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GFresh11 (NA)
: Too many wards
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Rustin (NA)
: Weird Glitch?
i just had this issue a few minutes ago
DarxWolf (OCE)
: In-Game Crashes, entire game never existed
i just had that recently. our jungler got 3 early kills and the the game proceeded to cease its existence
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: (glitch stats) Yorick 700k + Damage dealt/taken/true damage to champion. Riot plz!
Hay5eed (NA)
: About the new Champ Select
indeed it did disappear
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: [Client] I still cannot access Bilgewater rewards in the client
plz have it fixed. icons must have. AHH!!! i sent a ticket too.
Aeyoodle (NA)
: relogging isnt working for me. but i will see if a repair will
: Update: After trying for a good half hour. Relogging finally did the trick. Hell yeah!
relogging isnt working for me. but i will see if a repair will
: Act 1: Old Friends, Old Habits Bug
im not sure if its because that act is over, because act 2 is already out
Lazydork (NA)
: Can't click on earn bilgewater icons
same here, the video loads fine, but not this one
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: Patch 4.18 notes
anyways, hexakill twisted treeline. sounds a bit overkill to me :P
: Patch 4.18 notes
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
wow. 2 weeks and theres already another champ. broooooo, it will take forever for me to buy all these champs :P
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, revealed
just a tanky yasuo{{champion:157}}


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