: Can we make saying x9 report punishable
I also love how toxic people keep downvoting because they don't want to be suspended for their backhanded ways that aren't "toxic" supposedly.
: The tribunal was really slow.
but quick and inaccurate is good? i'd rather it take it's sweet damned time and do it properly because it actually made the player moderation team actually earn their money doing work. instead of afking or not even existing. riot employees had to actually review cases instead of playing like youtube with their copyright striking problem
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: Well come up with a better system then yourself?
The Tribunal if they actually worked it out better was a better system.
dnsup (NA)
: > "These days" Player level is 25. Are you making a joke, or...?
If you try to be toxic and improperly quote something aren't you the one making a joke? "These few days"
Kei143 (NA)
: It already is. It's considered mild offense and if they did the same action consistently, they would get punished.
they need to fix the trashy banbot anyways tbh toxicity shouldn't be the easiest thing to ban people for i want griefers and inters to be banned faster people who actually ruin ranked matches.
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