Tract (NA)
: Azir Can't Kill Wards....?
No champion deserves to be able to clear wards without the enemy being able to contest them. Azir clearing wards from well over walls had no counterplay and felt like shit to play against. It's good that it's going.
: Why is that anyway? What about her kit makes her more of a sup?
It's complicated but basically she lacks agency and safety in lane, but doesn't have the required strengths outside of lane to make up for that. She's safer and exerts more control in the bot lane. In addition, in the mid lane her ideal role would be a DPS control mage with her plants but her AP ratio on plants is godawful - as such, she fulfills that role basically just as well from a support's budget as she does from a mid laner's budget, and you're better off with a mid laner who actually needs the gold they're getting. Making Zyra mid work would take somewhat significant work but they could at the very least do what they did with Vel'Koz and improve her scaling with gold to be worthwhile. I can't think of a worse AP ratio on a mage than her plants.
Meddler (NA)
: With this approach Frostfang would have 10% CDR. Frost Queen's build path would then have a Blasting Rod instead of Fiendish Codex, so you'd still have 10% CDR at T3 as well. Not sure on Zyra. Might be able to get her back to mid to the degree she was played/effective there before the update, would still expect that to leave her significantly better as a support given even on release I'd argue that's where her kit was strongest.
Please do something for mid lane Zyra. Every other APC who ended up bot lane has been given changes to make them work mid at this stage and as a Zyra player it is so frustrating to watch you fix everyone except Zyra over time. It would be so easy to at least throw mid Zyra a bone but you do nothing even though there were so many people before the rework expressing their wish for Zyra mid to be a thing and promises that she'd be balanced for both roles.
: > They aren't even that well designed as a class in most instances. I'm kind of conflicted while writing that, because I adore playing {{champion:83}} and {{champion:420}}, but from a game design stand point, juggs are like the worst class. This is first and foremost PvP game, enemies have divine, inalienable right to fight you. Their __ability__ to avoid that absolutely doesn't justify their __need__ to. The producer can't expect their playerbase to spend the game running from someone just because they can do it - they just won't, becuase this is not why they press 'launch'.
Your post has probably the best summary of the issue with juggernauts as a class that I've seen, I really like how you think about the class. I still think Riot made the right decision in classifying juggernauts how they did, because they had backed themselves into a corner by making certain champions, but it's undoubtedly one of the worst classes from a game health POV. You can IMO always tell which champions have the worst design by how often their players post about them on the Boards and juggernauts lead in that metric by far (and have done for years). Maybe some day Riot will find a way to make them less binary.
: Agreed. Enchanters need more defined niches. They do have _some_ things to set themselves apart. Lulu has more cc, Janna queen of disengage, Sona has AoE, Soraka's those fat heals, etc.. But their kits could feel a lot more satisfactory and could use more skill expression. What seems to separate a good from a bad Sona relies a lot more on game knowledge, not bad in itself, but doesn't really show much of a learning curve for the character. Her ult is basically the only thing you need to aim with. Should there be easier champions to get into? Sure but I don't think the vast majority of enchanter supports should be lumped into this category. Starter champions that are simple and highlight objectives/nudge play styles should fall into this. That's why I love reworked Warwick, I think he's an excellent example of a starter champion that eases you into the role of a jungler. I don't know why shields and heals have to be _point and click_ abilities. There'd be more skill expression and variety if support (healing/shielding) abilities were more like **Lux's W**. As skillshots enchanters could be defined into more subcategories ala mages. Artillery-esque enchanters (long-range, weak but safer shields or heals) Battlemage-esque enchanters (small to mid range, tankier or stronger shields and heals) longer cd + power vs shorter cd and consistent shields/heals, but weaker etc... It also makes we wish certain items or abilities already in the game could've been reworked into enchanter abilities. Yasou's windwall as a perhaps smaller, destructible Janna shield, Redemption as a Soraka ult, etc...
Ally-targeted buffs are almost universally targeted because needing to rely on your allies allowing you to use your abilities on them sucks. It is very frustrating for Lux players to have allies walk out of the travel path of their W, and she's a mid laner whose main role in a team is to snipe enemies. Put that gameplay on someone whose actual job is keeping their allies alive and you're in for a world of dissatisfying gameplay. People still fuck up Redemption when you cast it and that's something they have to engage with every ~2 minutes. Missing every shield you throw out on a 10 second cooldown in a team fight because your allies are tunneling would be a nightmare. I understand that the other side of the coin here is that making ally buffs targeted makes them very easy to use, but the solution to that is making the buffs more complex and situational rather than making them more unreliable. Lulu was given extensive trade-offs to using her basic targeted abilities, and her ult has enough different effects going on that it invites decision-making in some situations. Lulu's pretty easy right now but that's primarily because so much power has been loaded into ADC buffing in the current game that the choices in her kit have for the most part been removed (always put every buff on the ADC, consider using W on an enemy assassin at a push). Her kit on-paper is well-made. Nami's W and E both have good gameplay for targeted buffs too. We need more of that, not more Lux shields.
: Perhaps they should just tie up the power into a single attack instead? Everyone can afford to launch a single attack and get benefit, but the AS/on hit almost entirely only benefits ADCs and some bruisers. Rework it, and make there be an internal CD on the proc (To prevent high frequency heal/shields or Stoneborn Pact cheese). Change it so that its a 50+X per level (2.5-5?) damage proc+heal, and perhaps grant a surge of MS when running at an enemy champion for melees to help melees proc it. Give it a 5 second internal CD between procs on a single target. That would do a ton to make it a more team generic item and not "ADC's bitch" item.
I think one issue is that you are assuming that Censer exists only to be useful in team fights. It's a much more versatile item than that and actually, there are common situations in which any type of champion will appreciate the current buff. Sure, in team fights ADCs benefit much more than anyone else, but how about tower pushing? That's been a major strength of the item since its first iteration, and everybody values the additional attack speed given to them by Censer when pushing a tower. The item is also extremely good at helping with neutral objectives, and everyone auto attacks Baron and Dragon as much as possible while taking them, except the occasional mage. Since the health on-hit was added, the item has also been useful for topping up teammates. You can walk into your mid lane, shield your half health mage, and then leave while they heal a significant amount of health by auto attacking for six seconds. Does that require your mage to know what they're doing? Sure, but coordination isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Your change would make the item less ranged AA focused but in exchange it loses probably the most notable way that non-ADCs benefit from the proc with its current iteration (tower-pushing) and becomes likely a generally unattractive item because the movement speed boost makes it so melee-focused, and enchanters will not prioritise helping their melee allies with their builds. In addition, I don't know that changing the heal to one burst rather than a continuous proc would actually be that healthy. The counterplay to Censer healing at present is to burst the enemy before they can get a continuous chain of heals off. If you make the heal only take one auto to proc then ADCs become significantly more burst-resistant and the counterplay to the buff is generally much weaker. I sympathise with the desire to make the game more melee-friendly, so I get what you want Riot to accomplish with changes to the item. Unfortunately, I think Censer is always going to be ADC-centric and attempting to change that is more likely to lead to the item being generally unattractive than it is to lead to enchanters working towards helping their melee allies overcome the oppression the game throws at them. Remember that burst heal + MS boost is something enchanters can already offer their teammates (Talisman + Grail) and yet they will always choose to use those effects on their ADCs rather than their bruiser top laner.
: That's not how this works though. If the item is good enough, does what the support needs, and the components are decent, there's no reason why supports can't buy expensive items. It just takes longer. Hell, look at how mage supports like Brand and Annie have been operating, they didn't ever give a damn that rushing Rabadons or Luden's would take a while, they knew it'd be worth it. Same with everyone else. If Ardent Censer cost 3600 and had 120 AP instead of 60 (the direct equivalent of a NLR stacked on top of Censer), I would sure as all hells buy it because of the amazing scalings it would give my kit supporting abilities, on top of the item's own passive. It'd make the item amazing for Enchanters, and still not as good as Luden's on midlaner mages because of the nature of the passive on it which they straight up would be unable to use efficiently. Mind you, shoving 60 AP on it is a pretty extreme example, but you get the drift.
Are we seriously arguing with the pretext that support Brands and Annies rushing Luden's or even worse, DEATHCAP, are sensible people seeing success? Is this real life?
: Fair points. I'm in the camp of jacking up the item's cost to 3400 and shoving some more stats into it, actually, but pretty sure that goes against one or two of your current design points. I trust you guys to make the right call.
Why would you ever nerf a support item by making it too expensive for supports to buy? Like, just delete it at that point.
: Would it be possible to bump {{item:3504}} up to 80AP, increase the heal/shield power to 12%, and then axe the third passive entirely? The biggest problem with the 3rd passive is it's really only good when healing adcs, but on them it might be too good. Getting rid of that and moving the healing back into the support player's court might fix it.
I don't think they're ever going to take a suggestion that is just turning an item into a statstick.
koshkyra (NA)
: I feel useless as a Mage when the enemy team comp has more than one tank
Your problem is the belief that you should be expecting to kill people easily with the champions you've listed. LeBlanc has no kill threat on basically anyone late game except maybe mages. You give up the right to blow people up consistently when you pick her. Ahri has been countered by a single MR item/sizeable shield for a long time - her season 5 rework gutted her burst in order to give her excessive safety. Karma even when built AP is not supposed to be a kill threat - she builds AP primarily to amplify her shield and waveclear. The only one of those that should be expecting to reliably kill people is Lux and unsurprisingly she's by far the champion best equipped to deal with that enemy team. She's the only one with any sort of kill threat through Locket and Lulu peel, and she has enough damage that a small chunk of MR doesn't invalidate her. If you want a mage that can burst through tankiness then just pick different ones. You cannot complain about being weak to MR/shields/heals when playing champions like LeBlanc and Ahri. Also, learn to do things except try to one-shot people. If you're picking Karma mid and you think you're useless because you can't kill the enemy easily then you are completely missing the point of the pick.
gregab (NA)
: I didn't share the numbers because they're very much in progress (and highly likely to change with future iterations) but you're right it scales with bonus health.
: Has anyone one ever seen Cassiopia late game carry like a Yas/Vayne/Draven/Kog'mow?
Cass's power curve isn't what it's supposed to be. The late game hypercarry fantasy isn't actually there and instead she's got quite a strong lane and pretty competent mid. Her damage late game is obscene but her ways of applying it fall off too hard, and I find she always gravitates a bit more towards relying on her utility than her damage in the later stages of the game. In particular she is completely incapable of dealing with ADCs unless she is with friends/gets an ult stun off (which should not happen) because in the time it takes to cast QE she's taken most of her health in autos. Cass carries games by winning lane and snowballing the mid game because if she gets ahead nobody on the map can tank her damage at that point. A late game Cass is IMO a liability versus a more typical mage.
: > Except what's more vocal? The small minority talking online, or the sales figures from the last star Guardian skins? As I mentioned in my previous response to you, people have been requesting skins for neglected champions for years now. You can come on to the Story, Art & Sound board and read several threads of people calling out Riot on their decision making with basically each new patch. The players have been very vocal for years. It's just a shame that sheeple continue to eat up the garbage that Riot spews out every few months instead of boycotting it and holding Riot accountable for their actions. Sure, it's fine if you want to make a profit. But it's really shitty PR when you blatantly release skins only for popular champions so that you can maximize your profits while constantly neglecting a subset of your community just because they don't bring in the $$$. Riot should treat all of their players equally and strive to serve all of them (their customers) equally. That's what good PR looks like.
Why on Earth would I boycott a skin I want to force Riot to make a skin for a champion I don't play? Why would I punish a company for making content I like? You are ridiculous.
: Then she would be garbage if she was so easily countered.
No, because she has other things in her kit. Her burst combo being easy to counter doesn't stop her poke and utility being strong. Lux's burst combo has completely valid counterplay and you'll never convince anyoen that isn't an idiot that that isn't true.
: We're getting new/remodeled champions WAY TOO FAST......
You are acting as if Riot having a very short delay between the release of two champions on one occasion is a guarantee that this will be the trend for the rest of the game's future. It is much much much more likely that this is an anomaly and we will go back to delays of multiple months between new champions immediately after this. We are not in danger of returning to the times of 2011 when we had a new champion every fortnight. Reworks don't add anything new to the game, they just replace old things. The quicker Riot gets them out the better because there are still many champions in need of them.
: Lool. At least assassins required skill. Not just right clicking.
Most assassins had and continue to have the majority/all of their damage in targeted abilities or auto attacks. Veigar having 3 skillshots is far superior to every single assassin not called Ekko.
: The problem with assassins wasn't that they could erase you, it was that they could erase you and then dash away to safety with insane mobility. Veigar might be able to delete you late game with zero counter-play but he's likely going to die immediately after if your team can follow up in any way, as he has no escape. There are some outliers to this concept,mostly to be found in the bruiser-carry section, but that's a problem with specific champions, not classes. Thus it's not relevant to the topic. Edit- And let's not act like lengthening their burst patterns was a Nerf. Lowering damage allowed Riot to implement insane bullshit like stealth ignoring pink wards. I would take old Shaco and Rengar in a heartbeat since you could at least see them entering your lane.
Rengar is still revealed by pinks, though?
Oriyoki (EUW)
: Considering Lux has R on 30s cooldown, I don't see how it's a effective counterplay. Zhonyas is far more effective than QSS though.
The other counterplay is to dodge her Q. Between dodging abilities and having a specific insurance item you should never be dying to Lux's combo. Your problem is that you are asking what the counterplay is when hit by Q when the counterplay is supposed to happen before that point. She hits Q, she wins. You dodge Q, she loses. Completely fair.
: Actually being gated by mana so that you don't just spam abilities is good design, not bad.
There's a difference between being gated by mana and needing to buy a Tear item. Normal champions are gated by mana. Toxic champions not allowed to be good are forced to buy Muramana with a single exception. When you complain about Muramana getting less popular you complain about champions like old Urgot and Yorick being removed from the game. That is to say that you are an idiot.
morris1 (EUNE)
: {{item:3042}} list. - ~~Malzahar~~ - reworked - ~~Yorick~~ - reworked - ~~Urgot~~ - reworked - ~~Ryze~~ - reworked (can still use it tho) Honorable mentions. - ~~Jayce~~ - tear in 2k17 lul - ~~Varus~~ - tear in 2k17 lul ~~Is Manamune good on Cassiopeia?~~ Worrying trend if you ask me.
I don't get how that's a worrying trend. The fact that most of its old purchasers have been reworked makes it clear that Muramana's purpose was only ever to gate AD champions who weren't allowed to be good. Muramana falling out of the meta only means that the champion roster is getting progressively healthier. Jayce doesn't build the item because Riot decided that he didn't need to be mana-gated anymore and Varus stopped buying it because he stopped being a mid laner. Nothing looks at all problematic here to me.
Meddler (NA)
: Usually, though it's not always possible (a few people aren't at the company anymore) or not always a good use of time (some people are on R&D now and not so in touch with the current state of the game). Talking with the original people that built a champ can be really useful to avoid relearning lessons they went through, to understand initial intent better etc. How the champ's been on live and what players have attached to's often more important though, so while understanding that history's valuable it's not a blueprint to stick to over other factors, particularly when some things have proven to be problematic that weren't originally foreseen.
Not really relevant but as Syndra's designer, how did you feel about her MYMU rework when it was in the works? Did you have any thoughts on stuff like making her ult much more accessible?
Danjeng (NA)
: You have a point. But if we have a specialist, then there will also be complaints. For example, Rek'Sai was called a "knock-up bot" after nerfs. A champion should have multiple assets without being too dependent on a single ability.
Jumping to extremes is never useful. There are tons of specialists in the game who aren't so specialised as to be adequately described as an "X bot". There is a difference between having multiple assets and every asset.
: > riot is trying to balance around pro Don't know why they don't remove Stoneplate locket or the perma triplebans for red side.
They're nerfing Zac, Elise and Cho'Gath next patch. They are looking at red side bans.
: Make Zhonyas for Adc?
If you can't survive burst with all of the tools ADCs have to let them do that at this point then no more changes to the item system will make a difference for you. Learn to play the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=TsunamiWave22,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5lqgA87N,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-22T06:11:28.264+0000) > > Aren't Juggernauts supposed to have very little in the ways of cc? Cho has a slow, knockup, and silence in his kit. It's interesting how everyone is quick to point out their own clear, expected weaknesses of juggernauts. Other class categories don't have broad automatically assumed weaknesses.
Umm, yes they do? They're just more well-known so people don't feel the need to point them out. "Juggernauts aren't supposed to have CC" is inherently no different to "ADCs aren't supposed to be tanky".
: Janna's E literally gives temporary AD, what if someone had an AP centric buff?
Lulu used to give AP (on her shield IIRC) but they got rid of it. Not sure why.
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: Lulu has: 1. An attack speed steroid + on hit buff. 2. Flat health bonus, possibly more useful on squishes because of their proportionally lower health. 3. The ult's slow also helps ADC's at self peeling. 4. The slow and polymorph, both easier to hit on a diver than a distant carry I'm not sure why people are claiming she was supposed to synergize with bruisers. She seems a Janna level peeler to me.
The slow is easy to hit on a distant carry if you're supporting a diver, though. That's the point of the EQ interaction - to extend her range to where the melee guy she's supporting is. And back before Polymorph gave an AS boost, using it for an MS boost on a melee guy was a much more justified use. Her ult slow is more effective on melees, too. It's somewhat useful on an ADC, sure, but the people ADCs are most scared of are not tremendously worried about slows (assassins have mobility, mages have range). A melee diver on the other hand can theoretically put a persistent slow on the entire backline with it. On the same note, ulting your ADC will usually knock up one person at most. Ulting your diver can be an additional layer to a wombo and is still occasionally used for this purpose. Regarding the flat health bonus - yes, that health is a lower percentage of a bruiser's health than of an ADC's, but the bruiser has more resistances to multiply the effectiveness of the health you just gave them. Lulu was absolutely supposed to work well with melee allies. She ended up being very effective with ADCs because of her on-hit and how effective her kit is against burst but Riot put a lot of thought into helping her empower melee allies. It was only when the Whimsy attack speed boost was created that ADC buffing became her intended niche.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
I assume there's no chance that Elise will join Lee and Rek'Sai in escaping the nerf bat?
Korios (EUNE)
: Dear Meddler, I have a concern about manamune. After the rework of Yorick, Urgot, the champions that use this item and its upgrade have significantly decreased. The only examples I can think of right now is Ezreal and Jayce. Please we need an update for this item (not necessarily a removal) or at least new champions that benefit from it. Thanks,
Uh, it's just for Ezreal now and that's a good thing. Manamune has only ever been an item for champions who were unhealthy enough that their mana costs had to be gutted. If that item is unpopular then it means the game is moving in the right direction.
gregab (NA)
: Runes Corner: Meteor Sneak Peek
Is this the Thunderlord's replacement? If so, what led you to favour this design over that of TLD?
: Can you actually give mana cost for AP champion that can spam their ability?
Cassiopeia builds a minimum of two mana items, occasionally doing three. That's a third to half of her build dedicated to dealing with mana. Just lol at including her in a group of mages with spammable spells.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
My vote for keystone to keep is Windspeaker's. Not that much for the heal/shield boost (it's nice, I'd like to have it, but it's nothing special) but for the AR + MR boost on it. I want to be able to opt into protecting my allies heavily in every system the game has and that's currently possible if you ignore the existence of runes, because you can't opt into doing anything with runes. I don't think Perxie really works for that fantasy and Windspeaker's is a very satisfying if subtle version that does the job right now, so... I like it. With old Aegis gone, providing a defensive stat boost to your allies is a unique concept in this game at this point. I can imagine that you won't keep Windspeaker's because it doesn't have a strong visual (and you've already announced that all keystone runes will be very noticeable), but I'd like there to be a keystone that allows you to boost the defenses of your allies in enchanter-adjacent ways in some form or another. And with Redemption's changes incoming there's probably a need for Heal/Shield boosts in the rune system somewhere.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 6
I'd be interested in mana-related runes and supportive keystones for your upcoming reveals!
: Gut her
agreed Kind regards from us, {{champion:43}} {{item:3902}} {{champion:43}}
Shawager (EUW)
: Morgana Mid the most underrated role
Zoms (EUW)
: Yes, currently they share the same passive, but were not talking about the current Athene's. It would still require a support to reach full build to get all of those items so I don't think it would be broken. And even if Harmony isn't that good we don't know yet if that's the passive that will be disabled, seeing the wording on Athene's makes it seem like Dissonance will be disabled since they've yet to add a text to Mikael's. I completely agree on the Redemption part.
The Rioter behind the Athene's rework has confirmed that Harmony will be disabled if both passives are in your build.
: Isn't she fixed?
Yes, but that doesn't mean the two seasons where Riot continuously spit in the face of her players didn't happen. Rengar mains get the occasional complaint thread now but I never saw the Boards in anywhere near the sort of uproar they were about Cass for over a year and Riot's response to her players was truly horrendous. I feel bad for every player who's had their champion spit on by Riot but the amount of people saying things like "Garen's visual update was crap too!" in this thread when the Cassio fiasco happened is... amusing.
Doozku (NA)
: I've never seen Riot fuck a community as hard as they fucked Rengar's
ITT: People who weren't around for the first Cassio rework.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bouncemaster Zac,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gFoiYuMZ,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2017-05-30T20:33:08.572+0000) > which means League is going to change from a skill and strategy game to a guessing game. That's bad. It hasn't already?
Meddler (NA)
: Still figuring out details. Likely to include a W radius nerf to make that somewhat more dodgeable. Ult is also getting a lot of debate.
Thank you. The W nerf is probably a good idea but to be honest I was hoping you guys would look at her early E cooldown. The buff to that you made when you reworked her really helped her lane dominance and IMO made W max too safe. I hope the changes to her ult won't be too extreme. My recommendation for updated icons is Elise if you're interested. Hers look so bad now, especially Neurotoxin and her ult.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
What's happening to Syndra? She has no nerfs documented on FF@20.
: See this was my big question, if I trip Teemo's shroom because I'm an idiot and then he lays into me with autos, which poison am I reducing? _Am I_ reducing poison? Are the layered ticks constantly resetting which one the helm is canceling? He has Liandry's, too. Is it going to cancel that one because its duration keeps refreshing? Cassio Grounds me and starts up the poison train. Am I reducing the ground effect, or her... Q is it? Is it the highest damage instance? I was super hyped for the item, and then it came out and I've literally not bought it even once because I'm just never sure. I mean at least with Spirit Visage it's like, yeah, if you buy HP5 then you're getting payout on your Visage. Not a lot, but you know, it's doing its job as sure as it can. But with Adaptive Helm, I'm never sure if it's going to do what I want it to... it's one of those things that sounds great until you try to apply it in practice. I do not want to bring that if the only damage it's reducing is Shyvana's stupid fire ring because it's constantly refreshing.
Posts like these are why I'm against the item being buffed. It's not unpopular because it's weak, it's unpopular because the community has no idea what it does. There is no weird refreshing mechanic that cancels previous mitigation. The item is capable of mitigating several instances of damage at once. It would simultaneously reduce the damage of both of Teemo's poisons, Liandry's, DFT, Shyvana circle and more in the scenario you are presenting. I don't understand why everyone is so quick to assume that things work in the most unintuitive and random ways possible. Chances are Riot makes effects that are at least somewhat logical and you know, useful.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 12
Isn't the Redemption change you're proposing just going to force every enchanter into a Redemption/Crucible/Censer build for every game? Yeah it's a nice change to make it less accessible to non-enchanters but it's just going to restrict enchanter builds even more and be another nerf to items without heal/shield power when they're usually considered poor choices as it is already (Grail, Harbinger). Is there going to be anything done to give items outside of that trio + Locket a chance to find their way in builds? Cos right now your changes sound like they'll make builds more stagnant rather than less.
: {{champion:41}} was and is a balance nightmare {{champion:83}} who is this champion? {{champion:78}} mostly numbers, spot on. {{champion:114}} oh look, a balance nightmare. {{champion:13}} we haven't seen the last of him, have we? {{champion:14}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:19}} These are the three that we can call good so far. the rest have failed in creating a character that has a good unique place within the league of legends.
So Poppy had a few numbers out of place on occasion and because of that you think she is a failed character? Sion was also unbalanced for an extended period.
: Damage creep is the problem...
Lol at thinking you have any right to kill a full health ADC through every survival tool Lulu can throw at her.
: I like the changes for Midseason, but why are there no changes to Redemption?
They only talked about items they're reworking. For all you know they are going to nerf Redemption/Locket and just didn't announce it, because they have no reason to announce minor balance changes?
: Let's make a generalist enchanter. Or at least make the enchanter class better.
Almost every enchanter is a generalist. Most of them do basically everything. What could you seriously say is lacking in the kits of Lulu and Nami?
Derfel (NA)
: DoT mages are suppose to be more effective against tanks than burst mages
I like that the Gameplay board simultaneously has a thread saying that tanks should have an item that's specifically good against tank-melting AD champions (Randuin's) and a thread saying that tanks should not have an item that's specifically good against tank-melting AP champions (Adaptive Helm). Like, we should either have both or neither, guys. Which is it. I love that 90% of the people in this thread genuinely have not actually read the item's tooltip themselves, too. It really makes for an informed discussion that Riot gameplay designers should not laugh at.
: Well unless I misunderstood the text on the item the helm only affects spells doesn't it?
Helm says it counts magic damage from spells and effects. Liandry's would count as an effect, as would on-hit damage buffs and stuff like champion minions. Basically I'm pretty confident that it reduces magic damage from everything.
: Meddler, have you (and the team) considered remaking Zhonyas INTO this new AP/Armor/revive item and removing it's current active? While mages don't need too many moments of instability, i'd think it worth to at least test the change on PBE at least, see how people feel it. As far as AP champions feeling like they're getting the end of the stick; Adaptive Helm (If i'm not wrong.) directly counters the damage done by Liandry's Torment, which by itself feels inefficient as an anti MR-item on many, many champions. Perhaps some work on Liandry's as a result would help the community's fears?
They said that they tested an AP version of GA and people preferred to build Hourglass, so ... you're basically asking if they want to consider replacing Hourglass with a worse item and I'm gonna say they're not excited about that idea.
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