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Paquay (NA)
: Banning Yasuo is like wearing a seatbelt
Yeah, I get where you're coming from. I main {{champion:78}} so Yasuo shouldn't be a problem... Except that, even if he's been feeding all game, he still obliterates my teammates.
: You know what really bugs me? Like besides how annoying and offensive it is? It's not creative! Like looking in this thread alone I got so many better things to call people! Like, show you have more brain cells than the person you are insulting and actually say something that doesnt sound like you're a lazy south park writer lol.
"You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny."
ox2gen (EUNE)
: "those who are diagnosed with Autism often struggle with understanding social rules and cues but are proven to be extremely proficient at math, science, engineering, and other like subjects" Links to the proof? No? Why weren't the patients I was working with during my internship proficient? Nothing is "proven" in science, that's what the principle of falsifiability is. There is also no serious research suggesting a causal link between the ability to do mathematics/science and autism. The only articles suggesting these links are correlational studies at best, which still don't explain whether or not the ASD is linked to any type of mathematical ability or if there is a third (possibly more) hidden factor trailing along. Autism is used as an insult because it suggests not just stupid, but mentally retarded. That is not necessarily true, but try explaining that to a salt-driven chimpanzee whose bronze rank equals his number of brain cells. Similarly, the ape species in this game like to abuse yet another term, cancer. "X gave me cancer". I don't know where this trend began, seeing that it's not even funny, it just makes it obvious your tiny butt cheeks wouldn't even handle a tick, let alone a tumor.
Okay, crucify me for using a more literal term when I probably should have said "most" but you're missing the point here.
: I don't think you understand what autism is.
Alright, you tell me what it is and I'll hear you out.
: Yea it's bad, but what if... (_**Nail me to a fookin' cross but i find this funny af**_)
I showed this to a an Autist and he found it hilarious. XD
KumaraP (EUW)
: I also had the error: "LoL new Client unable to connect to the login queue". Even though i thought i did everything good and it was a Riot server issue it wasnt. Allready tried all Riot's solutions and they did'n work. After some debugging i did finaly resolved the problem myself.. The problem was with a configuration setting in the Esset Security Software. And it was a setting that did'n deactivate even while u fully disable the software (like temp. disable firewall). In the Esset software you can enable Protocol Protection in the Advanced Settings menu. From then on the software starts controlling all SSL and TLS configuration's and every certificate that comes with it. I came to this while reading the Log: 2017-05-21T13-09-01_1968_LeagueClient.log I has the following line: 000012.699| ERROR| lol-login| ALE-4C0F8C92 - FAILED_TO_COMMUNICATE_WITH_LOGIN_QUEUE - Plugin "rcp-be-lol-login" couldn't talk to "" because: 60 - "Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates". This got me thinking that i let Certificates be mastered by the Esset Security software and not by Microsoft. And thus i started searching in the menu and found that i could deactivate that option. It's called Protocol Filtering and SSL/TLS-Protocol Filtering. Once i deactivated both of these settings. The issue was gone. So this got me thinking, because at some point this did work. Even with the new client. Did something in security changed on the client? Remember the old client did work, new did 2 but after a certain change it didn. So i think Riot's higher level of security also needs attention in 3rd Security Software. Hope this resolution can also help others with same kinda problems.
I don't have Esset so I don't think that's the problem.
Aptest (EUW)
: no the whole premise is silly and is very badly written. I'm the senior officer here and i havn't had a funny line yet so im stopping this.
You can't have a bloody cop come in and arrest everyone- Wait a minute.
: This is why I usually stick to calling people potatoes. **Example 1** _Ally Dies_ Me: You're a fucking potato. **Example 2** _Ally Dies_ Me: You have the map awareness of a fucking potato.
Well, considering potatoes have exactly - uh - **zero** brain cells.
: I went to your profile and checked for your comment to come to this thread thus bypassing clicking on the post.
Krigjer (NA)
: > calling someone Autistic in a video game where social skills matter much less is kind of like saying "you're intelligent". How so? It's a multiplayer game- there's at least some level of social capability required there. I'll actually tell you that I was awful at making friends in school, but since I started playing MMOs like WoW and MOBAs like LOL, my ability to talk freely to people (even IRL where I'm still pretty awkward) has gotten much better.
MMOs require **_far_** more social interaction than MOBAs since there's a whole economy in the works. MOBAs take 15 to 60 minutes to complete from start to finish requiring minimal social skills (You can play an entire match without opening the chat bar once and still co-operating with teamates). And, yeah, there's some social level required in LoL, but even those diagnosed with Autism have already surpassed that. And Autistic people are often better at math, science, engineering, computation, and other subjects. Intellect isn't the same as social interaction skills.
: When someone starts raging at you and acting like they are better then you, then you shut them down.
Like every FPS on the market: _kill some guy_ some guy: "noob" You: "If I'm a noob that just killed you, what does that make you?" some guy: "a hacker" You: "So I spent hours poring over bland code and risking permaban to increase my shooting capability by +0.1? Nah, if I hacked, I'd get invincibility, flying, and all sorts of crap."
: Patrick is definitely Challenger tho
: I believe you're looking waaay too much into it.
Perhaps, but people like to calculate out how much damage Yasuo does to a champion given an exact number of runes, masteries, and items so I'm actually shooting small. I just think it's funny people are throwing around insults that are actually borderline compliments.
Aptest (EUW)
: nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.
Just fling movie quotes at them. #"YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER AND YOUR FATHER SMELT OF ELDERBERRIES!" They'll be expecting something like "noob" or "scrub" but gold like this will catch them off guard. XD
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: Joke's on you I can just hover over the title to read what you wrote... Oh shit I'm commenting. Joke's on me I guess. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Aptest (EUW)
: we are going to run out of insults at this rate and i will have to start calling people stupid random shit like "baked alaska" and "smoked salmon"
: Yes, but to them it FEELS more insulting to call someone autistic because they have a gross misunderstanding. It's all about how hurtful they feel they can be. Reason need not apply.
Considering incredibly dark topics such as the holocaust and rape are commonly used as insults in gaming, I think social disorders are several steps down.
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: I think it was fairly recent, like 1.5 or 1.6 (Search says 1.8, wow didn't know it was that recent)
I like that they did that but now I have no reason to remember that 137 = command block.
: No wonder she's my second favourite Yordle .-.
Clearly, unlike me, she didn't take 6+ years of study and social work to understand why it's rude to scream random things in public places and when to stop talking about whatever you please when the other person looks disinterested.
Saewin (NA)
: Where is Astatine lux?
In the future when they allow more than 10 options for a Poll.
Elipo (NA)
: da fack
You might have to see this one first to completely get it.
: /give Honeydew 46 64 Old reference.
What version of Minecraft did they remove numerical codes again? I forgot and am too lazy to look it up.
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: /give @p infinity_edge
> [{quoted}](name=Mecha MaIphite,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ZyAx8HpL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-22T02:18:57.582+0000) > > /give @p infinity_edge 64 ftfy
: It's time to take you back to the past to the time of RaptorKarr and their ships...
: Wouldn't call myself an Urgot main, but I really do love playing him lately, gonna miss him a little bit when they rework him, but I'm confident I'll enjoy the new one~
See? This is the attitude people _should_ have when they rework a champion. I pretty much felt the same way with Galio.
: When the entirety of the Boards calls juggernauts and bruisers "tanks..."
Tanks r so broken just nurf dairus rito {{champion:122}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3153}} op
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: Anagram no. 3
: Cocky Karthus
Because he prefers it? Some people take ghost over flash, it's just their preference.
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: When a memelord sees another memelord post a new dank meme
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: I threw together a kit that combos around his (new) passive and (semi-new) W. He gets into the fray of fights to charge his W, then activates it to shield himself and let his other abilities store charges of heals and/or shields. Anyways, the kit! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -**Range:** Let's get this out of the way first: Urgot will have melee range with this kit. Since he puts himself into the enemy team so much, it's for the best. It also balances his passive. As an Enchanter/Vanguard, he would probably build along the Targon's line in bot lane, too. Oh, and I recommend reading his W first, since his other abilities interact with it. -**Passive: Dance Partner:** Urgot's basic attacks designate enemy champions hit as his **Dance Partner**. Urgot can have two **Dance Partners** at a time. Urgot's **Dance Partners** deal ? % less damage if Urgot and his **Dance Partners** are close together (See note), and interacting with them will charge his **Terror Capacitor**. _Note: For being "close together", think of Kha's Isolation mechanic, but in reverse. If Urgot and his Dance Partners 'un-isolate' each other, they are considered to be 'close together'._ -**Q: Fashion Rolls:** Urgot rolls a short distance (See note) towards the mouse cursor. For 2 seconds after rolling, Urgot's next basic attack will deal ? additional damage, and, if he attacks a **Dance Partner**, have increased range (See note 2) and charge his **Terror Capacitor** . Urgot can cast **Fashion Rolls** a second time if he successfully empowers his **Terror Capacitor**. -**Terror Capacitor Charge:** If Urgot uses a charge of his Terror Capacitor to cast **Fashion Rolls**, he will store a ? value heal. Urgot can re-cast Fashion Rolls with a charge of **Terror Capacitor** 2/2/3/3/4 additional times if he stores a heal, and can store up to 3/3/4/4/5 charges. Urgot can touch allied champions to expend all charges and heal himself and those near him (See note 3) _Note: Roll distance is similar to that of a Riven E, and he can change it similarly. Note 2: I'm thinking around 100 units of increased range? That seems pretty fair, right? Note 3: "Like Rakan, but better!" The heal value would be low, though, similar to Taric's Q, except it stacks more!_ -**W: Terror Capacitor:** Passive: Urgot stores a charge of his Terror Capacitor every ? seconds (See note). Urgot can reduce this cooldown by taking ? % of his **current health** as damage or by interacting with his Dance Partners. Urgot can store up to 2/3/4/5/6 charges in his Terror Capacitor at once. Active: Urgot activates his Terror Capacitor, consuming one charge and granting himself a ? health shield. While the shield is active, Urgot's next basic ability is Empowered. Empowered abilities will never give charges of **Terror Capacitor**, instead granting him a heal or shield charge depending on the ability. Urgot can re-cast **Terror Capacitor** at any time provided he has at least one charge (See note 2), consuming another charge to recharge his shield and use another Empowered ability (See note 3). _Note: This would be a very long cooldown. Fourty seconds or so in the early game, around twenty in the late game. Note 2: Terror Capacitor has no cooldown between casts: It is gated only by how many charges Urgot has Note 3: His shield will refresh upon re-casting, but **it will not stack.**_ -**E: Star of Noxus!:** First Cast: Urgot stylishly spins in a circle, dealing ? damage to any enemies near him. If Urgot hits a **Dance Partner**, he gains a charge of Terror Capacitor and can re-cast **Star of Noxus!** within three seconds. Second Cast: Urgot gains a ? % movement speed boost for 2 seconds. The first enemy champion Urgot runs in to is Charmed for ? seconds and dealt ? damage, expending Urgot's movement buff. If Urgot successfully charms an enemy champion, he can re-cast **Star of Noxus!** a third time within three seconds and gains charge of Terror Capacitor. Third Cast: Urgot stylishly slams the ground, knocking back all enemies near him and dealing ? damage. If Urgot catches his Dance Partner in the knockback, they are Knocked Up as well, and Urgot can cast **Star of Noxus!** a fourth time within two seconds. Fourth Cast: Urgot can re-cast Star of Noxus to leap towards a Dance Partner caught in the blast of **Star of Noxus!'s** fourth cast, dealing ? damage to them and slowing them by ? % for ? seconds. -**Terror Capacitor Charge:** If Urgot uses Terror Capacitor for any cast of **Star of Noxus!**, he will not gain a charge of **Terror Capacitor**, but instead gain a shield charge for ? health (See note). Urgot can store up to four charges, and can Touch an ally to grant this shield to both himself and his nearby allies for 3 seconds (See note 2 + note 3) _Note: Similar to his Q, this is a small shield that he would have to stack. If he stacks it up, though, it is **monstrous!** Note 2: Again, "Like Rakan, but better!" Note 3: Urgot can stack his Heals and Shields if he varies his uses of Terror Capacitor, and will **can** use them at the same time upon Touching an ally._ -**R: Hyper-Kinetic Battle Dance:** First Cast: Urgot dances stylishly for 1.5 seconds, then becomes Hyped Up for five seconds. While Hyped Up, Urgot gains ? bonus Armor and Magic Resist, ? % increased Movement Speed, and can cast Hyper-Kinetic Battle Dance a second time. Second Cast: Urgot jumps forward in a dazzling display, stopping at the first enemy champion hit. For 2 seconds after stopping, Urgot twirls his target around himself, _suppressing_ them, before throwing them back to his starting position, dealing ? damage. During this time, enemies within in a short radius of Urgot are Charmed. Re-casting Hyper-Kinetic Battle Dance will grant Urgot a ? shield for 3 seconds. **Terror Capacitor Charge:** If Urgot uses a charge of **Terror Capacitor** and casts **Hyper-Kinetic Battle Dance** towards a **Dance Partner**, he will ignore other champions along the way (See note) _Note: There should be a UI-shown indicator of how Urgot needs to 'launch' himself to ignore enemy champions on the way to his Dance Partner, probably in lieu of Warwick's Blood Trails or Tahm Kench's shown 'ultimate travel path'. I, personally, am in favor of the latter._ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, how's it look? I designed a kit to be used to get into the fight, disrupt enemies, and be rewarding for doing so by being able to heal and shield his allies, which should fit an Enchanter/Vanguard theme, right? **Ahem** "He's like Rakan, but better! He enchants his allies, shoots down his enemies, and doesn't die!"
That "Dance Partner" thing is one of the most creative mechanics I've seen in a while.
: But how does it live on inside us... []( Image link not working -Pepe dead inside meme
: Day 4 of Board Reworks a Champion: What should Urgot's basic abilities be?
: #Hello again! I hope prom went well ;D
#**Greetings!** It was cool. Also, this is a rather inefficient form of communication.
: :O damn
Not to mention the power in his electro-harpoon- Ok, I should probably stop now.
: #Hi Absorbent!
#**Heyo Skins!** Sorry I'm late, I just got back from prom.
: Who is the best ship in league of Legends?
Well, no ship can be actually seen in-game... Except for one. **Bilgerat Rumble**
: The Grand Meeting of Melledoneus (REALLY FREAKING LONG, BE WARNED)
I would upvote, but I'd have to scroll back to the top to do that.
: {{champion:117}} "Play with me! I have the protection, the speed, the hugifiedness, AND the white stuff!" {{champion:68}} "I'd ride you all day!" (probably directed at Trist). {{champion:115}} "*Come blow me* up with how much of a bomb you are!" {{champion:150}} "Shudabada yaaaa gaba du!" (I have no idea what he said). {{champion:32}} "Let's be married forever!" {{champion:85}} "Come lemme have a pi-ka-chu :3" {{champion:45}} "I want to primordial burst you." {{champion:18}} "Come to my bottom lane and tell me how you really feel." (all credit to Falconshield for this one) {{champion:17}} "Size doesn't mean everything... and I can prove it ;)".
Rumble not only rides Tristy, but he also puts her _in heat_.
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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