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: Mid & JG Duo Looking for top laner in Flex or a 5's team (Gold last season)
i can play a good top lane if you wanna play my ign in on my comment (its hard to type the o with a line through it)
PreShot (NA)
: Tournament Team Seeking Active Players
Role: jungle main, support secondary Current Rank: silver 4 Season 6 Rank: gold 3, no border Top 3 Champs: JNG: Graves, Elise, Rengar - Supp: Thresh, Braum, Bard Strengths: good game knowledge, map awareness, clear shotcalling, and good mechanics Weakness: farm heavy, dependent on team's play What can you bring to the team: my knowledge, tournament experience, and ability to talk with all teammates and figure out whats best for the team Time Zone: mountain Age: 18 Availability: any time after 4:15 mountain during week days, any time on weekends
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DarianEX (NA)
: EX Team Recruiting
IGN - says it on my comment ROLE MAIN - mid CHAMP POOL - anything from aatrox to zyra COMMS - got all the common ones AGE - 18
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: New Competitive Team Looking for Support Main (High Silver to Gold ELO)
Summoner's Name: Aeøn Vibe Age: 18 Time Zone: mountain Season 6 Ranking: gold 3 Top 3 Support Champs:{{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:432}} Availability: every day after 4:15 pm mst Additional Comments: although my rank isnt the highest, i have the dedication to achieve greatness, just add me ingame if you wanna ask anything else
: S6 P4 supp/jg looking for duo/trio adc or mid
i can play a pretty spicy mid, was gold 3 last season and got discord so i would be down to {{champion:35}}

Aeøn Vibe

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