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: 400k main Aurelion since his relase, and i did it because of his very unique and hard playstyle, he was only champion keeping me with that game, now i lost any reason to come back. Give my my freakin money for his skins back!!! I bought it for old aurelion not this new crap for kids. Oh and i want to add why i just dont like playing this game anymore so there is a list: -stupid patches, miles to read -reworking everything times and times again(ryze best example, or akali) -relasing too many new champions, with another miles to read skills -changing this game from tactic strategy to win, to a braindead click-faster to win game -because of the above and turning to braindead game, more and more high-ranking idiots and trolls, dropping quality of the game -too many cancerous champions with unhealthy skill design, annoing to play against(sylas best example) -AURELION SOL REWORK - i dont care if someone didnt play him because of high skill and intelligence cap i was his main and loved him the way he was - i can probaply get bigger winrate with these changes BUT THIS IS ISNT FUN ANYMORE, GAME IS ALL ABOUT FUN
You just resumed everything i thought, even more, you dont even know how much i feel the same about everything
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