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: Welp, fuck Star Guardian lore.
Rakan and Xayah need more white and gold in their skins and more softer elements, they're too pointy, and too dark. Its not really reading start guardian when you put them next to all the other start guardians. As well the zoe one looks like shes half voidling half starguardian whats up with that? Zoe is like the most perfect character for starguardian because of her bubbly attitude? like the only one that looks like they fit in with starguardians is the neeko.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Mortdog,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=30zvj2Ni,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-11-13T21:00:50.198+0000) > > Hey. I mentioned this on Reddit, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so here as well. > > The IP formula has always been as I described. You can verify that here: > http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Influence_Points > > Unfortunately for us, around October 26th, until Pre-season, we shipped a bug that increased the IP given. If you check matches before that date, you will see that follow the expected formula. > > As for why that bug happened, honestly I'm not really sure, and it hasn't been a priority to figure out since it hardly matters now. It certainly wasn't the best timing for it >_<. > > But I was neither lying, nor was I misinformed. Feels bad to play now. Feels like it's borderline pointless for (casuals at least) to hope for getting a new champion at any time in the forseeable future. Not a random shard from randomly leveling up that we, if I understand correctly, would still need to level up more and disenchant other shards to get the BE to unlock, because THAT doesn't seem cancerous (I hope I misunderstand), but to actually get a champion we're interested in. I'm not going to support a game with ANY money that tries to force me to spend money on a f2p setup...just feels dirty and schemey... Feels very very EA.
You have to take into account that when new players are leveling their accounts they are given many champions as apart of the leveling process! So there are less champions that they need to obtain as they are given many of them as rewards for leveling up their accounts starting at level 1. but as one of the Rioters said above the amount of BE compare to IP is the same as before we were just given an increase in the patch before because of a bug they did not see, and probably when they did see it they didn't care cause it was only in for the 1 patch and then things went back to normal. But during the leveling process new accounts will be GIVEN champions for just leveling up instead of having to use Blue essence to actually purchase them!
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: League client update Q&A coming 11/17
Decided to try out the new client. LAGGY AS ALL H*LL Literally almost missed my picks and bans trying to play a game. This client is not friendly to those who are using a less powerful computer running league at 30fps in game. And on top of this when i got into my game. I didnt know that the client was still up in the background like when i tab out. I didnt know this and because all the fancy new animations and what not are in this new client my frames were dropping form my capped 30 to 5 fps just sitting at my tower doing nothing no minions or any action going on :) Soon as I closed the client that's now opened running at full power in my background ohh look back to my 30fps. This new client just takes up too much trying to run it. Yes it may look nice but if you keep it you'd better keep the legacy client as well for us who can't spend the extra cash on a gaming computer atm.
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: Apparently CONNECTION CUT OFF is a bannable offence
Connection issues (dissconecting) is a report able offence. It is in the Terms of service when you sign up. when you accept them you take full responsibility for making sure your connection is fine. Regardless of the reason it is a report able offence. If it doesn't happen often you shouldn't get the leaverbuster queue time or be banned. But if it is something that happens frequently you are responsible for maintaining your connection and are at fault for DCing.


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