: Can we have team builder back yet?
Very true. As someone that enjoys playing a lot of Vel'koz, I was cool with waiting for 5 to 10 minutes for a game. Why? Because I got to play what I wanted to play. Also, a really underrated thing in teambuilder was the ability to have a lower mmr for a new champ. While my mmr isn't crazy low gold, playing against a gold player with a champ I've never played is generally not going to end well. I was a lot more willing to try a new champ rather than just go to comfort picks as I would for sure be able to play him, and it wouldn't be as rough for me or my teammates.
: To low elo people. Stop copying what you see. That is why you keep losing.
It comes down to a lot of people trying to use it as an alternative to learning the game. I did it too and tried to play the "cheesy" champions. In the grand scheme of things it just didn't help me. What did was learning how the game itself worked, ie how and when to rotate, when to take objectives, and how to play from behind. I'm not a mechanically amazing player, but when it comes to decision making, that alone has gotten me from bronze to close to plat last season. That's what needs to be emphasized, not some stupid cheesy build/champ.
: Holy shit, ANOTHER ryze rework? For fucks sake... that will make 4 so far.
This is actually a good point. In their effort to make something super unique and not sharing the specifics of the rework or listening to feedback, they in turn have to constantly address the champion. Cassio is another champion that falls into this area, and will yet again be facing a rework. It takes time away from champions that ACTUALLY need help and aren't in great places currently and for a while.
Statikk (NA)
: Vel'Koz is a great champion, but he honestly lacks Distinctness. He has some hints here and there of uniqueness (Q targeting, true damage from Deconstruct, etc.) but none of them are pushed to a point where it truly differentiates him. Don't worry, even within the 6, the amount of change each champion will see is pretty drastically different.
He's competely different from the other mages you bunched him in with. Unlike any of the others, he blasts through tanks, and is more of a combo mage then some long range poke mage. Of everyone that needs to be looked at, he's the last of them.
: We hear all of you on Vel'koz, and our opinions on him are actually very similar to yours. We love his combos, his geometry, death laser, and true damage. There is very little likelihood that his abilities will be changed in how they are used (with possible exception of his W), or his play significantly altered. However we also want players in a draft to see their comp, their opponent's comp, and pick Vel'koz thinking "this would be a great game specifically for Vel'koz" rather than simply "this would be a great game for any long range mage with a lot of AoE". For scope context, currently the plan for Vel'koz is much more along the lines of Caitlyn, who also kept essentially her entire kit, but had it unified around headshots.
I'd disagree that he's picked because "this is where a long range mage" would work. Generally there are 3 reasons he's going to be picked. First if we have a great team fights. Wukong, Leona, Braum, ect. It's something that none of the others except for Lux fit into. Second it's if they're a health stacking team. Unlike any of the others, he rips through health stacking due to his passive and overall kit works. And lastly it's if it's a team that you can kite. The likes of Udyr, Tahm, Garen can all be nullified a decent amount by Vel'Koz if you're decent. It's not that I think you're going to ruin him, it's just that you're going to make him too strong. Similar to the examples you gave, they were FAR too strong for a long time, and most of their player base couldn't even play them due to being banned 90% of the time. I feel like you're just trying to change him simply to change him, but honestly I think there are more important champions that could be looked at than someone that's been fairly balanced their entire time they've been released.
Zemtor (NA)
: Shadow Prince Malzahar
It should happen, especially as it's actually in the splash. It was actually the reason I bought the skin in the first place. But after having the snowdown Malz skin with all the interesting particle affects, there's very little reason to ever go back and switch between the two. The likelihood of them actually changing it is very small though.
: Hunters Potion is underwhelming.
Never bought it, and don't plan on buying it. It's just not a good item, and costs far too much to be worth buying.
Wow, I'll actually be able to play Fiddle now. Honestly since the Runeglaive changes, I all but left him alone. I tried some of the other builds, but IMO they all sucked. The tanky fiddle build was gimmicky, and building without one made his ult painfully long when on CD. Combined with the inability to stop the ult cast midway through, and it just want worth it. By far one of my favorite junglers though, and was pretty much the reason I played jungle in the first place.
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Mandaari (NA)
: There Shouldn't be Plat Players in Promos to Gold
I honestly gave up trying to understand the ranked system. I've had games where I've been G2, with silver ones on my team and plats on the other. Like...how is that even fair for ANY of the players involved? Three different tiers of players that in no way should be in each others games. There are some very basic things that should be implemented though, as in golds play with golds, silvers with silvers, ect. I'm trying to make it to Plat this season, and honestly most of my games have more plats then golds in it. Whether or not their MMR has dropped to that of mine or not, keep them with other plats, not someone that's two divisions lower than them.
: On the PBE, Late game ADC's have 50% or more lifesteal, 300+ AD, and 70-100% crit.
At this point, why would I play a champion like Vel'koz with the massive buffs across the board for ADC's? Like when I first heard about the ADC rework and what they were doing to a few champs I thought "oh cool these will be fun to add in." And then you see the rest of the item and mastery changes, and now it just seems ridiculous.
: So mages, bruisers, tanks, and assassins are getting hit to make ranged ADs better
With the new grevious wound item, drain tanks and champs like fiddle might as well b dropped from the game. Fiddle already was in a bad spot after all the changes to the jungle items, and repeated nerfs, but now when his healing will be cut in half come every team fight, why would I pick him? But that's not even including champs like Swain, Mundo, Vlad, ect who at this point will be pretty useless. At least before Executioners calling was awful, and Morello's needed to drop down to what 30 or 40 % before it kicked in? Really hope a decent amount of these changes get toned down, because this season is just going to suck at this rate.
: {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:105}}{{champion:53}} If I ever see someone play these champs I go out of my way to ruin their fun. I'll pick lulu into zed and fizz and every time he tries to kill someone I'll ult them and ruin his kill. I'll camp Yasuo all game. Pick Leona into Vayne & Blitz, whatever. As long as they leave that game feeling like they never want to play that champ again my job is complete. Edit: Thanks for the love guys ^^ glad I'm not the only one who hates these champs.
I'd add Riven to that list. Generally anyone who plays those champs are extremely cocky, spam laughs/taunts, talk in all chat everytime they do something or someone ganks them, ect. If I'm jungle, those guys get camped, and if I'm playing mid, someone like Malz gets picked so they don't get to play league that game.
: the ban phase should be about which champs counter who i want to play
That's how it used to be when I started is S3, and I enjoyed it more then. Sure there were some bans people pushed like Kass, but by in large they were champs you, or someone on your team wanted for an easier lane. Now it's pretty much a brain dead process of ban these 6 champs and hope for the best.
: @Riot Please give us an explanation on this worrisome statement.
It is odd for sure. I played against a diamond lee today and the amount of mobility, damage, peel, ect was just outrageous. He didn't need a buff and wasn't number one pick for a handful of patches. He wasn't BAD, just not an undisputed top pick. While I'm not a Sej player, treating her like that just seems ridiculous. There for sure is a priority with who they like and don't like in that respect, and who they want to see popular. And your point about just wanting Sej to be a good pick is what we should want most of the champions to be at. It was my biggest issue with Zac for a while. He was released, admittedly too strong, then nerfed and left there for what, a good year and a half? Like why...At least TRY to help him. Finally they changed him with the cinder item and was finally in a decent spot. But it took them way too long for something that should have been much more straightforward. Sej was without a doubt OP, but is now a pretty worthless pick.
: Im getting realy sick of seeing Yasuo in every single damn game
It's not even like most of the Yas' I see are very good either, he's just becoming a repetitive champions that's boring to see. Same with Vayne. Most of the time they're average, maybe below average, but the fact that her and Jinx and Trist are the only ADC's that I see, it just get's boring.
Red Ryu (NA)
: Oh yeah, this is why All for One is great.
After playing against 5 fizz' my first game, that was about enough for me.
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: I won't say he doesn't need changes, but I hate how people are pretending the magus changes really affected him. No one even bought it on him! they'd usually go straight into zhonyas and leave their machete as is.
Actually most did. 20% CDR is MASSIVE on him. It lets his ult be up FAR more frequently, and pretty much worked with everything in his kit. Even if you rushed Hourglass, you generally did get Magus as it was too good of an item to pass up.
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: This is really adding insult to injury
I played Tahm for a few months and was yelled at for "picking a garbage champ." Now I get yelled at, but it's for picking "an OP champ," and "I can't win without playing someone broken." This all after one game in the LCS. I played Tahm because he's a blast to play and he was pretty solid. I was telling a friend that I guarantee he gets played at Worlds and he's considered OP. Sure enough even though I don't watch the LCS, I could tell by the shift in bans and people yelling at me that he was played.
ƒoes (NA)
: I love Bronze
Generally what I found is it's the higher divisions of tier that are better. Whether it's been Bronze, Silver or Gold, the lower the division, the more toxic the players. Of course you have the toxic players throughout, just it's worse there. Bronze was fun though, as I played all type of weird champions. Zac support, Xerath carry bot, ect. I knew I was bad, but at the same time I knew I could get better too, which I have at least a bit now that I'm in Gold.
: Tahm kench's damage is fucking retarded
Completely ignoring his extremely weak early game, ability to get kite hard, the fact that he needs THREE attacks before he can even eat the person, which then doesn't let him save teamates, ect. Then you point out his 70% AP ratio as if that even matters. Who is going to build AP on Tahm unless you want a free loss? You're ignoring how bad he would be without damage. When you compare him to someone like Bard, the difference is crazy utility wise. Which you HAVE to take into effect if you want to gut his damage. Here's an idea, build MR, locket even benefits the entire team, jump on his carries first as it forces him to use his W, reducing his damage drastically, or have one of the numerous BORK users on your team, which completely destroy him. Champions like Vayne, Noc, Yi, ect all make his life a living hell, but we wouldn't want to post all the negative things about him, only the "op" things.
: Tahm's an almost unparalleled duelist innately (only really matched by Vayne, Fiora, and Gangplank [who generally slaughters any tanks in duels]). He is a near garbage tier teamfighter and relies heavily on either uncoordinated play on the enemy's part or on catches (which is what he specializes in). He's not broken. You just haven't figured out what to do yet because .0dick of the community has played him up until now.
: People are starting to realize Tahm Kench is broken
Great he can do damage to ONE person, completely taking away his ability to save a teammate. You guys realize how bad Tahm would be without his W chunk? He has one CC ability that doesn't require 3 stacks to do something, and really one damage spell without requiring 3 stacks. He's EXTREMELY kitable, and falls off a tad late game where as mid game is his strongest. Not only that, champs like Vayne and other BORK users destroy him, *cough devour junglers *cough. And if THAT isn't enough, items like locket help a ton against him as MR helps against almost everything he does. But we wouldn't want to post logical things pointing out his 8% pick rate with under a 48% winrate. The amount of people running around spewing nonsense in the LOL community is hilarious. This happens every time a knew champ become popular, and generally dies off pretty quickly once people figure out how to play around him.
: The LCS shouldn't DICTATE soloque.
"Why are you playing the garbage champion?" 2 days later, "the only way you can win is with OP Tahm." No, Tahm's been like this for ages, just no one had the balls to try someone that wasn't already being played. Champs like Wukong are insanely strong right now, yet gets way less play then he should. Why? Because he's not getting play in the LCS. If for some reason he did get a couple games, he'd be spammed and complained about the next day. Honestly this community needs to stop relying on the pros to show them the way.
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Meddler (NA)
: Having power not be a factor in why you pick a champion is one of our goals. We won't always get it right, but it is something we aim for. Exactly what 'balanced' should mean is also a tricky topic. Balanced for pro play, such as Worlds, will sometimes be different to balanced for regular play (e.g. champions that strongly reward teams that have played together a lot and are on voice comms). Similarly a champion that's balanced for high tier ranked (which is what we most often focus balance on) may be noticeably stronger at less experienced levels of play (e.g. Garen or Amumu) or too weak (e.g. Azir or Le Blanc).
It's not just pro play though. I believe Darius is picked or banned in over 90% of solo q games. Seems like it's a bit of an issue with him as a champion, rather than just in pro play.
: Tahm Kench is an example of bad balance decisions.
Tahm also has a fairly weak early game. Be that jungle or top. Also his late game is not nearly as good as his mid game, especially if your team can kite him. The little bit of wave clear he does have is extremely mana killing as well. Strong, yes probably a bit too strong, but champions like Darius are much more of an issue IMO. He still needs three abilities/attacks to hit before he can really do much, and in the late game teamfights it's not that easy to do. I'd caution people that jump on the nerf train a bit too quickly, as he for sure has a ton of ways to play around him. Also he didn't "all of the sudden" become a top pick in the top lane, people have been experimenting with him for a month+ in various positions seeing where he could work. Top has worked pretty well with him, with jungle being an option as well. He doesn't even make it into 10% of games though, unless you're talking about World's, and is sitting around 48% win rate. Compare that with someone like Darius who's picked/banned in 90 some odd percent of games and it's a different story.
: You play Brand support? As someone who has been made quite salty by the fireman, I would like to give you the finger and a solid "screw you". As someone who has seen some horrible Brand supports and mid laners, I would like to commend you for making it work and not avoiding it just because it's not considered meta. You give me mixed feelings.
He's a solid support. He doesn't work against every team, but he has solid harass with his passive, and a fairly easy stun if they try and engage. You play him a bit like annie, but without the team wide stun, you just have a team wide nuke. He works really well with champs that snowball hard, draven being a good example, as both of you put out just tons of damage.
Catrah (NA)
: So you picked an off meta support
While Vel and Brand aren't exactly bad supports, I sure have had numerous people yell at me for the picks. No matter to me as I'll carry them to victory. The one thing that I might add is SOMETIMES, not that much, I won't go sight stone. Hear me out first though. It has to meet certain criteria, one of which my ADC is just not in the game whatsoever, and we're pushed into the tower all game. In that instance, generally I'll try and wait until 9, upgrade my trinket, and that lets me get more damage to potentially make a comeback. I only ever do it on maybe Brand and Vel, but there are times where maybe the ADC got stuck with the role, or are just having a bad game, and I'll need to pump out the damage for both of us.
: If you have this teeeerrible need to say EZ
I don't mind trash talking, but when you're just a dick like in a recent game of a 4v5 and say "GG EZ game," you're getting reported. What's even better is this was obviously someone who's been reported before (huge surprise) as he called me out for reporting him after he got a warning. All I said was no need to be a douche with an AFK game, take your win and move on.
: How in the hell is teleport an issue
Part of the problem is it DOES hurt better players. If you lose your lane/are losing it, just sit under tower and when you get low, recall and TP back. The flip side of it is it's really opened up the top lane champion pool wise. I can't help but feel that it is a bit strong in some way, or at least a bit too safe, and does need to be looked at, but I don't want it to be significantly nerfed either. Also as for flash, while I might have agreed with you last season, this season sort of changed that. Flash is in no way mandatory anymore on a decent chunk of champions. Hec, Shyv, Udyr, Shaco, ect all are ok and in some places better off not using it. TP/smite, Ignite/smite all work very well on those champions and they aren't exactly alone. If you take flash out, or nerf it, you significantly hurt the immobile champs who need it to survive. Strong spell, of course, too strong, not nearly as much as it used to be.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: If you are ahead, why dont u just go to same lane where guy is split pushing? Why do u want him to go with u?
When you have baron, higher drags, or they're sieging with a team with hard engage, you're asking for your team to lose a fight. Splitting top/bot is good, however when you're teams ahead and you can just group and win the fight/game you're just asking for something bad to happen and you throw. Point is, unless you're some godly scaling champion, the longer you wait, the longer you give them time to get back into the game. No matter how ahead you WERE, doesn't matter if you hold it out to 50 minutes.
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Xemeron (NA)
: I have to admit one thing: C9 were the first of these "pros" who just got how to play Darius right..
I generally don't watch LCS, but I've actually watched a few of the worlds as they were pretty entertaining. That though has been the biggest thing I've noticed, was how missused Darius has been. Essentially treating him like Mao, and then wondering why he's doing poorly. My friend was trying to say it's because they know how to play around him, but no it's just they haven't been playing the game with him being a central point of the game.
: "Just dodge Blitzcrank's hook and he's usless xD"
Very true. I've loss quite a few games from one person constantly getting grabbed. It's all great if we all can, but like with all of these supports with hooks, bindings, ect, there always seems to be someone who can't.
: "We think Evelynn should be more mana hungry because of all the mobility she has" - Meddler
Eve's strong but game breaking/in need of a nerf? Not that I'm aware of. The funny thing is playing against mains of some of the champions you put up and how they defend them as being balanced. Actually had a Vayne main claim there are other better ADC's completely ignoring the 51% winrate with between a 30 and 40 % pick rate.
: I swear to god, veigar is getting called op now
Qss and Mercs. That alone wins most of your interactions with him. Is he good, yeah he finally is. OP? Not a chance.
: Riven's really not that hard to lane against. Unless you pick a champ she counters, that is. Even so, I don't think most people would mind giving her a resource, so long as she's compensated. And you have to keep the animation cancelling.
Bad riven's aren't hard to lane against. Riven as of right now is WAY too safe of a pick. Apart from Darius Garen and Fiora, all of which are almost always banned, her and Irelia are just dumb champions to play against.
: Vayne nerfs? Sure. Riven nerfs? ... ... ... why
Because she's an obnoxious champion. Apart from CD's, she has no meeningful reason to not use abilities. Whether it's to get to lane, trading, outrunning your opponents, ect. At least Zed, and I dislike him as a champion, has to deal with energy and can't just spam his spells forever.
: I actually want Vayne to be nerfed, but...
The issue I have with her, is the issue I have, or maybe had depending on whom you talk to, with champions like Fizz. They both have a "weak" early game, that in most cases is just on par with others/barely lower, and they snowball insanely hard. Vayne's issue for me is she's supposed to be a tank shreader. The thing is, she does well in just about every meta due to just some dumb numbers in her kit. Either she needs to be toned down, or other ADC's need to be brought back up. Personally I'm all for just toning her down, as I don't feel the ADC's are in a terrible spot. Sure they can't single handily carry games after they get a bit ahead like they used to, but they put out their impact on the game fairly frequently.
: I feel Magus was better than Runeglaive. (MY OPINION)
Depends on the champion. Some like Elise, Diana, and Nid received a clear buff. Then you look at others like Fid, Karthus, Malz, ect just sort of out in no mans land. Maybe part of the problem is they don't know what to do with champions like Fid. To be honest, I was an avid player of his before with Magus, but haven't even touched him since. I've heard some people build Cinder, other don't finish it, and some skip it all together. He seems to still have a decent winrate, but champs like Karthus are no where near where they were before. As others have said, there was no reason that they BOTH couldn't coexist. They both had the champions pools they worked with, and didn't really interfere with each other.
: PSA to everyone who plays ranked
I'd like to add to please not play if you're not in the right state of mind/if you don't have an hour of free time. I say that after going on a six game loss streak. Not because I played particularly bad, generally I did the best or top 2, but because of a feeder in one, 2 others from individuals who were high/drunk, and one from someone who would go AFK, come back for a bit, and AFK again. Not sure if he was trolling or just things came up in his life. I ended up finally winning a game again in part because the enemy team had an AFK lol. Seriously as at LEAST common courtesy don't play if you're mentally impaired/don't have the time or ability to devote yourself to a full game.
Kikirino (NA)
: I hate when my teammates talk shit after a win
I hate it when my teammates talk shit in general. Unless the enemy team has been talking shit all game, and after we win you come back with something snarky, it's pretty much pointless. My last game I had a Tryn on my team trash talk against the Panth because he was playing Panth. As if he's somehow such a bad player because he counter picked him. Instead of just farming and concentrating on how to win late game as he WILL become a monster if you farm, he just attacked him all game and played horribly. 90% of this community shouldn't even attempt to trash talk in the first place. We're all pretty bad, and make a lot of dumb mistakes that good players would destroy us with if we played against them.
: Its almost laughable that Vayne still has no nerfs pending
It's pretty obvious at this point, and it's that they want her around for Worlds. No different from the other "favorites" of there's getting buffs, Lee, J4 randomly, ect. These champs were already in a good spot, not too strong/weak. The thing is though, I wouldn't mind AS much if there were more bans, but 6 bans total is just not enough with the amount of problem champs right now.
: I'm sorry but how are people defending dunkey?
I find it funny that on one hand the community attacks Riot for the toxic community, and on the other when Riot bans a popular toxic player people go up in arms. He was a toxic player that deserved the ban, end of story.
: I had no idea who Dunkey was..like legit never heard of this guy before this board hype
I had no idea who he was. Personally, this is something I've said before when I'd had people wish cancer upon me. Dude, it's a game, it this is THAT important to you, you need to reevaluate your life/life choices. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing ranked and trying to climb. I'm by no means an amazing player, but I'm at least Gold, so I'm better than the average player. From what I saw in his video, he was extremely toxic, as in needs to be banned toxic. The guy was a troll, we ALL have to deal with them. As long as you are playing with other people, it's always a risk. Report him and move on is really all you can do, but raging at him does nothing but fuel his enjoyment and encourages him. We've all gotten angry at some point, but him getting banned shows he did it again, and again, and again. He doesn't deserve better treatment because he's some sort of internet celebrity either. From what I got from his video, he wasn't even enjoying it anyway. If that's the case, it's a blessing in disguise for him. The game isn't perfect, but some of us actually do enjoy playing it. If he didn't, that's his decision, there's plenty of games I can't stand playing but others enjoy.
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