation thing).So he starts out like the other familiars, maybe with some slight corruption elements on him but then he transforms into a design similar to those void monsters in the PVE event.
That's a really good idea for Star Guardian Taric story-wise. He's been a long time suggestion and I think that would help him fit the universe better than "he's just another kid". Illaoi could look really cool and would provide a theme for her that is very different from her other skin options.
: Please re-read my comment and assess your response.
I don't need to assess my response because upon rereading it, my response is the same. You say "Top-lane is purple, thus top lane is Janna and Syndra." to which I say "no they are not top laners". Sure, you can play unusual picks top lane, but no one really considers them true top laners. They don't do well in a lane that long and do poorly against most common top laners. Janna's solo lane days are long gone and Syndra does much better against mid laners. You can play anybody anywhere, but Janna and Syndra top are highly unusual and considered sub-optimal. So your evidence of "purple means top" is flimsy _at best_. The rest of your comment is similar. You can call us "meta-slaves" all you want, but there's no denying that certain Champions are sub-optimal in certain positions. There's just not enough evidence to support your claim of "color is associated with position". If anything, that's enforcing a "meta-slave" mentality, as you are saying this is how Star Guardian teams are designed. They aren't, and it would be foolish to design them that way. Instead, they are designed based purely on looks, which is how it should be with skins. Blue looks good on Ezreal, purple looks good on Syndra, etc, along with many other aesthetic reasons relating to their role in the story, personality and original design. Asking someone to reread something is not a rebuttal. Maybe you should reread my comment and assess your own response.
iiGazeii (NA)
: {{champion:164}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:254}} Would make for some fun Star Guardians.
Oh, I like Nunu as an idea! I never really thought of him, even though I think his youth naturally suits the skin line. Willump would make a good familiar, too.
: Star Guardians lack Top/Jungler picks
I always thought there were a few obvious picks for tanks/general top and jungle picks. {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} fit aesthetically well and make a good pair as always. Someone mentioned {{champion:254}} , who naturally pairs well with {{champion:51}} and makes for good team dynamic. {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} have a lot going on design-wise that would look nice in the Star Guardian style, and their character dynamic lends itself to stories or conflict. {{champion:44}} is an old favorite for this pick, and his familiar could attach to the people he Ws, plus visually his shoulder...gems could look great as stars. I also see {{champion:245}} a lot, usually paired with {{champion:163}} , who each are primarily midlane, but have some viability in top (for Ekko at least) or jungle. Their youthful attitudes make them good picks, and I think fans of the characters might enjoy the SG thematic for them. Along with Morgana and/or Kayle, there are countless good villainess picks; while I think Zoe ended up working well, we also have picks like {{champion:127}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:69}} (Cass is typically a mid, but can be played top too) {{champion:60}}. Xayah's spitefulness ended up working well for the corruption angle, and I think other Champions like {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} could work in a similar manner. There's always the potential for a Champion to represent the First Star, the one who gives the Star Guardians their powers and deems them worthy. I still think {{champion:136}} is the top pick for this, but I think someone like {{champion:427}} with his unusual design and natural kindness could work, too. And lastly, we have my usual oddball pick {{champion:141}} ; he's among the younger crowd and has a built in familiar with Rhaast. He's also a solid jungle pick that provides some flexibility with his choice between Shadow Assassin (another class they have none of) and Rhaast's more bruiser-ish qualities. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. There are some candidates I didn't include (like Karma or Tristana) since they weren't really top/jungle/tank picks (although thinking on it, I guess Karma could work top, too). I definitely agree it would be nice to get some role variety for Star Guardian teams to work better, and so they don't have to rely on Poppy so much.
: Star Guardians until Season 3 are color-coded to roles. It sounds dumb but once explained you'll understand. Top-lane is purple, thus top lane is Janna and Syndra. I've played both at top countless times. It's almost like a mid fill lane, and Janna mid works out fine so there's no real reason for me to explain further. Jungle is where the meta-slaves want to eat my ass. Junglers are blue, being Poppy and Ezreal. _"Nuh uh nuh uh, dumb iron 4 hardstuck b*tch; Ezreal no jung"_ Back when SG Season 2 was up, even beforehand; Ezreal jungle was rising in popularity. It became a meta until the balance team nuked it. And even then, it was used as the key build of the Faceless in the trials event. And if you don't believe me just look up Ezreal Jungle montage. Mid is pink, being Ahri and Lux. Nothing more to say here. ADC is red, being Miss Fortune and Jinx. Again, self explanatory nothing to say. And green is support, Lulu and Soraka. Now if we turn to Season 3, trying to still use the color based role system... oh holy FxxK they screwed it up. Neeko is green with hints of orange ( MF's secondary color. ) This puts her between Soraka / Lulu and Jinx / MF. This could be a hint to how Neeko ADC is a meta but it still ruins most of the appeal. Xayah, when not consumed by darkness is PINK. FXXKING PINK. Since WHEN are Xayah and Rakan in midlane? Rakan when not consumed is green thank GOD. And last but not least is Zoe, which makes sense since the guardians with dark history ( Syndra, and Janna's mysterious past ) are at top lane, and Zoe is purple. #TankZoeAnyone?
Janna and Syndra are absolutely not top laners. They have no escapes and don't do well in a long lane by themselves. And yeah, Ezreal was viable as jungler for a time (a couple of times actually), but I don't think the color is supposed to indicate that and jungle was always off-role for Ez even when it was decent. He's an ADC through and through. Poppy can jungle ok but since her SG skin's release she has been best and more common top lane. And no, Zoe is not a tank, she doesn't do well in top lane for the same reasons as Janna and Syndra. The colors are more an aesthetic choice than anything else. They don't seem to indicate much, other than perhaps their role within their team lore-wise. The green ones are more "in tune" with the First Star (which we see in the Star Guardian short story from last set of skins), pink are leaders (both Lux and Ahri are leaders of their respective groups), the purple are SG veterans, red are kind of the foils to the respective leaders and blue....?? This is all just observations though and I wouldn't call these solid rules by any means. More just what color fits each character best. Syndra is a bit darker and mysterious and purple is already her base skin's core color, so it works well for her. Lux was the first of the line and is the "quintessential magical girl" so they gave her pink in service of that (also reminiscent of Madoka of Madoka Magicka in particular). Ezreal is a boy, and in the west boy is typically associated with blue, and it also serves to compliment Lux's pink. Jinx's hot color of red makes it clear she's a foil to most of the Star Guardians, a bit of a hot head and loose cannon.
: League of Legends needs a Mother
The lack of parents is really weird. Even the ones you listed are all very weird cases: Azir essentially outlived his children by thousands of years, Darius never knew about his daughter and doesn't treat her as such (that we've seen, in fact it seems rather the opposite, he treats her like any respected Noxian soldier). Pretty much only Kassadin/Kaisa, and Kassadin isn't even aware she is alive. It would be nice to see more parents, since that is such a common experience in the world. Especially considering a lot of positions are inherited, you'd think in a high fantasy setting there would be more parents. I'm pulling for General DuCouteau someday. Very influential character who needs more lore. And make Cass like him again, Riot, why can't we have nice things??
: {{champion:17}} just use his Legendary as a basis for his new model. {{champion:42}} and {{champion:117}} need to be made to look more like actual Yordles.
As much as I would love a Lulu Visual update, in her skins she's honestly ok. Her base model (and her two original skins, Bittersweet and Wicked) needs to be updated. Her animations are ok, her VO is limited but at least iconic and fitting, and her effects are fine, fantastic even in her skins. It's literally just her horrendous base model and her dumpy face. Teemo and especially Corki I agree on.
QMighty (NA)
: {{champion:32}} - is definitely the one I'd like the most. His art & animations are really bad and he's got a lot of those shitty Chinese splash arts so it'd be nice to see those replaced. Maybe his kit isn't great, but I'd take a smaller scale rework if it brought a VU faster than a full VGU. I've always thought it would be cool if either Tantrum or Cry were moved to his passive and they went off automatically when he gets attacked... that'd feel thematic. {{champion:53}} - I wanna see mostly for lore reasons. Other people have mentioned it but he's supposed to be a helpful good boy and he's the terminator in-game. Ori also falls into this. {{champion:45}} & {{champion:26}} - Both of these really should've been VU'd back when they got their mini-reworks a couple years ago, because they were essentially Ezreal-level reworks. They're both super old and clunky (visually) and could be VU'd with minor or zero kit changes. {{champion:79}} - just cause he looks like total garbage and I don't see him getting a proper VGU within the next decade.
Oh gosh Gragas. Give him legs Riot. His feet just kind of slide back and forth. I want some beard physics dammit!
: {{champion:62}} {{champion:17}} . (teemo is actually 2 pixels in an overcoat)
Give Teemo some freakin limbs! He's one of the last Yordles that's basically just a head and a very small potato body totting around. Wukong is another one that could have awesome animations, but just...doesn't. Also his VO sucks.
: You won't believe how much his comment triggered me. People keep throwing Piltover and Zaun in the same pot, simply because "they are basically the same city". Zaun and Piltover have **huge** differences in aesthetics, social structure and pretty much everyting else. ____________ That being said, I can agree that Singed could use an update. He really doesn't fulfill the fantasy he is supposed to represent in the lore. He is supposed to be a deranged and cruel scientist. God damn, he was the guy who turned Warwick in a chimera on a murder spree in Zaun simply because he wanted to find out if he can create an artificial vastaya that is also a top predator. In the game, he is a running gag (literally). And as always, there actually is already a pretty awesome fan update concept for Singed on the internet: Twitch on the other hand already got an update and looks fine. He also fits into modern Zaun, no need to change much. He just needs a lore update, that's it.
Its like saying Jersey and New York are the same. Yeah they are very close...but they are in different states entirely, the rules are going to be different. Its probably worse than that, its probably more like saying Canada and the US are the same because they share a border. Sure they have some similarities but they have a lot of differences too.
: {{champion:53}} His looks and animations (not skills, they updated these, but everything else) are absolutely terrible. It went so far that it even started ruining skins for him.... When his Lancer skins dropped, many people wanted him to get a new walking animation. But Riot refused to give it to the skin and now we have these Lancers skins with **jets**, waddling around on Summoner's Rift. He also has many other terrible skins. One of them is even in the legacy vault because it is **literally** just a chroma that got sold as a complete skin back then..... And the worst thing: His voice lines. Blitzcrank in the new lore is supposed to be an everyday hero. He is saving the people of Zaun from the many dangers they have to face. We even got a short story about him saving some people from a falling elevator. And then you listen to him in the game and notice, he constantly just talks about exterminating everyone and that he wants to end humanity.... ______________________ {{champion:61}} Similar problems like Blitzcrank. Her looks could use some improvement. She is not some ancient doll, she replaced her body with hextech. It is hard to believe that the technology used to augment Camille's body is the same that makes up the entirety of Orianna's body. Her movement looks ungraceful, like some amateur has built her. Which Orianna definitely is not. And her voice lines are the same like Blitzcrank. She is an absolute angel in the lore, she sacrificed literally **everything** to save a bunch of kids in Zaun she didn't even know and her father. But she constantly talks about how much fun killing is.... _______________________ {{champion:51}} Simply because of the potential. Piltover has changed alot over the years and Riot has nailed down a very specific aesthetic for this region. Caitlyn does not fit into Piltover anymore, she doesn't look like a Sheriff in this highly advanced city should look like.
> And then you listen to him in the game and notice, he constantly just talks about exterminating everyone and that he wants to end humanity.... This is especially odd when you consider this wasn't even his old lore. He was a robot who gained sentience and the Institute of War protected his rights, basically. These are some great options though. Caitlyn could look so cool, and we really really REALLY need those Vi/Cait buddy cop stories, like YESTERDAY.
Rodsquad (EUW)
: What Ezreal Tier reworks do you want?
Amumu is a great choice. Someone mention Blitz, I think that's a good choice too. My vote also goes to Kennen, his model and animations are terrible, and he could be a really fun Champion to listen to and play as, with some hyperactive animations and VO to match. I would love Lulu to get a base model update too, but really her skins look great, her face just looks terrible in her base, Bittersweet and Wicked. Just change her dumpy face and she'd be fine for a while. Even though I would love more for her.
Chioyiti (EUNE)
: Starguardian Syndra same symbol as Zoe, Xayah and Rakan
She's also got an eyepatch. We can see Zoe has two different colored eyes, which is usual for her but one indicates her corruption. So Syndra could be hiding that.
: Shyvana? Sona? Skarner? Jax? Fiora? Who are all these characters (and many, many more)? Do they bring us money? Do they sell skins? Is their playrate high enough? No? Then forget about them! -Riot 2019 I wish this was a meme and not the truth. Lux is a champion who sells well, has high pickrates and winrates and is played very much which means that there are many players that would willingly spend money on a new skin of her or to pay money to hear a story about her. Even this comic is centered around Lux more than it is on Sylas (not to mention Gare or J4 here). They will **not** willingly update a old champion's lore/story until they rework them and even then, the possibility of half done lore still remains based on how many people are hyped up for their rework. That is Riot so, except if the chinese playerbase demands it, no old champion will get new lore
I don't know what you're on about. You named some very popular Champions. Skarner is pretty much the only one I would say is "unpopular" and he's currently pretty solid gameplay-wise, so his playrate is probably up actually. Shyvana was right behind Voli and Fiddle in the vote for the next VGU. Shyvana's lore update was very poor received, but she DID receive an update. Sona was included in Odyssey, their big new skin line launch, and I would say she is moderately popular. Not to the level of someone like Kai'Sa or Ahri, but still high. Jax and Fiora are both popular top laners with quite a few mains. Fiora in particular gets skins fairly regularly. Jax hasn't in a while, but he is in need of better visuals. This is also a thread about lore, so it really has nothing to do with skins. You also don't have to pay money to read any of Lux's lore, the comic can be accessed for free (you won't get it as early and there are also physical copies being sold, but you don't HAVE to pay). Also the comic is called LUX. Of course its centered around Lux, what did you expect? They update lore all the time, to varying degrees of reception, its just that they HAVE to update the lore alongside a VGU as that is one of the main reasons for updating. "no old champion will get new lore". Except when they do I guess. Lulu is someone who springs to mind who recently had her lore updated and was featured in a short story. Hell, every Champion you named has had their lore made up to date at some point in the past, the most notable exception being Sona.
: Riot has a problem with continuity
The Shyvana situation was a dumb miscommunication where Riot somehow didn't realize the lore presented to us on their site was different from the "internal" Shyvana lore. At the end of the day, it was probably an honest mistake, but now that they KNOW the mistake, I'm hoping they make an effort to take this mistake into account (and how players are attached to a different story than the one they newly presented us). The Darkin I like being FROM Runeterra. Making them aliens or any sort of other-wordly beings was stepping on the toes of the Void, who make for (imo) a better other-wordly threat, and the Darkin were overall made more interesting by it. As usual, retcons come with growing pains, but overall I think its good. Nasus needs a bit more explanation, but he was addressed in several stories (the one where the Darkin gather and the one where Taliyah sees the capital has people in it again), and from his mentions/appearances, we can infer he basically thought he was a failure and fell into a state of depression. He basically went Yoda on us, into exile and didn't involve himself until something changed his mind (probably the return of Azir). I don't remember Nasus's lore super well, but iirc, he (at least in old lore) used to have limited future vision (again, kind of like Yoda) so maybe his self-reintroduction to the world stems from that too. More info on Nasus specifically would be nice. The Lux comic I assumed she just came back...I haven't read "For Demacia" in a while, but this seems like a perfectly logical explanation: she remained in Demacia so she could help more mages get to safety. The only thing that doesn't add up is Garen's acceptance of Lux's magic: in For Demacia, he is having a lot of trouble processing it still, even to the point where he won't admit it. But I think this could be slightly tweaked to fit the canon still. Simply make Garen have trouble accepting it rather than being in denial. It still makes sense to the stubbornness of his character that despite his acknowledgment of trusting Lux, he doesn't trust her _magic_ yet. He was raised in an extremely anti magic environment, so I don't think the events of the comic were enough, and seeing him struggle with it more in some fashion makes sense. You're right that For Demacia doesn't work perfectly anymore, however. The comic kind of still left gaps and while I enjoyed it, felt more like setup than anything else. I agree that retcons are annoying, but what's more annoying is when things are made clear so they _feel _ like retcons, like the "For Demacia" situation. It often does feel like they change a character on a whim just because someone came up with a good idea. I'm all for good ideas, but that doesn't mean you just change everything in service of the idea. There needs to be some consistency. Its like the whole Volibear divide, which was literally caused by one story. Sure it was one of League's best short stories, but its NOT the fantasy most Volibear fans want. So now we have this divide of people who want wise armor bear and people who want terrifying eldritch bear. It was a great idea, but it wasn't what Volibear needed. He needed more consistent lore. And that's just one example. There are way more when you start looking at Champ VGUs. To be fair, a few of the recent one's have been great, and chose to build on the lore instead of just coming up with the next big idea. Pantheon, Akali, Irelia and Mordekaiser are examples where I thought they did a really good job on lore-wise, they kept what we loved about the characters, made them fit better in the world and expanded upon them. Also, VOs are way better, to the point where serviceable yet old VOs sound like a joke. Let's hope VGUs continue this pattern, because while I don't agree with your examples, I agree that there needs to be way more consistency in the lore. I am tired of fearing the next big update because who knows if my favorite thing will be retconned OR done perfectly? Here's hoping for more of the latter.
: She looks very similar to {{champion:39}} and {{champion:114}}in that splash art. She doesn't have to be swole like {{champion:420}}, but a slightly more muscular tone would help her stand out more.
Right. I understand Immortal Journey skins are supposed to be more "Asian", but yeah, just a bit of differentiation would improve the splash, especially since her face is altered from her usual face.
Bultz (NA)
: Some Darkin Questions
I think the others have answered most of the questions well, but I think the "Void invasion" question is up in the air. It would probably depend on the individual if they fought against the Void or not. Aatrox wants everything dead so he can finally die (this is what he thinks will allow him to die) so maybe the Void is an answer for that. But then again, the Darkin were corrupted in the first place due to the mental toll fighting the Void caused. So it could be so instilled in every Darkin/Ascended that they absolutely abhor the Void, maybe even fear it. Maybe Aatrox would allow the Void to do its work, or maybe he thinks it needs to be destroyed too along with everything else. We won't know for sure until each character is faced with the choice of what to do against the Void again. As for the event, yes I want it too! There are so many parts of the lore that would be great for a proper lore event and the Darkin are one of them!
: Do you really want a champion's only other skin to be locked behind 10 gemstones?
Yeah, I mean the aesthetic would be cool but he doesn't have many skins so that would suck. People like to say the skins are "free" but realistically they aren't. You're either contributing a ton of TIME into the game, or buying boxes and basically gambling for gemstones (or capitalizing on a gemstone deal on certain packages)
: ehh, Jarvan is more than redeemable. Sylas, on the other hand, would need a VERY good redemption arc to justify redeeming himself (one might even say only redemption by death is appropriate)
I think Sylas does lovely at showing how Demacia has "created the problem they were trying to avoid"...but I agree that Sylas's actions are not justified, and are only making things more difficult for mages in Demacia. Maybe someday he'll see the error of his ways and see that Lux's ideals, lofty as they are, are going to win the hearts and minds of Demacia's people, not just Demacia's mages.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Story was good, art by Billy Tan as good as ever. Conclusion was lackluster however. We didn't get a answer to who killed J3. J4's character seems less honourable considering his previous character and company he keeps, Garen knowing is fine but seem to conflict with other stories. Lux's story didn't actually seem to end, she just kinda went away and that was it. The final scenes of a book about Lux was on Sylas. How did that happen? I don't care about what Sylas is doing, he's a murdering murderer. Lux is the heroine, I want to know what she is doing/going.
I agree, it all felt like setup. Sylas didn't really have a character arc, and while I assume Lux comes back to Demacia to continue her work helping mages, it ends sort of ambiguously. We didn't get to see much of the consequences of any character development either.
Galiö (NA)
: To keep it short J4: did not like what they did with his character, at all. Lux: I'm conflicted about her because although she went through a good amount of changes, I still feel as if she did not change much.. a life changing moment of accepting that she is a mage felt like it was not much of an accomplishment (how I interpreted the moment) Garen: I felt this comic did well in making Garen not as awful of a person with Demacias newer anti mage dynamic... but still seems as if he lets injustices and unfairness slide and is awful just by being a bystandard. Sylas: I feel he had no development since there wasnt much depth added to him after establishing 'I'm downtrodden and will force people to respect me, because they were meanies and now I can't help but be a meanie for myself and my people by extension'. I am a big Demacia fanboy and I am a little disappointed in the issues. I still enjoyed it overall as they were released but I felt they were a bit shallow for re-read value and the art is not THAT impressive for Marvels work and it was only a few issues with large breaks in between... so there should have been a large period of time for development and illustration. Sorry that this isnt the most positive review but I am hoping for more 'oomf' in the comics for the future.
J4: this is not how I expected things to go for him. I assumed he would be the one to steer Demacia in a more tolerant direction and it was his father that was hesitant to make large changes, especially considering J4's ready acceptance of Shyvana and to some extent Quinn. But...I guess its pretty much the complete opposite huh? Twists aren't always good, especially when the setup has been suggesting everything but the twist. I think I kind of agree with you that the changes aren't my favorite, but with not knowing who killed J3, I am still interested to see where they go with it. I don't like the recent developments, but I'm not so far gone that new developments might change my mind. Lux: I think the reason she doesn't feel like she changed much is that she pretty much became the Lux we know in the game and in some of the stories she's featured in. So to us, her change didn't feel like much because we are so used to (and love) this version of Lux. At the beginning of the comic, Lux was afraid of herself and what her society would do to her. Now, she's not scared, she's determined to stand up for those who need her, which she believes is the Demacian way. Garen: Taken as a whole, I think Garen ended up being a pretty good character. I was afraid at the beginning he would just be the "no Lux" character, and stubbornly not listen to her the entire time. But thankfully, he changed his ways, but in a natural way. Again, not a ton of "oomph", but I think that was because we expect Garen to stand up for Demacian ideals (like protecting citizens and being honest, honorable, etc) but he didn't really start the series off like that. Even Lux was disappointed in him, and that was kind of what made him realize his mistakes. Sylas: pretty much no development, I agree. At least, nothing beyond what we already knew had happened. Unlike the other characters, who got SOME development, Sylas was all set up, no real payoff in the confines of this comic (his best new contribution was "please tell me one of you killed this guy, because I didn't..."). I think the reason you are disappointed in the Lux issues is (in my opinion) it all felt like setup for some other story. We pretty much knew how the events were going to play out, and while there were some exciting developments along the way (Garen's development and J4's development in particular) we didn't really fully feel the extent of the consequences of these developments. J4 got the most drastic change, and its a change you didn't like. So its no wonder you're disappointed. I have high hopes for Zed, as unlike the Lux/Sylas situation where we basically knew what happened, the Zed/Shen situation has many details missing. So in theory it should fill in a lot of blanks with (hopefully) exciting new things (plus Jhin maybe...?).
: I love the sibling hug. Despite everything, Garen still cares for his sister & supports her. It was a sweet moment.
Yeah, I'm glad they didn't just make Garen a stubborn "in the wrong" guy. He's still the Garen we know and love, after all. He cares about his family and about Demacia, and recognizes that Lux feels the same way.
: That's just evil Aurelion Sol. What, you want him to get a Cosmic skin too? Make it even more redundant? Think of something more original and less redundant. Maybe then they'll make it.
Cosmic Aurelion Sol: its just A Sol but on the loading screen it says "Cosmic" in front of his name. Look forward to the exclusive BLUE chroma.
: Its unfortunate that Xerath appears to be getting left out this year(so far, its not over yet), but you have to give Riot credit for listening to the community when it comes to skins for unpopular champions. We were promised more skins for champions like Xerath, and so far, they've delivered on that promise(with varying degrees of success, of course).
Yeah, I don't really agree with OP's "half assed skins" statement. Dunkmaster Ivern was a high quality skin; the issue wasn't that it was half-assed, the issue was it was not really what Ivern players wanted. Champions like Shen, Galio, Veigar, Nocturne, Udyr, Warwick, Shaco, Karma, Ivern, Yorick, and more have received skins when they haven't in a long time. As you said, some were better received than others, but they promised to deliver skins on Champs that haven't gotten them in a while and they have been doing just that.
: It's just weird, because a lot of people claim that no one plays her, but she is consistently in the God Tier list for Supports.
I personally have never seen anyone claim no one plays her. She's in and out of being a highly valued support. She's just hard to make skins for due to her multiple models and isn't nearly as popular (not UNpopular, just not AS popular) as someone like Riven or Ahri.
Adder (OCE)
: In my opinion, I don't mind legendaries re-using some basic animations like auto attacks / walking. Personally, I thought this when they released Odyssey Kayn, as his walking animation was kinda weird and they were trying too hard to be different. I thought the skin would have been better if they just recycled the walking animation.
That, and the animations for the newer Champions are so good (both visually good and good at fitting the Champ/theme) sometimes its better to keep some of them. What can you do that communicates a quick yet powerful flick of a feather than animation Xayah currently has in the theme they provided to her? When the Champions are already higher quality, how do they push it beyond? Lately they do things like alter the palette/model depending on abilities used, like SG X&R's corruption look or Battle Academia Ezreal's powering up visuals as he casts spells, alongside new VOs distinct from their base. And they are still coming up with cool new animations. I think Rakan's abilities look great and distinct from his base in this new skin. They still clearly read as the abilities, and I like how he doesn't jump up on his W like usual, for example. I like the way the corruption ebbs and flows from him and Xayah, and how their combined recall shows how far Rakan will go to save Xayah, ie take all the corruption. That's a great character moment. It may seem small, but these are still quality skins. Riot has come a long way from the early Legendary skins like Annie in Wonderland or Magnificent Twisted Fate. Not every new skin is a homerun, but I still think they are usually good.
: elderwood arhi
Ahri skin BAD Never mind the fact that Veigar, Nocturne, Shen, Galio and Varus all got skins in the same patch.
Terozu (NA)
: Seeing SG files for Cho'Gath Kog'maw, Vel'Koz, Rek'Sai, Skarner and Kha'Zix adds insult to injury.
The worst part is, I feel like a mode like this has a pretty low upkeep. They don't necessarily have to update it with the new skins since most of them (except Neeko) are antagonists (although it would be cool to fight them, like Odyssey Kayn in Odyssey, but they don't HAVE to do this). Literally Ezreal is the biggest change to test, every other Champion has barely changed aside from smaller balance tweaks, and even those don't even have to be applied since its a PvE mode balanced around unchanging NPCs. Sucks, since I really enjoyed both Star Guardian: Invasion and the Odyssey mode. I'm one of those crazy people who liked Star Guardian a bit more, too. I just want Ahri to tell me my stars are fading, damn it! Is that really so much to ask??? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
GreenLore (EUW)
: I'd actually go with Night guardians. Keeps them dark-themed, but also preserves the space theme to some extend without making them sound like cosmic destroyers.
: That's why synonyms exist.
Well, my point was it was an obvious name--they call each other "Stars" and these stars are the "Dark" ones, more catchy than "Corrupt"--and it was already taken. I think "Star Guardian" still makes sense for Xayah and Rakan, since they aren't fully corrupted, but a different name for Zoe would have been nice. I just don't think there's an obvious choice, like there was for "Battle Boss" for example.
: I think the real reason is they couldn't think of a simple name that accurately describes what they are and that they're part of the Star Guardian universe at the same time.
Yeah, its not like they could call them "Dark Star". So many people already assume Dark Star and Star Guardian are in the same universe when they aren't. It would be worse if they came up with something similar to "Dark Star" to describe the "Dark Star Guardians".
: Rakan in his less joking tones he have in his voiceline not only seems to care about Xayah, but also preserving the history and future of his own race that is dying out. He seems really serious in the relationship that people in the community overlooks or simply does not understand.
Yeah, it always bothers me when people insinuate that Rakan doesn't care. Just because he is light hearted doesn't mean he doesn't care. When he gets serious, he's really passionate about things, especially his relationship with Xayah. Honestly, that's some of the traits I like about Rakan: he keeps things light-hearted in general, but underneath that fun facade he is really passionate and caring.
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