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Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
I'm surprised that Vel'Koz is getting a major gameplay change. He hasn't been exactly under tuned or overpowered since his release date. Though I do agree that Vel'Koz does need a little more, similar to how Riot changed Caitlyn's traps and net, he shouldn't be getting significant changes similar to Graves and Kog'maw. Though the only issue I have is his passive, it seems a little off regarding its reward. He's a long range mage with very distinct and unique abilities. His kit suggests that he is a peeling, kiting, poking mage. His passive's reward gives additional true damage on top of his abilities' damage when it is proc'd. I suggest that Riot changes his passive to do percentage true max health damage because of his low AP ratios or for Riot to add an additional effect when he procs his passive. I have a question for Riot. Why aren't you guys touching Galio? He's seen little play throughout regular and competitive play. His passive and abilities are a bit lackluster though his ult is unique and interesting. I think that Riot should incorporate his MR to AP passive into his abilities instead of having it as his passive. If you guys do change his passive, it opens up a lot more room to change and tweak other parts of kit.
: the new ping is crazy man ~190-200 for me in California ...
My ping went from 85-95 to 100-120 with lag spikes of 160-170 atm. Not sure if it's just riot working on server issues or it's my connection
: the next step in riot's plan: put the servers in space! that way, everyone can ping the server at the same time for half of the planet! XD though i'm actually glad they're moving the servers...I don' tknow how good the internet is in hawaii (probably very good because it's a tourist destination), but rural areas of the US can find it nearly impossible to play the game even with decent internet and ping spikes were far too common with the servers on the west coast
It's not because of how fast the internet is in Hawaii (very slow compared to continental U.S. btw). It's the time required to communicate with the server.
: you forget riot has said "fuck you" to the west coast to. im in california with 60 ping normally, now ill be 120+ sigh...
Didn't expect that west coast was going to experience that high of a jump.
: I'd assume there isn't anything they can actually do. The west coast isn't getting support just because of the profit- just look at the support they've given to rural, southern ISPs for proof of that. It's just that the continental US is much easier to create meaningful impact in. Direct connections already exist, they just need to be routed properly.
I see :/ still sucks that riot left Hawaii behind
: Honestly, i'm about to just drop league all together, before this i had 85-93 ping, after the server change i'm at 150 stable and it constantly goes up to 170~180 regularly. Welp gg boyz rito done abandoned us time to go find a new game to play.
:/ same I was planning to drop league too. It takes up too much time and I want to do other things with my time now.
: I agree mate. My ping is 88 when the planets align, though it's typically around 98-120. With a internet provider like Time Warner, ping spikes to 200 is quite common.
I don't think Riot is going to do anything about it right away. It's probably gonna be another we'll wait and see what happens type of response.
: It's pretty obvious what's going to happen. They even put out that little chart. You're looking at 50+ ping increase.
:( Sadly I don't think Riot is planning to help out Hawaii or Alaska because the west coast provides a much larger income versus the two states combined.
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: [IN-GAME SHOP MENU BUG] Shop menu looks really trippy and different every game
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Wasabo (NA)
: Why Is the Sona Rework Bad?
Not sure if you've played Sona extensively before her rework, but her rework is considered bad by the community because: how her game play changed notably, feedback on the PBE was either ignored or miscommunicated, and the direction Riot is taking Sona's rework is rather contradicting because she's a ranged champion that needs to go into melee range in order to benefit the team. She is "fun" to you, but if you look at her with respect to the current meta, her stats, kit, and outdated-ness compared to newer supports are driving her away from long time Sona players.


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