Reav3 (NA)
: Probably not Leona (At least anytime soon)
As long as she loses the silly stiletto heels when it happens I'll take it.
: Soooo...just found out Ryze's ult still carries him away while Zhonya'd.
definitely intended. He is giving up his ult CD and his Zhonya's to do it, the number of cases where ulting away while zhonya'ing is very low when you want the item for combat, making it actually a very uncommon thing to do.
: What weapon should the next ADC use?
Letsee weapons I would like. Rope dart - tethered throwing weapon that would be amazing if they could pull off the animation, would work well for a "Martial artist" adc. Another magic user thematic. Throwing axes? Throwing knives? OHhh SLING USER, not a slingshot, a proper sling.
: Coc is terrible on voli only one single target cc on a decently long cd.
And CoC is on a 30 second CD so I don't know how that is a counter argument.
: About the Glorious Evolved…
I look forward to what is done with that plot arc, but I hope Viktor gets some supporting cast, after all a well oiled machine isn't just one part. (Or to keep the pun metaphors going, a tool or gear is a single person.) I do feel that a good number of the comments on here is losing out on the interesting space that can be explored with religion and science co-existing, the only thing in that situation is that the Religion cannot restrict the science's findings due to belief. Also in this space the "Religion" could just be a society with figures and standards that lean towards the augmented, you don't need to be a religion to have saints or people of great importance to a movement.
: > [{quoted}](name=Porocles,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=V5wYFsE7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-15T19:22:17.603+0000) > > I'm really not sure what you're referring to. Help me out! Do you have any screenshots you can provide? I don't recall seeing any yellow texts. You can also post in the [client discussion ]( well, as other testers may know more about that. Hope that helps! Easiest way to reproduce is use Ivern shield near enemy target. When it explodes it shows yellow numbers
It is effectively indirectly applied damage, abilities used through allies. Leona gets it from allies applying her passive marks. I am not sure when it was added but I have seen it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fondling Gems,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tr3WevFF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-21T02:44:45.797+0000) > > Yeah but it is still a powerful movespeed/AS buff that no longer takes time to activate, giving him a ton of teamfight power. It activates instantly now?
Pretty sure it does because he can't wtf vanish from out from under you because it's camouflage instead of invisibility now.
zaiax (NA)
Very no. It would dilute the pool of players further for people on the server to test things.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
I would love to see scenarios that are created on a per champion basis for practicing various specific kit skills. Granted I think having the ability to test power spikes is probably more important with targets that have hp/resistance values fitting for that point of the game. (with options for defensive runes/items or not) Otherwise I hope the flash test space lets me practice bullshit like the 90 degree shift with shen taunts to catch a bunch of people.
: > [{quoted}](name=Adalore,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aOgKK5U3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-11T00:06:23.862+0000) > > The biggest thing keeping him from a decent base winrate is that people are unwilling to build Rylias and are in a deathpact to RoA until it is removed from the game. Oh my god trying to W after E without Rylai's is fucking torture
I find myself starting the Stacks Ring (The name escapes me), going Tear and then B'line for Rylais. After that you got wiggle room for build path but Rylais is clearly necessary. Though potentially we will see if future Rylais push it out of use cases for Ryze, at that point character balance changes might be on the table.
: As a statistician, I find crying about unbalanced matches strange
The general gist I am getting from the discussion below is that statistics are hard for people to tackle because it is seen as a specialized skillset even though it is a fundamental building block of any decision made in the modern world. Of course I prefer to have my matches be close because stomps suck unless I am... 1. Desperate for a win. 2. Wouldn't mind an S rank to get my champions ranked up.
: @Meddler Any Ryze buffs coming?
The biggest thing keeping him from a decent base winrate is that people are unwilling to build Rylias and are in a deathpact to RoA until it is removed from the game.
: New lore: Runeterra map concept
on the multi continent design for the map I at least figure Demacia and Noxius probably share the biggest land mass together along with frejord(relatively remote) and Shurima(probably within reasonable distance of noxius compared to demacia due to Noxian presence there.). I am hoping we get more regions CREATED in the future as there is still plenty of cultural archetype space that shouldn't just be shoved into the "Main" land and Ionia.(which should be far beyond "Large island" size) Without ease of transportation to the majority of factions it is hell to move people around to wage war.
: This isn't a totally unreasonable point. We designed the crit/as items to create compelling choices for Marksmen specifically. So, in some fighter cases there is a 'solved' item (often pd) but it's no worse now than it was before when it was always shiv. It means we have future work to do still.
I feel for marksmen it is fairly reasonable and it might just be cases where Yasuo builds it first is more of a Champion kit problem than an item problem.
: m8 this is 2016 we are almost 100 years ahead, things in beauty tend to change, if you see the evolution of beauty every 10 years in the 1900's. And don't you think its shocking that she is litearlly the first champ to ever have a mole on her face?? Why dosent all other champs get it first before she does?
Alas, the weird thing about fashion and beauty is that attitudes change far more than you expect. Right now I want to say it is about how one carries themselves rather than a...GASP...BLEMISH or whatever the hell you consider the mole. Otherwise if you want to pull the "Beauty" bullshit we can totally take "Fashion statements" that are insane from the runway because that totally reflects the general populace. Gimmie dat "Flawed" face.
: does {{summoner:1}} work vs zed's ult? i know {{item:3140}} dont. if not {{summoner:1}} then use {{summoner:21}} as an adc vs a zed?
There is no way to cleanse his ult now, you can only really either prevent the damage or give them such huge shields that it is impossible to assassinate someone.
Ralanr (NA)
: Is there anything I can do to save my ADC when Zed ults them?
One future option is curling up in a ball until the assassin update, but that is probably going to be during pre-season. More seriously, Instant CC, Running locket and face of the mountain, exhaust, and depending on comp it could just be the adc getting a GA so once Zed spends everything to kill them it wasn't to any benefit, but that only works if Zed is HARD diving you kill your adc and that is the only thing happening that must be prevented. (does happen.)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team: 6.17, the Pre-Worlds Patch
I look at the Shen changes with worry. I understand that Rito plans on doing another rework pass on him but it will hurt until then. It needs to stop being a thing that I see my favorite champion in THE ESPORTS and then slowly the nerf bat turns them black and blue. (Last time was Viktor pre-rework, granted I will admit he needed it especially after the rework as well.)
: The ranked system is not something my team works on and this is only my personal opinion. I hope performance based MMR rewards never happen in league of legends. If there was a system that encouraged players to make suboptimal choices to get more ELO as opposed to winning the game it would be a failure in my mind. A performance based MMR system could discourage aggressive plays, funneling CS/Kills onto scaling teammates, niche strategies such as proxy singed and many more interesting options that often are the "better" way to win the game. On top of this it could make some roles more or less desirable based off how they are evaluated.
Right now overwatch is enjoying the downside of this and playing support in that game shafts you if you want to climb in that game's competitive at a good speed. It is a good intent but like what I Am The IRS said, it has so many permutations to design around that it isn't worth implementing.
: Assassin Roster Update - Katarina
I knew it was going to be Katarina. :) I am looking forward to the changes, even just the small but major changes like not being able to ward escape. Just being able to CATCH Katarina when rightfully they screwed up is welcomed. I still wonder how it will function with the passive staying because of how problematic that instant keyrolls are, but I know that is because of the current iterations of the spells. Provided perfect "Everyone is dying to each combo" how long does this version of Katarina take to kill your whole team one by one provided every spell must be cast? (maybe sans ult)
arc95 (NA)
: Remember when Overwatch was supposed to kill League
the "League of legends Killer" exists as much as the "Wow Killer" does. Though I find the idea that OW would kill LoL very...unlikely, they are different genres, I get some audience overlap but not perfect overlap. (I am one such point of overlap but I just play both, League as my "TRYHARD AHH" game and OW as my "Play with friends...WHILE TRYHARDING AHH") It isn't as extreme as CoD players playing Starcraft but that is what it feels like when comparing their audiences.
: Assassin Roster Update -- Talon Direction
I welcome the Talon update with wide open arms. I really do hope he gets some space to outplay instead of stat crunching targets, there is only so much cool stuff that happens with a blink to target move with a burst rotation.
: is calling someone BOOSTED Toxic?
Depends on context. If you call your team "Boosted shitbags, why am I matched with such horrible players constantly!" that is plenty toxic. Boosted can easily be used as just another vector to release ALL THE BILE but that player is probably already toxic and is just being handed another sort of ammunition. Now describing a play as a "Boosted" when it goes wrong because it was fumbled is about on par with saying "Welp, am I Bronze?", but such situations are better to be supplied by the person that did the play or the friends (which hopefully are actual friends.) to hard section it as a jokey thing.
: If Darius is such a paragon, why does he allow Swain to rule? Also he's a fancy pants.
I want to say mind control. That or Swain provides dental to his employees.
: Because Riven is all about strength of the individual and "might makes right", which are the traditional noxian values, whereas most other Noxians ignore those old values by using tricks, shemes or their birthright to obtain power.
I would also add that she is independent at this point, while Kled doesn't care, that it came from retrospection the actual manifested form of their skillset and mindset is at least something Kled can half respect.
Arakadia (NA)
: Does life steal heal Kled or Skaarl when mounted?
If I am not mistaken Skaarl's provided hitpoints are directly considered "Health" and takes healing from every source. It is just that when Skaarl flees you can't "Heal" that hp without filling the resource bar or returning to base.
: Sounds better to have a groan-inducing stream rather than groan-inducing gameplay and community for the last 3 seasons because they put such a focus on this being an Esport. One where telling your teammate "Hey you @#%& I @#%* your mom now get cancer and die" and running down mid for 20 minutes won't get you perma banned until it's happened 10 times.
Except those are completely different teams managing different systems. I don't think the Art team can handle punishment systems. I don't think the network engineer can handle punishment systems. I don't think the GAMEPLAY designer can handle punishment systems. I don't think the CEO can do more than delegate the team that ALREADY EXISTS that handles that stuff. Have you ever taken microeconomics where they talk about the marginal efficiency? Where a business has diminishing returns as they pour all of the resources into one thing instead of multiple things? That is because resources are not the perfectly the same, all they can do and I know they HAVE been doing, as add more resources by hiring people that can do THAT work, but the thing is THAT is slow. Just report them and move on, they can't stop that one guy from saying that, they can only discourage later use but that only happens if they get reported.
: why does kled have % hp damage? Isn't that just asking for the next ekko/fizz
I am expecting him to go full tank, but it is a % damage that gets procced on minions which puts it on CD, there isn't control on it besides CD management.
Ralanr (NA)
: Teemo is probably subterfuge in warfare (not sure really). Ziggs: explosions. Heimerdinger: Technological advancement. Lulu: Wild magic Rumble: Being a dick. Tristana: Artillery? Not sure.
Ziggs is technology but in the haphazard sense, as an opposite to heimer it could be the Zaun to Heimer's Piltover. Rumble is the technologically underfoot, the desperate but effective underdog like how Ekko is to Zaun. They just tend to be on the same side, and I would like to see them be town indifferent when it came to Zaun and Piltover. Tristana and Corki are both military but it is a bit muddled for sure. I can see Teemo being in this bucket but more that he had a different role and probably became a little psychotic out of it with his assumed role changing to less scouty things. Lulu of course embodies tasting purple and defying all attempts at balancing her, so wild. And Amumu? Confusion, sadness and identity problems. :(
Fllesh (NA)
: ok i will agree with everything you just said... but my original question remains..... ""why are so many resources directed to such a small player base"" almost all of the players across the world are in the bottom 3 groupings.... yet very little attempt at balance are directed at the bottom 3 groupings, it has been stated multiple times that the game is balanced at plat+ the trickle down effect has been shown to not work nearly as well as expected... it fails is what im saying in this respect.... you complaining that a main stream feed is boring is a huge indicator of a much larger problem that the game in the pro arena is stagnant... changing 1 specific strategy does not make a game fun and interesting, do you not think the issue that you just brought up of the game is "boring as hell" should be addressed?
Well you are familiar with "Meta" being "Most effective tactics available" stuff right? While this change is super focused on Esports it comes at little or not cost to the typical playerbase for a gain in the high/pro level play. Provided it works of course. By making not a safe trade, by making it not even if both teams do it, it drops from being the "Most effective tactic available" by having substandard outcomes that pro-players may not want to have happen. From what I can tell aswell they don't ignore lower level play, sated devourer removal and other stuff related to that is an element of that. It is just that high level changes are so systematic rather than champion number changes, that it seems disproportionately huge when it does happen. It is the feel difference between changing a single tile in a room (champion balance change) and having a section of foundation in a house replaced. (System change.)
Ralanr (NA)
: So I guess Kled confirms that Yordles are near immortal magical beings?
I like the angle that the yordles are becoming muses or avatars of concepts, Kled just represents the stabby nature of Noxius in the most direct sense. Granted this is the OLD concept, he doesn't seem to be that modern with how much he disses the current Noxians. The same way Poppy is probably far more original Demacia than anything else. (Also the long lived status might be related to embodying these concepts as well, with the yordles that don't HAVE a thing that they are a concept of maybe having shorter or more typical mortal lifespans.) Now the real question, what does the other yordles represent with stuff like Teemo?
Fllesh (NA)
: the majority of your player base is in bronze, silver, and gold.... why do you always focus so much time, effort, and resources to the pro scene.... the absolutely smallest part of your community?
It is because "The smallest part" of the community is seen by the very large viewer base that is reactive to meta seen. I have watched the stream and just groaned every time they did the tower swap of boring as all hell, it is the default and it sucks. By changing it they can hopefully maintain the health of the viewer base.
: Okay, we currently have 130+ Champions. What kind of Champion would be a good and unqiue addition?
I have a good number of concepts that I have been mulling over but the one that I want the most... Zaunite Film noir private detective. And screw it, he is ALSO a cyborg. Knows Cait and vi due to collaborative detective work and tries to keep the orphans of Zaun out of trouble. A fair amount of setting and character space to define and show. With a kit for being a support. (melee) p - kinetic battery, movement generates damage bonus damage for next melee attack.(cyborg theme!) q - Discharge Baton, Line Dash (short) stuns first champion hit in small AoE. w - Tracking dart, Ranged poke, provides vision on enemy hit or where the projectile lands for a short time. e - Internal monologue, Think Yi meditate but with lines like "Wait if the murder weapon was..." and maybe character specific lines, "But I have seen your sister..."(for jinx) I mostly get hung up on the R, one idea I had was a effectively a chase scene with jazz sting to start it off, but probably something that plays into the cyborg subtheme to the character would be more apt here.
: Why should he play if he's not having fun? League is a game.
Because by entering queue they have effectively agreed to be a half decent teammate? If they don't want to commit their time to the match they can play other games that support drop-in-drop-out multiplayer.
Meddler (NA)
: We'd like to get away from a 30 point mastery system eventually. It was originally done that way so that players leveling up to 30 could be given another option each level. It's meant that the individual significance per point ends up being pretty low though and that new players get penalized. Once the new client's out we'll be able to consider doing work to things like Masteries. Until that replaces the old one though we're limited to working within the current Mastery system. That's why Keystone Masteries uses those 5 point stat masteries - we wanted to try more appreciable mastery designs but needed to operate within a 30 point constraint still.
If I may suggest... I know the second part of that level progression is also that throwing the mastery system at players before they know enough of the game to make informed choices. I would like to see "Recommended" mastery builds available for every champion to give a start point for anyone playing the champion for the first time AND allowing players to have that power without overwelming them with the system. It is just until level 10 you have the recommended build active, after that you have the choice to interact with the WHOLE 30 point system but unless they seek to create a mastery page the recommended build stays in effect. Like the first option on the drop down for mastery in the UI could be "Champion prebuilt" or something. I would also like to see the rune system nuked but that is more foundational to league and harder to purge.
: Top 10 ~ish champs in winrate at the end of first 24 hours are perma banned for the remainder of the weekend. After another 24 hours perma ban the new top 10 ~ish champs in winrate (20 ~ish total removed)
I would love a growing "X champions have been disabled due to popularity and winrate in the gamemode" and do that either once every 12 or 24 hours through the uptime of the game mode. Though a part of that would mandate either minimum champion pools like ranked unless the game mode gets more champions rotated in for just that mode.
awdaf (NA)
: Why banning for verbal abusiveness in a game should not be allowed.
The mature reaction reaction is mute TO abusive players, but I ALSO want to remove them from the game over all so I can play with people who are not abusive. If this is a one off bullshit event, whatever, the system accounts for "Bad days", but habitual abusers can rightly go get thrown out the exit.
: Why isn't there an AD item like Rabadon's Deathcap?
Crit AND attack speed "Is" the marksman deathcap. Deathcap is a multiplier it is just AD uses multipliers all the time that it becomes forgotten that they do that...esp when the Korean Lucian build is about.
: Well it didn't work. He has massive buffs on the PBE to his ultimate. His win-rate literally went up in all elos this patch. His play rate is unscathed. That's awful design.
It is also that that "Buff" wouldn't have worked on his current meta build of Ghostblade + Blackcleaver because that buff was specifically crit favoring which is a currently under favored build for him.
: @Meddler Something Needs To Be Done About The Lackluster Late Game Of Supports!
I dunno about ward removal as the key mechanic. I would like it but as the sole rubberband mechanic I dunno. As support I end up running around with both sightstone and yellow wards to make sure there is vision in the first place. I would prefer to have the full build support items, either the normal or sightstone versions would increase exp from minions based on the team's level, so showing up to a huge wave clear late game could net you a solid full level easily.
Mhija (NA)
: Lucian vs Thresh: WHO WOULD WIN?
I want to know what scrapped kits had these powers in them, I would love to shoot laser beams as thresh. :P
: And you're correct, I was commenting on how Malleable BattleMages are. Does the BattleMage need to be using their weapon in *this* situation? They'll increase it's damage with a spell and fight with it. Will their physical attacks be mostly worthless? They can take its damage away and place it into a spell or combo them together to make the spell even stronger, such as casting it through their weapon. A Proper AP Juggernaut would be amazing, I would just hope that their build can be malleable to deal more damage if need be, but still be comfortable dealing moderate damage and tanking.
Eventually I'll come up with a kit for one of my own characters that fit the archetype. Would be mostly melee and stacks up their passive "Cascade" which would by applied by most of their abilities and spills over to everything nearby after 3 or so stacks. (capping at 5) Think darius except no DoT. So they are a ramping up threat that is designed to be hard to peel that eventually will spill their damage over your entire team if you let her. (It would also probably let her jungle due to AoE) Also I really like the idea of Cascading energy that hits a critical mass point that just tears everything to shreds, feels very supplementary to a martial skillset.
: Sounds like Mordekaiser. A giant suit of armour, who deals damage using a mix of ranged spells and physically hitting things with his mace. He isn't quite the standard archetype that you're thinking of, but he does fit the concept.
He does fit the "does ap" "Is armored" but he is far from any sort of trained to a razor edge type archetype.
: So I've noticed one type of Playstyle missing from LoL atm...
The battlemage concept doesn't require hybrid damage really. I'd be up for a hard "Mage" themed "Armored Fighter" that is hard front lines but clearly magically skilled, but they won't have pure hybrid damage unless their overall damage is low. Like a proper AP Juggernaut for example, I think that would be great for a "Battlemage" thematic.
: What is up with the Taliyah taunts?
You mean the dialog that doesn't even show up unless you prompt it? Not sure how they can be too chatty. Anyway it makes more sense for her to have a bunch of lines for the characters she WOULD interact with, continuity wise, rather than some throw'a'way line for every other champion on the roster.
: Do you have to get an S your self to get a box, or can some one else get one for you?
All S ranks : S+, S, and S- count. If you or another player that you QEUEUED WITH gets one of the above ranks, yes, you get a chest. It counts for the champion you are playing as, so if you got one already you won't get another.
Hòpe (NA)
: I'm not sure why people are saying Vlad is weak or anything..
I think he fine right now, he just requires play that is very different than before. He pretty much wants every cdr item that isn't mana attached with a side of rylias. Gotta get dat cdr more than anything to get fully functional. A lot of people must be floundering because the "I don't know what to build" path of WotA is gone.
: The Zed Nerfs might be a bit much
It is a targeted nerf for a lane behavior that was pretty silly, where he throws his q at you every time it is off CD. a few characters simply cannot deal with that level of harassment early game. So it was this or increase the stamina cost to reduce the spamitude of it.
DJ Sona (EUW)
: [Suggestions] New Mage/Mana items - Crimson's Bow, Glimmer's Rod and Razor's Bracelet
Okay if you are going to suggest items I need to know what the intended use cases are, because otherwise I cannot provide any feedback that does anything. They just seem like total random noise being thrown at a wall that hasn't been defined.
: Hey Riot maybe you should consider toning down ur arrogance and copy some stuff from HotS?
These threads are always a bit frustrating, because I know the main intent is not debate but of adding to the already indistinct pathos of self security in liking a different game. I am glad you had to share it, anything to actually add? I would like more maps, yes. I don't want mounts because that is free mobi boots for everyone at the start and the characters WHO DO HEAL are problems in various ways, or do you mean fountains? Without actually supplying why things are better I cannot assign any authority to the subject to you.
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