: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
In [this previous NA Server Roadmap Update](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/0hVNFnPH-na-server-roadmap-update-pops-peering-and-the-north-bridge) there was mention of a PoP in Hillsboro, Oregon. In this update you mention you are working with Frontier Communications. Both of these facts gave me great hope as I live there and use that ISP. Unfortunately a coworker and I continue to see higher pings, more fluctuations in the ping times, and most recently enough packet loss to cause in-game warping. What should I be doing about this to help figure out what is happening? I have been running continuous pings to google.com during my games and do not see packet loss or high ping times. I don't know how to generate any useful data for you about how service to Riot is getting worse while you work directly with my city and ISP. As anecdotal information I have fluctuated daily in ping values between 30ms and 140ms. Small followup question, why is Riot working in Hillsboro and not Portland (the much larger neighbor city). I am enthused but wonder if the large Intel presence in Hillsboro has that kind of sway.


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