: Am i the most unluckiest poeple in the earth?
Yep! Was in queue for 5 hours and it slapped an "Unexpected error" on me!
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: Not able to use League Game window
I had the exact same issue. I restarted my COMPUTER, which ended up fixing it, but entered the game 18 minutes late.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 15
So I got a quick idea. I heard about your guys' 'ward trap' keystone idea, which had me thinking - how about having the trap be 'armed' only if it's within x units of an allied champion/the champion that placed the 'trap' ward? I think that would really help with it just randomly triggering and being useless/annoying, and have the champion zone in and possibly give counterplay in them being able to deduce the existence of a trap.
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