: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Any thoughts on making thematic champions more similar to each other? I know this would take a lot of work and it definitely out of the scope of this champion rebalance but it would be cool if Malphite works the earth similar to Taliyah but opposite. While Taliyah uses up the nearby ground requiring her to find new ground Malphite could make the space near him more impowered increasing his (insert one of his skills here), cus you know he is a tank and should be rewarded for holding his ground. Plus I like how all the Freljord champs have that 4 hit passive, would be cool if our earthen friends got something similar. Just thoughts from a fan Advacus.
: The Good, The Bad, and The League : 1/31 - 2/6
Could you elaborate on the choices behind locking position trading? I just played a Yas game and was assigned mid and traded lanes with my top laner so that I could dodge a zed matchup (not that yas is bad into zed just didnt want that skill matchup) and once we won the game I found that the win didnt count toward my mid lp and was counted as top alone. While not the end of the world in terms of importance but I feel this is a poor side effect of the new ranked que, it punishes teams with better communication if your trying to climb in one roll. Anecdotally one of my favorite things about League is the position mind games of dodging bad matchups and finding good ones so thats why this sucks extra for a player like me.
Shaian (EUW)
: I think theres a general misconception of how much counterplay zyras plants should have. It should never be worth to step into the zone of a champion. Thats part of the champions identity to create a zone. But, if the zone has too much counterplay people just charge into you. What i suggest is to give her E a debuff for a short time (like 1.5sec) in which they deal reduced damage to plants. https://twitter.com/Shaian1112/status/968652789713915905 Especially melee carries with attackspeed/autoattack resetabilities, like yasuo, tryndamere, rengar, fiora etc., should get punished for getting rooted. And my suggestion doesnt fix the problem against mobile melee champions, where u dont want to throw your E immediatly, but start with QWREW. Its like almost impossible to get 2 enraged plants at all or for even 2 attacks. Your changes were aimed to make Zyra weaker in lower MMR, where people have issues to fight against damage done by AI, but it was waaaay more impactful for higher MMR games. I think with the issues Zyra got she needs way more time and resources to be fixed than she currently gets. Every change seems to be rushed without too much indept brainstorming how to help her out. Her gameplay design deteriorated in the past 2 years with almost every change. You kept keeping her power down and compensated it with passive buffs, so much that shes not the champion people loved to play. Zyras biggest issue used to be her passive and we wanted a new one, a better bonus to this well rounded and designed kit. But nowadays everything gets balanced around her passive and i think shes not the champion im onetricking since level 22, since season 3, which i spent several thousands of games with. Its just sad to play her this season. Edit: One more thing i want to point out: Zyra had alot of clunkyness issues for a long time with her spells. The only reason she was still playable was because of the amount of damage she could deal. But in the past 6 months she received 3 major damage nerfs (Runes Reforged, her plants, Liandries being the best first item and her only powerspike). Her spells dont harmony with each other because of their numbers. She got compensated with big buffs to her passive, which loses relevance after 20 minutes and is the least exciting part of her. There is no way Zyra would be released like that nowadays. She lacks exectution of her gameplay by herself.
I completely agree with most of your points here, as a long time zyra main she just feels so bad to play right now. As Zyra I do less damage than any other poke support I even do less damage than most Karmas, unless I land my E at medium/long range which is super hard to do against any none braindead enemies in lane. Personally I think her combo needs to be looked at, right now the idea in her kit is that you poke with plants in lane unfortunately due to her Q range you have to trade with the enemy ADC or sup (which is not a bad thing on its own) if you land the Q you get a decent amount of damage+a little bit of plant poke, then they just kill the plants and walk away and in that time you took more %hp because zyra is squishy af. So the only safe way to play her is to land an E put a plant in front of you then walk up and Q and that's a pretty sweet chunk of damage. The major issue I see is that so much of her damage is based around her plants that with how weak they are right now her entire kit feels flat. Personally, I have stopped playing League two or three patches ago because in order to win as Zyra I have to play almost a perfect game. And that just doesn't feel good as a player. I think it shouldn't be that hard to fix and make her feel good to play again, something I think would be really good would be a mild range increase on her Q right now she just isn't bursty enough to be as squishy as she is. I like the idea of increasing her E duration but I don't think that will be enough on its own. Another way to fix her issues would be to revisit her plants once again, they just feel SO bad to lose them everytime you cast them.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 30
Do you believe there is a connection between the strength of assassins in solo-que and snowball behavior? With the current meta (graves/xin jg) that jungle match is SUPER snowball, whichever one gets ahead wins for the rest of the game. In mid lane, assassins are not crowding out mages atm but they are definitely powerful picks which probably leads to more snowballie (Is that the right way to say that?) games. Personally, while bot lane can be a snowball fest its pretty easy to keep the enemy adc from doing anything but farming from 15mins to 25-30mins so I dont think that would contribute much to snowball behavior.
: Since I'm killing time. Copper is a useful metal but weaker for the purposes usually given to Bronze-Gold. And sounds more pleasant than 'wood'. So my mind hasn't moved from **Copper for the lower tier**. Last week I tried looking up synonyms for a term weaker than Challenger and Masters but none really fit nicely so I figured finding something rarer/more precious than Diamonds would make the most sense. Wikipedia has a list of the most precious metals being: * Rhodium * ~~Platinum~~ * ~~Gold~~ * Palladium * Iridium * Osmium * Rhenium * Ruthenium * Germanium * Beryllium * ~~Silver~~ * Indium * Gallium * Tellurium * Bismuth * Mercury The biggest issue I think is most of them, being rare metals, are a shiny silver color. So you need it different than Silver but still impressive. And most of them are so bleh with names you could just go with Titanium/Steel and be happy. Rhodium is easy to pronounce and is more commonly heard of. So for the **upper tier, I vote for Rhodium, and perhaps Bismuth**. If you don't mind making a hyper shiny silvery metal, Rhodium could work. Bismuth, being rainbow and angular, has a lot of border/art potential. Only real issue with Bismuth is it's also a B like Bronze.
I think there are two options here, either you add a tier between Diamond and Platinum or you add a tier between Diamond and Masters. If the tier is between Platinum and Diamond then it definitely could be a metal (although I would prefer a gemstone there too) but if you put the tier between Diamond and Masters then it definitely should be a gemstone. It would just be so odd to go from metal-gemstone-metal. Personally, I don't think Rhodium has a ring to it, just imagine saying "oh yeah dude I'm Rhodium tier!" that just doesn't sound attractive. We have so many beautiful gemstones out there that have cool af names, rather than sticking with boring metals.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Lesba Zyra,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LQviEbiN,comment-id=0004000100010000,timestamp=2018-05-09T06:54:40.158+0000) > > I had chall S7 and had master this season too, before they nerfed {{item:3151}}. I was fine playing mid for any season. Anyway this time, there is no way how to carry as solo midlane Zyra. She feel so weak against assassins and tanky teams. > > Do you even dare to flame someone who has managed to hit master every single season? Including WEST? Let's go and check his op.gg, since Zyra totally sucks last two months. Of course my kda and winrate has dropped once riot decided to nerf {{item:3151}} https://puu.sh/Aj8X8/83e3b03ef6.png I did it for you. Figured you were slow. Then again, I have no idea how somebody in gold is outperforming a, and I quote "Challejour and Mester tier player." But anybody who speaks like _**Bowser in the New Super Mario**_ is obviously on some kind of ego boosting drugs. But this is the thing. The nerf has nothing to do with your shitty winrates on every single champion that isn't Zyra. What you're saying is that not only did you drop from being _**Master Tier**_, but you also dropped from _**Diamond 1 to Diamond 4**_, where you are currently sitting down with a _**35% winrate.**_ And you're saying this as if you somehow managed to get into _**Challenger.**_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuAEg_fdASs Bought account?
Subject 5, I think you are ignoring the fact that the skill of your opponents changes dramatically from gold to even low diamond not to mention high diamond or masters/ challengers. In gold, you can play all sorts of fun things because your opponents do not have either the trained reaction time or the inherent game knowledge to play against you. In gold (ill admit its been a while since I have been in traditional gold but right now my MMR is pretty trash so I consider myself in gold+) your enemies don't play from your shoes, that means you can set up plays and take as much time as you want preparing to murder your lane opponents. In higher elo (even high plat but to a lesser extent) your enemies play both from their position and yours, meaning they know your E CD they know your Q CD and they know as zyra you HAVE to make plays early or your gona get outscaled. So as soon as you miss that E in lane they punish, push you off the minion wave and maybe kill you, or in bot lane, you and your adc. Or they just push you off the wave, freeze it now your adc is down 20-40 cs and the game is over. The difference between gold and diamond is astounding, its almost as if it's a different game.
Lesba Zyra (EUNE)
: Riot doesn't care. They see Zyra only as a support champ with is shame. I totally hate that. I've never stopped playing midlane Zyra. Even this season is the worst one that I've ever played. Nerfing her core item {{item:3151}} was the last of nerfs to drop me from chall to low dia.
I always used to see you on the top of the Zyra stats, I pretty much only played her last season and solo carried myself into low diamond. This season I cannot get out of plat playing her.
: Riot has, over the course of the game and her existence, proven that they hate Zyra. They hate her because she actually punishes you for failing to dodge and mispositioning / facechecking a bush, etc. Riot hates her because, unlikely their love children Lulu and Janna, she actually has to actively work in order to gain advantage in lane and gold. Zyra used to be an excellently designed champion that balanced good orb walking and angle adaptation mid-fight, with creative plant placement. Contrary to the popular excuse, her passive was actually a really nice thematic touch, reminiscent of a withering snake inserting its fangs onto your flesh for the final time. I love some of your suggestions; such as the extended plant longevity of your E hits. And her R changes - that moment should be her highlight. Instead of dealing a little bit of damage and watching your plants die to Swain Q as soon as they spawn. It's unacceptable how Riot keeps treating her. She was my favorite champion before rework.
I could not disagree with you more my friend, as a long time Zyra main I HATED her old passive. While I still have fond memories of getting triple kills with her old passive, any passive that requires you to die absolutely sucks (except for Karthus his makes sense, he wants to go into the middle of the enemy team so dying makes sense, zyra does not want to go into there team so dying does not make sense.) I think the concept of the new passive but ever since the plant change they are just too weak to be very useful and SO MUCH of her damage is tied to those plants.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
What a bummer I am always late to these discussions, in case you are reading through this late I was wondering your thoughts on nomads medallion? As a support main I feel like taking the coin line is such a cop-out it gives more gold than any other line with almost zero interactivity with the opponents, while personally, I think the support landscape would be more healthy without it (allowing early game supports actually shutdown enemy supports and allow more skill expression.) I think Frostfang could be balanced around allowing enchanters to get gold with it effectively (maybe more gold/proc but fewer procs overall?) Or maybe open up Targons to more than just melee supports, I think just having the two options Spelltheifs or Targons would not be bad for supports they have vastly different play patterns are both have healthy counterplay.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 20
Hello Meddler, Hope you enjoyed your visit to Japan, I too have also always wanted to travel there. I was wondering what your thoughts were on potentially trying to completely rebalance the game, League has been out for a long time and over time there has been an accumulation of band-aid fixes to make champion X viable in X role. I believe that something like Preseason would be a perfect time to reset all balance relative to a set champion, for example, people frequently cite Ashe as the most "balanced" champion in the game, maybe keep her the same and change tanks to survive X seconds (obviously +/- a certain amount of time to keep each champion unique and all that jazz) and then change damage numbers to be relative to her (or any champion you guys think is the most fitting champ.) Thoughts? P.S. I know this would be a monumental amount of work and some might think its worth the time investment.
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Poske (EUNE)
: As a high elo ap assassin main
I have to agree with most of the posts here, it just has so much of its "power" put into a lackluster active ability. I think there is definitely design space for this sort of active as I love the idea. It seems they were just too careful and undertooned the item then proceded to forget about it for a few patches.
: Can you make support items LIMITED to one per TEAM please. Adc's building targon brace are so strong right now. They gain too much health, heal and gold. There is also no point in allowing more than 1 SUPPORT item per team if there is only ONE support per team.
I do not believe limiting item choices is ever a good idea, I personally do not like the ungraceful approach of locking all jg items away from everyone who does not have smite. I think there are very few situations where taking a sup item is a good idea for a non-sup, most of them are not as abusive as the targons shield.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
So, I loved the added quest to the spell thiefs item line. I.E. the movement speed buff feels REALLY nice and I would hate to see that go. As a sup main, I always grab the Eye of the Watcher, Rather then Frost Queens Claim. As I have always felt like the extra item slot is better put to use with a big ticket AP item, or sup item, or whatever item. So thoughts on keeping the movement speed buff, or removing it with the new quest line?
Tseison (NA)
: I personally feel that {{champion:143}} needs a new kit overall but that's just me wanting her to be more of a champion summoning giant vines (pretty much giving her what illaoi has with her tentacles), vine walls, just overall plant control on a much bigger scale as opposed to this "Plants vs Zombies" feeling but anyways... With her runes i've been having trouble as to what feels good on her (I play her often in support), I definitely will give electrocute a try. I just wish they didn't get rid of all the magic pen runes since i miss having a full page of that for her. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
But in all seriousness, I believe her kit is fine. Its fun, interactive, and has tons of room to get good at. I just think scaling is a bit off atm, and that's just because she was balanced with that SUPER easy thunder lords proc which now we don't have.
Tseison (NA)
: I personally feel that {{champion:143}} needs a new kit overall but that's just me wanting her to be more of a champion summoning giant vines (pretty much giving her what illaoi has with her tentacles), vine walls, just overall plant control on a much bigger scale as opposed to this "Plants vs Zombies" feeling but anyways... With her runes i've been having trouble as to what feels good on her (I play her often in support), I definitely will give electrocute a try. I just wish they didn't get rid of all the magic pen runes since i miss having a full page of that for her. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Oh yea, full magic pen reds, armor yellows cdr blues, and magic pen quints. Best page I have ever made, you can start 1shotting squishies at level 6.
Chortle (NA)
: I think she is okay with the changes, but there are so many other options that are just plain better than Zyra with new runes. Like you said, her plant autos doing only one proc towards Electrocute means she has to get into AA range to get the damage. Speaking of her plants, their damage is probably the most negligible they have been EVER. All that aside, I find Aery is the most reliable keystone to run. She can make use of a lot of different mage runes, it just depends on how you want to play. As some people have said, the lack of Mpen early seemed to hurt her, but MR is also lacking in runes so it somewhat balances out. Overall she is average right now, but there are so many other champions that are ABOVE average that she seems worse by default.
That was my first thought too, that she hasn't changed much but most others are stronger, but what I think is why she FEELS bad is that terrible plant damage. It feels as if her W is useless right now.
Pandeonor (EUW)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/rwFEZcUi-quick-gameplay-thoughts-november-17?comment=00060000 [Fullquote Riot Meddler: > We've got some Zyra stuff underway aimed at helping her solo lane out. Goal would be around power neutral for support Zyra. Possible those changes make it in for 7.24, we thought the same thing about 7.23 though and then other stuff emerged that was more urgent so we'll see. /fullquote] ...whatever "power neutral for support Zyra" means... as she is nerfed right now around 20% of damage she had before new runes.
What I find interesting is that her waveclear isn't terrible post level 4 or so, which is where most midlaners waveclear comes online anyways. E the entire wave, drop a plant in the melee, Q the casters drop another plant, and the wave is almost entirely gone. The plants do the rest of the work. Soooo with that being said. How are they going to buff midlane and not effect bot lane?
Pandeonor (EUW)
: I feel her weakness too. It´s imho about the less MP throughout the whole game with the new runes wich made her weaker. She clearly does not as much damage as before. [So - I actually do not play any serious game yet and prefere ARAM because of this weakness - even I am an Zyra OTP] But - according to Riot she will get a rework before new season. So I look forward. [Even.... I don´t expect too much.]
: I think the CDR is the better choice. I used to run 10% CDR in runes and zyra essential itemization doesn't give CDR. I had a tougher season with Zyra this time but I also had a 22 winning streak from P3 all the way to D4 promos. Good or bad streaks affect us a lot. It's natural that if you had a good win rate and now you lose a few games you feel she's weaker, but my experience is completely opposite. Maybe the truth is in the middle : )
Her winrate sits really close to 50% so she clearly isnt that weak, think I just need to practice more!!!!
Fertsa (NA)
: I personally wish that there were more options for pets, since pets can't trigger a majority of the new runes
How would they implement a sort of rune that only a few champions have any use for? Seems to niche to be a rune...
: I'm talking about ranked games. I honestly didn't have a terribly good season this year with Zyra but after 7.22 she feels stronger, especially when going full aggressive. Only exceptions are when the other team has Shaco's and Talons and then the experience will be awful for sure if they notice you. You might have had a bad streak. Those happen. I never rush Rylais unless the whole team squishy then I do Haunting Guise- Rylais. Even without slow comet has a good chance to proc anyway. Electrocute wise: Zyra has a long 575 auto attack range. Once you land Q/E+plants people tend to walk away and you can AA safely. If you spawn 2 plants you don't need to AA. If they don't walk away they'll eat more plant attacks. It's almost always a winning trade for you. Just have to be more aggressive and confident now.
I had about a 55-60% win rate with Zyra for the entire 2017 season, I see what your saying with the electrocute il give it another shot I tried out that Keystone when they were first released and got frustrated found success on aery afterwords. Assuming you go Dom primary and sorc secondary? picking up mana band but what do you grab as a secondary? I can't decide if I like CDR or movement speed more.
: Support zyra with comet and mana band is better than ever. The amount of harass is insane.
I find everyone dodges the comet just fine in lane, which is where you really want to be able to bully them. As for mana band, I think its practically required on her atm.
: I'm a D5 Zyra main as well and I find her in a pretty good spot. I've tried all the runes and my favorite so far is Electrocute. Easy to proc and good for trading and one shot-ing. Aery and comet (especially comet with Lyandris) work as well. I hope she doesn't get buffed and see her every other game. That'd be really boring.
Do you rush rylies to get that comet to land? I find trying to proc electrocute I take more damage in return by forcing that auto in then I do too the ADC. I feel you I don't want her over buffed either, but I find her to be super lackluster right now. I have been hesitant to rush rylies because the mpen boots+haunting guise is such a huge power spike I don't want to postpone it. Are you playing Diamond ranked games or normals? I find she functions well in normals because people don't really interrupt her trading pattern but in low diamond, I just take soo much return damage it is too dangerous to get close.
YuGiHo (NA)
: only ting she can take right now is arey but thats gong to get worse after the nerfs, either way zyra wont have the mana to make trades as often as the champs abusing it right now
If you take the mana rune in sorc, your mana stays up pretty high to make decent use of aery but yea with those nerfs coming in its going to get even worse. I think she just needs a tuning pass because obviously, the gamestate is VERY different then it was two weeks ago and some characters are better suited for these new runes. What surprised me, even more, is that the playtesters were spouting about how godly strong Zyra and brand were, but at release Zyra feels super weak.
Eclypso (NA)
: Login issues?
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: Nasus winrate 48.42% Udyr winrate 49.02% Taken from Plat+ Korea Keep in mind riot gave these champions absurd buffs and they still suck because this game doesn't exist for immobile melee anymore
Here is the beautiful part of those statistics, there taken from Korea. I feel fair in assuming your playing in NA, which has a much different metagame and an entirely different feel about it. According to league of graphs on the most recent match udyr is shredding at 51.5% winrate plat and above. Gold and above its 52% winrate, so no both of those characters are viable currently.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 8
What are your thoughts on including Liandries Torment {{item:3151}} into Ornns upgrade list? It seems to me you have grabbed just about every champion with an upgrade to one their core items, Top lane has pretty much all items they normally use upgradable Adc's either build {{item:3071}} or {{item:3031}} JG shares many items with top lane Sup has {{item:3107}} for squishy sups or {{item:3190}} for tanks ones Mid lane has {{item:3089}}, which covered slightly over half of all midlane users but leaves so many without a decent upgrade. Many AD midlaners pick up {{item:3071}} and the ones who don't (I'm looking at you {{champion:157}} ) really like {{item:3031}} The only major group of champions left in the cold are those who use AP and don't build deathcap, (sure there are only a few and they are mostly mages played in sup) but it would make sense to add {{item:3151}} so that all characters have one of there items covered. I should mention I am a dirty {{champion:143}} sup main, and sure she can build {{item:3089}} but that requires a ton of cash, so I generally don't pick it up unless the game is more than 50 minutes long. While redemption doesn't work that well on her either kinda leaving her really left out in the cold of this super cool interaction between characters.
Trídent (NA)
: Aren't placebos pretty effective though? (Well not as good as a real cure anyways, but still something)
There have been many cases where placebo has been more effective than shelf Ibuprofen, and many drugs we use regularly. Dont doubt the strength of placebo!
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: such blasphemy! there was the stone age and then the bronze age, then the middle ages and finally the machine age...there has never been a silver or gold or platinum or diamond or whatever metal a master age is XD
Advacus (NA)
: Does anyone get key fragments anymore?
I remember when it was first released they said something about you would get more keys than as time went on you would get less and less, and that was supposed to reset every 30 days I believe.
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Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
I found Zyra spring 2014 and instantly fell in love with her! Her theme/persona is really awesome a good mix of crazy murderer with a nice plant lady. (not very much of the nice portion) Sense I played my first game with her I practically just played her for two years and climbed all the way to platinum using her power. I play a lot of her both in mid lane and in sup positions, personally I think she has a larger impact on the game when in mid lane with Janna sup or any other cc heavy support. Things I have identified as her strengths as I continue to play her is that her 1. E really excels when your enemy is coming at you but falls short when trying to catch other (which I personally feel is a great trade off) 2. her Q is nice because its on a short cool down late game giving her good consistent dps although I feel it has a little too short range and could lose a little reliability (longer activation time) to give her just a little range. 3. I always felt her W was supposed to be the unique portion of her kit, but it comes far from that yes her plants to a insane amount of damage over medium length of time but thats really all they do. the vine-lasher is just too similar to the thorn-spitter (yes it slows) but its not unique enough. 4. The ultimate, these spells are supposed to be the culmination of a champion into a single powerful spell full of awesomeness and cool stuff! Well I do NOT get those feelings from strangle thorns, Strangle thorns to me is just a smidge too short range (you have to get stupid close to cast one that would effect more then there front line) and has way too much of its power laid into raw damage. 5. Lastly her passive, probably the biggest let down of her entire kit, it would be fine if it was a dual passive (Azir and many of the recent champs) but it is so lackluster and rewards you for going full ham on there team only to die and get the last little bit of your damage out. I am not going to lie it is so satisfying to pick up a double/triple kill from her passive (probably one of my most memorable moments as Zyra) but it is just doesn't fit her kit very well. would much rather replace it with something thematically matching. Zyra's play pattern (especially in lane) plays out very similar to lux as cast E (if it missed wait and try again) if your E is going to land quickly lay down a vine-lasher for the slow, cast Q and W for the second plant followed by a R. essentially bursting your opponent down or leaving them to die from 1-2 plant attacks. The small things that differentiate Zyra from Lux is that Lux's range is way farther and has a shield. Whereas Zyra has more damage over time and Zyra's E can hit more then 2 enemies. I have always wanted more from Zyra's plant aspect, its a fun theme to play! But her W really falls short, I never really had any personal idea's of how to make it better but after seeing illoi's tentacles and there crazy high moments of smacking peoples faces. I realized something similar could be done for Zyras plants not identical that wouldnt be fun but something that has a higher impact on that second. I would love it if Zyras ult was changed into something that made her plants better not just adding more damage to her kit (maybe a little bit of damage but more on Azirs ult level of damage) maybe allowing her to make hella plants in an area. Who knows im just spit balling here, I am both really excited and a little nervous that you are working on Zyra she is by far my favorite champion (again probably around 50% of my games are with her) but please all I ask is bring out how awesome her plants are, that should be central to her kit not her being good at counter engage or being good at picking people off her theme is cool kid plant life keep with it! (but make it way cooler) Thank you for taking time to hear our opinions I imagine you are going to get a thousand different enthusiasts wanting you to change every champ there way. P.S. Why is everyone freaking out that you are changing our favorite tentacle monster? He could use a little love to bring out the extra terrestrial coming here to study us vibe.
Advacus (NA)
: Client crashes failed my series.
It just happened again, greatly I only lost 5 lp but this is starting to get really annoying. They really should improve there client before they start to punish people like this.
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Daniy (EUW)
: as a zyra main with 924 zyra-rankeds
I am another zyra main, I absolutely love her. I play her support though unlike you. And I felt like last season she was still strong but now with the mana changes her early game mana changes just ruin her laning presence you have to pound mana pots just to poke there adc down. Its changed my playstyle from poking to baiting and counter engaging sense I only have enough mana for one or two combo's pre level 11... Although I still do well as her I feel her passive could use a minor damage buff but mostly remove that 2-3 second timer before you can shoot. with tier two boots they can run out of the entire circle before you can hit them at all thats kindof silly...
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: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread
Hey everyone i just joined through the website, and i didnt realize that Ionia was so overloaded when i signed up, and i also didnt look at the champ list and assumed syndra would be on there... So with all that decided can i switch to bilgewater?
Advacus (NA)
: Is banning Leona a bad call?
Well yas wasnt banned but this was low gold elo. and he instead banned azir rather then leona. But he then conviced the entire other team that i was harrassing them even though the only thing i typed to him was please gank a lane. will you help top please, Im just upset because he convinced the other team that i was harrasing him.
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: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
Gameplay question, how come you guys made this particular champion, I mean what separates her from other ADC's. Why should we bring her onto the rift other then her awesome green spears?
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: [CLIENT] Client not displaying champ select
This happened to me in a ranked game but was a little different. It said it was trying to connect to server while the picks and bans were going down, eventually it got to my selection and i couldnt pick any champion so thus i guess i dodged.
: Would be cool, but Viola is human.... kidna. Maybe a vampire. but not a robot or doll.
Whats wrong with making ori a human?
Meoth (NA)
: I think this would be cool for Orianna...
Oh man a viola ori would be the best thing to ever happen. My two favorite characters in my two favorite series... just thinking about this makes me happy...
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