: Where do you get your numbers from? Lolalytics uses largest pool aatrox is at a 48% wr in plat + and riven at 50
u.gg places aatrox's winrate in top lane specifically at 43.25% plat+, global another thing, the lolalytics stats you're using are way off from these because you're using the standard "past 7 days" setting, which right now includes days from before the patch went live, which massively boosts his otherwise terrible winrate. If you set it to "all days" of the current patch, you'll see that lolalytics has him at a 44.67% winrate in the top lane
Ackelope (NA)
: the problem with that comparison is that it doesn't really line up, since the ability to use magic is a much more noticeable and fundamental difference between people than a skin color or a background.
I won't deny that there are some similarities, and I'm sure those similarities exist because they're trying to evoke similar feelings, but I do think that the fact that mages in the world of Runeterra do definitively have some kind of power that transcends what other people can do, the concern in Demacia can sort of seem more justified, even if the actual actions that they end up taking are really not the best way of handling the situation at all. Also, the reason I find them so different is that the whole reason racism is so unfounded and unforgivable is the simple fact that there is really no difference other than appearance and some cultural beliefs/systems between people of different races and backgrounds, so the bigotry and stereotypes raised towards them because of that difference in appearance is extremely superficial and petty. Being afraid of and wanting to keep people that are actually capable of doing something beyond and different to what any human normally can seems more reasonable, but like I said earlier, the way Demacia takes more of a criminal and prosecuting approach to the issue ends up being ineffective and just breeds further conflict. The entire root of this discussion chain lies in the fact that Demacians aren't really the same level of bigoted as a racist, because their concerns could conceivably hold some actual basis in logic, but they end up coming to poor conclusions nonetheless.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheMan292,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=lj99q2pb,comment-id=00000003000000000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T20:09:38.995+0000) > > once you state circumstances are irrelevant, this whole argument is pointless. > > you keep ignoring these mages killed civilians, nobles, and soldiers. you keep ignoring the danger these mages represent. > > what jarvan did in taking as many mages as possible is wrong. but the act of being suspicious toward mages is RIGHT. > > and I have already agreed that Sylas will have an easier time. but that only depends on how effective the seekers are at getting mages locked up. you also forget lux will effect the recruitment of mages Replace mages with jewish, polish, black, white, asian, irish etc and youll see why it doesnt matter.
the problem with that comparison is that it doesn't really line up, since the ability to use magic is a much more noticeable and fundamental difference between people than a skin color or a background.
: It's a viscous circle.
it certainly is difficult to get out of once you've immersed yourself in it, in that sense I suppose viscous isn't the worst word for the job.
: The world's patch is looking mighty questionable right about now.
it doesn't seem questionable to me at all. They're buffing a bunch of the playmaker/flashy champions that everyone hates in soloqueue, but are scarcely/never picked in pro to try and make worlds more interesting and hopefully change up the current pro meta which is pretty stale and same-ey. I think they're just pulling all the stops for a good worlds right now and not really caring about non-pro play as far as these balances changes go, for the most part. i could be very wrong, but that's what it feels like currently, and i don't think it's a bad idea if they're trying to improve pro meta, the question only lies in whether it's right for them to do that.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: this patch is kinda against the thing they said they wanted to do most of these changes are meta deciding like xins buff like heimers buff yuumi is removed and graves received his 3 ad back which means back to graves meta so no more tanks in the jungle and since tanks aren't played top this means some r%%%%%ed explosive damage meta at worlds riot wants g2 or fnc to win a lot
yeah, i found that most of the champions they're buffing are generally effective on soloqueue, but either never picked or very rarely picked in competitive for the summer split, so i imagine this is a buff aimed at spicing up worlds meta and making the games generally more enjoyable... seems a bit risky to me considering how little notice it has, but maybe i have the wrong idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AVkQUAYv,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2019-09-13T01:19:11.487+0000) > > You forget the ratio on her R2 scales with the lower health the target is, right? That means the max indeed got buffed. > The key thing is her Rank 2 and 3 ult. > Current: > Lv 11: 150-450 (60-180% bAD) > Lv 16: 200-600 (60-180% bAD) > PBE: > Lv 11: 250-750 (90-270% bAD) > Lv 16: 325-975 (90-270% bAD) > > Who in gods name thinks a maximum of 975 + 270% bAD (which her R first cast grants more of) is a good idea??? Like jesus christ, its like they want her to just pentakill with Flash Q W R2. Her ult now only doubles (100% bonus damage) rather than tripling (200% bonus damage) at 25% hp. Its a 0 damage buff when shes ulting like shes supposed to. Leave it to boards to not only fail to analyze the buffs, but also overreact. The only relevant buff here is the W buff, which is her last maxed spell an extra .3 BAD ratio, which is decent but not going to change a lot.
not quite true, the extra base damage on the ability, even with the lower missing health scaling, still ends up always being 50 damage higher than what it used to be. While that isn't nearly as much of a buff as it was being misinterpreted to be, 50 damage is still notable. Another thing to keep in mind is that a high enough base damage on Wind Slash may make it worth it against some targets, especially in the lower levels, to use the ability much earlier in the fight as you actually would have overkilled them otherwise if you used it when they were at 25% or below, which is the maximum damage. Of course, I haven't done any of the testing or math to confirm this, but it's something I would recommend keeping in mind.
: 180% max from 120% max is pretty absurd.
but that's not what it is... the AD scaling is also affected by the change in missing health scaling, so while it used to be 60% scaling, with the possibility of being tripled on 25% hp or lower targets, for 180%, now it's 90% scaling, with the possibility of being doubled on those low targets, for the same end scaling of 180%.
GigglesO (NA)
: Kaisa- Burst Mage Pyke - Janitor
trouble is Kai'sa also has solid sustained damage. Pyke as a janitor is funny and pretty true though, that'd be a hilarious skin.
: nice! keep patching around pro play which is less than 0,01% of the entire playerbase. thats great i love it <3
they're probably going to make 9.19 mostly pro-focused as well, but iirc it's the patch that world champs will actually be played on, so after that i imagine we'll get a bit of a return to things that are more oriented to the general player.
: Wasn't enough for Kai'Sa to be broken on the rift, now she must be broken in TFT. Also, really getting tired of just adding 1 more champ to TFT every couple of patches... it was supposed to be a roster that would change each split.
last i remember, they plan on adding one by one/in small bursts until they hit about 60, and then they'll start the rotation style with a constant pool of 60.
: Best Western? Sounds like a place you'd find Residentsleepers {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I don't understand how people could downvote you for this lovely joke, cheesy as it may be. Thank you for bringing it into the world here. EDIT: I now realize the past sins have been compensated, and you've reached the positive vote numbers, and so my comment loses its purpose...
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Login themes aren't going away. Yuumi, Morde, Qiyana, Pantheon, they all got their themes, and Riot will continue making them.
I guess I haven't been doing a particularly good job of keeping up with things, then. I hadn't noticed Yuumi's, Morde's, or Pantheon's had been released. Thanks for serving a bit of a wake-up call, I guess.
UnityOE (NA)
: For anyone saying it is blue, you're at the wrong area. Go to collection. Go to skins. Go to akali, then look from there. On the right of her you can see half of Baker Pantheon, still red. If you click on it, he is blue.
to be a bit more clear, it's only in the small skin slice that appears, not in the full picture when you click on it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rx Legacy,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=piUzT4mB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-06T18:49:07.575+0000) > > I don't think synergy of champs being "used" together makes a valid reason to just crop out Varus...... Not sure what you're getting at sorry. Xayah and Rakan's splash arts are specifically designed to be seen together, each one completes the other when side by side. Galio and Varus are just kinda two champions so the cut-in doesnt necessarily need special treatment? I think Snow Day Gnar/Bard and some other champion's splashes almost seem to emphasize the wrong person
I understand what you're getting at, but I think the best solution to this problem is to actually have each champion in the duo (or whatever set size it may be) have 2 different possible loading screen slices. One for use when they're together, and it'll then orient them next to each other so it can be seen smoothly in its entirety, and a separate, cropped one for when they're in a game by themselves. As long as they're similar enough that it can be executed in a way that causes no confusion, I think it could be both possible and pretty cool.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: In all seriousness, who listens to login screens in the client?
In the actual client itself? rarely. However, I listen to the music itself on a pretty consistent basis on YouTube, because a lot of it is honestly pretty good music, so if the discontinuation of login screens also means we'll be losing login themes, or at least something similar to them, I'm a bit sad to see it go.
: PLs no dont bring back banner everyone was buying it and shoving all lanes and having multiple banners working in one lane is cancer. There is a ton of verity with MR items being such as {{item:3174}} {{item:3383}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3231}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3512}}{{item:3102}}
I think what this person means in more variety of choice in terms of specific counter when you're trying to buy MR as a tank against enemy magic damage dealers. If you're a tank against a bunch of AD champions, you can choose between {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} and {{item:3110}} for an attack speed slow item based on the enemy team, if you want a good combo of health and armor as well as some offense for a good starting item, you can choose between {{item:3068}} and {{item:3742}} based on what fits your champion and what you'll need to be doing in the game at hand, when you're playing as a pure tank, your only two general magic resist items are {{item:3065}} and {{item:3194}} , with one being better against DPS-based magic damage. basically every other magic resist option has some offense or other statistic being brought in, so it isn't just a general MR counter, but more of a half-and-half item for slightly more specific champions, not the general tank, and I think the post is asking for more magic resist items that fall pretty clearly into a category of being usable by a general tank in a scenario where magic resistance is needed.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: See, when i wrote this post, i wasn't asking for tank meta. I was asking for balance. i expect tanks to not melt in 2 seconds, yet, i don't want them to be invulnerable. ##Balance
the only thing I sorta get worried about with this kind of thing is that the strength of stats relative to their gold cost and which champions build them is what dictates the meta based on what you buy when you're ahead. When defense stats are too strong and tanky champions, the best users of tank stats, can simply buy tank items and choke out the enemy team entirely without you really being able to do anything due to how tanky they become, you start creating tank metas, even if the items are relatively balanced in comparative gold value, simply because it's more rewarding to be unkillable when ahead than it is to be able to one-shot an enemy. Offense more-or-less naturally has more mechanical-based counterplay than defense does, since defense exists to either cover your mistakes or occupy an enemy.
Lost R (NA)
: Getting rid of crit chance would be a start and figuring out how to scale ADC damage in a more consistent, non-crit chance manner.
what do you think we'd do instead? introduce some new stat/change crit "chance" into a stat that is no longer RNG, but instead occurs every X attack on a predictable timer like caitlyn's passive? maybe make it a literal % increase to auto attack damage dealt? Remove it and all associated items and rework the existing AD and atk speed items/add more to make up for the loss? It'd be a complicated undertaking. I'm not saying this to try and dissuade you because it'd be a huge effort, but just because it's fun to get some complex ideas flowing related to the matter. Personally, I'm kinda interested by the way current Muramana works as a damage-scaling system based on something that isn't crit, though I think the way it is exactly executed allows it to be abusable by a few champions and unusable to basically all of the rest, but I like the idea of items offering unique ways to deal damage and base a build around. The only problem with that is more cases like Muramana, or an item becoming a crutch to every single build that wants to deal consistent damage, offering no real options for alternatives, kinda like how IE has in the crit ADC realm. I'd like to be able to make a conscious choice from at least 2-3 different items, if not more, for what I'm building first based on enemy team comp and item builds, I think build variety adds a lot of fun to this game for me. Variety is the spice of life.
Kanzler (NA)
: Lol. The number of blitz hooks that I've seen curve, go through minions, or just shift to the side to hit me is absurb. Of all the hooks, blitz has the most bullshit hitbox.
: A person soft inted my game,how do i make sure they get banned?
unless the guy has a distinct history of being a terrible person, i doubt your game with them is enough to "make sure they get banned", to be quite honest. It's not impossible that they'll receive some type of punishment, but one game just isn't enough for most things.
Arcflare (NA)
: Shes the highest scaling mixed damage champ in the game to my knowledge. You can legit build pure AD, Pure AP, or hybrid and because she has so much flexibility in what she can build, a lot of people think its unfair because she gets way more defensive options that synergize overly well with her kit no matter the situation.
I wouldn't build pure AD or AP on her though, the reason almost every Kai'sa build mixes it up a fair bit is because you really, really want to get those upgraded abilities, that's what matters most, and the hybrid scalings are more or less there to further incentivize it not being a bad idea. If you want to stop Kai'sa from building AP items, nerf her upgraded W.
: According to every aggregate stat site she has a vastly higher winrate with Q, W, E max than any other order. And it only gets more popular the higher Elo you look. That said, you are correct that many players choose inferior skill orders and suffer as a result. They aren't the people RIOT is trying to balance around though, as this is a World's patch aimed at pro play and the higher Elo players.
might i ask which sites you're including in "every aggregate stat site" ? my go-to is lolalytics, and there she both has a higher winrate and pickrate with Q>E>W at every rank. EDIT: I also checked u.gg, the stat site stated by Riot to be closest to their own statistics, and it agrees that Q>E>W is better and more popular at all ranks. (I don't remember exactly where that statement was, though I remember it happening, and I'm pretty sure u.gg provides some statistics as part of a segment on LCS broadcasts, as well.) also, from the pro games I've been watching in NA and EU where the official riot website gives stats about dmg% skill order, etc., the kai'sa players I've seen always max E second.
: That literally, and I mean *literally* only comes into play at level 18 when she's actually got a rank 5 E and the game ended 15 minutes ago? Wow such massive. Much nerf.
Not true, most Kai'sa players max E second, not W, meaning the full -20% will come into play at level 13, not 18. Personally, I still don't think it'll be an especially hard-hitting nerf, but I'd rather wait and see how it pans out than immediately trying to hit something harder.
Subdue (NA)
: --------The Point------> (Your Head)
it's possible to get the point while still going on a semi-related discussion of the material used at hand. Just because you made this comparison doesn't mean it's the epitome of perfect accuracy to the situation you're describing. Of course, oftentimes the appeal in the comparison comes from the differences between the situations being compared and the comedy that provides, so I'll give you that much. The point, though, is that someone taking the situation seriously and not directly discussing the comparison itself doesn't mean that they didn't get the point, and the comparison also doesn't make you immune to any criticism that doesn't talk about it directly. EDIT: I realize that I might have seemed a bit standoffish in my response, and I didn't mean to say that any naysayers are definitely right and you're definitely wrong, it's just more of a spectrum, which is a good thing to be aware of in the future, try responding with something more serious than just telling them they must not have gotten the point. I should also say that I like the post overall, because it does have a good message.
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: He will be fine though. People forget about the Summoners Code. If you try your best to win, you shouldn't be banned. I'd rather have someone pick an awful champ and still do their best, not flame and follow the rules. Than xXCarryKing (name is made up I dont intend to call out this person) Running it down mid, flaming like crazy **intentionally**
under what circumstances is picking yuumi jg really in good faith though, even if they do try in-game? i feel like 99% of the time it's entirely a meme pick with no real desire to actually win the game, as opposed to a strat that simply isn't played as much, but the player believes in. I still don't think they should get banned for it, but it's toeing the line. It's just difficult-to-impossible to really detect what the intentions of the player really are for sure without more context.
Bultz (NA)
: Is thornmail ever going to actually have any fuckign affect against ranged adc?
to what extent do you want it to affect them? do you think it should be doing a decent portion of damage to them? because that seems like a terrible idea considering they're the champions who most often need to be the ones taking out tanks, and if it becomes actively extremely hazardous to even think about attacking a tank as a squishy adc, all of a sudden dealing with tanks can become a lot harder. I think the main purpose of thornmail as-is is to provide the grievous wounds against targets that are especially reliant on healing in order to make them effectively a squishier target for you and your team to then take out, but the item itself probably shouldn't actively be doing damage to the attacker of its own accord without some other downsides, because that'd be kinda op. bit of an edit for clarity, i don't mean to say that thornmail should have no damage attached whatsoever, but rather that the damage it deals shouldn't ever be so powerful that a champion attacking you actively loses health at a noticeable rate when the only thing that's happening is them attacking you.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yummi has no real counterplay when tethered to a juggernaut
ever played against yuumi+vladimir? it's a pretty terrifying one. Totally reaches 2v5 levels in the later stages of the game, there's just too much healing coupled with Vlad invuln and huge damage, and you can't escape once you've gone in or they've decided to chase you.
: I know how her Q works. Ever try her with a new {{item:3091}} ? I had a monster build {{item:3091}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3046}} on her once and there was no "Time to set things up." She was set up in her first auto, and killed within .5 seconds.
I'm happy you do. The way you phrased it made it seem like you didn't, as the phrase "... just have used Q on something else (like a Drake) and already have it back up..." seems like it fundamentally misunderstands that concept, which is what prompted me to explain. without the context of which champion you're playing, and considering the fact that most of what you've mentioned is probably hyperbole at least in one sense, I think you need a lot more context before you can really make any declarations.
: Pretty sure I hate the new Ashe more than the old Ashe. Old Ashe, junglers could approach and win easily. New Ashe..... can miss ult, just have used Q on something else (like a Drake) and already have it back up and nearly 1 shot the person trying to kill her. You pretty much have to be a mage to beat Ashe now..... long distance and safe. The irony is..... when Riot reworked Ashe, they referred to her new kit as a "Utility adc." In other words, an adc with CC who would rely on teammates to do most of the work. In reality, when Ashe is in game, she's the most relevant champion on her team now.
her Q doesn't actually have a cooldown, the only real "cooldown" it has is how long it takes her to get 4 stacks again, which, considering how much attack speed she builds (though the most recent builds forgo it a bit in the earlier game), isn't especially difficult once she's actually able to attack a target, but she does need a target. I find that Ashe gets beat by pretty much every other ADC in the game and most champions in the game, unless she's able to get a good jump on you with the ult and her Q ready. Though, once she gets a decent few items rolling, she can totally turn into a DPS monster, especially with Q on. The trick is that she takes time to do basically everything she wants, but both her slows and her ult give her that necessary time, usually, so you need to find some way to nullify them, either by avoiding them, buying a QSS, being very careful with your mobility spells, etc., to prevent her from getting the time she needs to do her stuff.
: > [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1yiEF5Wa,comment-id=001000010000,timestamp=2019-08-25T17:16:59.630+0000) > > Yes, but no mage actually uses it. > It is made for adcs who have both ad and magic damage in their kit. If you're sorting it by class then you should separate lethality from arpen. Ad assassins don't build guinsoo's and adc's don't build lethality / cleaver.
with exceptions, of course. MF and Lucian have both been known to dabble in lethality and cleaver from time to time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ackelope,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gdxOo3t4,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-08-24T18:49:16.532+0000) > > if you'll notice her banrate is pretty low, most people playing don't perceive her as a large problem or simply don't mind playing against her that much. That's probably the actual reason she hasn't been nerfed or considered for nerfs yet, riot takes banrate into consideration and as far as I can tell it matters about as much as winrate when it comes to actually executing on balance changes. I mean people notice that right now slowly, it just no one notice her cause vayne and ezreal was more toxic
i just think that's how riot might be judging things. How quickly people catch on to things being both popular and horrible to play against usually means that it's a bigger issue, if it takes them longer to realize that it's a problem, it usually isn't as big of a problem. That's often untrue in real life, but in a video game where everything is defined by player experience, it seems like an alright way to judge things to me.
Smyrage (EUNE)
: Jinx is just that overpowered as others, when fed. The issue is that once she gets a kill, she can start roflstomping the team. She has high pickrate because as an ADC, she is easy to pick up and easy to perform well with her, but she has 0 mobility when her passive isn't active, and because of this she is really vulnerable to high mobility ADCs. Jinx counters also include: {{champion:110}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:15}} Despite the nerfs, {{champion:81}} and {{champion:15}} still counter her hard. The latter does it because her Spell Shield basically renders Jinx' poking too useless.
ezreal has a lower winrate against jinx than any other champion in the botlane. I'm not saying that refutes your statement, as ezreal is already a low winrate botlaner and jinx is a high winrate botlaner, but might i ask for a bit more of an explanation? ezreal's burst is good against the immobile jinx, and his safety + super range with Q mostly mitigates her potential to poke and stuff?
: I just notice jinx pick rate and winrate numbers, where is her nerf for real ?
if you'll notice her banrate is pretty low, most people playing don't perceive her as a large problem or simply don't mind playing against her that much. That's probably the actual reason she hasn't been nerfed or considered for nerfs yet, riot takes banrate into consideration and as far as I can tell it matters about as much as winrate when it comes to actually executing on balance changes.
: Might be beating a dead horse here, but make PBE more of an actual game balancing tool, not “I’m gonna fuck around on a new champion with a build that will never be used in play” Apart from that there are champions that are meant for players with a high skill level ie: {{champion:157}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} If you look at stats, I didn’t go through all of them but I looked at Akali, vel, and morde. Vel’koz hovers at a 51-54% iron-diamond and jumps to an astonishing 64% in master+ Maybe that’s because they just win more in master and up? I don’t know. But it’s obvious that some champions are better in other elos. They try their best to balance everything, obviously they can’t make it good for everyone and make everyone happy, because let’s be honest, people like to complain. I remember reading something on the boards a couple of years ago saying that the game was balanced around platinum, which doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It’s hard to balance a game perfectly with so many playable champions with so many different abilities with SO many different players of varying skill.
Unless Riot somehow incentivizes more players to move over to the PBE, it'll probably never work as an accurate balancing tool since the population of players is too small for its breadth of player skill, you get a lot of mix-and-match when it comes to skill in every game, and most players are playing casually and to try out new stuff anyway, so without some notable changes to the way the playerbase uses the PBE, it probably isn't a very good idea for Riot to start using it for balancing purposes.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=anHMAsi3,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-08-19T16:31:21.203+0000) > > I believe Jhin's theme is a song of his own devising that plays in his head. We know he's often jealous of other artists, so he wouldn't use a song written by someone else/someone famous, like Sona. This is further supported by his ult music, which is basically his theme, which only he can hear. When people take jokes too seriously.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
it's okay to talk about a subject seriously and still get the joke. Their reply isn't trying to criticize or correct you; it's merely trying to provide some discussion related to the subject at hand without being a joke.
: honestly, ap ez should be bursting with W procs anyway. rito just took almost an entire year to realise they reworked his W and forgot to balance the rest of his kit for ap. the fact is that ap ez has been rather overtuned for quite a while and just wasn't really getting heavily abused - until the hybrid builds started showing up in pro play.
the thing with AP ezreal is that without fundamental changes to the way his kit works, or some sort of item interaction that breaks the way his kit works (see runeglaive a while back) AP ezreal just doesn't really work at all since he has absolutely no waveclear whatsoever, unless you decide to consistently burn your AoE teamfight damage source on waveclear (which is a useful thing to do sometimes, but it's not a consistent source of waveclear). The only situation where any AP items can even really be built on ezreal is as a bot-lane carry, since being in that often more scaling-focused role with a support allows him to take advantage of his safety and somewhat cover his waveclear weakness, so the only scenario in which I ever see AP ezreal being a "problem" is if they rework part of his kit to give more waveclear but neglect to adjust other things accordingly, or in a bot-lane scenario as a secondary/hybrid set of items, which is what we've been seeing lately.
Zolntac4 (NA)
: AD ezreal builds AP items later game and is really common in pro so this hits that alot. AP ezreal mid builds lich and nashors, so you go from a 95% AP ratio to a 80% AP ratio. a ~16% decrease. So imo seems fine.
First off, I'd say that Nashor's on AP ezreal is more of a niche-case item than anything else. Not bad, but not a build-every-game sort of item either, and secondly, I'd say that an overall 15% nerf to the ratio, whether it used to be a 30% ratio or a 100% one, is a reasonably large nerf in both cases. I don't think this nerf is terrible, the E nerf in particular is pretty fine, but I feel like there are other ways to tweak specifically hybrid/bot-lane ezreal without also hurting AP ezreal mid, since AP ezreal is already pretty bad (though it is a rather fringe build, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Riot just doesn't worry about it too much when considering balance changes for ezreal, which kinda sucks).
: Is Celerity good on anyone that isn't Hecarim? Think we could look at tweaking it to do anything?
I use it on Miss Fortune over the boots/biscuits secondary combo that has been taken on most ADCs for a while, since her W movespeed combined with the %bonus from celerity really gives a pretty large bonus and lets you zoom around the map.
Cloud273 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hABEWepm,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-04T21:15:49.672+0000) > > You can't take winrates serously when the champion has 50% pick rate like WTF > > I don't think Ezreal is broken , but with this pick rate , something has to be done > he is there like every game No I disagree. A high playrate should be taken seriously. If Udyr has a 65% winrate but only 12 people have played him this patch (just throwing out random numbers here), that may seem broken because of a high winrate, but that's not a very large sample size to come to a conclusion from. OP.gg currently shows Ezreal has been played over 217,000 times over the last month in plat, and yet he only has a 48% winrate. That's more than enough data to draw a conclusion from. It shows Ezreal wins a little less than half the games he's in (at least this patch). Pretty sure he wins less than half the LCS/competitive games he's in, even though he's picked a lot there too. Ezreal is healthy, and that's why they won't nerf him. Not because Riot is showing favoritism towards Ezreal. It's the same reason why Lee Sin isn't really nerfed much. Yes he gets played a lot, but he also loses more than half the games he's in. Clearly not an issue. I rest my case. https://www.op.gg/statistics/champion/
another thing to keep in mind that no one has mentioned so far; banrate. when other champions reach giant popularity peaks, if they're really overpowered, they often garner a monumental banrate to go along with it, while ezreal's banrate almost always stays around the 10-15% range, if not lower. People just don't mind playing against him when compared to other champions, even ones that are less popular than him.
Fuya (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hABEWepm,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-08-04T22:25:16.526+0000) > > Ezreal is the character closest in age to most of the boys playing this game and the most conventionally attractive without being a musclelord fantasy making him a popular, relatability and attractivenesswise pick. > > Combined with having a simple yet solid kit with high skill expression means that he's good as both a casual and a hardcore champ. > > He is on average the most played champ in the game and has been for 7 years. > > Even when he's weak his playrate stays high. Also he has a no CD escape and Flash, and a long range AA.
he doesn't have a long range AA, unless you're referring to his Q by calling it a 'long range AA', but it's not really true seeing as it's a skillshot and works around points of power differently since it can't crit and such. It's not the furthest ability from an AA, but it is still most definitely pretty distinct from one. And if you're referring to his actual AA range, he has 550, which is basically the bog-standard for ADCs, and has been for a while.
man of tin (EUNE)
: Meanwhile, on the other end, me as the Morde with Yuumi on me as I walk into the enemy hoping to R someone to avoid getting shredded: "Please get onto someone else so I can ult, please get onto someone else so I can ult..." You can't just leave the kitty to die.
yeah, honestly attaching to Morde as Yuumi before he's used his ult in a fight seems like a pretty stupid or absentminded move, really.
: Most players want explosive games. They don't have the patience for strategy. Riot changed its game to cater to those players, but that type of game play gets stale after a while. It's a never ending cycle of trying to one-up the previous release. That is why so many games explode onto the scene but flame out after a while. Riot needs to stop trying to mimic what other companies are doing and get back to what it does best. If Riot wants to create other types of games, then they should make completely different ones instead of morphing League into a bad clone of other temporary successes.
fast-paced games are certainly different, but i think it would be a mistake to say that they can't be strategic, and I think a lot of choices in the game right now are totally capable of being strategic and organized as well as fiery. These things don't have to be mutually exclusive.
: TaHm KeNcH IsNt A pRoBlEm ToP lOoK aT hIs PoSt 25 WiNrAtE gUyS That's what you sound like right now, he is by far and away incredibly unhealthy, they removed double tear because of him and now hes abusing both ludens and duskblade as he stays mostly offscreen anyways, in the hopes that his ibg+dusk+ludens will tear a gaping hole in whoever it hits, which isn't even including if he lands a w (which can oneshot pretty much anyone that goes botlane, most mages, and junglers if they went mainly damage first), he chunks towers, has a free flash, and a spammable ability that **lowers all cooldowns on hit including itself which scales off cdr**, and not even just on champion hits, it's all hits. Global ult that doesn't even lose damage based on targets hit anymore, he's had enough crutches already, time to remove a few
he has a low winrate, an extremely high pickrate, but nonetheless his ban rate has barely increased relative to that popularity. whereas when you look at things like tahm kench top and your other classic offenders, they jump to 50% banrate or above in a patch or two. ezreal simply isn't high on most people's priority list when it comes to champions that are powerful enough to merit a ban. he's definitely an annoying adc to play against, but he doesn't win most of his games and he also has a very low banrate to compare with that, he's very far from any statistical definition of OP. If you think the mechanics of his kit are flawed, that's another story, but to go along with those things you mentioned, he has worse DPS than most every ADC, falls off harder late, has absolutely no waveclear unless he uses his ult, and even that is a mediocre waveclear tool as it does half damage to minions, and is hard countered by probably the strongest or perhaps second strongest adc in the game right now, that being sivir. The point of that bit just above is not to say that ezreal is underpowered: i think he's slightly weak at the moment and a really bad pick in soloqueue compared to most other adcs, but he has almost always been a champion that's in a similar place, so without fundamental changes, it's fine. What I am trying to say with that paragraph, though, is that it's extremely easy to give a very biased and shitty analysis of a champion by listing some of their strengths or weaknesses, and scarcely trying to explain them properly at all, and making them look far stronger/weaker than they are by just leaving out information, and not explaining how it works in context. One last thing: Ezreal doesn't build duskblade. It's seen on him in less than 1% of games in any rank that isn't Iron, you can't talk about the damage that ezreal does when building dusk as evidence against him, because he just kinda... doesn't, 99% of the time.
: Ezreal $ells too many $kins to get nerfed.
Ah, yes, we should really nerf the 48% winrate champion who tends to stick to a below-50% winrate regardless of whether he has a 10% playrate or a 30% playrate. I really don't think Ezreal is OP I would be fine with klepto getting nerfed/reworked/removed, because it'd mean that ezreal could be rebalanced in a more healthy way, he's essentially been balanced around how well he uses klepto ever since it was added, which honestly kinda sucks. Not impossible to play with other runes, but it's almost never optimal.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You realize this guy said i got a bad build and he builds {{item:3812}} and {{item:4302}} on pyke. He ain't got no clue what he's talking about https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2228996595/226613568?tab=overview
i like to ask for people's opinions.
Morbys (NA)
: dang, and your build was pretty bad too lol
what makes his build particularly bad? i'm not a pyke player, but we don't have the enemy team for reference. the only bit that seems particularly awkward to me is the mercurial scimitar alongside the edge of night, seems a bit unnecessarily redundant, i'd probably have built something over the mercurial, but other than that i don't think it's amazingly problematic. I might've built like a GA or something depending on enemy comp.
: Nerf Kaisa
let me just say that her Q dealing a shitload of damage isn't really correlated to building manamune, the muramana effect doesn't trigger on each Q hit because that would be insane if it did, and was disabled a while back. It does a lot of damage simply because it's a high damage ability, scales with both AD and AP, and it is especially so if Kai'sa manages to get it to hit only a single target, as all of the shots will hit that one person.
Crashyy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cFv0czqq,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-20T13:50:59.315+0000) > > Technically speaking, yes. > But as I said, it's not meant to keep your health high. It's meant to make it more difficult for enemies to poke you out of lane early in the game. > > Let's assume you are laning as Ahri vs. Ziggs. You are both level 4, meaning you have 734 max health. You got poked down to 134 current health, with 600 missing health. Ziggs has 33 ap through items and runes. You get hit by his level 2 Q, dealing 141 pre mitigation damage, and 101 post mitigation damage. You heal for 24 health because of second wind. > > 24 health doesn't sound like a lot, but it's effectively restoring 24% of the damage you've taken. Add your natural health regeneration, don't get by every single skillshot and you can stay in lane significantly longer than without second wind. > [{quoted}](name=PhearBunny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cFv0czqq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-20T13:52:15.573+0000) > > Who the heck is poking you for 400 damage? > Its a rune designed to soft counter poke in lane phase. > Late game, yeah its pretty useless. > But when Pantheon is throwing spears at me on CD(Lvl 1-6), im pretty happy to have Second Wind. Oh Sorry now I understand, poke in lane. (Tank example) This may sound like an odd example but if I picked 'Conditioning' instead of 'Second Wind'. And I face a poke champion. I'm basically going to buy 'Dorans shield'. And to regenerate the damage I would buy a couple of 'Beads' to increase regeneration for 150g and sell it later for 105 gold. So if I bought sold 3 I would lose 150 gold approx. It would do a better job than 'Second Wind'. And at the end I receive armor and magic resist from 'Conditioning'. So If I had like 38 armor (28% resist), it would upgrade to 49 armor (33% resist). This buff blocks more damage than 'Second Wind' can ever regenerate. So I don't rly find a reason to take 'second wind'. Am I missing something?
you take second wind in case the poke is so severe that you think you need more. even if the items do more when you buy multiple to make your regen better, you know what's even better than that? both of them together. in some matchups you will simply be taking damage all the time if you aren't sitting back under your turret, and at that point taking both is probably the most effective thing to do. In the end, though, it's a judgement call on your end. If you think you can survive the first ten minutes without a rune in that slot, then feel free to take conditioning, that will be the right choice in many matchups, but if you know that you're going to be taking damage constantly, maybe second wind is worth it just to keep you in lane and farming that much longer.
: I don't like the trend of always giving the girls human faces either. I saw some fanart of PROJECT Jinx in a full mask like Jhin's, only with a crude face spray-painted on it, and it looked fantastic! If they gave Jinx a full-on mask I wouldn't have even been mad about Irelia and Akali.
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