: What is so bad about Dynamic Queue?
I absolutely love the new .QUE, im getting extremely fast games but champ select is a bit slow and they can improve on that, but other than that it's great
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: Hey Riot, since Quinn got more popular recently...
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: Jhin, as a champion, is a thematic failure. (LONG POST)
what the hell are you talking about?! it's a surprise to me that you have a lot of upvotes and views, i dont get how people even agree with you, who the f are you to judge Tencent's champ kits/identities? pleb
Vanillite (EUW)
: I agree that he may seem a bit uncool and that the community overestimated his mechanics, but you should try him first before judging
i really dont want another {{champion:268}} fail
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Jbels (NA)
: Never have to leave lane again! Hurray!!!
no, if you would have read my post right it would be a consumable-like item where you have to buy 1 charge like a potion, or it re-fills every time you go to fountain
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Ionian (EUW)
: With just {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} you do so much poke and dps that the enemies should cry. You're also hard to kill because of mobility, ult and rylais slows. Anivia outdamages you yeah, but because she's the #1 mid right now. OP af.
you dont know what you're talking about, you dont even play Azir, i have and you have to get lucky to poke the enemy in the first place, you can easily out-maneuver sand soldiers, only dummys stand still while being hit by the soldier, another thing just build MR and you shut azir down
: 1) Azir is highly oppressive in lane with his WQ combo to poke his enemies, as that makes his zoning control really strong. 2) His knockup on his E was removed because it gave him too much synergy with his WQER combo, where he gets to ult back tons of enemies into his own team with little counterplay. Think of it like the old LeBlanc's silence combo, where she can QWW without having enemies to counter her back due to being Silenced. 3) A good Azir player can get to be extremely mobile, as currently it is highly assumed that a moderate amount of Azir mains managed to master the Shuriman Shuffle. 4) Azir's ult can be typically used as a "FK OFF FROM ME" whenever an enemy tries to dive on him, similar context as how Ekko's ult functions as a reset button. 5) You still wanna blame us for him being nerfed for complaining? Blame the pro players. They're the actual cause of him being nerfed due to be seen in many LCS games.
gtfo with that, azir win rate is 45% he's not in a good spot
Meddler (NA)
: I'll follow up with the designer working on the MF changes and get back to you, see what his thoughts are on the current state of AP builds on her (not familiar enough with them myself). Can't make any promises, if AP MF's in a decent spot on live at present though might be appropriate to increase a ratio somewhere to avoid an unintentional nerf.
im going to start a petition to get you fired, first of all MF does not need nerfs, you are destroying MF with that nerf, i should just go back to vayne/lucian/trist because they are the kings of adc atm, but oh hey axe MF, gj imbeciless
: So you comment on incoming changes for Kha but won't on my post about Sona?
he couldnt care less about us, le'ts just wait for his resignation because he's horrible at the job he's gettin paid for, i thin Tencent needs a replacement ASAP
: THIS is getting a joke now I STILL CANT SEE MY BORDER and my splash arts are black please riot
simple fix: fire Meddler, Tencent needs to fire these lazy sleeze bags.
: We need to talk about Kha'Zix.
Meddler is notoriously known for nerfing champs without compensating for those nerfs, this guy needs to be fired
Meddler (NA)
: The removal of Brutalizer and Last Whisper do seem to have hit Kha'Zix pretty hard and we've got some buffs planned for the next patch, focused on cases where Kha'Zix isn't quite able to get things to work. Those changes are currently looking like: * Faster attack frame on passive empowered auto attacks (they're currently slower than his normal auto attacks) * Increased explosion radius on W (225 -> 275) * 100 extra range on unevolved E Potential for additional buffs later as well if needed, looking to avoid making too many changes all at once though.
where were you when cass and sona need you the most? we're waiting for your resignation to this company because you keep dragging it down.. you just keep dragging it down with your ridiculous nerfs and biased buffs, if you have any dignity left resign ASAP
: Personally I think they're fine. Since I started playing, I've noticed that players have just gotten so much better at diving towers, tanking for allies, and trading turret aggro. I think that towers have stayed about the same strength for a long time, it's just that players are better at dealing with towers. It's like Lee Sin, he's in every game, so we all know what to do against a Lee Sin if he jumps behind us.. we know what's coming next. Towers don't have any surprises for experienced players.
weaker towers allow more strategic options, if towers die faster the team has to adapt to applying tactics that take advantage of this change
Zerolera (NA)
: Your level of English makes it impossible to understand.
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: Meddler threatens to delete Sona (long post)
listen kid, she doesent need buffs, she needs a re-work because she's too easy to use and this get's boring af, Sona is in a good state because she has multi-healing capabilties, a strong R that can change the game, and a good Q poke for bot lane, she's okay but not gameplay-wise, on paper she's good but realistically she's not good mechanically.
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: Did this guy just say "imbacks"? Point is now void. Gtfo! TRUMP 2016teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
how does trump get 15000 people to attend his rallys? people arent that stupid, it's the majority who decides thing, this is America-a DEMOCRACY
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Skias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AdanChristo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1TugdxYq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-05T15:55:15.905+0000) > > they are supposed to be, this opens up new ways to play the game, if we had s1 mechanics and gameplay this game will be boring and more people will move on to better games, League is doing it's job in making a great game by updating/changing things, it's for the good. "New ways to play the game" by effectively leaving a core mechanic defunct?
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: can we buff towers please?
where do these people come from? dont you get that weak towers are good for the game? dont you think Tencent analyzes the effects of their changes? they are moving League to a new direction and they dont give af about ur opinion
: If the lane turrets were granted increased attack speed, I think they'd be perfect. As it stands, the number of times enemies have dove and escaped with a minimal amount of health because the turret could not last hit them is ridiculous.
Rozair (NA)
: I still think towers are pretty useless
they are supposed to be, this opens up new ways to play the game, if we had s1 mechanics and gameplay this game will be boring and more people will move on to better games, League is doing it's job in making a great game by updating/changing things, it's for the good.
: Daily Reminder That The Majority of Players Don't Like the Snowball Meta
daily reminder that you are not very good at this game, nor are you educated in how games work. First of all the games feel snowbally because of the changes, but it's not the primary reason. The primary reason why theres a lot of snowballing with the new changes is because players have not adapted yet, give it time and i assure you games will return to their normal durations.
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Qweyx (EUNE)
: Champion idea
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: Alienware screwed me over
yup, it's one of those things that really pisses u off, hang in there man
: Who should I buy for a new champ Shaco or Shen?
get shen, shaco is in a bad spot right now, fed or you fall behind like crazy, and he's hard to use, go with shen he's easier/funner/ more reliable
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Chakraa (NA)
: The One thing League is Missing
OMG HIRE THIS MAN! it's such a fkn annoyance to look for the champ you want, we SHOULD have a *favorites man wtf
: Damage is too high, and the game isn't fun anymore.
the s6 changes to turrets/minions/passive gold increase is to help early-game strategy, it makes sense. s5 meta had a slow early-game, it lacked strategy that only LCS teams can scarcely implement. League has to adapt in gameplay, it cant stay like s1, changes are good. Reasons why game feels faster/snowbally: first of all we havent adapted to these changes yet, resulting in wonky/fast paced/snowbally games. finally, we arent gona miss you, League is recuriting more new players than veterans are quitting, nobody cares if you quit, League is here to stay, that's why it made s6 changes
: Haha i dont know why but this made me chuckle... First off its Champion* but i wont give u shit for it xD... I think hes strong in competitive weak in solo Q so riot struggles to find a happy medium with this champ.. Maybe someday they will give him a buff that helps people who arnt as skilled with him w.o rewarding those who are already really good w.him. I wont say any champions in particular that Riot has done this with but his name is Lee Sin.
strong in LCS, not in soloQ with ~45% win-rate, check ur stats again
CppL (EUW)
: 10 games?? lol he"s high skillcap 10 games is not enough.Play at least a 100 ,then we can talk.
then he can achieve 44% winrate just like bronze-challenger is ~45% win rate :D nice balance
: Only one person has to report someone for a game for that game to be looked at. It doesn't matter if just one person reports them or if all nine other people do, the report tags the game just the same. Things like intentionally feeding are harder to just read the chat and say "yeah this definitely happened" it has to be looked into a bit more. If someone is toxic and says hurtful things they're likely to get punished a lot faster because the chat log can be read and probably clearly shows their toxic behavior. You're also trying to climb the ranked ladder during preseason, which have always been the least balanced state the game could be in due to just how many changes are thrown out at once and your ranking at the end of preseason is practically worthless. Your MMR carries over, and that has an effect on where you get placed after your placement matches, but that's it.
not true at all. ive reported countless toxic people that really were toxic but that noone reported, i think i was the only one to report, has he been punished? nah
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lamyourz (NA)
: buff the god damn towers
you are a bit off and no we should not buff towers
: I baked a cute guy cookies
certainly wife material, so nice to hear from girls like you. you'd be a great catch
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