: a 3/0 assassin in 6 minutes, should not be able to just instantly KO someone. Especially in 6 minutes, where's the counter play? At what items do you have to stop from dying in 6 minutes?
i honestly don't think the original post provided anywhere near enough details about the game state as a whole for us to actually have a good idea about what could and couldn't have been done.
: The reason the new PROJECT splashes look so different is because the colors/contrast is WAY off
it feels like the newer PROJECT skins are almost an entirely different approach to older ones stylistically, most of the newer ones seem much more humanoid and less cybernetic/mechanized. The colors are more strange and varied per skin, where the older skins had one sort of muted color theme throughout the entirety of the skin. There are less purely metallic and robotic looking pieces, more humanoid, curved forms, and pieces that look more like skin-tight bodysuits than some sort of partially mechanical limbs. Maybe they're trying to explore some different segment of the PROJECT timeline, but it definitely feels strange. PS: I'm strictly referring to the character designs in this comment, I think the post adequately covered the differences in lighting/color contrast in the splasharts.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Any reason to use quick cast?
I used smartcast for a while but had to force myself to move over to quick cast most of the time, since right click happens to be both the movement command and the "cancel" command when you're aiming an ability. So if I wanted to start aiming and held down an ability key, but then wanted to readjust my character to get a better angle by moving, I would cancel the ability I had queued up and have to press the button again. This led me to miss multiple kills and die in numerous situations, since the cancel command does only that, so sometimes I would simply cancel the ability I was aiming instead of moving somewhere. The solution I ended up using was essentially creating different "modes" for myself on the keyboard. Normally, all of my abilities are on quick cast for speed and not fucking things up, but when I hold down shift, each ability is in smart cast instead for better aiming.
: What's hard to land about TF's skill shot o.O? What's hard to land about Xerath's? GP doesn't HAVE a skill shot? Soraka's Q is pretty hard to land. Range and projectile speed generally don't allow it to trade bot lane unless she has already expended E to force someone to walk on the Q. The only reason she gets away with it: low cooldown spam.
GP barrels are essentially like a shillshot, they've got a decent AoE to them, but most people have issues knowing just how far they can place them apart, and exactly how long the max range on their cast time is, so it ends up being very difficult to land them, not because the actual skillshot itself is complex, but because setting it up so it actually goes off is complex.
: ahri E look like any normal skill shot brand Q stun is way harder to hit [tho im talking about stunning with it and not just lone Q] kar Q is not hard to hit imo nor is tf W or jinx W i think better champions to put are zoe Q/rakan Q/jhin R
well, TF W definitely isn't hard to hit, considering it's n auto attack buff. on a more serious note, I agree that his Q is pretty easy to hit most of the time, particularly if you switch it up and aim with one of the side cards every now and then.
: > [{quoted}](name=KazKaz,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XGcWmohY,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2019-07-13T23:54:13.829+0000) > > {{champion:7}} E I feel like im a magnet for leblanc Es
in my experience a lot of leblanc players tend to toss out the chains when they're reasonably close/point blank to the target they want to use them on, so that minimizes it a bit.
: You guys remember when Riot did that thing showing "optimized builds" for their champions? Ex: {{champion:131}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3020}} This actually happened.
"optimized"? I sincerely doubt that they were intending to mean that such a build was optimal, just trying to be silly while promoting some form of creative champion building.
Barkley (NA)
: **Losing **Alternatively **Inconsistent I got a good chuckle out of "Ultimatively".
reasonably certain they meant "ultimately", not "alternatively"...
: It's a fucking +10% AS on a temporary bonus when **his attack speed is already being fucking lowered**. This **isn't even a net benefit for him**. He's literally going to attack slower than before **no matter what happens**.
yeah, the thing to understand here is that the base attack speed is in and of itself what determines the effectiveness of further attack speed boosts. By lowering his base attack speed, they're making the attack speed boost worse as well, which is presumably why they're adding the 10% buff to the attack speed post-E. EDIT: i did a little bit of the math and, due to the lowered base attack speed, even with the 10% buff his attack speed will literally always be slower, even with the buffed attack speed increase. (unless I did it wrong in which case please feel free to point it out)
: > [{quoted}](name=SladeXD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RwJ29493,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-08T15:26:01.950+0000) > > You can build against her, you just built the wrong defensive items. You built all armor against a champion that has almost always built AP/AS/On-Hit. That loss was your own. Kayle can be out played by Poppy but you lost due to not itemizing correctly. sorry bud but those items above counter ad on hit champs educate yourself have a nice day
ninja tabi is fine, thornmail is fine, adaptive helm is pretty solid, but the randuin's is pretty questionable. the attack speed slow from randuin's is the same as that from thornmail so you're losing out on that, and the crit damage reduction isn't very good against the kayle build that you posted there. i'd replace that with either another magic resist item or a frozen heart, since frozen heart's attack speed slow is separate from the one on the other two warden's mail items and as such you'll get some pretty hefty attack speed slows. other than that, once you've got some armor going to counter the maxhp physical damage from blade of the ruined king, building up some more hp is necessary later into the game to deal with her true damage aoe waves on her auto attacks at level 16 and above.
: "why are ADCs not building armor"
rip on that post title though
: This is what I tell my adc's when I play support. Most times when I do actively try to give my adc a kill, the either die in the fight or let the kill get away. When I'm in a fight doing my best to just get the enemy dead, its hard to not kill steal when your adc's life is on the line. But at the same time the adc is supposed to be doing the most damage, and they should be able to get most of the kills regardless of what I do. Yet every time the game ends, I see my damage output being either the same as my adc or higher, despite ONLY building support items. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Does anyone ever take font/shield bash instead of Demolish
shield bash is particularly good on certain characters, I wouldn't expect to be taking it all the time anyway. (tahm is especially fun with shield bash, if you can get those full-health shields with your E and quickly auto someone afterwards, you can get a couple hundred extra damage on the auto from shield bash, though that's a pretty fringe/cheesy scenario) as for font of life... it's not an especially noticeable rune most of the time, I think it's mostly useful to allow certain champions to take advantage of support item effects without having standard enchanter shield/heals.
Barkley (NA)
: Just a simple request for silver-gold junglers (and maybe higher elo ones?)
an important thing to keep in mind is that this only applies in situations when the kill is so secure that you have little to no chance of losing it by trying to give it away to a particular person. Too many times I've seen people get away in situations that they shouldn't have because someone held back to give the other guy a kill, and when that happens, you're much worse off than you would have been even if the gold isn't being used 100% optimally.
: Unpopular opinion: yes healing is too good right now, but so is access to practically unlimited mana
I'm slightly confused. You've said that the sustain options for mana/health in Inspiration are a problem because they allow mostly ranged champions complete safety because they can continue to poke even when they screw up and happen to take a bad trade, or mess up their poke/mismanage their mana, because the sustain exists in such a way that allows them to cover this mistake too easily. The inspiration tree has 2 runes that are capable of being directly related to health/mana sustain, those being kleptomancy and biscuit delivery. I do think that klepto is a bit of a problem rune, but mostly due to the income increase related to it, it turns abusing laners that already were able to gain a CS lead into ones that gain an even greater gold lead off of playing the lane how they were normally, because klepto. The chances that it gives some form of sustain are there, but I don't think they are the primary issue with the rune. Biscuit delivery is a reasonably strong sustain rune, I sometimes find myself eating biscuits just for the mana sustain on champions like ezreal, and it's pretty effective. Other than that, though, you consider glacial augment to be a part of the problem, presumably because the slow lets basically anyone, regardless of actual skill level and expertise in execution, land their combos, so in the end it makes the poke situation worse and overall mana efficiency higher, since a larger quantity of the spells being thrown out are landed. I do think that poke playstyles are extremely annoying and often one of the more oppressive things to play against, particularly in lane, but I don't feel like the mana sustain given by these runes is really large enough to be the primary contributor to that. I think the most abusive in-lane poke matchups are either auto-attack based, or their mana is sustained by items like Corrupting Potion, or Lost Chapter. (or both, in the case of a few mages) (I also think it is probably to some extent the fault of the people playing against it by not understanding exactly what they should be doing/how they should be playing against it. Just looking at the enemy team's poke potential and switching your runes a bit to include second wind/revitalize and buying a doran's shield as your starting item can make a world of difference.)
Nithke (EUW)
: Tahm kench is perma banned, Morde even more, i personally ban darius, volibear is never picked. Riven is not that common and i can fight her at least. So yeah i disagree, those champs are not dominating top lane. (But i do agree those are very good picks ofc)
Well, I think you could make an argument for Morde and Tahm at least, seeing as when they do make it through the banphase, they are both popular and tend to crush their opponents pretty handily, but I agree that the others are not really at the same level.
: You know, I'd agree with you, if you weren't wrong... Yasuo's q applies on hits for the first target only. Any other target is treated as if hit by an ability. So, how it actually works, is DD will heal 15% on the first target, and 5% for every other target. BT heals only on the first target hit. Same thing for q3. Not sure about e-q, but I'd expect that it treats the e'd target as the first enemy struck.
I find with those circular AoE abilities, they tend to treat either the closest target to the center of where the caster told it to be cast as the target, or just the target closest to the caster in general. In both of those cases, it should just end up being the target closest to Yasuo at the time of casting, so it could be the target he E'd to in some scenarios, but I imagine it often wouldn't be the case in other scenarios. Either way, it scarcely matters. Another thing I'd just like to bring up even though it isn't 100% as relevant as could be, this fact about the way Yasuo's Q works is probably what prevents things like grasp and PTA from being taken on Yasuo more frequently, since it means it's super easy for him to fuck up which target he's trying to apply PTA to in a teamfight if he hits multiple, or if he's poking through minions, and he simply can't apply those effects that way.
: Sorry but it's not even close to a Morg Q, Veigar Wall, Fiddle Fear Root is just a root. Not a Stun etc. And once she gets momentum, Qiyana's Q is also going to be considered extremely broken CC; It's an almost spammable root, in the same kit as a knockback, a stun, and 2 dashes. The duration is low, but it can be cast twice in tandem, and can be recast about 4 seconds later AGAIN. 3 1 second roots are FAR more destructive than any single root, because they all have the opportunity to stop an action, where a 1 3 second root only stops ONE action. That makes for up to 5 skill disrupters in a single kit.
Morgana's Q is also a root, I think these abilities are pretty similar in power level, with Neeko's E probably being overall a bit stronger due to having a higher potential for CC in a teamfight and being able to send it through minions. (personally I think a potentially decent way to nerf it is to make it something like Lux's Q, so it can only pass through a certain number of units before dissipating, though it's hard to say just how crippling of a nerf that would be.)
Saezio (EUNE)
: But it's ok for a lane to get tons more gold than their counterpart because they can proc Klepto on CD? Maybe make klepto only give the items and nerf the gold it gives...like... a lot. something like 4g/10 maybe? And an item per 6-8 procs (no sly sacks obv) I don't see why it's unthinkable that a support would get more gold than the enemy support, but laners/adc are allowed to get so far ahead of a keystone? Sounds like different approaches to the same thing.
it isn't unthinkable... if you want to take klepto on your favorite ranged enchanter supports now, you totally could and try to do stuff with it, it's simply the case that very few of them do, aside from some that benefit heavily from more expensive stats (sona comes to mind), because it's generally better to go with something like aery and work with the income that you get out of your support item, because you don't really need more than that, and end up getting more benefit out of aery shield/comet poke, whatever it is you're going for.
: Ryze mini rework. WHY?
something to remember is that you should ALWAYS start EVERY combo with a Q, if you have the time to cast it before getting to your more interesting abilities, unless you don't have the mana, since it will get reset regardless, adding in an extra Q's worth of damage can win a fight.
: > [{quoted}](name=Crescent Dusk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WizmyFEi,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-06-20T01:03:52.565+0000) > > Rengar is a Kamikaze champ with virtually no outs once he goes in. Shaco has boxes, a blink that stealths him, and an R that also helps him survive, while being infinitely less dependent on ult to get to targets while Rengar's only way to reach an enemy without ult is if they have Down's and go facecheck a bush knowing Rengar's passive. > > Rengar virtually does nothing outside his ult because all his power budget is sunk into it. Shaco's power budget is more distributed toward his other abilities. > > There's a reason people play Kha'zix over Rengar. Khazix's also does burst, does not rely on some trash bush gimmick, and has 2 stealths, a massive conal slow, and a leap out. Yet somehow, Rengar can still 1v2 from behind.
anyone can 1v2 from behind with the right context, which you provided none of
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah kinda true, but adcs need to stop commiting if they don't have a clear escape plan in mind. Just stay outside of the enemy champions range, just don't auto anyone until you have a clear plan of how to navigate the fight. Zac has a huge ass shadow bellow you, cho Q takes 5 years to erupt, and if my adc is hit by pyke Q the adc is an idiot. Also, PSA!!! ADC PLAYERS 600g for a stopwatch is a great investment! you don't need to upgrade it, if it wins you a teamfight the investment was worth it. LEARN TO USE THE FUCKING THING, especially if your flash is down, just sacrifice the 600g it's nothing
rip, I guess that makes about every ADC player that has played a good couple of games, on the pro level and otherwise, an idiot. Unfortunate.
Mr Meat (OCE)
: Its definitely a numbers thing though, not a conceptual thing. There are at least 5 different major tune ups mordes kit could have off the top of my head, that would pretty adversely affect his kit and bring down his power to a more manageable level. Remember that mordes ulti is only as useful as morde is.
I'd say his ult's usefulness is a function of both his own usefulness and the usefulness of the person he ults, at least to some extent.
Gubaguy (NA)
: Thats like asking why teemo blind doesnt stop Ez or GP Q despite those applying on hit effects that only apply to autos, or why GP and Ez Q can both apply MELEE on hits (hydra, try it, its bullshit)... Its stupid coding. I dont understand why Rito doesnt just set aside a team of coders to begin recoding the entire game form the ground up and fix their spaghetti code. dont tell me they cant afford it, they are owned by tencent, THE WORLDS LARGEST GAMING COMPANY.
Ez can't buy hydra, so he can't apply melee on-hits with his Q. If he were a melee champion, it probably would, but he isn't. Also, while I'm not sure about GP, I know teemo blind does stop Ez Q, as does Jax E, etc.
: It is just me or does Riot prefer we watch rather than play the game ?
Boards posts that don't have a clearly relevant issue related to the in-game (or in-lore, if you're in the story section) state of the game generally don't get replied to, from my experience. You're not going to have some Riot employee coming over and explaining to you their complicated philosophy of trying to addict players to play their game, because chances are real high that most Riot employees are just regular dudes, dudettes, and other identifying individuals who want to make parts of video games. Those are the types of people you'll have actually responding to posts, and they'll respond to the things they know about and want to talk about, not weird conspiracy theories that may or may not be true and they have little to no influence in.
: Teemo blind and Kha`zix Q
Kha'Zix's isolated Q shouldn't be blocked by it from what I know, but Rengar's and the auto attack buff portion of Viktor's Q should each be blocked, since they're just auto attack buffs, whereas Kha'Zix's Q is a point-and-click spell. It's possible that it is blocked, but it wouldn't make much sense. Either way I wouldn't expect you to get a very conclusive answer from the boards, to be entirely honest.
: I don't think shields should even be in the game. There's nothing interesting or smart with shields. But go ahead and downvote me because you have no counter argument, person.
I'd say that the quick, short-duration shields are more interesting and have potential to do cool stuff. The longer lasting shields on things like Bloodthirster or Overheal are more or less just extra HP that's slightly more conditional, but generally pretty consistent. Shorter-duration shields encourages a defensive use that requires good timing to max out on the effective health gained from using the shield, which I find to be a more interesting mechanic than straight healing, since it can reward more skilled play, as long as the shield's duration is kept effectively in check.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GeneraI Esdeath,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=co4QiHTZ,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-06-09T05:11:07.340+0000) > > Oh man, people are actually complaining about Brand now? After the nerfs he's endured because of support Brand? After Liandry's had the magic pen removed? > > The only nerf he could even need is base damage, which would just make support brand more common and yet he's still hitting 30k more then everyone else in the game as a support.....HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, maybe just maybe, he's still overpowered?
still overpowered? He isn't and hasn't been for a while. I'd also like to see where you're getting your "30k more than everyone else in the game" statistic from, because a few games of anecdotal evidence aren't really the things you should be making sweeping judgements about the way a champion works based on. He can totally be a pain in the ass to play against, especially when a skilled player is piloting him, but his damage has a decent amount of counterplay and he can be popped quite easily as well.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Towboat421,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=GzJwvnWE,comment-id=00260000,timestamp=2019-06-07T15:29:36.096+0000) > > Way to explain your point in a fair level headed fashion, I get it youre a cat person but that doesnt immediately make her a creative design Given her entire nature matches her design perfectly, yes, she is by definition a creative design. Your opinion is wrong and should not he given the time of day.
regardless of whether or not someone is wrong, being an asshole to them about it is quite close to the worst thing you can do, if you're at all interested in changing it.
: The indicator is off, not the hitbox (though Nautilus' Q does lollipop for some reason). I'm pretty sure every single line-indicator is short.
I think that's generally true, but there also seem to be a few examples of the opposite case, check out Karma's standard Q, it seems to be a bit short of the indicator from my experience, whereas when buffed by her R, it goes much further (probably since it automatically detonates at max range)
: Their still nerfing Tahm support LMFAO
You only selectively included changes here, not the whole list... Here's the actual list of most recent changes to his W on the PBE right now: > **Tahm Kench** **Devour (W)** Champion spit lockout time after animation lowered from 1 to 0.25 [New] Allies can no longer release themselves from Devour early whole affected by enemy loss of control effects (stun, suppression, fear, etc) Allied champion spit range lowered from 400 to 250 Devour damage changed from [100/135/170/205/240 (+5/7/9/11/13% target max health)] to [60/105/150/195/240 (+9/10/11/12/13% target max health)] So they're making it harder for an allied Tahm to troll you I guess by lowering the lockout time, but punishing you so you can't get yourself out when he rescues you from CC, meaning you presumably have to have better coordination with your TK about when you want to be dropped, and they're also making it so it should be nearly impossible to spit an ally champion over walls with that range change. Other than that, they're lowering the flat damage dealt by the ability, but buffing the %hp damage of the ability, but only in the early game. At rank 5, it's the exact same ability as it was before. Since they're lowering the flat damage by 40, and buffing the %hp damage by 4% at rank one, at that point in the game a target of his W needs to have 1000 HP or more for it to be an even change or a buff, so it makes his very early game a bit worse, and scales back up to where it was before, under most circumstances. Probably a buff against extreme health stackers like Sion or Cho, once you get a bit further into the game, especially seeing as most TK players don't max W first anyway. It's almost definitely a nerf to his very early laning in every case. Overall I'm not sure if I see much of a point in most of the changes here, but your post does kinda skew them a bit since you didn't mention everything.
Andevar (NA)
: It’s very possible for roamers/gankers , even top lane to get S’s. I play Talon top from time-to-time and aggressively roam mid, jg, or even bot. You just need to have a firm understanding of waves and timing it so you get back in time to collect your minions.
This is exactly it. So many people complain about the high CS requirement to get good grades for most roles, usually in reference to their high KDA games with a load of kills, and what they're missing is that a really dominating performance knows how to maximize the best of both farming and roaming for a good score in each.
: So....when is Blitz coming back?
you can pick Blitz right now in most gamemodes, I find that people haven't really been banning the good ol' steam golem that much lately. in seriousness, though, I wouldn't spend a lot of time expecting it to be back. I don't think Riot's top priority is re-releasing nexus blitz, and I'm not sure if it even exists on their priority list... mildly irksome, but i think i'll live
: They can't even do the simplest thing of adding or reducing damage correctly. Biggest example? Nidalle does 113% damage while her biggest damaging ability (Q) deals more damage based on how far away you are from her and in aram, that means far. And everyone who plays aram will have noticed that she will just 2 shot you early mid and late game and except if you have enough healing like having garen or mundo or warmogs, that is game winning without her even needing to go in. Why does she do that much dmg?
nidalee is actually on the lower end of ARAM champions, her winrate and overall performance aren't especially impressive.... because there's a whole lot more to nidalee than landing spears, and it turns out she's actually relative difficult to execute on with consistency if you don't have practice with it.
: Rebuff banshee veils if you allow bone plating to exist
.....because other than the fact that they're both low-uptime defensive abilities, there aren't a whole lot of similarities between them and banshee's spellshield is a much higher impact effect than bone plating? bone plating makes your trades in lane better and lessens the chance of you getting oneshot by that zed/riven once they hit 6 and inevitably try to jump on you. Banshee's veil prevents you from being engaged upon or picked unless the enemy team is able to land something and counter it. Banshee's is overall a much higher power level effect, as it should be, though I do think a buffed version of it would be appropriate to add on a map like howling abyss, where poke and fighting is comparatively constant to the way rift works.
Krofinn (NA)
: Why IS there 1 AD support? That should not be a thing at all.
Oriaxis (NA)
: Pyke passive/scalings
pyke is not really incentivized to build health, since his current passive health to AD conversion ratio is notably less gold efficient than just buying the AD instead. Of course, if they made it incentivized, it would just be a way for a tank pyke build to come into relevance, and adding the lethality scalings is primarily due to the fact that they wanted to eliminate the possibility of tank pyke builds as much as possible, so i don't see it changing any time soon.
: If you hate vlad as much as I do, go kled. Q WORKS in pool and rush executioners
aatrox is also a pretty strong pick into vlad
: Battle boss brand or project jhin
I'd just take a moment to evaluate what you're really interested in. If you haven't already, take a look at each champ a bit more in depth and get whichever one that goes for the champion you'd find yourself playing more often. If you can't come to a conclusion with that and don't really play either much as it is, holding onto both and waiting for more essence doesn't seem like a terrible option.
: Daily reminder: If you see Rakan you don't have to pick Xayah.
Additionally, If I hover {{champion:498}} , you don't need to go for {{champion:497}} unless you feel pretty comfortable playing him.
: I'm liking the direction that they're taking with sylas
not exactly happy with the ryze changes, though.
: ##Tbh {{summoner:14}} is just too good for anyone to take... * ### Gives True Sight * ### Applies Grievous Wounds * ### Deals True Damage * ### Point to Click Free Damage * ### And all of that for a span of 5 seconds No Summoner Spell should have this many features in one package with only a 180 Second Cooldown. * ### If anything it shouldn't have a healing Debuff (but then again the only reason it's there is to prevent Heal from being out of hand) * ### Maybe nerf it's range from 600 to 300 - 400? To prevent anyone just walking up safely to Ignite you for a free kill. ##What does {{summoner:3}} have in return? * ### Point to Click Free Debuff * ### Slows for 30% * ### Damage reduction for 2.5 seconds As long as Ignite _**exists**_ in it's current form I doubt anyone will ever take Exhaust. Unless it's a situation choice of playing against (An Assassin, Master Yi or something else with a lot of DPS or quick Damage Burst).
I won't say that ignite isn't generally better than exhaust right now, but your method of comparison here is not the greatest, you went very light on your description of exhaust, presumably to make it look worse compared to ignite, but we already know that the method of listing out the features of an ability/champion/thing in general just makes it look a lot more OP than it is, because you aren't providing much context or listing some of the drawbacks as well. {{summoner:3}} * ### Slows target enemy champion by 30% * ### Cuts their non-true damage nearly in half * ### Point-and-click, impossible to miss * ### Lasts 2.5 seconds, longer than just about every assassin's usual time to kill. I don't think exhaust is OP, but phrasing and hyperbole in the right places really makes things sound a lot stronger than they are and is an unfair tool of comparison.
: Maybe Sona is not the only problem in ARAM
If nerfing ADCs nerfs Sona, then nerfing Sona should also nerf ADCs, considering their support gets less powerful, and I'd argue that Sona synergizes with a larger champion pool than most ADCs do and is generally a better champion in most ARAM games compared to most ADCs. I'd say that nerfing Sona more is a fine option here, as she's still performing amazingly well in ARAM and probably will largely continue to, if to a slightly lesser degree.
: I agree that ADCs are stronger. I even think tanks are stronger too. If your team rolls an ADC, a tank, and at least one source of magic damage, (the last two guys can be practically anything) you have a solid comp. An all poke team will lose to that team.
especially the divey engage melees, if you're able to make it through the first few minutes and get a couple of items rolling, you can really crush those long-rage pokers that are generally considered to be so strong in ARAM. They are, but counters exist and can totally win the game off of it. Feels great to roll engage into a bunch of mages, and it feels like crap to play a bunch of mages into engage.
: Oh Cool. Can't wait for AAM to come back. Because you know. It's not random anymore :)
not much less random than it has been for most of its lifecycle. The way ARAM has been set up for most of its existence gives a certain, relatively small pool of champions to be drawn from in the random process, and some are more likely than others to be on that list. This also allows ARAM-focused accounts to abuse the system to some extent to maximize the chances to get those high-winrate ARAM champions. All adding a ban system does is make that pool slightly smaller, while (ideally) removing the winrate-outliers, and I don't think that's an especially bad thing. From my experience, whether it's in the context of a random-character mode of a video game, or the shuffling algorithm for a playlist of music, people don't really like _true_ randomness that much. They prefer a sort of randomness that is modified and kept in check such that annoying outliers and repeats are kept out of the system in some way, at least most of the time.
Geiß (NA)
: Morde can throw out his abilities then ult janna, he isn't forced to ult first.
....which means Janna gets time to do some of her thing before she gets ulted, too. Or it takes her much longer to die, if she even dies at all, since Morde just blew all of his cooldowns outside of the shadow realm, also meaning it takes longer for Morde to get back to reality to help his team out. Additionally, if we look at Morde's passive, depending on how much power they load into that, it'll take him a little while to get rolling and really start dealing damage, meaning if he wants to do anything other than tickle the enemy team before ulting, he'll have to spend a bit of time working for it. Obviously, this depends on numbers entirely, but it's a possibility. We have to wait for the numbers more than anything else to be a better judge of how it'll pan out.
: Shoutout to the kind of teammates who help the get the penta>pentastealing
Sukishoo (NA)
: Come on Faceless! We can do it!
That's United talk.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ackelope,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b7dQq4wf,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-05-23T15:03:20.263+0000) > > shady? i won't say that everything they do is perfect and wholesome, but in this particular instance, this strikes me more as an oversight, someone not really thinking through the system when they make it work the way it does, rather than someone intending to trap them to lose out on blue essence. > > i could be wrong, and either way, the system should certainly be changed. I'm not totally sure about the english context in which that term should be used, but I think that "shady" fits pretty well things like: - the BE / Xp changes, especially the fact that getting the champion you want is not so easy anymore, so you want to buy some RP to get it, right? - the OE changes, especially the **unannounced** dimished values of disenchanting skin shards; so if you want some more skins... guess what - giving Brand and some other champs to newer accounts, but not to those created a week too early - secret MMR, while the matchmaking is awful but nobody can really tell it - secret number of players still playing this game; has their playerbase actually **halved** with respect to S7? and to S5? - secret/unconsistent results about player punishments; why trolls and people insulting hard aren't always banned? or are they? - asian market influence towards the balancing of the game, especially champions and game length. So, this maybe a case of simple incompetence, but I'm pretty sensitive about not being clear, here :D
I don't mean to say that they've never been shady, I just didn't think this issue in particular was the result of some nefarious plot to milk all of the blue essence away from newer players as much as it was someone at the company fucking up a little bit.
: Well at least some people are admitting that Varus isn't as great as some presume. As for Kai'Sa, she's too rewarding. She scales way too fast compared to other Marksman (I legit just need a Stormrazor + Pickaxe and Beserkers for the Q and E evolve). Sometimes the idea of Kai'Sa being everything that Varus was suppose to be crosses my mind but at the same time due to so many character defining changes i'm not really sure what he's suppose to be anymore (since he was the very first original Hybrid Marksman that we got in League, since he was released during the start of Season 2). Putting aside how strong she is, what I mean by that is that, Varus just doesn't really scale that well (you can't commit to a half AD and half AP build because your damage will fall off and it won't be high enough as others, so you're essentially forced to make a choice in what you will have fall off) as well as... * Most of his damage is heavily reduced by resistances or his own abilities do that (Q damage is reduced by 33% when hitting 5 targets, that's the highest own damage reducement in the game). * His W and R won't scale since you most likely won't buy any AP on him, and if you buy AP items your Q and E won't scale. * His combo is possibly the slowest in the game out of all Marksman, and most Marksman do what he offers better and Safer, the only exception maybe being is his R being the strongest thing about him (but that alone won't help you out if you can't follow up to do your combo). I guess in the end of the day Varus _IS_ the most balanced Hybrid champion.
varus offers aoe cc that really has the potential to change the tide of a fight entirely, as well as long range damage and powerful execute damage with the active portion of the W that was added a while back. I agree that he is probably the most awkward seemingly-hybrid champion in the game, since champions like ezreal/kai'sa have more dual scalings across multiple abilities, but I think one of the major reasons that varus doesn't see as much success as these other champions in any scene other than pro play is the complete and utter lack of mobility that he has. I'm not saying that we need to add mobility to varus, but I think that his lack of mobility combined with the fact that he has a utility ult and isn't a hypercarry means that he's immobile and can be caught out and killed extremely easily, and doesn't have the pop-off potential of someone like a jinx. He's powerful if he has a competent team playing around him and protecting him effectively, but he can feel really sad to play and ineffective if he doesn't. He's almost the Ryze of marksmen, although much less extreme.
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