: A Hacker Got Me Perma-banned
So if you made a ticket on this and explained this story (With proof provided of course or even your IP Address can be used as proof too) you could be un-banned most likely. I've had friends who actually were un-banned from permanent bans and yet they were banned for being toxic and that's without someone who hacked their account. So just email support and tell them that story and ask if they can please check the difference in the IP, account activity, etc.
This is more meant for people who just don't want to see the words or for those who are streaming, of course there are ways that people have trolled the system and got around the filters as well. The only thing that I can say is if someone is verbally abusive in chat, report them. That's all there is to it really if they are flaming, calling names, etc. but just don't mix someone giving advice with someone being toxic. There's a difference but sometimes people can take it totally different.
: I miss Nexus Blitz
: Is paying for coaching and getting wins by duoing with the coach boosting?
I actually had to look this up and see for myself as well, it's a really good question honestly. I'd say it's probably safe because it isn't your own account in use obviously. Though if you really are curious I would ask Riot Support in a ticket if I were you and if it is against the rules stop right away.
Alberich (NA)
: Toxic Environment
Honestly the best advice I can give is just to mute them and play a nice peaceful game until they start spam pinging, if they do that then just mute their pings too. While a lot of people have a urge to get back at someone for them flaming you and you feel they don't deserve the win or etc. It's not worth it bud trust me, your account is worth more than 1 person you'll most likely never see again and can just mute. Toxic players are never worth talking with in my experience. I wish you the best of luck though on your other games and hope they aren't toxic people!~
Ada Wong (NA)
: This game needs Anti-Cheat !
If they were a scripter they will be banned within 2 games basically. Also, paying for Elo Boosting is actually against Riots terms. So either way it would be against rules, however there is a small possible chance though (Especially on NA) that they were smurfing (aka on an account that is brand new that they leveled to 30 and started playing ranked while their main account is actually a very high rank (usually) ).
KueˆT (NA)
: Can we lock jungle off for | silver---and---under | in ranked solo dou?
While you are right on this subject honestly, locking off an entire role is insane to do. Tons of problems would occur such as the fact they wouldn't know how to jungle at all once they actually do reach gold. The meta would flip on them instead of duo top they would actually require to have a jungler and depend on their own in top lane (or jungle). People have bad games and then some other people just are... questionable but you get your good people every now and then. Just tell them to lock in Rammus for low elo. Easy stuff really.
Chalizard (EUNE)
I feel like they changed their balancing team out or something recently. Season 8 is a pretty big joke. Not to mention minion block is just stupid now.... it used to be so much more manageable but I have got stuck against walls from minions and forced to kms to enemies before. Edit: Season 5, 6, and 7 were also bad. Not this bad though.
: Perma-Banned Player names should be released
The reason why is because after a certain amount of time you are able to appeal a perma ban account with support. 2 of my friends got their accounts back this way after being banned maybe 4 years ago and cleaning up their act.
Râmmus (NA)
: I thought one of my accounts got hacked, riot support's response is to ban my main and my backup.
and a Rioter's reply was nowhere to be seen {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: My Support Montage ❤ LEAGUE OF LEGENDS
Remember to honor your supports <3
: Small black line in game
Any fix found so far? I still have this problem actually and it's bugging me like crazy. I've even sent in a support ticket over it but no fix was found.
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
Sick meme Riot {{champion:103}}
: Things like this are why Im glad I like supporting.
I do as well, it's just I would like to keep my second role up to date as well with the higher elo I get.
Rioter Comments
NotSid (NA)
: So I'm playing Mario 3 on my 3DS on my lunch break..
Thank god that stupid IOS game is dead, all i would hear at school was "Man flappy bird made me rage so hard!" and i felt like i'd go insane at any second
: @Riot I believe my case is outrageous and the reason for my permanent suspension is absurd
: SO "Tamat (NA)" Why have we not posted this to the front of every board like a proper not retarded MOD would do? I personally was banned because YOU acknowledged the issue at hand, yet made no actual effort to stop it. I got banned, and all i did we repost the same link someone gave me, in response to a " IS THIS REAL" post. You have the ability to stop the problems, but follow NONE OF THE STEPS to help your community. Why are you a mod? Why do you represent a company that would RATHER harm their players, then educate them? "Things like this should make an appearance on the login or game page so people know right away. Just saying. Thanks for the heads up." that was literally one mouse wheel of scrolling and I found some other human who had the same thought. Yet YOU represent us? what a laughable joke!
I up voted you because 1 reason. This is something that should actually be on the main game page and that fact you got banned for doing something that everyone wasn't even sure of is just plain stupid. As hateful as your comment was, I just have to say, I agree on this. Sorry Riot but you fucked up on this one, if you clearly could post this on the main game page, many people could of stopped posting the links. You say the links will be gone soon but that doesn't stop how many people are clueless of the situation. If you did anything, you shouldn't ban people for your own faults, we take our responsibility as well for fucking up. We didn't look up a thread before clicking it, but who would when the first words you hear are "free RP". Even if you don't do such of the events, people always still have that little spec of hope you do. If you can please just do us all a favor and put it on the main game page, that would be really nice. I love you guys Riot, but truly this situation needs work on. Shouldn't have to ban people over something that they didn't know and were clueless of. This isn't a rage comment at you guys either it's just the little spec of hope that I have, saying to please put it on the main game page. I do admit to it starting as a rage comment though. If you read, sorry for being so straight forward, and thanks.


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