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: Why You Can't Login or Play to League of Legends
Well, that explains all my teamates leaving 1 by one until i was the only one left. really dissapointing.
: Everyone likes a good Support. No-one wants to be one.
Thresh Main, and all i can say is in my silver elo, grab the F*CKING LANTERN. PLEASE GOD JUST CLICK IT. Sometimes i get adc's who know how thresh works and we dominate. but most of the times i get kiddies who will somehow manage to forget lanterns even exist. maybe lanterns should glow more :D
: Servers are down
: down?
i just played a normal game a while ago and we were dominating the other team. i was support and got my adc like 5/0. but suddenly he disconnects. 1 min later mid lane disconnects, and another min later top disconnects. i dont know if other team ddos, or just the servers. but man that was dissapointing
: I think fiora is a fantastically designed champion.
Thresh is a great example of one of the best champion designs in my opinion. lots of potential to outplay, and counter-played. has an engage or disengage. Doesn't do Crazy damage, but just enough to feel good playing support.
: I think the Zac's should be able to combine into eachother and make one giant Zac in one for all :^)
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Zidaryn (NA)
: That is soo flipping funny and the music totally fits. *goes back to finish vid*
xWaters (NA)
: I want to buy Gragas now lol...
he's very fun :D although i tried this again vs heimerdinger.... didnt go so well. probably works best on other melees lol
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: Idea for a Minor Teemo Rework
New teemo skin on release of teemo rework: Bill Cosby
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: Champion Insights: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
interseting design. but her abilities look pretty bad. shes gonna end up like aurelion sol where no one play them lol. she does no dmg and doesnt really have the best utility.
: 4/27 - Openbucks Payment Method Temporarily Disabled
I also bought some subway cards for RP, hoping its back up soon as of today.


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