: We’re relaxing gifting restrictions!
Any chance champions will be able to be gifted via IP? I've been playing for quite a long time and even after having all the champions, extra runes and rune pages I'm still left with lots of extra IP that I could gift champions away to friends for.
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SlayR Z (NA)
: Need top and support for serious ranked 5s gold+
Can play either, better support than top
: Looking for mid for five man team
Name: Adirondackfox Rank: G5 Best champ: Malzahar position wanted: Mid, but can backup support Time zone: EST
: ADC Recruiting for Competitve team G5+ Join raidcall after posting!
Role: Prefer Mid(can do all but jungle) Top 3 Champions: Ahri, Malzahar, Ziggs Division: Gold 5 IGN: Adirondackfox or Foxie123(SMURF) Time zone: Eastern Do you have Skype and a Microphone: Yes
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