: The best way (as Ranged) is to trade and maintain that his passive is down as long as possible. Cassio is a really good pick because she also has innate sustain. Whenever malphite walks in to Q, you can drop miasma and start melting him. As Diana, you can just let your shield do the work, maybe itemize defensively, but DEFINITELY ROAM if you want a lead in this matchup. As Veigar, your job here is to stack, and I am sure Malphite is not the only champion that will try to poke you out of lane early game, so treat it like that. Kogmaw? Well hes not really meta in the mid lane so that's your call. xD
I play Kog as adc, but I know he can be played in mid.
: His ult is pretty telegraphed and is very much flashable so your complaint confuses me.
I don't notice it, it usually seems to instantly happen for me.
: If you think AP Malp is annoying, then try to fight a AP CHO GATH and tell me about it
I am sure cho gath can't launch himself towards you at the speed of sound with high damage and cc.
Saezio (EUNE)
: I think you should double down with both RoA and seraphs for veigar and cassio, coupled of course with ravenous hunter to keep you topped up at all times. Make sure to use Q on him every time he buffers his Q with cassio. I think with diana you can beat him easily with either conqueror or maybe lethal tempo/hail. And if you don't think any of all these would work for you, just sit on a lost chapter and finish zhonyas 1st item, Really easy to dodge his R with zhon reactively and job done. Or, if you see malph picked before you pick, just pick Olaf mid or some other bruiser and just destroy his ass.
I just remembered. I keep experiencing a bug in which the various (or all of them) hunter runes don't show what players I haven't gotten kills or assists on. Aside from that, it's annoying to not see any sort of animation or delay before he ults, or worse, flash ults. I cannot guess when he is going to and I tryies to use Cassio's w to ground him before he can. But I gave up because that basically is meaningless. I just wish there was a better indication of when he is going to r and 100-0 me or my team's adc.
Saezio (EUNE)
: You really need to explain what champs you play before anyone can give you any advice mate.
{{champion:45}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:96}} It's really frustrating to see him in every other game when he isn't banned. But I don't ban him because there are other champions I dislike fighting more.
Xphineas (NA)
: Well, one of the best ways is to ban him, XD, but you can always go double MR in your runes, and get a null-magic mantle early on. Save your flash until he begins his ult, and if you have some sort of dash that helps a ton.
I can't even react fast enough when he finally decides to ult.
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Keiaga (NA)
: add me in game if you wanna duo sometime. After I get to platinum i'm gonna take it slower with raned and start getting good with other champs. I'd like to brush up on my Rakan and I've always been terrible at ADC so that's something else I'd like to start playing
I'll be sure to, I don't really play competitive much but who knows what elo I'll be in when I decide I want to. Right now I'm iron but that could change, I could actually play at a silver level but bronze might be more reasonable.
Keiaga (NA)
: She's very good. If you're good at positioning and know where to ward, you can get away with leaving flash. I like doing exhaust/heal. She can also get away with buy a Mejai's if the game is going well. Her Q is pretty good poke in the early game, but when it comes to teamfights her strength comes from heals and silencing assassins like zed or big channels like fiddles ult or nunu ult so she can stay as far back as you'd like. It's been a while since I've played support, but Sona is great too. Build full AP on her and she spams constant teamwide speed boosts, shields and 700 damage pokes. Morgana is another favorite support of mine. Very safe, very long range, and has utility sure, but will melt people if you build AP with Liandry's and hit a QE.
I've actually seen that combo several times, I don't know why, but I think it's funny how little it does early then it melts mid to late. I've got some jungle related questions, but I'll work on adc and support.
: How do I deal with certain champions?
Some champions are impossible or frustrating for me to gank when I have to jungle. What can I do to {{champion:74}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:238}} As {{champion:19}} {{champion:33}} or {{champion:102}} Or do I need different champions?
Keiaga (NA)
: Used to main raka. Hook champs were scary. It also depends on the adc but typically Sustain beats poke supports. Poke beats all-in tanks(and hooks) All-in tanks beat sustain. Zyra can poke a blitzs to the point where its dangerous to land a hook, but leona can provise enough peel and toughness to turn it around if she or her adc get hooked.
I think I mostly play poke/sustain. Soraka is like both if you are good at landing Q and can respond to all-ins with E.
Keiaga (NA)
: Thats them correctly using their pressure to zone you out and make you lose farm. Best thing you can do is poke them down while dodging hooks and hope your support isnt sustain and can all-in
So if I, or my support are a Soraka then we basically lose lane automatically? Well, maybe not Soraka due to her silence.
Keiaga (NA)
: Hooks are only as good as the mistakes you make. That being said, theres a few options. invest in early boots if you think the extra ms will help you dodge. farm behind minions band poke the support when they step aggressively to try to position for a hook. ifthey're at 40% by the time you get hooked you might win anyways. If you have the reactions, sivir's spellshield is useful for hooks. Ezreal's E will cancel a hook, But things like Tristana's jump will be cancelled and she'll get pulled in.
My main issue is that when certain champions that have hooks walk through or around the minions and make things really awkward. They get too close and standing in the middle of minions makes pathing weird.
usul1202 (NA)
: Playing safe and scaling is perfectly acceptable on champs like anivia, veigar, kog and sivir, but you have to do that important part of scaling into a threat. If you play safe early and then just hang out mid to late and don't have an impact, then your early weakness wasnt worth it. Diana you do need to snowball on. Kaisa is a weird one, you want to fight her when an ability or 2 is on cd (since they're decent length early) and you want to fight in your own minion wave, since it kills her q damage and makes w hard to hit. Avoid extending trades long enough for her to get 5 stacks.
I guess I don't do well with more agressive playstyles. But some weak early champions I just don't play well enough or understand. Like Twitch, I am an awful Twitch player. I don't know if I like being strong early, but I feel it's very satisfying to survive, farm, and become a powerful champion much later. Rather than dominate early and fall off somewhat later. I hope to learn some melee champions though since autofill exists and playing something that I am familiar with in other roles would help my understanding of League.
: How do I deal with certain champions?
I occasionally jungle when I get autofilled, and when I do I have at least 2 options. {{champion:19}} and {{champion:33}}. When is it safe to run in for a kill? She almost never uses her net unless I'm there and then I'm kited to death. She can even use it to dodge WW ult at ease.
usul1202 (NA)
: Anivia and diana can do well into Kat. As anivia just shove the wave in constantly post 6. And scale, rush your roa for tankiness. Don't cast q until her e is on cooldown, save your wall for her jungler or (if you're feeling lck) you can use it to interrupt her ult. Diana is a game of waiting, you can hold your e to interrupt her ult since you have no other use. Play safe until you grab some AP, and then force her with all ins the moment you get an item advantage. She'll out sustain you in trades once she gets a gunblade/dd, but if you can poke a q or 2 and then all in (make sure to not push wave to keep this as an option) then you can snowball off of her. Veigar, it's a lost lane. Her combat style counters his, and it's one of her few true winning lanes. Koggles is pretty much cait's bitch early. Use your w to farm if needed, whenever she goes for an auto on you try to trade one back (2 if w is up) and don't step on traps. You spike midgame earlier than she does, so don't fall too far behind in lane and just try to reach your spikes. Sivir can abuse cait's meager wave clear, especially once you get a bf sword. Abuse your w poke, try to avoid taking a lot of headshots, and once you can control the wave you wanna shove her in and poke with q until you're at enough of an advantage to all in. Cait is weak under her own tower, but do make sure you've got river warded before pressuring her. Mf lanes, regardless of champ, are all about positioning. Never allow her to double up off of a dying minion, and try to avoid getting hit by q's at all. Her trading pattern beyond q is extremely movement speed reliant, so if you tag her with an ability at the beginning of a trade she'll lose her ms and be at a big disadvantage. Sivir w/q and kog e are good for that, and let you extend the trade (which both of those champs win hard if you extend, unless supp match up is weird). Midgame force fights in lanes, Mf thrives in jungle where it's hard to get out of her ult. If you have to walk through jungle, take the super safe path. This was pretty broad since I don't know your playstyle/specific problems, but I hope it helps!
I like to mostly play safe, but that causes problems when I'm supposed to be more aggressive in lane. I should also put {{champion:145}} here too since I really can't see how I can kill her, it seems to be a "mutually exist in lane or die".
Keiaga (NA)
: Katarina is an assassin, so naturally, she eats up immobile mages that don't have a defensive tool. She can jump right through Veigar's cage, and anivia also has an uphill battle, trying to hit her with a slow moving stun that she requires to start doing damage with her blizzard. Even compared to other mages these two in particular are pretty weak into Kat. I suggest finding a different champ for the match up, or playing as far back and using your spells to farm as much as possible until you get jungle support. Diana seems like a skill matchup against katarina though. If you want to try out different mages that might be a little easier against Katarina, {{champion:1}} has her shield for when she decides to go in and do her ult, plus an instant stun with guaranteed burst damage with her passive. She also has a very long range if you just last hit with her autos and q which get reduced cooldown and refunded mana to keep farming and get her stun up more quickly. {{champion:90}} Is safe to lane against her, and his silence can stop her ult. He can also ult her whenever she tries to do anything in mid-late game. I'm less knowledgeable about ADCs but I do recognize that Kogmaw is very late game oriented with a terrible laning phase. Compared to that, Caitlyn and Miss fortune are both notorious for their powerful laning phase. Sivir would have a better chance against them though, and even counters Caitlyn since she can use her spellshield to gain free mana off of any traps she sets in lane, effectively nullifying that entire skill. She can also predict a net with a spellshield.
While you are here, I feel like hook lanes are mostly auto-wins. Sometimes it feels as though I can't even farm, especially if Kayn or Zac are around. What do I do?
usul1202 (NA)
: Which champs, and who are you playing?
I showed my mid and bot pool.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Acemaster81,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cgu7N1c5,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-05T18:40:47.107+0000) > > As much as I've played this game, even if I don't play ranked I've always felt like the worst player imaginable. But I have trouble knowing what to do and I hate when someone accuses me of inting or being a useless player. And it's all catching up to me every time I die in each in every game. I want to improve but it's like it's impossible for someone like me. I watched your 4/6/4 loss, your 1/8/1 loss, and your 12/8/15 loss. The biggest issue I see is your CSing. The good news is you seem to understand what you need to be doing to CS and the issue is execution. I would just go into the practice tool and practice for a few hours. The main thing to do while practicing CSing is to develop the ability to judge how much of the health bar your auto-attack/ability will take away. If you need to be precise (such as Veigar's Q), as you go along, keep track of how much the ability does. You can then left click the minions and see how much health they have left. The secondary thing to develop is being able to keep track of how quickly each minion's health bar is dropping and determining the proper order to attack and whether or not you will need to throw in an ability. In addition to CSing, you tend to throw out abilities pointlessly. You had a lot of wasteful E on both Diana and Veigar. The only other thing that might need some work is your macro decision-making. It's easy for me to say since I have the hindsight of watching the replay, but sometimes you have to just give up the fight. In the second game, the attempt at the infernal drake was terrible. You guys had no where near enough vision and no knowledge of where Yi was. You knew both bot laners and Yasuo were nearby. It wasn't your fault the dragon was started, but sometimes you have to take control and just give back off pings and say no. But again, that was the only glaringly bad decision I saw and I saw it in a replay, so it may not represent an actual issue you have. In my normals, I regularly play with diamonds and plats. Apart from your CSing, there's nothing I saw that would make me say you're any worse than they. Though I suppose you're playing against worse players, so flaws are a little harder to see.
Well, I at least want to play at a decent level, even without interest in ranked. Thanks though, I don't have a lot of confidence in how I play currently.
: You dont improve if you don't try. Just saying you want to improve doesn't mate you a better player, You actually have to turn your brain on and analyze the game in real time. Play 12+ hrs a day and almost ask yourself what you could be doing better every second. Think about what options you have and what option is the safest and which option rewards the most. If your mechanics are trash improve them. V All you need to know to win most of your games V Lanephase 0-6 Minutes Priorities : Staying alive >Side Skirmish > EXP > CS
I'm playing every day almost, but I always feel as though I'm unfortunate and terrible.
: Lol is hard to learn, but it's demotivating.
I'm not asking to be boosted to gold or higher, but I really want to feel competent, playing everyday and seeing no improvement demotivates me.
: @OP If you look above this post you'll see the breathtaking species _simia boostedicus_ in it's natural habitat. You don't need to spend 12+ hours a day practicing, just pick a champion that you love, and look up "ChampionName Season 9 Guide" on YouTube sort by "Most Viewed" and click the first result. Boom, you are now informed enough to go into normals and practice what you've learned. If you have trouble against a specific champion, go back to YouTube, type in "YourChampionName vs EnemyChampionName Season 9," sort by "Most Viewed" and click the first result. Watch the video and copy what that person does the next time you face that champion. Continue doing this every single game until you have like 100k Mastery points on your champion, then go smurf on some noobs in ranked.
I am trying to play WW in the jungle but I always have less cs than the enemy jg, and im not even sure if I can win fights since I usually lose even when it seems even. I can't even gank early since it usually leads to me dying again and again.
: You dont improve if you don't try. Just saying you want to improve doesn't mate you a better player, You actually have to turn your brain on and analyze the game in real time. Play 12+ hrs a day and almost ask yourself what you could be doing better every second. Think about what options you have and what option is the safest and which option rewards the most. If your mechanics are trash improve them. V All you need to know to win most of your games V Lanephase 0-6 Minutes Priorities : Staying alive >Side Skirmish > EXP > CS
I have been playing for months and still feel like an idiot every game.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Acemaster81,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W8TbTrFO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-29T00:14:29.858+0000) > > I convinced someone to let me mid, matchmaking gave me support again. Let’s talk a little bit about CSing. You missed some CS because you threw your Q and it simply didn’t do enough damage (but it was close). You should have a very good idea of how much each of your abilities will take away from the minion’s health bar. If you aren’t sure, you can simply left click the minion and look at its health in the top left corner. You should know how much each of your abilities actually deals. If you aren’t sure, just mouse over the ability and add the base damage plus bonus damage. Once you use an ability, just memorize how much damage it did and that won't change until you rank it up or get more items. You also missed a few CS because you auto-attacked way too early. You have to pay attention to how your minions are attacking. For the most part, non-cannon minions will not change targets unless something forces them to. I watch each melee minion swing and I watch the ball of light of each caster minion attack. I know the exact delay between the attacks as well as how much damage they do (or more specifically how much of the bar they take away). I also watch which minions are attacking which minions. I also know exactly how long my auto-attack swing takes and the delay between swings. I don’t know if those sound like a lot to have to manage to you, but I promise that those things are required for good CSing. I also promise that they become second nature and require very little effort once you’re used to doing it. It really is easier than it sounds. Even practicing in the training tool is fine. It won’t be the same as practicing against something that is trying to kill you (as well as having someone that can push the minion wave back to you), but it will be easier to get these fundamentals down. I didn't get to see you CS under your turret, but that is also something that's very important. Melee minions are turret shot, turret shot, auto-attack. Caster minions are, unless you have a bunch of AD, auto-attack, turret shot, auto-attack. Those things, of course, change based on if they were missing health to begin with, but that's something you will have to assess in real time. - After your first back, you spent literally 33 seconds until you finished. You went back and forth with buying and selling items. You should know what you’re going to buy before you even press “B”. Opening the shop while backing can be risky, but it’s better than wasting all that time. Ideally, you should have your shop item page set up in a way that you can quickly access any item you need. You should have finished purchasing before your health and mana finished filling. Then, after you spent all that time, you spent 8 seconds walking back only to use Teleport. - I can’t speak too much to the Kat vs. Diana matchup; it’s simply not my area. Kayn certainly fucked you over a bit by walking into her and dying, though you could have played better. You did OK a few times to walk away from the daggers on the ground, but you were completely passive after doing so. Once she throws her Q, if you’re not near a dagger, there’s nothing she can do to you. You also simply didn’t avoid the daggers a few times - You use your abilities way too much. As I type this, I still haven’t gotten past your first death. You used your W three times just on minions. You also used your W multiple times while next to daggers to bait her to go in. That’s matchup knowledge, so I can’t say for sure if that’s good or not, but it certainly didn’t seem good. - The above couple points resulted in you having way less mana than you should have, which resulted in your easy deaths. Given that Kayn fucked you over again, the lane is completely over at this point. - I’m pretty sure Hourglass is a bad first item even against a fed Kat. I see you typically go Lichbane first, which is definitely not correct. I’m far from a Diana expert, but the standard that I see is Spellbunder -> Rabadon’s -> Hourglass which seems reasonable. I would at least do some research on the matter. - You put three points in your Q, then you put two additional points in your E, then you put two additional points in your W. Your skill order should be Q -> W -> E. - Especially against Katarina, you can’t be casting your E unless it’s during her ult. A huge portion of her power in her ult, and your only means of not dying to it is casting E. It’s true the lane is over at this point, but that has nothing to do with her being fed and you being behind.
Thanks, I wasn't thinking about how often I should be using which ability and when I should be using them. I had no Idea that my e stops Katarina's ult whatsoever. When I am in lane, it's not really clear to me what I should do with the wave or how I should control it.
Mortismo (EUW)
: Maybe discord and screenshare your gameplay or like share rofl files?
Okay, I could try that, what is your discord? I tried again with my most recent match and the replay is not in my files despite my attempt to download it
: I am not sure why I keep losing lane, fights, and usually cant cs.
I convinced someone to let me mid, matchmaking gave me support again.
Tailypo (NA)
: u cant use replays from the previous patch
I can't download the replay from the match I jusy played.
: > [{quoted}](name=Acemaster81,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W8TbTrFO,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-08-28T23:29:19.501+0000) > > Do replays expire the moment you leave the results screen? I thought they didn't. I will post it for next match. I spectated the Soraka game you just played. I’d like to see a non-support game, but I will point out some things I saw. - You have to stop randomly attacking minions. If you and your RAD are trying to push the lane, fine, you can hit the minions that aren’t being attacked. But you were just aimlessly throwing out auto-attacks and Qs at minions. If you’re under your tower and you’re trying to set up minions for your RAD to hit, that’s also fine. But given you said you don’t CS well, I’d avoid that until you’re better at it. - This is a Soraka-specific thing, but you need to max W first instead of Q in most matchups. Against Kayle/Ezreal, Q was probably fine since that’s not an aggressive lane, but I see you always max Q first. - As another mostly Soraka-specific thing, you let Jinx stay at about 66% health while you were at 100% for at least two minutes. That was really weird. - Generally, once you complete the quest on the support item, you can change your trinket to red. If you don’t because other people tend not to ward, I suppose that’s sort of reasonable, but certainly more dangerous. I didn’t see anything else, but that was you as a support, so there likely wasn't going to be much to see (especially with an opposing Kayle as the "support"). Also, while spectating and replays are nice, it would be ideal if we could see you play from your point of view.
I tried saving the replay but for some reason it did not work. It might be a bug but I am not sure. Maybe you can spectate a later game?
: Record yourself playing and show us the video.
Do replays expire the moment you leave the results screen? I thought they didn't. I will post it for next match.
: Record yourself playing and show us the video.
Ok, but for some reason I cant use my last game?
: honestly that moment where you think your powerfarming your heart out and killing your laner you would think you would have a CS advantage but somehow they magically have higher CS then you is what tilts me thats what happens in my games.
My problem is that I don't feel like I am even a competent player in general, and I really don't want to become irrelevant, or die 10 times each game.
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: Should I spend time playing one of these champions?
Well, I decided to play Yasuo! Kinda at random, but since it will take a while I will watch some guides.
Lapis (OCE)
: Hmm. An interesting idea, but it seems to rely on enemy champions wanting to chase you. But I can't figure out why anyone would do that when this champ seems to not be a threat at all. It seems like this champ could be countered, unless I'm missing something, by just ignoring them.
I kind of felt that might be the case, but I don't think it would go very well if they could litter the opposing jungle with traps. So if they have to be a threat, maybe I could give them an ability to select a type of trap like {{champion:4}} does with his 3 cards, and give them a more threatening ability. Maybe something to help them gank a lane?
Kimuto (NA)
: Asking strangers which champion to play isn't a good idea. If it matches your play style or you got passions on learning it, go for it. Why ask us?
: If you're a good jungler Kha'zix can be very rewarding. If you're bad at jungling though you'll be bad at Kha'zix. Yasuo is probably the most fun but putting up with all the bans he gets can be pretty irritating.
I still don't quite understand the jungle, but I might eventually. You'll laugh at this, I think I tried to play him top without understanding the champion when I originally played him first. Yes, I didn't even know he was better as a jungler (or even that he could) when I was still mostly new, so I dropped him and never bought the champ.
Lapis (OCE)
: Depends on what you think counts as worth it. If you want to win, Katarina would be your best bet there. Stay away from Akali, she's worthless. My personal bias is for Orianna though. She's fun to play.
Seeing as I mostly play mage champions, Orianna might have to wait, but I hadn't considered that Akali is worthless. I mainly want to learn how to play this game and pay attention better, so challenging myself might help.
: Which one feels best to you? Just pick one you are having the most fun with. Except Yas, I mean, play him he is fun, but his ban rate is so high that it is really hard to get him. Imo Ori is good to learn basic midlane, Xerath is next step since he has 4 skillshots. You will need to put a lot of effort into learning to play Riven/Kata and executing Akali right, is one of the hardest things in this game. Kha is really good 1v9 champ.
Even if Yasuo is banned a lot, I am still interested in playing him. Despite not liking whenever I have to lane against him with certain champions. I have not played any of them aside from in ARAM or URF. Honestly Kha'zix was the first champ I remember playing early on but only a couple times when he was on rotation. I mainly mentioned the high skill champs to help me learn something about the game. I wont get anywhere mainly playing 1 class of champion. I really need more game sense and picking up a challenging champion might help with that.
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: That’s quite literally EVERY role. You want to play {{champion:136}} cool. Better hope they don’t grab {{champion:91}} You want to play {{champion:141}} cool. Better hope they don’t go {{champion:64}} Want to play {{champion:222}} great. Better hope they don’t choose {{champion:119}} I see you want to play {{champion:37}} . Well I hope you know you’re screwed if they even hover {{champion:555}}
Better add {{champion:38}}, {{champion:105}}, {{champion:11}}, and {{champion:117}} too as they can easily ruin your day as {{champion:136}} if they want to only focus on you XP
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: > [{quoted}](name=Acemaster81,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yfTceK5E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-17T20:34:02.659+0000) > > The way you put it, makes him seem worth trying out. Thanks, for the advice on my next champion to play. I just need to learn to pick a route in the jungle without being irrelevant or wandering aimlessly. If you take malphite into the jungle make sure you can farm to 6 reliably. Jungle Malph is super slow and does not respond to duels well.
That may be so, I think I will need to slowly learn what I can play in the jungle, since {{champion:102}} isn't working out for me, and I find melee champs awkward due to preferring range.
: He just got some nice tweaks and he's just very fun. You basically control every team fight with your ult and you can afford to build him for any situation and not lose too much relevance throughout the game. The kit is simple, hits hard, and he fits into almost any team comp.
The way you put it, makes him seem worth trying out. Thanks, for the advice on my next champion to play. I just need to learn to pick a decent champion for the jungle so I am not irrelevant, and avoid wandering aimlessly.
: You should pick up Malphite
Malphite? Why do you think he would be a good champion for me to move onto? (Not to be rude, I just like hearing explanations.)
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: > How can I increase my skill Buy Eternal --- > map awareness Look at the map at the corner. --- > and knowledge Read descriptions
What is Eternal? And how does buying something make me a better player?
Rioter Comments
: 1. disable enemy emotes 2. disable cross chat, if your chatting with enemy your a crappy jungler 3. time is money, seriously every second your not ganking something or farming something is another second you fall behind their jungler. 4. focus on the lanes you can gank, your top might be spamming riven / singed but lets face it outside of a few champion combos your unlikely to get a kill there let alone summoners, sure if you have nothing else to do show up to see if they panic flash but thats it. 5. Those are 3 very different champions drop 2 and play just the one, i'd recommend either rammus or ww to play as shyv is too conditional. 6. Rammus likes his runes done right, rammus likes precision secondary, rammus loves attack speed bloodline, rammus likes maxing Q a lot like lots lots.
So practice routes, take towers, and don't stand off to the side too long? Ok, and I have seen a lot more Darius and Garen in my normal games than Riven.
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