Unvictus (NA)
: I understand your take on removing Ward jumping as you have new reset mechanics with Shunpo, but I feel if you are to remove it from one champ wouldn't it only be fair to remove it from Jax and Lee Sin too?
i don't see how that would be fair
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Teraaxe (NA)
: Silver community looking for recruits, NO BRONZE.
IGN: Absoluti0n Zero AGE:22 MAIN ROLE: support SECONDARY ROLES: jungle/top/mid LEAGUE & DIVISION: silver 3 TIMEZONE & AVAILABILITY: EST and anytime after 4pm
Hotpes (NA)
: Club: Dynamic Queue, Teams, Amateur LCS like leagues. Join now
TheeBull (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MaximuzMeridias,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=jjB8m11I,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-23T15:30:02.290+0000) > > also try some braum hes good at peeling / keeping adc alive verse heavy ranged teams I do need to force myself into some of those more passive, peel oriented supports. I play crazy aggressive and I think it would be a good step back to focus on map awareness and peeling. Even Alistar was a big change for me because he's kind of a one trick pony and isn't as good at sustained aggression like a Bard.
> [{quoted}](name=TheeBull,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=jjB8m11I,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-23T15:37:12.677+0000) > > I do need to force myself into some of those more passive, peel oriented supports. I play crazy aggressive and I think it would be a good step back to focus on map awareness and peeling. Even Alistar was a big change for me because he's kind of a one trick pony and isn't as good at sustained aggression like a Bard. barum is a 2 way street he can be a very strong aggressive support in lane but generally when you group your goal is to peel for carries and use ult for interruption. honestly the only way you carry on a non-mage style support is the influence other lanes. if your adc wins lane that is good but if you're not using your champion to its fullest (since you like aggro style ones) you won't get much done. communicate with your ad that you wanna roam and look to invade with your jungler or if you have someone with decent cc depending on enemy lanes go for a gank on top or mid. you will rarely carry as a support and playing super aggro with wrong comps can back fire. every game i would suggest to record it and watch your play, see where you could have roamed and such. support is similar to the jungling minus the farm. you have power to influence lanes other then bot and you can also go mess with the enemy jungler. and also pick you support in according to the enemy team and your team. don't take leona or something because you like to go forward if your team ahs tons of engage and/or pick take something like karma or janna to peel for your team. sorry its so split out xD but in general pick what your team would need, your #1 duty is to protect your carries not start fights and learn to use your champion outside of lane during laning phase. that is pretty much how supports can carry games, we've all seen that caitlyn decimate the enemy(or your own) team because her janna or braum or something peeled for her.
: Looking for pals for norms/ranked :^)
sure add me Absoluti0n Zero i use curse i am pretty chill and getting back into the game again. i play support jungle and either solo lane. i usually just hit fill but i pref not to play adc. silver 3 myself.
: Heavenstrike Gaming - Make Gaming Communities Great Again!
so i entered to join and some miss started to talk and before i could type out "one moment need to fix settings" she moved me down to guest room without answering questions. she had [Rec] in her name but i don't remember the tag. i would of like to join but this kind of left a sour taste in my mouth that the staff/recruiters are impatient. i do not mean to imply this to all those who organize and work this community but i feel a little bitter on my first entrance. but whoever did handle my first log in under the server ruined any chance of me joining.
: why would they pay more for those guys who have very low relationship to the viewers?
yeah i only like listening to them when KR goes into stalemate during matches and they ramble about the most random things. or the star wars talks ,those are always great
: Go back and watch what happens with Riv casts any game of importance. The guy fumbled almost every sentence he spoke after game two of TL vs CLG then in the finals he was just slightly better. It was a legit joke. I would much rather have doa monty and papa smithy over most the casters. Lets just hope Dash doesn't look like a weeb for this tournament.
has dash done weeb dress before? don't recall any cosplay or anything he's done.
: why would they? most English viewers don't even know who they are.
everyone who has watched league since season 3 should know who doa and monte are.
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: Beginning As a club, Looking to become so much more Rezurrect Gaming (Rzrct)
: Silver 1 adc look for friendly support
feel free to add me i play nearly everything under the sun, some more then others. ign : Absoluti0n Zero
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Visivo (NA)
: need support or mid to play with.
hey i am a support main and don't mind playing solo lane's feel free to add me ign: Absoluti0n Zero currently silver 3
: R.I.P Mordekaiser
> Mordekaiser's only reliable source of sustain is gone. Thanks Ekko for abusing grasp+iceborn+sunfire you mean every top lane champion and sometimes midlane and jungle....hell i've even done it on trade heavy supports like braum, leo and blitz.
: Is Kassadin supposed to be reworked? Greetings
{{champion:38}} is fine, he just suffers from the terrible cost of his core AP items.
: > [{quoted}](name=Junkyard TrundIe,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3IXxdZwi,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-03-26T19:34:54.239+0000) > > Don't make her ult an insta stun pls. :( > > Also, anything happening with Heimer? :) Please Riot answer this man. Heimer is in a weird spot where he has a niche but that niche is frustrating for some match ups and laughable for some. By witch i mean he is toxic against people with no range/medium range but really easy to deal with if you have above average range. He has a niche but that niche is not realised to its fullest potential.
that counter play to him, he is good agaisnt assassins and melee people that want ot jump on you but loses to people who out range him, its kinda the same for most other mages. mages like heimer are a old western quick draw movie, who hits who first usually wins.
Z46 (NA)
: I think a much bigger problem is that a *summoner spell* is considered core to a champion's identity, and that they're utterly worthless without it.
really? flash body slam, flash heroic charge, flash vault breaker there are many champions that have huge impact because flash IS part of their kit in some ways. its not that flash is core to her kit its more that her kit covers a burst mage pretty well while having little counterplay around it in 1v1.
LankPants (OCE)
: >If you mean to say that her ability to reliably catch out enemies means she won't be viable outside of solo queue, then this is wrong because a reliable catcher actually has incredible value No, he's saying that you can't give her kit any real power because you insist on keeping her dumb-arse flash Tibbers combo. You can't make her an interesting champion because you allow for this bullshit to continue. If you reduce the power of flash Tibbers you actually have some power budget to work with, right now the rest of her kit has to be garbage because of flash Tibbers.
he W is pretty decent for pushing waves and her Q is pretty good damage for its low CD also refreshing cd and mana when used to kill something, only thing in her kit that needs to be changed is what htey are changing how tibbers works and the use of her E
Rock MD (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hellioning,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3IXxdZwi,comment-id=000f0001,timestamp=2016-03-26T20:28:54.441+0000) > > And what else does she have? It'd the only way she can engage against most teams; she's a short ranged, immobile mage. Nothing. That's why she needs changes. Stop putting power into the bear. Put it into the rest of her kit. The rest of her kit is what needs changes.
they did say they are changing her E and as well as how her R would work, flash bear drop is just a mechanic of her kit. most champions are played for 1 aspect of their kit and the rest is either cream or poop, they have solid idea reworking tibbers post summoning and what not and as well as he E to give molten shield some use besides stacking your passive.
maybe its blitzcrank?
TermEdd (NA)
: Instead of nerfing items why dont u nerf they massively overpowered champions that for some reason havent been touched and if they have they have been barely nerfed. Im talking about graves fiora and darius.
i wouldn't say darius is overpowered, he is in a pretty well state and is still a lane bully that can be kited in the late game. he was part of the juggernaut trio (quadra?) but fiora and graves scale a little to hard for their own good. they can be outplayed and killed like other carries but sometimes they 1v9 and it does feel bad playing against them. Fiora especially feels OP because he itemization is insanely good and scales well with first to last item (until titanic gets nerfed)
: We miss Azir,Rumble,Gragas,Maokai,Gnar
gnar is fine he isn't bad just not played because of popular champions like fiora and quinn do really well into him in the earlier or in the mid o late game. rumble is in a tight spot as he doesn't do well into any of the fotm tops right now. gragas just got or is getting buffed so he is making resurgence and Azir is pretty hard to balance imo. either he is gonna have a weak stretch of the game ot just be op or he is op in the early game just to fall off. also i think he is boring to watch so i am ok with him being gone. i don't like watching him fight people a screen away.
: Ardent Censer
i get the item on supports like {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} because it works well with their kits (bonus ad, magic on hit, and namis W+E for trades) and sometimes if i can swing it without worry i get it on {{champion:432}} and {{champion:12}} sometimes if the ad is really AA reliant.
: Just curious but... If mages have deathcap. Marksmen have infinity edge... Now assassins have duskblade... What do supports fighters and tanks have?
support/tanks have {{item:3143}} decrease crits from adc's and MR items help only so much (mages should have high damage against tanks since they rely on CD's to do damage) fights get {{item:3053}} (even though its now nerfed) gives them a nice shield and bonus ad as well as health. i think the LW upgrade that shreds tanks and void are the items that kinda destroy tanks that do no damage. the game kinda frowns on tanks (except {{champion:12}} because of his godly ult) so fighters and cc reliant supports are more appealing. they need to introduce an item that trade % of their damage into reduction. such as you would do say 10% less damage to have 5-10% damage reduction (or whatever other ratio trade offs you could think of.) {{champion:54}} is the idea of an unbalanced tank right now. yeah he has a lot of out playability because he telegraphs everything he does but with armor stack and an {{item:3001}} +{{item:3025}} he can solo a carry that doesn't have {{item:3072}}. he is just an example of what champion is designed a tank but has the ability to kill people making him a fighter after a while then a tank.
Wazap (NA)
: Can we change the fill role for a big SUPPORT icon?
pfft i pick support/fill and i get adc>mid>jungle more often then i'd like
Borigrad (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5JqNwdQz,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-13T16:57:04.846+0000) > > I don't need to show you a video. I actually play the game. I DONT NEED FACTS I HAVE FEELS E base 180 damage, 80% bonus AD ratio, he gets 25% bonus. Zed would need 390 bonus AD to do 600 damage with an E and you would also need to have literally 0 armor. MY FEELINGS ARE WHAT WE NEED TO BALANCE THE GAME AROUND. No says the man sick of your shit, you need to play better.
at 18 probably but i think he means in the earlier stages zeds E does some nice damage after his first item (or back if he picks up a dirk) that it can suck at times. not saying this is EVERY game against zed but everyone has those game were zed W>E and you just sit farm from him for a wave.
: http://de.leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Zed Zed's e base damage is at 180 with a 80% bonus ad scaling. Usually a Zed will buy {{item:3142}} (65ad), {{item:3139}} (75ad), {{item:3035}} (40ad), boots, {{item:3147}} (75ad), {{item:3156}} (55ad). 180+248= 428 damage. Surely he won't deal 428 to everybody he hits with his WE combo and also he can't stack the e damage. He can just increase the power of the slow. How do you get the nummber 600+?
you have 3 armpen items, assuming carries don't build armor (hourglass armor is basically non-existing in that build) the damage will go up. i've played games were zeds will W>E>Q and a carry will be down to 1/4 and if unlucky enough a 5th of their max hp.
: "Things may not be 100% balanced right at the start" - Riot on Duskblade Oh really? What {{champion:91}} could ever {{champion:238}} have possibly {{champion:107}} given you {{champion:133}} that idea {{champion:121}} ?
the item would be terrible on zed, mid game and on when he ults you should already be popping people unless the use insane amounts of utility to survive. and maybe rengar, you already insta-give carries as him even with his slight nerfs. but quinn and kha i could see it working well on, even maybe yasuo. i think talon is also in zeds boat you'll insta-give most people before the proc pops.
: Daily reminder that Janna has a higher winrate than Brand, Karthus, Swain and Malz
: Caitlyn can have her cool hat, Vayne can have her cool sunglasses, Tristana can have her ginormous ears, and Lucian can have his stylish braids, BUT GRAVES STILL CAN'T HAVE HIS DAMN CIGAR.
all those make life better graves cigar is dangerous for everyone. no one likes second hand smoke
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: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
who is the true sniper? him or caitlyn?! you decided!!!!
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Morokar (NA)
Rank: Silver 3 Role: Support Champs in Pool: pretty much all of them (unless i do not own) EXP in 5s: i have been on 2 teams before but they broke up due to scheduling issues with everyone Winrate(check on na.op.gg) 46% Curse: drsuoh Playstyle: i am aggressive when a i can be and the champions kit allows me to be or we have a huge advantage in lane, but can be passive when needed if behind or if our lane isn't strong enough to trade or win skirmishes.
Nichenzu (NA)
: Watch Faker get solod again by febiven...faker getting carried by marin and bang
pfft when one is a god he has his subject do the heavy lifting Kappa
: Well we here in europe import koreans, you guys in NA imported Europeans, no one imports American players. thats just how it is. The best players in NA are from Europe that doesn't make TSM a european theam does it ?
only Bjergi s from EU, and turtle is from canda. no one imports NA players because well there is a small % of players who play the game and even a smaller % that take the game on some level serious outta the population. both EU and KR have higher % population playing the game, more people playing larger talent pool to pick from.
: lol obviously you guys think with your d*ck. Kim Bora is a very well known Korean name. Also, what I wanted to say is 2.5 Koreans, Yellowstar as 0.5. Even if Yellowstar is not Korean, why cant u guys refute my core claim? HUNI REIGNOVER. Are you proud cheering Fnatic, the god of Europe? If you think its an actual Europe team, take them off from the roster and fight the other teams. Oh, I remember last year without them, eliminated in the group stage d*ck heads;-)
Huni is also from french like yellowstar............. he just started his carrier in KR, only one who is from korea is reignover
McNippy (NA)
: Because whether people admit it or not turtle is just flat out better than Keith.
i would say that not one bit. it just turtle is more experience on lan, if Keith had the same amount of experience as turtle i wouldn't find it any shockign to see them replace turtle with him. of course that won't happen now
: sure fenix steal was great but PoE steal was much epic
Nah PoE had the easier steal then Fenix, Victor's Laser combined with his ult easily outdamages smite in one go. ori's shockwave most likely does half of the damage as victor's combo and has a longer delay timer. but we all know Piglet gets the prize for the corki rocket steal.
sad bob (NA)
: I think they both have good chances of winning. Bjerg is likely to win lane, but I doubt Dyrus can crush Quas since he's been the #1 top laner for a while now.
i don't think bjerg will have a easy lane Fenix is in no way inferior to bjerg, and Dom is probably a more consistent jungler then santorin in certain area's just because he has mroe experience. its gonna be a race to what team comes online first and even if bjerg gets going he has to hope damage control on the side lanes doesn't go into TL favor. as for dyrus i am sure quas has found some sort of olaf counter or is a good olaf himself, and TL botlane as of right now is probably one of the best in the region. so will TSM spread control outta the mid lane to the other lanes or will bjerg have to 1v9 win the series. but this is in no way taking from turtle or dyrus they can still pull out great performances and run away with the game.
FeedBoy (NA)
: Tsm will win without a problem! They will probably ban or take away fenix's Azir forcing him onto something not as comfortable. Dyrus will also crush lane if he goes olaf and gets ahead of quas in cs like the other 2 games most likely becoming a huge carry threat again. And sorry TL fans i dont think Piglet is gonna get another blind baron steal to win a game. #TEESM WIN
i highly doubt it'll be easy, Fenix is a strong player in general he is jsut godly on azir, his champ pool is tried and true so even if he loses the azir pick or banned from it he just needs to pick something to do damage and leave the game to the res of the team. Olaf is a time bomb, i highly doubt he'll get it and if he does he will probably be ganked and held back to become useless. like i said the top 4 teams are were they should be and the quarter finals showed nothing as TiP and TSM played teams that were in major slumps and just shells of their former selfs from earlier this split. CLG and TL are actually 2 of the better teams in the league while TiP and TSM are trying to push into the top 2 spots. i honestly think this will be TSM's hardest series but no one knows how it will go until they actually play. and its foolish to assume any of the semi-final teams are the same as they were in the summer split, this is 5 games between the 4 best teams of the region none of these games should be one sided matches i am prepared for 10 games this weekend
JHei (NA)
: C9 TSM TL -> World
i don't think C9 is gonna make it. they may have place second but if its TL TiP and TSM in that order C9 will have a long off-season also i would rather them not go to worlds yet and mesh more and get back into form to compete because i highly doubt hai's limited champ pool in the jungle and incarnation lack of experience they wouldn't make it outta groups and just waste practice time for fundamentals of team play
Émiil (NA)
: If turtle is doing so bad why wasn't he benched like they said they would??
he is slumping but playing significantly better compared to earlier this split, and Keith already went to college since he wasn't given any solid playing positions.
: XwX was caught elo boosting by Riot and has been been banned until February 21, 2016 and chances are TIP wouldnt want him back after his actions. Source: http://na.lolesports.com/articles/competitive-ruling-xian-%E2%80%9Cxiaoweixiao%E2%80%9D-yu
yeah i have to agree a pro who is 6months away from competetive play and most likely outta practice and isn't going to play till week 2 or 3 in the new season would be risky to have. i can see tip keeping him and gate and leaving gate at the starting position and switching them around during the season. as we've seen having different players in the same role can increase a teams versatility as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Absoluti0n Zero,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=rdm6OxKx,comment-id=000500010001,timestamp=2015-08-07T17:00:28.448+0000) > > i highly doubt TiP would be 1st without xwx unless they got gate to be a xwx clone. CLG well maybe, they could have a lucky start during playoffs who knows. TL is looking like a different monster, if they were more consistent and had better pick and ban phase i feel they might have been able to go 16-2 or 17-1 because a few of th game they lost they basically let op picks slip through and then did nothing to hinder that champion. and of course if they picked better there could of been games they wouldn't of lost either or played smarter. but this is a sport every team is gonna shine and every team will have a slump. idk man, tip have the strongest top/jungle combo in na & their bot lane is pretty solid as well. Although it's pretty clear that them not having xwx is definitely a hindrance, as long as gate's performance continues to be good *enough* i think they can still make it, just based off how they've been playing.
that is true but they went against dig which is nothing more then a former shell of the monster they were earlier in the split. CLG will not fall prey to the duo top lane schemes and their bot lane is just as stable and probably better in lane then TiP's, and Pob is without a doubt stronger then gate. i don't think anything TiP did in the quarter finals will be a true showing of their strength until they play against CLG but i am in no way saying that TiP can't beat CLG because they are for sure a top contender for Finals no doubt just saying that if their BEST playing was against dig then they have to hope CLG is off their game because CLG will punish some of the high aggression plays, the main way i see CLG losing is because of Rush as xmithie is a decent jungler but its pretty clear Rush and IWD are the top 2 junglers hands down as team performance and influence comes. i can say xmithie has games were he was carried but i am not sure i can say he has games were he has clutched and carried the team through a fight (of course not 1 person can single handily carry an entire game in this time of competitive play) but Impact will be punish and not easily given lanes against zion , Pob has potential to run away with mid lane since he isn't going against xwx and the bot lane could become a party lane and i feel rush hour are fine with chaos like TiP's bot lane. I think this game is gonna come down to how well can rush effect the game, how well zion does against the the top/jungle pressure, and if Pob can make plays on the map and create pressure. i honestly don't think dlift and aphroo will let apollo come outta lane able to wreck everyone and/or give free kills in the botlane. how i can see TiP winning is if they win the early aggression game, CLG has shown that if they don't come out the early game stronger they have trouble winning closer games, how well they can teamfight because TiP is just godly in teamfights that prolong enough for cycles of CD's, and well if impact comes outta lane more useful then zion.
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