: If you don't have a low CD gapcloser you're gonna get dicked, which is the situation for immobile melees against most ranged champs. I noticed you were talking about playing trynd into him and that you max Q, in that matchup you're probably better off maxing E maybe w/ 2 points in Q first for a little extra sustain. Play back just out of range of his E spreading from the minions, and E in on/behind him and W after he E>Q's the wave, that way he has to wait for EQ cooldown to proc phase rush or root you, Your gonna want to have the lethal tempo keystone so that after you E behind him you can get several autos off on him to reduce your E cd in case he is able to get some distance and you can generally finish him off with the 2nd E gapclose. Ryze earlyer in the game is pretty squishy especially without his spammable shield
spammable shield?!?!? what patch are you in buddy? that was taken away a few patches ago sadly...
suhdooh (NA)
: leaving and inting
just had an afk toplaner... was sad. inter game before that... kinda getting tired of trying to win with no hope since matchmaking.
Keiaga (NA)
: Try asking for help or tips instead of just ranting
yea, so a varus who is 19 deaths in and running it down is my fault, can you be any more clueless?
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: 3 people disconnected every match?
Reakwon (NA)
: Can't join a game
8/10 people just disconnected in my ranked game, and the last 2 players finished.... weird.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Why do Riot's counterplay standards not apply to adc?
I go rammus full armor and aftershock. those adcs wont have counterplay once I roll, taunt and kill them in 2 seconds.
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: Champion Concept: Etri, The Winds Howl
tbh, sounds like a champ I would love to play, and I dont even adc. Good work.
Manxxom (NA)
: When someone whose inting flashes their mastery
Its a surefire way to tilt enemies. They will be tilted on why you're not tilted. LOGIC.
: Ok Riot (or anyone really), please explain this to my smol iron brain why this is ok.
Orko (OCE)
: Toixc league player flames me after game, made me really upset :(
happened to me today as well lol. Tip from a jungler friend: Ignore or mute. You are the jungler, you know what to do when, you make an impact. DW and play on, toxic people are everywhere.
: What is Bard?
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Ill coach for free.. Trust me :)
: To those who never get chat restricted or suspended, how do you do it?
If teammates flame me, I stay quiet. If I talk back, we waste time typing, and he might get even more tilted, worsening his play. Stay quiet and play on. IF enemy insults me, kill them, then ask what happened. Then win.
Seen (NA)
: The game is older than 10 years
too many smurfs, new players, players who's ranks are too high, players who's ranks are too low. It's a dice roll.
: People need to stop with this kind of sh*t...
IMO, this season feels like a dice roll, it can any 6 ways of many different dices... Heck, i dont even know what to do really.
Jo0o (NA)
: Yup. Immature people seek to blame others before themselves. In League, it's easiest to blame the Jungler due to their potential to impact all three lanes. Couple that with Kayle having a weak laning phase post-rework and Kennen being ranged, and you were inevitably going to get blamed. As a top-lane main, it's nice when I get ganks, but dragon and double-kill potential at bot lane is the obvious priority for junglers a lot of the time. I know how to farm under turret and stay safe. The Kayle player would do well to figure that out. In the meantime, feel free to ignore or mute them.
I myself dont really mind the comments, but it's that type of behavior that might make other junglers feel bad. Funny part, he farmed under tower, and was even by the time we got drake, but got aggresive and angry afterwards, which surprised me.
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PineEgle (EUW)
: Ranked matchmaking rigged
Promos=Are you smurfing?
Nasteey (NA)
: Can Supports Carry in Low Elo?
I think they can, depends on support, team comps, and a lot of other factors, but it is possible. Anyone can carry in the right conditions.
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: I miss the old IP
it takes me literally 3 weeks to get a new champ, since I already bought all the champs below the 3000 range... it gets annoying tbh
: Can we ban like the pros do?
Would probably increase time till games which most people dont like... its a good idea though
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Glîtchy (NA)
: I won’t actually get punished for this will I?
This is a viable strategy... lol. Banned over camping a lane sounds ridiculous.
: Would you like to play with me?
: I feel like "mental boom" loses more games than "feeders".
Its true, sad but true. I try to keep flaming out of my games, and try to encourage my team as well. Here's a tip: if You are carrying your team, keep telling them good job and whatnot, and keep friendly, that will help them listen to more pings and improve team morale, making your team a better unit than the enemies. All it takes is some good fights, and then you morale your troops to victory.
: Pinnacle of na solo que
You shouldn't really call out people...
VileKayn (NA)
: Why I hate that people don't play for fun anymore
I actually enjoy the competitive nature. I barely have fun in games without competition, so to me, that is fun.
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xAcidik (NA)
: If someone says "learn to CS" tell them they're a skrub. The reason you struggle more with top and bot lane as opposed to mid lane, is the lanes are longer, and that makes wave management more impactful. I'd suggest finding some wave management guides on YouTube and trying to implement what you learn in your games. As far as team fighting, you should first make an effort to learn the important cooldowns of enemy champions. Knowing that Lissandra's ult is up or down should greatly influence how you play a teamfight, as well as knowing what it does. Attack move clicking is important on any ranged AD champion and should almost always be done when attacking enemy champions. I bound my attack move click to T instead of A (it feels more natural to me, try it). It helps to avoid misclicking and causing yourself to position badly, or waste time when you could be attacking. The basic premise of it is to move in between each of your shots to maintain optimal positioning in fights, or to avoid skill shots. The final note about attack move clicking is sometimes, if you time your flash well enough, you can put enough distance between you and an attacker so that you can turn on them. You should do this in cases where if you continue to run, their mobility skills will come back up and they will catch you. As far as positioning as an AD Carry, you need to learn the ranges of the burst champions and engage champions on the enemy team. Zed, for example, can assassinate you from fairly far away. If the enemy team has a Zed, stay way the fuck back so that the man has to walk through your entire team to get to you. EVEN if this means you aren't attacking in this time. If Zed is dead, or his skills are down, you can walk further forward to attack. This rule holds true for any engage champion with CC or assassins. Additionally, a lot of people tell you to focus the squishies - don't. Focus whatever is in front of you. If you can safely focus a squishy, do so, but usually, your only option is to focus front liners. If you move forward to focus the squishies in the back, the front liners will eat you alive. Most of my advice is about ADC just because top lane champions are so different and so varied that I cannot give you blanket advice on it.
thanks, This will help greatly.
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: Does RIOT actually hire people who knows how to code? (Client Bugs)
5050BS (NA)
: Classic Promos. Riot stacks them in the enemy teams favor so you will fail more often then succeed. This way they slow the climb and keep people in lower ranks longer.
I dont mind losing if its a 5v5, if I lost then, that means I dont deserve that rank, but a 3v5 hardly seems fair...
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: define broken VS unfun VS Toxic gameplay champions?
broken: {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:427}} unfun: {{champion:157}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:75}} toxic: {{champion:17}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:29}}
: Distribution of Rank (Definition of Lower Elo?)
You can be lower middle rank, just keep at it. It may seem hard at first, but practice does work. FIGHT ON!!!
: Night and day in league :D
Its a great idea though, It would be cool to add, but would require so much changing, the onl way possible would be to give a giant game changing patch, sounds like a preseason idea.
: Night and day in league :D
sounds like another moba game, that one doesnt do too well if I remember...
: I don't need a guide. I have played Wukong for years. Not to be rude, but it's different playing Wukong into bronze players vs gold+ players. I had an 80% win rate as I climbed from Iron 3 to Silver 4. Playing nothing but Wukong. I appreciate it though.
Glîtchy (NA)
: How can I go about climbing the ranks to gold?
well, for jungle right now, vision, and constant pinging helps. try to keep drakes warded when up, same with herald, and when you get a kill lets say with the team, ping them to help with the drake or whatever is up. Basically, you have to move the team as a unit through proper vision and timings, and if they follow, great, if they don't wait. If a lane is feeding, focus on other lanes, and I dont mean completely ignore the feeding lane, just tell them to play safe for a while. Try different routes out, be creative with that, for example, I go red, scuttle, gank if i can, next scuttle, blue, gromp etc etc. Figure out what works for you. Another tip, when a laner recalls, like, lets say mid, if the wave isnt pushed when hes at base, push the wave, hard push it, so it bounces back to him by the time he walks back to lane. Scuttles are high priority for vision, simple. Control ward first drake, get whatever drakes you can, all of them are good, the small buffs can make a big change, even if its not noticable. Help laner get towers when you can, like, lets say enemy top laner recalls, and you are near toplane, and lane is almost being pushed into enemy tower, go chip that tower if possible. Convert kills into objectives, you guys just killed enemy midlaner??? start herald or drake with numbers advantage of 4v5. ping ping ping. Never flame teammates, try to emote a lot to show you're chill, ask how they are in pregame lobby to get the good convos going, get the team communicating. Never flame. Ever. Try to be supportive with words. PRAISE your team when they do something good, it boosts their confidence and play. When they do bad, dont call them out, just say oh well, no problem, dont worry, etc. Wards are important as I already said, ask teammates to ward areas like rivers when you are opposite side of map. idk what else to say. try to get the team moving as a unit is what I usually do.
: Tip? Just dont play x champ because they are bad
I played a lot of wukong s8 and pre season 9, and know what? I skipped caring about early and mid game and made a whole late game rune page and build. So basically, I went conquerer, and for secondary gathering storm was a must, and for stat shards, pick whatever you want. Ingame, I basically mix and matched items to make him a teamfight hurricane. A gargoyles stoneplate for living. One of the tiamat items depending on how much tank or damage we need. one youmuus for speed. one deadmans if more speed is needed. Basically, I built depending on what was needed, while making him into a bruiser, and since I had conquerer, not too much damage was needed lategame, as long as I had the time to do damage, and with gathering storm kicking in nicely after 30 mins, it went really well. I could make a guide if you want.
: Can a support CS when the ADC recalls?
I do whatever I feel like when adc is gone. Dobby is free elf.
: Position Stealing in Ranked
Happened to me as well recently... a jungler stole mid from me... we lost lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mrXZEnUN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-26T23:24:11.643+0000) > > Do we even have point and click CC in the game? Other than Annie? Laughs in {{champion:9}} I have TWO point and click HARD CCs! **THE HORROR** Though too bad my balance state is so shite so no one picks me anyway.
: ***
you ok man? you're talking to yourself...
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