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: Climbing troubles already
Sometimes there will just be games that truthfully don't go in your favor. I used to hit a huge bump upon being plat 5, often times winning one, losing one, rinse and repeat. It was so annoying that I just stopped playing ranked for like 5 months. Went full blown cold on it. Then, as season 8 was on the horizon, i decided "hey, i want to try for diamond" and began. Nonetheless, during the 5 months cold feet on ranked, I played plenty of normals and thought about how to perform more efficiently with my own decisions. I think an important part of ranked play, is to just learn not to become frustrated with the game, the more frustration, the more losses I've come to accumulate. The game isn't necessarily "fun" to play for me, but as long as I'm playing with a neutral mind set and chucking a few laughs at certain mistakes opponents make, I can "enjoy" the game decently enough to continue playing some more matches. Part of why i was hardstuck plat 5 for so long is purely because I became so agitated with my own consistency as well as the consistency of team. It's more important to focus on the wrongdoings of yourself rather than those of your team. Even if you're all goody goody ahead in kills, doesn't mean you still can't lose, and it also doesn't always imply you're performing to your best potential. Sometimes though, lesser teams just occur or you get one of those unlucky streaks. When you get on that unlucky streak, just take a break. I'll do a few ranked matches sometimes and once i lose about 2 games in a row ill just stop for the day and return tomorrow freshly. Seems to work well for me, considering in just under a week I went from plat 5 to plat 1 with a 60% winrate out of 240 games. I never really blame things on my team anymore, for the most part I just congratulate them faintly for making a good decision or abiding in a good team fight. I can also tell when i'm performing poorly, which i try to adjust or rethink my decision and how to better it for future situations. If my performance still maintains a steady underwhelming stance, I'll just hop off ranked and watch a show or play normals if i still feel like playing league. Only time i really ever get annoyed with the game is when I am consistently doing poorly, knowing that im doing poorly, but still continue to do poorly. So, it's never really entirely the team's fault, I always focus on what's my fault vs their faults. Yeah, i know - not always do teammates make good decisions, either, but it doesn't equate that you've 100% had a pitch-perfect game either. Best to just accept the fact that not every game is a win-win. Lose some, win some - hope to win more. Focus on self-improvement.
: You can't start higher than you were last season, if you were only B3 in season 7 the highest you can go after Provisional matches is B3.
> [{quoted}](name=Azul Scorpion,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3XAf9iRf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-23T21:10:37.293+0000) > > You can't start higher than you were last season, if you were only B3 in season 7 the highest you can go after Provisional matches is B3. that can't be true. Doesn't it depend on how high your MMR is? I have a smurf account that I use on occasion when i decide "hey, i want to main this champ and see how far up the ladder i can get". This account was Gold 3 as of season 7, and upon going 6 - 4 (w/l) in my provisionals, I was promptly placed in Gold 2. So i went, oh hey, higher than the original nice.
: Riot locked me out of my own account due to "suspicious activity"
They should definitely add some form of authentication. Even a phone number would help. I always like to use my phone # as 100% validation given the right sense of security. So anything having to do with really sensitive info (personal info) would be ideal, but of course making sure that, in case of an incident of being hacked, phone number verification would be required (without ANY hints, or perhaps the last 3 digits) followed up with an immediate password change demand upon proving ownership with phone verification. Wish that were something. I'd be pretty pissed if I was permanently locked out of my own league account after blowing so much money on Riot. Similarly, this happened to me twice with Microsoft. I have had some stupid childhood name/email for the longest time. They expect me to remember the last email i sent to whom and all sorts of crazy stuff. One email i made when i was only 12, which of course I had to lie about DoB. So.. Quite frankly i was fucked. Despite obvious forms of proof.. still nothing from them 6 years later.
Ralanr (NA)
: I feel new Swain and Vlad have too similar designs.
It does look really similar (vlad/swain), specifically the bloodlord Vlad. To me, he just doesn't even really look like Swain anymore. His ult, the movement for it compared to his regular movement when he's not in his ult form seems really stiff though, doesn't it? Am i the only thinking that? It just looks... very oddly stiff. His current ult form features more movement than the new one.. does it not???
: Patch 8.2 notes
Dang.. lunar skins not coming out this patch? I got 4k RP for this..
Kryptone (EUNE)
: Gragas is an unhealthy Champion.
lol this made me laugh, wasn't expecting that
: Has anyone else not been motivated to play League lately?
Won't lie, I just can't get into league myself. A lot of the time matches are just one-sided. We either smash or get smashed. Then i just plainly get bored, too bored to feel motivated to play. Now, I LOVE Urf, but I am extremely picky with my champion pool and often times only play, single-handedly, two champions at most. Anything else usually is just very dull to me for play style. I adore warwick ever since the rework, and I've been itching to just spam warwick in URF to actually have fun, but instead I end up with these random champions that are just.. not fun for me. Stuff like ashe, nidalee, orianna - things I'd never consider playing. Truthfully miss the old URF - would be amazing to see URF in it's original form, the first time it was released, or at the very least a rotation where it is available to us in the sense that we can pick our own champion for crying out loud.
Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
I wonder what they'll change about Kha'Zix, I do personally enjoy him (he's mostly what I play), but once he does get ahead, it's far too simple to just leap in and completely obliterate a fairly squishy target and hop right out into safety. He's still a fun champion, I just hope they don't do anything too significant that changes the feel of him. Although I could say he is probably unhealthy, he's genuinely fun to play... or at least i think so.
Woook3r (NA)
: rengar isnt fun to play
The nerf on E when it was first changed was god awful, then they gave it a small buff. Either way, the cast time on E sort of messes me up because I like to throw my bola in the direction towards the character just as I'm leaping, but then I quickly shift my mouse away for some reason and the bola ends up going that way, the wrong way. Sorta why I don't really use empowered E as much as I used to, because I always mess it up. Kinda dislike that it was changed like that, would have been a little more satisfactory with just the Q change. Rip. Either way, yeah, he is kinda simply laid out. AP Rengar is fairly fun to try though.
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
Émiil (NA)
: PSA: you will get a lower ranking after placements
: Hey Acts of Coquetry, I'm seeing this issue with other people, and I think the system is treating those players as new Unranked (never before ranked players can queue with Bronze-Gold). This doesn't seem intended and was never announced, so please have her post on the **Report a Bug** forum or submit a [Support Ticket]( -DTN
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: Pick your side - Fire vs. Ice
I really wanna see another skin for Kha'Zix or Rengar. Kha'Zix, his skins got pretty, hm, boring. Rengar's sorta did too, though his headhunter skin is still nice. side comment, it would be amazing to see this gnar skin, being that he is one of my favorite champs (thought i would probably call this skin Safari Gnar or Outback Gnar)
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Arie (NA)
: Creator Interview: League Boy
I know it's a bit off topic, err probably really off topic. But wouldn't it be cool to see past items like innervating locket brought into league for something like april fools? I think it would be interesting to see league's past with items, maps (like the old twisted treeline), and even though they were flawed, I'd still like to see just how funny the items are or experience how the old twisted treeline looked and how fun it was. I think it would be cool to rewind time ({{champion:245}} hehe...) and get a taste of leagues history and laughs even if it needed a lot of bug fixes and improvements. Maybe to just experience the hilariousness of these items and the old twisted treeline (it had nice music too?). Sometimes my mind strayed off to something like an april fools joke where everything falls back to season one (or two?) for a day or so just to see the major evolution of league itself. I for one joined in 2013, so i've never seen the crazy release of LeBlanc or Xin Zhao, much less the harrowing and snow down maps that riot used to utilize (sure would be interesting to see the snow down map applied to the new rift for this christmas as perhaps a.. christmas gift..?). I think it would be kind of fun, a bit annoying, and hilarious to see past items return for a day to taste leagues history. Not sure if that's possible, my mind is sorta fictional.
: RiotScruffy talks ChampUp and Poppy!
SIayton (NA)
: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
Yeah, for me when i got into silver 3 - 2, I had quite a bit of trouble with teams staying coordinated for team fights, so it often cost the team games when the enemy picked us off one by one. Eventually, I got into gold and in gold 3 it was pretty much the same in ways. People still fed in lanes, team fights were smudgy, and then, at last, I had made it to plat. Now, I'm basically stuck in plat 5 and I can see that players even who succeeded in getting plat also have tendency to be very uncoordinated and make unforgiving mistakes. I've seen good pretty darn good plat players and then some players that were very questionable. I myself am not all mechanically great and sometimes I get bad games as well, but I always figured plat would be a lot different from gold and silver, but honestly, the same mistakes are made in this division.
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: Patch 5.3 notes
Awww, the small error on Nidalee's prowl was fixed. {{item:3070}}
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: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
RIP wallet. I counted the amount of skins I have and ended with the result of 117. Amusingly enough, my birthday is 1/17. That was quite a surprise. Also, I calculated each skin rounding in at $10 (not considering legacy skins, etc.) and well, I think I've literally threw in over $1000 dollars in this game o.o.
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: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
I am really excited for this but also scared that my graphic card and fps is going to terminate cx

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