: Yeah then i get autofilled and they ban the champions i'm good at and i have to dodge because i cant lock anything. This is why this system won't work.
Autofill is a beast that should be removed or at least be a choice . Losing because of autofilled players is the second thing that makes me sad at this game . I'd rather wait 10 minutes in queue at diamond elo and have people in the role they know than waiting 3 minutes and play with autofilled players 2 birds with one stone :) Remove autofill , so you can put a minimum of games played on a champ to prevent griefers or 4fun players
Rioter Comments
: It wouldn't be so bad if ##IT DIDN'T FUCKING SPREAD OUT
It wouldn't be so bad if turrets , the thing that are supposed to more or less protect you from dives ( LUL ) would target her like it used to before her ludicrous rework . I;m just asking for that . make turrets see her in W and keep aggro
: This game has been dumbed down so hard it's disgusting
You tell em brother , I've spent all my " I care about this game " coins . the 5 ranks in season 9 were the final nail in the coffin for me
: Does LB have even any counterplay?
I do not let Leblanc make it through ban phase . as simple as that
: Need some help for dealing with Irelia mid
Play nocturne lane into her. Spellshield her stun and cast your fear , she will dash regardless and get feared, Q her ( unless she uses her W just wait for it to end ) and pound her to death. Wash, rinse, repeat . Works mid or toplane . The key to it all is spellshielding her stun hence denying her a mark and a Q reset .
: 5 Rules for Junglers that Laners Wish You Would Follow.
As a main jungler whenever one of my lanes dies more than once 1v1 or 2v2 , I will just not even try to come . Agree with most of your points
: > [{quoted}](name=KrakenKnight,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ozMjftx2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-30T22:17:27.656+0000) > > Generally everything that goes to PBE has gotten far enough in the development cycle that it will make it into the game (it's already gobe through the playtest team). > Exceptions are things that are blatantly messed up, like the bruiser items earlier in the year. To be fair, most people would rather have the nerfs come in slowly than seeing LB get butchered.
I want Leblanc to be butchered and gutted and never come back into the playable threshold .
: How many inters can I get in a row?
If you are still in the same elo for 100 games it just means it is your current level . from your op.gg i can tell you right away : 1) you play way too many champs and too many roles. focus on 1 role and 2 or 3 champions exclusively . At low elo usually jungle or mid are the easiest things to climb because you can impact the whole map roaming/pathing well , hence turning around a losing lane into a winning lane by helping your teammates instead of flaming them even if they are genuinely bad . 2) your CSing is low most of the time , focus on that as it is EXTREMELY important 3) you never upgrade your trinket either for blue or sweeper. 4) you havent bought any control wards in any of your recent games . 5) your builds are questionable/not the best there is . Points 3 and 4 are what you can drastically change right away . At your elo actively denying vision + getting vision for your team will get you out of gold easily and prevent your teammates from getting caught or getting picked 90% of the time , and instead your team will get the picks because the vision you set allowed for it .
Pørkys (NA)
: But where did I specify where you should hand Draven ALL the kills? I didn’t say anything about that. Anyways plus the passive is unhealthy for the game/player ask any Draven main it’s fustrating losing stacks and then you play from behind aall because one person stole the kill? All I asked is to be able to ping your passive stacks and says how much gold you can get for the benefit of the player/team
Not sure why y'all arguing with a silver 5 player not understanding why letting Draven cash in is important tbh
Wilyum (NA)
: Why do people troll in ranked?
Why ? because they have a mental disorder that makes them feel enjoyment or pleasure when they make other people feel bad . Is riot doing anything to stop them ? Nope , riot only cares about trigger words in chat because they can just let their bots do the job instead of putting actual ressources into making their solo queue a least worse place .
: Can Riot games balance team member please answer this question about Jax.
His tankiness coupled with ridiculous damage whether you AA when he E's or not . exact same issue that we have with graves . A champion should not get the best of both worlds , and it's not just jax anymore . Irelia, Camille , basically any bruiser that works with triforce/gage is bound to be busted .
: If you nerf xayah and rakan's hp and buff malphite ult, you can kill two birds with one stone
I'd vote for you if you ran for presidency
Electrya (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Add92,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mGjdM6tJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-07T20:40:52.571+0000) > > From what I've seen on your op.gg your CSing is very low . > > Also you play quite a lot of champs . > > pick 3 solid , strong champions and abuse them in one role . > When you're plat 2 you get matched with low MMR D5 , and trust me when I say that they are the worse players you can ever play with , > > some are boosted , some are just lucky to be there, some are big ego young teenagers , it's a cesspool , you gotta power through it with consistency and constant improvement . > > First thing you can work on is your CSing . > > Watch Froggen's stream , he is incredibly 1v9 at csing midlane . > As for jungling , watch IWilldominate , tarzaned, forest within , chaseshaco's streams . you'll learn a lot about pathing , objective priority , etc etc . I don't know what lane I want to stay with. I really admire Eve's play style but she is always banned and I have so much experience with her. Bot lane is too much pressure to not feed and do damage. I think I want to mid lane maybe.
Main mid or jg . Strongest roles to stomp low elo and climb fast . To climb quickly maining toplane it requires more things
5050BS (NA)
: Passive Int Feeders What are you doing about it Riot?
Nothing because they dont say trigger words so they ll be free to ruin more games . Thanks rito we appreciate the help :)
: nope, the difference is huge, for example I can usually carry most games in high Bronze and I am only S3.
Most new players get S2-S3 after placement games , new players / bronze / silver , it's all in the same basket honestly
: Just had a whole team of intentional feeders.
It just looks like silver ...
rs531 (NA)
: Why am i in a game with fucking bronzes on my team in my S5 promos
Until you understand that everything below plat 1 is around the same level of macro knowledge , map awareness and objective priority , you'll stop getting mad . B5 , S5 , G5 it's the same things apart from may be slightly , very slightly better mechanics on easy champs
Electrya (NA)
: I am at a mental block in league of legends
From what I've seen on your op.gg your CSing is very low . Also you play quite a lot of champs . pick 3 solid , strong champions and abuse them in one role . When you're plat 2 you get matched with low MMR D5 , and trust me when I say that they are the worse players you can ever play with , some are boosted , some are just lucky to be there, some are big ego young teenagers , it's a cesspool , you gotta power through it with consistency and constant improvement . First thing you can work on is your CSing . Watch Froggen's stream , he is incredibly 1v9 at csing midlane . As for jungling , watch IWilldominate , tarzaned, forest within , chaseshaco's streams . you'll learn a lot about pathing , objective priority , etc etc .
: Is Rito partially to blame for League's toxic community?
I think the biggest issue like you said isn't toxicity , you can mute that . The biggest issue is the lack of punishment for : Griefing / trolling / intentionally feeding . And for tryharding players , seeing these guys ruin our games without punishment BUILDS an insane amount of frustration and anger , and that causes ( me at least ) to be toxic towards these trolls , which will have ME punished . I'm not talking about a guy having a bad game going 0-10 , it happens to everybody , if he keeps trying his best it's okay. I'm talking about the guy giving first blood because outplayed , and then just mental booms and throw the entire game , run it down etc . THIS should be hard , I mean hard punished . Because if Riot actively punished these behavior that most of the time are very obvious , the toxicity would go down by itself , because we'd know that okay this guy is ruining my game , but he's getting the Riot hammer so no point for me to even say anything We know there's no hammer , so we get riled up and we start flaming . it's a vicious circle starting with the trolls , and these guys are legion because never punished
Rioter Comments
Jaygo41 (NA)
: I will literally take Lee, Elise, Zac, Sejuani, and Rek'Sai
Agreed and upvoted . Kayn is kinda okay because the only dangerous kayn's are OTPs and we aren't legion
Carralar (EUW)
: Yasuo is since 51 patches one of the MOST BANNED champions
I ban yasuo's because I dont want a yasuo on my side . For some reasons the ally yasuo is hot garbage , and enemy yasuo is god
: > [{quoted}](name=Add92,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=isTh0EBs,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2018-10-05T19:06:40.401+0000) > > You dont "try" things in ranked game which is the competitive queue where you are supposed to do your best and put every chance of winning on your side . > > You go try your weird build and troll stuff in normals where no LP can be stolen Actually, it's better to try things in ranked, especially if you think your on to something that may win you games. The skill level in normals is so low and you cannot use it to properly assess whether something is good or not. I used to play a lot of norms with new champions before I took them into ranked. And every single time, after I reach the point where I do well consistently in normals, I'd take them into rank only to feed my ass off. I don't bother training champs in normals anymore. You learn bad habits and get punished hard when you take them into a competitive environment. I'd rather learn my limits from the get go. The only time I really take champs into normals anymore, is new releases and it's just a couple games to learn their kit. Ranked after that. You learn effectively when people punish your mistakes which they almost never do in normals.
I am not sure if you are aware but most new players doing okay in their placements will get silver 2 or 3 on average . so basically the level of a silver 5 ranked game is lower than any normal games with normal MMR . At your elo you could win games running janna mid crit build . If and when you reach an elo where players are actually playing with their hands around D4 ( and I'm being generous because even this elo feels like you're just surrounded by faceless bonobos half the time ) , trying new things will just get you stomped on and reported because at this elo , playing anything but your best champions is considered trolling and should be .
: Going for niche strategies and builds is not trolling, nor is there anything wrong with it. There is a big difference between 2 players taking off-meta champs in the bot lane, and 2 players taking double smite and deliberately making sure their ally jungler never gets a jungle camp all game. Sounds to me like they are just two friends who decided to try something different out. Their strategy was probably a bad one, but you and the rest of the team got the shits over a game and probably flamed them. The enemy team made friends with those "trolls" coz they noticed they weren't griefing like you were. Edit: And yes, League of Legends is a game........the whole point is having fun.
You dont "try" things in ranked game which is the competitive queue where you are supposed to do your best and put every chance of winning on your side . You go try your weird build and troll stuff in normals where no LP can be stolen from your teammates for your selfishness . Ranked games should be treated way more seriously . People play this queue to climb and try hard . It is not the place to "try" things or "try" a new champ lawl .
: I just looked up s@20. Graves and jhin are both getting nerfs. What's all the shit about?
The graves "nerf" is a joke . Instead of impacting what really makes him annoying they just choose the easy way .
: About Graves
Not sure why a Gold 5 player is coming at you that hard lol . As for your post , yes graves is disgusting , I think the main issue comes from his E resistances stacking , and the way red smite / PD / DD interacts with his kit . It makes him way too bursty while being unkillable .
Lioxim (NA)
: Hardstuck Silver Support Main, Please Send Help....
Stop playing support , and play a god tier jungler or midlaner . you'll climb in no time .
: > [{quoted}](name=Illabethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tXT1ILkA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-29T12:45:50.294+0000) > I do wish that players would ALSO adapt though. Good luck asking a majority of NA to do that. [REMOVED BY MODERATION - ULANOPO] Moment a game appears to be "lost", they quit trying.
" an ally has been slain " , the teammate that got 1v1'd at 3 minutes in starts spamming : gg go next ff LOL , NA btw you got my upvote
: Is the plan just to slowly remove tahm from the game?
Can't be mad at it . Tahm kench is one of the least fun champion to play against ever . whether he is support and perma save any carry against any type of danger, or the goddamn horrific unkillable unduable toplane Kench . Good riddance I say
ChuShoe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GodEmperorVeigar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KYETKJtk,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-27T09:51:40.488+0000) > > Feels fucking awful to attempt to tower diver her, feels fucking awful to be tower dove by her and it feels fucking awful to attempt to gank her. Once again Certainly T you've made a mechanic that is fucking awful for the person playing against it, bravo. Is CertainlyT the one behind the akali rework?
: Give it time, she is going to start getting perma banned at every elo once players learn how to play her and you won't have to deal with her until riot guts her numbers.
Numbers arent the problem . the problem is that her shroud hides her from turret aggro . and that's bullshit
: Why did you make a new account then?
: I'm just saying that it's something to _consider_. I'm not stating it as a fact.
If you are still silver after more than 50 games , silver is just your current level . Legit half of silver players are fresh new players out of placements , and the other half is hardstuck stubborn blaming silver players . If you have a game knowledge higher than silver you will climb out of it . It's that simple. sure you're gonna get trolled and inted and afked on some times , but that happens as much if not more in diamond elo . thats how the game is
bokimane (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Subdue,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7pUs7LGf,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-09-26T19:44:23.022+0000) > > The first step in climbing in ranked is to stop looking for someone to blame when you lose. > > You have 7 solo queue games in your match history, and in one of those 7 you had 10 deaths, 5 of which happened before the 10 minute mark. This was double the deaths of anyone else in your team, except for one, who had 6 deaths. > > I'm inclined to believe this was just a bad game, but if everyone has bad games with the same frequency that you do, we should expect at least one every game. > > Focus on your own play, fix your own mistakes, and look for opportunities to become the deciding factor in a game, rather than waiting for someone else to do it. ur looking at only 1 game. i play bad on purpose now. cuz thats more fun than actually getting fed and losing cuz bad teammates.
So you're trolling new players that have done nothing wrong to you , because you got trolled in the past ? You are the problem you complain about because you mental boomed from being stuck in silver after 600 games for the second season You just admitted on your post that you play bad on purpose ( ??? ) , you have no right to complain . If you stopped blaming matchmaking and the blind silver players that are known to be blind or new at the game , because new player that do well in placements get silver 2-3, you'd focus on your own mistakes and get better at cs'ing first of all , or even upgrading your trinket which you never do. Having 600 hundred games and still being in silver isn't your teams fault , it's your own .
: >625 games >Literally 50% win ratio If you would be able to climb, you would. It shouldn't take hundreds of games to tell you that when you're hardstuck for a reason. You should reflect on what you do to carry rather in most of your highlight games rather than whine about how the team sucks.
why would people downvote this when its actually the hard truth ? lol
: So, are we still pretending that Irelia and Camille are not broken?
Yes we keep pretending until worlds are over . riot is just here for the money , Imagine gutting their money babies before the biggest exposure of the year
: "insert trick1g's OH MY GAH here"
: https://i.imgur.com/0mKXcg1.gif
Hey MapleNectar, we could really use an actual answer from Riot that keeps ignoring the outrage that this patch is causing ( and the last patches ) . Most people are attacking you just because you are a Riot employee and that sucks, but this kind of answer just send us the message that you guys really don't care about the opinion of the majority of your playerbase that can't wrap their heads around this last patch. Almost nothing in it makes sense . Darius buff ? Another Fiora buff ? Pyke execute buff ? All I see is buff all over the place when we have all been begging for an overall DAMAGE decrease , as in really all of it . Idk, FeelsWeirdMan
Namîste (NA)
: I play the champions who I enjoy...if they happen to be OP in the current patch, great! If they aren't I'll play them either way. In low elo it isn't about hopping on the "meta train" it's about knowing your champion and their strengths and weaknesses. Sure, Urgot might be the newest flavor of the month for top (for example...I dunno if he's even that strong anymore) but if you have never played him before and vs a Maokai with 300+ games with Mao, chances are the Mao will win due to knowledge. Super OP champs only mean so much
They only mean so much in silver elo where half of the players are new to the game and don't know what baron is, and the other half are either hardstuck silver for 3 seasons or new accounts for smurf to do unranked to master or this kind of stuff . Your argument is void when players start to understand the game and the dynamics and actually turn their monitor on around plat 2 + .. A lesser player will win against a better player at higher elo because the mechanics matter less than the braindead kits of champions like Irelia / akali / graves / jax / tryndamere and so on .
Palaven (NA)
: I thought having different ranks based on position had been scratched due to the amount of negative feedback. Please don't tell me this is back on board again!
It has never been scratched, Riot just looked at the complete rejection of their idea and made a post saying " we look at your feedback and you guys are excited about it " LOL
: As a Graves Main, I am demolished by Not a single Graves Nerf, at all. I just want to be able to have fun playing my champion again, I would rather get flamed for picking Graves, then get flamed for doing bad because he is "overpowered" it sickens me that not even a base ad nerf, or a nerf to grit, OR SOMETHING ANYTHING, just hit him so he is not top tier like hes been for 6 months, I'm losing my mind
you are a decent human being .
: “Malphite you are a fucking worthless brainded scumfuck bastard pile of trash mental dickface that should be gunned down in the street like the degenerate you are”
This was exactly the answer I would have given . forever and always .
: Sometimes I feel like the skill gap between Diamond 5 and Diamond 1 is bigger than the skill gap between Bronze and Diamond 5.
the skill gap between D5 and D4 is huge . D5 is filled with boosted accounts , account sharing , sour hardstuck kids griefing you on first opportunity etc . I made it to D4 then got griefed back to D5 LUL rip
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: How long is Jax gonna be allowed to be this opressive?
People saying Jax is fine are borderline delusional . How many smurfs have I seen abusing Jax to reach masters fast ? way too many , same as khazix or rengar , because they are braindead champion that one shots. If he loses lane , he'll just afk split until he has 3 items and well guess what , it's as if he never lost lane :D why ? because even in diamond , a decent human being with a brain and that mains jax , will booty blast everything in sight . People saying he doesn't need nerfs are mostly jax players . I don't have a particular issue with him as I know how to handle him , but the issue is , my diamond teammates don't know how to not feed a jax , so jax gets fed , until i can't handle him anymore :))))))
: Before today I'd applaud what you're trying to do. However today, I had a game where I was hard carrying. I took everything up until the enemy team's 3 inhibs. Now we're in their base. I die but my team survives. Their nexus is open. It came down to a 2v2. Their Zed and Teemo was alive. Teemo took off as he was no match for our Jhin and whoever else, I can't remember. All Jhin and my other team mate had to do was kill Zed, who had nothing left and was badly wounded and from there, they had free reign to end the game right there. Anyone want to guess what my team mates did? They chased Teemo all the way from their base to the dragon pit. Long story short, this afforded the enemy team time for their Yasuo to get big and hard carry. They won eventually. Want to know the funny part? They didn't even catch Teemo. I tell you this story so you'd realize one little thing. 90% of Silver players are legit retarded. You can't help them. That game today taught me this. I never realized that until that match.
Brother , player under Diamond 4 are playing with their feet , with monitor off . and even at D4 it's hard to watch most of the time . NA just play aram or deathmatch league . It's aggravating
: Can we get a truth check on this one??
just watch any high elo stream on twitch lol . Forest Within also did an unranked to challenger on EUW servers with 130 ping average so ...
Alzon (NA)
: And the sad part? I didn’t even include {{item:3095}}
Plz stop {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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