: Almost everything regarding the report system is indeed automated. If a player receives a report, that game is reviewed by the system. It then assesses whether a punishment is merited. If there is extreme toxicity, it will usually give a punishment immediately. If there is minor toxicity, it will let it build up to make sure its a pattern of behavior, not just a one-off. If there is no toxicity, it will discard the report as frivolous. All reports are assessed independently. The system is designed such that it doesn't matter who started because both people are causing problems. Muting is an absolute defense against chat abuse, and the major reason why players are not allowed to 'flame back'. The punishment ladder goes from: 10-game chat restriction 25-game chat restriction 14-day ban Permanent Ban If you have 2 chat restrictions already, it means that (1) your next punishment will be 14 days and (2) you really need a reality check on your actions. It is possible to decrease in punishment tiers through consistent positive play. If you get back to honor 2, you can be confident that your chat has improved and are decreasing in punishment tier. >I see a lot of posts that say "Just mute them" but honestly? I go into games letting people know I am new, and asking for any advice. If someone is flaming you, they aren't offering advice. They aren't helping. There's no value in listening to them. You are only hurting yourself by continuing to engage with them. And they might have been permanently banned on a different account already, which is why they are playing at low levels to begin with. Low level games are notoriously bad. Although Riot is against the idea of prisoners island, low level games tend towards that anyway which makes a pretty awful experience for new players. I am disappointed they don't try to do more about it. *With that said*, if you'd like to post your chat logs, we can help identify areas and things to improve on so that you don't reach a 14-day ban. As I said earlier, this is a reality check. If you get chat restricted once, I understand an error. As a new player, you wouldn't necessarily understand the rules. But as you say, you've been restricted twice in several days since starting the game. *Your actions are part of the problem*, and I suspect you are making things worse for yourself through your own actions.
"A reality check"? This whole "Lol its you thats the problem" thing is getting kind of old. I've read on several posts in the forum, before starting my own, people responding to similar issues with "start the game and /mute all since you can't be banned for not communicating" which is why I preemptively stated that option isn't exactly fair. My actions aren't a part of the problem the problem. I believe the problem is defending myself post match since nothing in either of the matches was anything sort of positive. Even during said flaming the only time I actually interact with trolls is post game to tell other people I'm not throwing the game I'm just not used to it, and explaining that the entire game was essentially one giant pool of verbal abuse. WHICH is the reason I asked how the reporting system works, because if its automated I can understand how its just using a keyword algorithm, in the example "Oh you said trash twice and told everyone hes been saying %%% all match" but if it was actually being reviewed (Which is states it is when you send a report) I did NOT understand how a real life person would consider it action worthy. Thanks to the other reply I got which was actually helpful, now I am confused why anyone seems to find the idea of a new player not being toxic far fetched, when everyone has no problem admitting that the community as a whole is absolutely awful. I googled "Most toxic gaming communities" just for laughs to see if it was actually just me thats having this issue, and lo and behold League was at the Top of the list.
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: So let's get your title question out of the way first; There are 2 major parts to the punishment system 1. Verbal punishments 2. Gameplay punishments Verbal punishments are 99.9% automated, while gameplay punishments are around 5% automation. On the verbal punishment side, the system punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild toxicity. Low level games is a known pocket of toxicity, where the people whom were toxic get banned, start new accounts while not changing their old toxic ways and play the game while continuing to be toxic to everyone around them. It gets better later as they get banned again. --- In regards to your body question on how often the system reviews the game; The player that gets reported will have the game reviewed. More reports don't do anything extra as the returned value on the review is the same no matter how many reports were recieved in that game. It's like asking if the lights are on to 1 person or 100 people, the answer is the same. Let's have you understand the behavioral system a bit more. Think of it like a health bar (or tension meter) in music games. When you hit the note at an off beat, your tension meter increases. When you completely miss a note, the meter increases by alot. When you hit the note at good timings, it reduces the meter. Riot's behavior system works the same way, as in we all have a toxicity meter attached to our accounts. When players are mildly toxic, it goes up a tad. When people use hate speech, it pretty much fills up the meter. of course, clean games reduce the meter. --- In regards to you getting punished, there may be things you are saying that are considered as mildly toxic and don't know about it. Things like; * Asking for reports * Having a negative attitude * Passive aggressiveness * Sarcasm As I've mentioned before, you are currently playing in a pocket of toxicity, while it's good to learn how to better play the game from people around you, don't go learning their toxic behavior as well. If you want to learn more about player behavior and what is and isn't allowed, hang around here instead and ask questions. We'll be more than willing to answer them. If you want us to analyze your chat logs, you can ask Riot support for your most recent chatlogs and post them here. We will dissect it line by line and let you know where you went overboard.
Thank you for an actually helpful response, so the grief reports do get reviewed? If that's the case I should be fine then. I'm never flamed for chat I'm always being told / having the enemy team told Im throwing the game. If there is no need to defend myself it makes any post arguments moot point which is the only time I ever engage with anyone.
: You do not get punished for: > stated I didnt want to talk to (Jax) anymore >I asked if there was a mute function You get punished for flaming your team. Post the chat logs from the chat restrictions.
And here we are with no actual answers to questions I've asked. Unless there is a way to check chat logs after youve served restrictions I don't have them. The second game Im pretty sure I was banned for repeating what he said to the enemy team so that they wouldnt report me as well. Hence why I stated they both attempted to recruit the enemy team to report me Post game. Also why I said you're in a bubble, do you defend yourself or play a multiplayer game in silence? Again If I "Did not get punished for x - y" I wouldn't be here making my first forum post ever. I have the capability to understand consequences to actions. I don't understand consequences to things I haven't done. If you have anything useful on how the reporting system works or ways to actually deal with toxicity I'd be happy to hear them. If not I'd rather not continue to deal with toxic people even outside the game. Thank you ♥
: You've been chat restricted twice as a new player who started **days ago**??? You need to review the summoner's code and stop flaming your teammates. "They started it!" is irrelevant.
If I was flaming teammtes I wouldn't have wasted time making a post. The problem is the first game I simply stated I didnt want to talk to (Jax) anymore, the second game I asked if there was a mute function someone informed me how to and I muted the players that were being toxic. Though blaming me without offering anything in the way of what I asked is a very poetic way to make my point, and I thank you :)
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