: I'm happy to hear it. I love Morg as she is. Just needs numbers tuning and a better passive to go back mid.
I agree and disagree, I would like to see a change to her W and passive to make her kit more engaging to play with.
: "The reason she is currently only a VU is that August just started working on her. We are not currently committing to gameplay changes for Morgana unless he finds something that is a clear upgrade to either her passive or W. Until that happens she will remain a VU, but if we do find changes we likes for either of those abilities she will be upgraded to a VMGU." Link: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/1pY2cEhv-reav3-i-think-morganas-update-should-be-vmgu-instead-of-a-vu-only "I've been exploring light changes to Morgana and so far nothing I've tried has stuck. Her kit is already great as it is on live, so we're only going to make small changes if it is clear that they make her better. We're totally fine shipping ZERO gameplay changes to Morg if we can't find anything that meets the high bar her current kit already sets." https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/dyYHts0y-with-17-skins-in-total-are-kayle-and-morgana-the-champs-team-biggest-undertaking?comment=00030000000000000001
AD Yuumi (NA)
: I've been exploring light changes to Morgana and so far nothing I've tried has stuck. Her kit is already great as it is on live, so we're only going to make small changes if it is clear that they make her better. We're totally fine shipping ZERO gameplay changes to Morg if we can't find anything that meets the high bar her current kit already sets.
This is really sad to hear. Morgana used to be a good mid mage, until she got forced into a support role. Her kit now kinda feels outdated (basically revolves around her Q, if you miss that good luck). Her W and passive are such passive play skills. And Neeko now has a Morgana ulti only its much better.
: Why Is Ornn Getting Nerfed Again?
They keep changing things that are perfectly fine. This is typical of Riot. RIP AP Tristana #neverforget
: Nope. They tried some but didn't like anything so they scrapped it. Visual means visual. No gameplay, at all.
: Sorry hon but she's only getting a visual update. No gameplay.
: Diana finally gets some love! <3
Please...let them work Morgana first..
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Zabulus (NA)
: Karma Needs These Two Skins (read and judge openly)
Sorry, but I would rather see a skin with a Sanskrit or Indian theme to celebrate her name
: Is Morgana still getting a rework?
If they only give Morgana a visual update, I will be very sad. Her kit is so outdated.
: I hate dealing with Morgana but Making her ult target enemies that weren't inside her circle in case she flashed or ran to them and stun them after the delay but shorted duration " the duration gets shorted the less enemies stay in her ult " Like , if you were inside her Ult for 3 seconds , you will get stunned for 1.5 seconds if I remember , it can be made she stuns for enemies for shorter duration who entered her chain recently , like if they entered in the last second , they get stunned for 0.5 second as long as they are inside of the chain at the end , but of course something has to be taken from her kit for this to happen , maybe some damage
Thats cool, she would then deny an area vs just the enemies who got caught initially. Since she does say you too shall be judged, any ability that plays offs the "judging" would be great.
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Aden9 (NA)
: Neeko Ulti is everything Morgana ulti wants to be and more
Also Neeko's spells both snare and ulti are on a ridiculously low cd, so her damage output is so much higher. Plus she is less forgiving, if you miss a dark binding on Morgana its pretty much a fail fight.
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: From what I've heard, they've scrapped the W changes and just giving her a visual update while Kayle is getting the full VGU.
Really? Is that noted somewhere?
: I think a fair amount of the tuning changes will help mid Karma feel pretty good. Regardless though, when we started, we identified support Karma as the primary audience for the changes. Most players play Karma as support, and there are more support Karma mains today. This is why the biggest changes focused on the supportive W cast. (I also like to think that the change restores some duality back to Karma's kit, but that's more waxing philosophical than anything) However, we know Karma is played in many roles, and we actually think this will open her up to more! With her passive changes, she now has a "not-great-but-not-completely-impossible" jungle. Plus, she's actually pretty effective as an AP carry in the botlane. I'd suggest giving it a shot :)
You guys killed Morgana as a mid laner. As much as a love this game, I despise ya'll for doing that, I simply cannot forgive whoever woke up one day and sad "lets put Morgana bot!" RIP mid queen {{champion:25}} Now I only hope her W changes help her mid and not be a "support" skill.
: I said a bit of a myth. The myth part of it is that Riot "forces" you to have a 50% winrate. The actuality is that 50% winrate is what any MMR system worth paying a coder to make will inherently work towards. You hit 50% winrate because you're matched against people of your skill, not because Riot shoves shit teams down your throat until you hit 50%.
Why even play ranked? If all Riot is going to do is have you win and lose the same amounts. I have talked to multiple people now, everyone has had bad experiences in promos.
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: Dear Riot, I am a vet player and I find LoL very difficult to play due to dying too quickly
The game has changed so much, its not the same anymore. I went from Plat to Silver this time with my placements, I dont recognize this gameplay anymore.
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Rhykes (NA)
: I find it rather odd that there's almost nothing "artistic" about his playstyle, his kit, appearance, or graphics. I'm assuming he has unique taunt interactions with a few champions, but beyond that, the teaser seems... amazing but totally irrelevant. I don't see why they didn't add something like getting a Killing Blow with an R bullet summons a tree on the enemy's corpse that grants a small amount of vision and slows around them for a couple seconds. It would be more unique than yet another super-long range skillshot ult, and would help tie the teaser with the champion more. Disappointed, but at least he looks more engaging than other marksmen... not that that is particularly hard to do.
This is got to be the most deceptive teaser from Riot.
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Tshum94 (NA)
: Well you can't be too aggressive against her. That's the mistake that I see most people making. Too aggressive too early. If I'm wrong about that then I'm wrong. The best way that I've seen to counter her is to play a wicked tanky champ.
She is still going to hop skip and jump and kill the rest of your team
: vayne can condemn malp ult, i have done it once
You cant stop Malphite ulti with that. Its called unstoppable for a reason.
coIesy (EUW)
: ***
You probably have to say this to a lot of LOL players. You are probably one of those Riven players who face roll keyboard as Riven .. explains a lot
coIesy (EUW)
: ***
You probably have to say this to a lot of LOL players.
: i think grag is op tank, as vayne i cant even do damage to him later in the game if my team didnt deal with him early, only runs 1 armor item and cant be killed by adc, what is dis
Tshum94 (NA)
: She's easy to counter. She doesn't need a nerf. All you have to do is play more cautious and maybe pick one of her counters. 90% of the people that don't like Riven feed her unintentionally because they don't know too much about her.
"feed" her unintentionally ...lol
: posted 10 min ago in match history, lost a game to riven 13 min ago you are gold 2 riven was diamond 5 ...riven does not need a nerf, she is way weaker now then she was patches ago you lost to a riven and demand nerf, how basic
how does that not warrant a nerf... ? Its not just me who feels a nerf here is needed.
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khorney (NA)
: Lol there is nothing wrong with rengar he is balanced. One you have to have the items for that and with that he is squishy so cc kills him. They have nerfed him enough
He still does a lot of damage with no room for counter play (cause he is invisible). I am just saying, if riot is trying to move away from burst play, they need to nerf him.
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Dyto (NA)
: AP tristana deleted.... and no outrage -.-
AP Tristana was awesome. Riot just sucked all the fun out. RIP AP {{champion:18}} RIP Pray and Spray RIP Finale Funkeln
: Goodbye AP Tristana, you will miss you.
She was so much fun to play... Riot just sucked all the fun out. :(
Datavore (NA)
: RIP Tristana
Good bye AP Tristana
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Thulack (NA)
: I mean Morgana is the Victorious skin for Gold+ ranked players. Think its probably just random.
Ahh I may have gotten confused with the victorious and championship skins, thanks!
: what champion do you think needs a visual update or rework?
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