: 300+ consecutive games banning Zed - Heres a few things I've learned.
2. Not really, he's about the same amount of roaming potential of any assassin, though Talon straight up is the best. Assassin Creed his way errywhere. 3. Ryker already addressed this 4. There's plenty of counterplay to Zed, the normal kind such as dodging shurikans, the harder kind like hitting Zed the moment he pops out of his ult behind you, to counterbuilding, where you rush Seekers/Stopwatch/Zhoynas, etc. Late game, counterplay is to stay with your team and not be an alone carry, the same counterplay as any assassin. Hell, Zed even gives you a .5 warning for you to prepare when he ults you. 5. His range and damage on Q exists once every 22 seconds early game. Abuse that time while he's vulnerable. 6. Every assassin has escape capacity, Zed has no more than any other assassin. If you gank a Zed when he has his shadow up, that's on you, the guy's a sitting duck without it. 7. His best waveclear is locked behind his Shadow, otherwise he's no better waveclear than any normal assassin. 8. Aight.
: These are all just straight up huge nerfs. The compensation buffs are complete garbage. What is the point of these changes?
Same reason as the Aatrox changes couple patches ago, to get her into a more manageable spot that they can balance better for both the player and the enemy. If she ends up weaker, I'm sure they'd be willing to add some power in elsewhere.
: The system does not encourage you to reconnect to a match
People seem to be forgetting that a leaver could intentionally leave during when you need them most, or leave during lane where the opponent could free-farm, take turret, roam and help other lanes, etc, effect the entire game, and then come back in with the excuse of "Sorry guys my internet".
: Arcade Sona
She's an old skin, just a victim of the different standards held back then. It's not gonna happen.
: Is there a possibility of just adding the old Akali kit to the game? Have two versions of the champion? Doing this for reworks makes it so people who have fallen in love with a champ are not lost in the abyss of champ select. Personal experience I have less fun with League ever since the Akali rework. The visual update is fine.
netmyers (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GonahtanuGepardi,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qq9gxAmW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-14T14:47:14.263+0000) > > Let's start by making something clear: ARAM is not part of the argument when talking about game balance. So in neeko's case, the high damage and cc are actually fair in one ability because it's actually almost impossible to hit the enemy with it. Neeko's ult is one of the worst ults in the game despite it's damage and utility because it's so hard to hit. It's a lot easier in aram because you can use the snowball and that's why aram mechanics can't be part of the discussion (unless you want to nerf her only in aram). > > That is actually how it currently goes. Neeko's damage is very lack luster without her ult and considering how hard it is to land, she can be considered a low damage champion. Same with orianna, anivia etc. and tanks. Control mages have burst but many champions deal more damage than them. neeko ult/hard to hit pick one?
Sounds like someone who doesn't play Neeko. Unless you actively hit your enhanced snare on an opponent, most people can walk out of the ult if you're simply approaching them. Neeko needs to put a lot more thought in how she actually gets her opponent to stay in her ult's range long enough, without getting killed. Most teamfights late game, you're more or less restricted to using flash to hit any carries because of no mobility, or you're forced to actively flank and approach them from the side or behind, which is risky.
: He's cancer in the lane and unless you've got a better way to keep him healthy in the game let's hear you make points instead of mashing the downvote button.
I made my points, counter to yours. Yasuo isn't a special exception, the last champion that Riot tried to force into a different lane to be made "Healthier" was Mordekaiser, and we all know how that went down during the Jugg Rework. Morg and Lux were moved bot lane, because the playerbase moved them down bot, not Riot. Riot just adjusted for both roles. My points were never about making Yasuo 'healthier' for mid, because I don't have a problem with him. My point was towards your comment, not your post.
: Same as Morgana and Lux who were made to play mid but now fit a different role after being changed overtime? No, let's make a special exception and never change Yasuo.
Morg can still be played mid, she can just also support. So can Lux. You're actively trying to force Yasuo out of the lane he was designed to be played in, not because the players naturally migrated up there, but because you want him to be elsewhere. Real big difference dude.
nZrLucien (EUW)
: I don't understand the negativity here. As a melee bruiser Yasuo should always have been a top laner. He is played midlane because of that free windwall he gets and before anyone complains - HIs winrate is actually lower in the top lane where he needs to actually compete with strong champs who can trade back without hesitation.
Or he's played Midlane because he was actually designed to go against Ranged champions...
: The only mage who counters Yasuo, who I can think of is Malzahar. I play the mid lane. Have played it for a long time. Yes, he is oppressive. The fact that he doesn't have windows of cooldown where you can abuse him in itself makes it cancerous to play against him when most mages/Ap assassins have long cooldown durations on their abilities early game.
Neeko's pretty great against Yasuo too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fpvEwEza,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-13T05:02:53.325+0000) > > You didn't even try man. I wasn't the one who called for the discussion, though. Garen sufferred from being singularly unable to abuse any Rune. He *can* use almost all of the Keystones, but is generally played with one of like 3 of them. Perhaps he typifies the intention. Shyvana received a brutal nerf to her Q damage, which actually defined her subsequent playstyle. Damage Shyvana was no longer really an option. On-hit Shyvana with PTA became the rule. (No more Warrior, only Bloodrazor.) Until buffs which opened up AP Shyvana. So the champion was redefined as much as possible without an actual re-work, ultimately because PTA existed. The end-result isn't bad exactly. But it should not have HAD to happen. Runes aren't supposed to do things like this. OP should Pin a list to the top of the discussion. We could also talk about Runes that were never satisfactorily replaced. We lost the %4.5 MS Quints. Celerity gives nothing like that, currently. It started last season at %4 and was nerfed repeatedly until what we have now. But why? Why was %4.5 ok for years and suddenly determined to be overpowering? It's not coming from the playerbase...
I was quoting OP, but I just don't get why you couldn't have posted what you have above, for your original post. You quoted OP's entire post, so I'm guessing you read it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Saezio,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fpvEwEza,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-12T19:40:36.846+0000) > > Just wondering, in the last 2 seasons, how many times has a rune broken a champion? > Vs how many times did that happen in the first 7 seasons of this game? > > Why are we insisting on these runes? Aren't they causing more trouble than merit? Aren't they too strong on some champs and too lackluster on others? Should champions be balanced around their primary rune choice? And doesn't that destroy diversity? > > I really want a discussion. Please try to keep it facts only and a conclusion that you think should be drawn from mentioned facts. Runes Reforged was a mistake.
> I really want a discussion. Please try to keep it facts only and a conclusion that you think should be drawn from mentioned facts. You didn't even try man.
Gapybo (EUW)
: Let's be real majority of players don't spend longer than clicking log in button at the log in screen while having it muted already. But this doesn't mean we won't get any more music, they might just put out music in different format. Maybe they'll move the whole thing into the homepage even.
Before I moved out, my brother used to disable both the music and animations every time he logged in, which annoyed me cause I had to turn them on every time I logged in.
: Qiyana is a Jerk and I Love Her So Much
: He's still fairly weak in a teamfight. He plays like an assassin - everything he has is high damage single target - but he has no escape mechanism and he's not bruiser enough to survive once he goes in. If he's super fed he can continue to stomp, but if he's even just equal he tends to explode when he enters a teamfight. Yeah, he can grab a good teamfight ulti, but he doesn't have a teamfight kit to follow up with it - he has an AP assassin kit, and he's not as slippery as any other AP assassin.
And if he's not ahead, far less burst than an AP assassin too.
: She really shouldn't have the displacement and stun. The reason assassins like Talon, LB, and Kassadin had their Silence removed years ago was because it didn't allow their targets to fight back. This feels like Zoe all over again, where Riot forgot the gameplay lessons they previously learned.
I'd care to remind that Talon, LB, and Kassadin had their Silence removed because along with their kit and burst, it didn't let their opponents fight back. All of those, for the record, were also click and point. Ekko, as much as he's *loved* by the community, already shows that Riot isn't afraid of handing out harder CC to assassins, even though he's more skirmisher early game, if it's equally allowing of fighting back. With Qiyana, you simply need to be fully aware of where you're fighting her. The river is where she gets most of her CC, her root and freeze on her ult, and land is where her ult does that exploding thing. It's all and good to not forget the past, but that requires looking at every aspect, like how to fight back against being silenced, when the silence is click and point.
: How Qiyana's Lore (sort of) Saved Her Design And Steps in Perfecting It
I get what you're saying, and you're hitting the point on the head. Design is not just what a character looks like, or if they're interesting or not. A boring looking character can be the best design in the world, if it gets across the fact that this character is a boring character. Design doesn't stop at the visual level, it transfers into their character, personality, the world they live in, everything. In the end, 'Boring design' is subjective. Bad and good design, is objective however, because you can easily make a character look opposite to who they are. A stick figure in a cowboy hat isn't descriptive, groundbreaking or anything special, but place them in a world of stick figures, and that cowboy hat tells you just who they are; A cowboy. They've gotten the point across to you who this character is, and what his place in the world is. I said when Qiyana came out, and people were talking about her hair, that I was going to wait on what her lore was, and I was right. Design isn't just what people see when they look at the character. It's all the things they can pick apart and inference from the character, how much they can tell you from what they are, just by looking at them. In fairness though, teasers are vague, and always leave things to the imagination for the audience. While I think it's okay to be disapointed it's not what someone thought it'd be, I think we need to be wary of shouting out bad design when it's not what we want.
: Too quote another boards member: Terozu > Once her suit was able to cover her full body she was able to enter the void with no I'll effects allowing her to use it for transportation like her father Kassadin. > This is how she gets to and from the surface and the caverns. > In-game this is represented by her ultimate
What's the source on this, other than from another player? A Q/A on Kai'sa, it kinda looks like?
: > [{quoted}](name=Stars Shaper,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x419E12T,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2019-06-08T21:03:26.486+0000) > > Which part of: _"The Void symbiont makes her healthy and in shape because it needs her to hunt down stuff at tip top conditions"_ did you miss? > > Nor Mal nor Kassadin have a void-pal to keep them fit, one is just corrupted by the overflowing Void energies while the other turned himself into Darth Vader in order to survive his Riftwalks. guess the void symbiote decided she needed cleavage and make-up to be in tiptop condition to hunt
Barkley (NA)
: armor. The stat itself is specifically designed to punish low-armor or no-armor targets. So if you're playing adc or mid and end up against someone who's running lethality, buy a cloth armor or two. They'll eventually turn into your guardian angel or zhonyas so you're not really hurting yourself in the long run. Just shuffling your items around a bit. So you can do something like grab a pickaxe and a cloth armor instead of your BF rush. or you can do something like rushing seeker's armguard if you're a mage or whatever. The point is, if you build armor, you're basically negating the lethality on the item they bought and all they get is the AD stats. This makes the item an extremely inefficient buy for them, and as far as just pure gold value -- you're probably on even footing. (or maybe even ahead!) If you've got pickaxe + cloth and they've got serrated dirk, you spent 875 on 25 AD and 300 on 15 armor, and they spent 1100 on 20 AD and some lethality that doesn't matter anymore and basically doesn't count. You win.
: Meanwhile her dad and Malzahar are pretty damn physically corrupted. But nah, little 12yro or w.e Kaisa managed to control the void better than her dad and come out of it with a british accent and perfect skin.
Malzahar actively gave himself over to the Void though, similar to that fish guy in Nami's comic. At most, Kassadin is just purple, and that was with him using man-made technology and magic to serve as his protection. Kai'sa was simply in the Void Caverns underneath Shurima, with an active Voidsent melding onto her. It's comparable, but there's factors that make the three different.
YaraUwU (NA)
: Just a quick thought for anyone that thinks Qiyana is the dullest champion to date. Kai'sa exists.
She didn't go into the void though. She's in the Void Caverns that exist under Shurima.
: Qiyana says "me" about 15 times during this one video
: Yeah, i miss those too. I've noticed recently that i often don't even notice there's a new champion added to the game until they're picked in one i play - simply because all we get is a picture of them saying "announced" or "revealed" and then there's a youtube video and _literally nothing else_ until they drop into live servers.
https://i.gyazo.com/afdbcc7f2d4beb138be59f2d54a41eb7.jpg Literally just logged on.
: Here is the thing, the game is bird's eye view, so what looks completely out of proportion when seen on the battlefield below is supposed to look normal from the main player view... Like how pyke's mask looks like bowser jr's.
: Qiyana is made purely for the LCS viewership!
> I would have been happy if she was an immobile siege mage. We haven't had a new one in a long time and it would have fit the element wielder theme better. > But no, Riot had to make another mobile AD burst assassin So, it's not the champion you want, so obviously it's because Riot made her for some alternate reason than just adding a new champion into a game that might be appealing to people other than you?
: Taric counters AD assassins like Qiyana
I ain't into Hunks. Gimme da Kayn.
: >I just feel like a lot of skill from League has been taken away with so many changes, just like the trinket change which makes vision hard to obtain and ganks/counter ganks just being by chance per game instead of a calculated thing. Hard disagree with this. If anything, vision was much easier back in the day. With no limits to wards AND wards being dirt cheap (even for the goldless supports), vision was not the least bit engaging nor skill-intensive. Now with wards, you really have to watch what you ward and you're forced to make choices: Do I ward baron or do I ward the entrance to our mid so we can't get ganked? Even if it's free, the lack of wards means you pay more for mistakes. As for moments of weakness: Blame the community for that one. The constant demand that champions ALWAYS feel good and Riot catering to that demand has dilluted actual weakness. See the same thing with new Kayle: "She's SO BAD EARLY buff her!!!" despite her main goal being a hypercarry.
In small fairness with the Kayle point, most of those 'buf early plz' comments typically came with an admission to lower her late game. That said however, I'm not blind to the fact that Kayle is meant to be designed around that hypercarry status, and that buffing her early in exchange for her late, just homogenizes (is that the word) the champion with every other. It's kinda like that delayed reward mental thing, where it's hard for folk to put aside immediate satisfaction for an earlier reward or something akin, even if the reward for waiting is greater. It hits the issue of what matters more; The designer's intentions or the experience? Like when XCOM 2 added in mission timers, because they wanted to push the player to take more risks, which is arguably when the game is at it's best, as opposed to XCOM: EU, 'Move forward, Overwatch, repeat till mission won'. Players didn't like the game telling them how to play, despite the designers believing the game to be best experienced when the player is forced to take risks. They want it their way, their fun.
: "main moba games" "HoTS"
: > [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=cEEelTsk,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-06-02T18:50:25.726+0000) > > The only concern is the synergy between that and Sion/Kled's ult, or any other ability that uses sound as an indicator. But who knows. I've used this to great effect in 4.19 when Sion got reworked, to great success. It's not a new thing. Nocturne's ult makes it so Sion and Kled's ult will hit almost 100%.
Oh that's already a thing? Huh, nevermind then.
Dyromic (EUNE)
: Riot, If you'll ever rework Nocturne I want only one thing
The only concern is the synergy between that and Sion/Kled's ult, or any other ability that uses sound as an indicator. But who knows.
: Debatable. I think other champions who need VU's are also in need of GU's, so it's a different matter. Though I would include Teemo as one of the champions in dire need of a full VGU, Kennen, Lulu, and Veigar's kits are fine. They just need their models updated.
> Kennen, Lulu, and Veigar's kits are fine. They just need their models updated. So you admit there are others who could use the work and attention more, like example, those who need a full VGU, and not just a VU.
: Veigar, Kennen, and Teemo, and Lulu all need visual updates. It's kind of messed up that they did such a great job with Poppy and Tristana but are totally ignoring all the others.
Sadly there's just other folk who need the work and attention more.
: Fiddlesticks Rework Concept Designs (Thank you @Kindlejack)
I gotta agree with K, the closer you stay to the Fiddle we have now, the better.
: Yeah I will keep telling myself that since you can't prove me wrong. Much be fun to believe in something with any facts or proof. Also like why are you TRYING TO IGNORE FACTS? GA and BV were reworked to fill different needs. Like just saying BV is part of power creep shows you don't play and you need to stop trying to hate and actually THINK and read about why the changes happened. Since if anything GA and BV actually lowed damage since there better defensive options now. Much more adcs build GA vs before.
People often forget that BV got turned into a AP-Defensive item the same time Abysall Scepter got turned into a Tank item. I dunno bout GA though, all I remember are tanks using it when it got changed.
: In a way, yes. And for good reason.
Ayzev (EUW)
: Why would you pick a potion for damage when Doran's Ring/Blade exist?
A battle of attrition. Being able to beat the opponent with an extra 375 health and 225 mana over laning, while actively trading with them, is going to earn you a lot more than a Doran Blade or Ring in a shorter amount of time. Dark Seal amps that advantage, while giving more combat stats. You trade with them, deal more damage thanks to the pot, and then wind up with more mana and health regardless of how it went.
: Trials: Three Days Left
Well Council, we had a good run. Wanna get some burgers?
yukumari (NA)
: Riot is sending mixed messages with Janna.
Because without some incentivization to trade, most traditional supports will do nothing but sit behind the carry all day to cock block and stall out lanes. While some trading is alright, the forefront of these champions shouldn't not be primarily about trading, which is why Soraka and Janna have been getting these changes. It's not black or white, there's a happy medium in here that should work. In some cases, the trading patterns have gotten effective enough where it's looped back around to becoming uninteractive again, looking at you there E max Soraka.
: Joke, did I said Patch 9.11? Sorry, Joke.
We're reaching Peak BoardsThink now.
MrWasjig (EUW)
: Care to expand on that? What are the design decisions around using true damage?
I threw out my last comment cause I had to get to work, so I'll expand on it here. * Target Agnostic damage: True damage hurts a tank the same as it would a squishy, while if it wasn't true, the ability would intrinsically do less to tanks than squishies cause of the predicted resistances, but way more to squishies. One would obviously think "Well that's the point of being a tank, abilities should do less damage", which is true on the whole, but some abilities bypass that for reasons, like Darius's Ult. Once you're at Max Stacks, he has an accurate prediction of how much health he needs you to be at for his ult to kill. Tanks can still counter that by building health though, but it's still flat-damage, that'll do the same to everyone. Which means, it's a lower number in general, since the number doesn't need to be higher to get past resistances. This is very similar to another hated mechanic, Knock ups, who are flat-duration CCs that can't be reduced, but typically tend to be shorter than most CC anyways. It also gives the player constantly X-time for which their kit can revolve around. Obviously, some iterations of True damage have been a bit, "Hol' up", looking at you Yi, but True damage is nowhere near the problem people make it out to be.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, it's like how they said Academy was to show more of the "real world" type schools so they probably won't ever have a skin that has heavy particles in that theme. Where as if it were Battle Academia, which is meant to show off the Anime World style schools, then they could that. I think Dark Star is definitely nice where the effects lie; fits his evil jester theme too imo since it's a dark skin line.
: Riot had the perfect opportunity to give Xerath a skin next patch, but nope, not even after 4 years
Honestly, Dark Star is good for Xerath, but not Dark Cosmic, which seems significantly more pressed towards a type of intergalactic Royal entities. They definitely seem connected to Dark Star though, as it's pretty explicit with the themees, but Dark Star seems significantly more Monstrous. Or I could be talking out my ass cause i missed some Skin lore dropped at some point :T
: I own every Champ. I don't like the bans. Sometimes it's fun to play as Teemo, Sona, Yi or Veigar. I see them win and I see them lose. They are not as OP as people think. Annoying yes, but OP beyond reason? Not really. I find that the bans remove some Champs from play entirely. It makes the game less fun. If anything it gives me a better chance of winning. I have 50 Champs above rank 4. I feel I can carry with at least 40. But subtracting Champs seems like subtracting fun to me. I don't get it. It points to your weakness as a player if you can't counter something. Get over it.
YBaKunt (NA)
: True damage is destroying the game.
It really isn't though, and you ignore the design decisions around using True damage by blindly saying it needs to go.
: Thats called a comeback champion.
I'd rather have a Jukebox Hero.
: I can make 10 posts a day saying EA is a great company who cares about it's customers but that doesn't make it true
*Makes 20 posts a day about the lack of an Academy Kayn skin*
xAcidik (NA)
: Buff Towers
Playing under tower should be *Safer*, which it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uaKd0TqJ,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-05-26T22:54:07.349+0000) > > The heck does Stash mean in this? Can you store tokens or something? Yes, haven't you noticed that prior to purchasing a pass, the game records your Stash... the tokens that you would have received, and gives them to you when and if you buy the pass.
I bought the pass before i played any games during the event, same as past events. Rip me i guess
Targon (NA)
: If you haven't purchased the Trial's Pass, any tokens you would have earned by playing PVP Summoner's Rift or ARAM are put in your token "Stash". If you decide to buy the pass at a later date during the event, you unlock all of the tokens in your stash. I believe you can view your stash in the missions tab (again, provided that you haven't bought the pass yet).
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