: I liked how you edited your comment. But luckely i have the message i got when you made it in my history
: I like Team Fight Tactics But Not The Queue Time
52 min que time? I could have done soo much. Tell me - *****HOW DO I REPORT RIOT *****
: funny. you just proved you didnt
: I did, trynd isnt broken. If his ult had 0 counterplay, why arent you challenger trynd 1 trick?
Also, trynd ulting for 5 seconds has skill. Really good trynd's like Foggedftw , ults at 1 hp - making it seem broken. In reality what separates a noob player and challenger is timing.
: The thing is. You didnt read my post.
I did, trynd isnt broken. If his ult had 0 counterplay, why arent you challenger trynd 1 trick?
: > [{quoted}](name=Agent Apple ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GuAdjnLO,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-06-17T23:30:07.200+0000) > > You know , maphite scales off armor and not MR right? > I DO AGREE, protobelt needs to cost more. But other than that no problem from me Protobelt falls off hard late game, the damage becomes harder and harder to land at some points and the damage isn't worth it with the risk you take. It's used early for waves clear and damage, and late game its used for engage and waveclears.
Considering how cheap the item is, there wont be a late game.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Do you have a play style that works to counter it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Agent Apple ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4pi0Hy83,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-06-17T23:25:59.931+0000) > > Ok - lets say he's an ap fighter, Fighter class does not do NUKE level damage as well as heal massive amounts of health in teamfights He doesnt do either anymore.
: Hashinshin: MR items are weak, Armor items are too strong
You know , maphite scales off armor and not MR right? I DO AGREE, protobelt needs to cost more. But other than that no problem from me
Kai Guy (NA)
: Any reason you don't just treat him as an AP bruiser?
So we should just bring back tank fizz, and call him a brusier/?
: "Is Sylas broke or something? People keep giving me crap... " People have their reactions for a reason. "I realy like him but I don't want to invest too much time in him if he's on riot's hitlist... " You can determine what you mean by a "hitlist" and how you'll react to that, and you can determine what is classified as a "rework" but it's not just his numbers they're changing how he works tomorrow.
Dudes just broken. After they fix their scaling and ratio's he'll still be in the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Agent Apple ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4pi0Hy83,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-12T03:11:48.949+0000) > > Sylas is Very broken. He's the only champ that i've seen constantly 1v3 and win. It doesnt make sense. He's an ap mage but plays like a brusier. He's suppose to be a AP fighter, but they kinda dont exist and are burst mages instead due to the mage overlords not wanting to let AP fighter/bruiser itemization exist without breaking it for themselves.
Ok - lets say he's an ap fighter, Fighter class does not do NUKE level damage as well as heal massive amounts of health in teamfights
Kat XD (NA)
: Looking for a coach who will take pity on me...
As a decent Kat player - my advice is you gotta know when to go in. For example if the enemy uses all their abilites on minons, or the enemy uses all their cc - then you would go all in. You should also have some kat combo's in your head. I played alot of kat so it comes naturally. I suggest you do the same. PLAY ALOT OF GAMES. Also - check your runes- make sure you're using them properly. like conq vs tank teams or DH agasint squishies. ALSO kat doesnt really have early game , but she has a small lvl 3 power spike . Depending on the match up you can use it to your advantage. Finally. if you can get out of silver with kat , you can probably reach plat. FINALLY FINALLY, check yoour build - YOU NEED GUNBLADE. but yea - experience is all you need. BUT part of winning mid is also knowing when to roam, as well as wave management. You dont randomly roam is ALL calculated. KATARINA NEVER 1V5'S UNLESS INSANELY FED. also- Do not initiate unless you're super fed or super high level. Let the tank go in , then GO ALL IN!!! also - If you ever fall behind - DO NOT FIGHT THE ENEMY. instead set up the wave to crash to you - then let your jgler gank. OR KS EVERYONE hope this helps a fellow kat player :*
: Is Sylas broke or something? People keep giving me crap...
Sylas is Very broken. He's the only champ that i've seen constantly 1v3 and win. It doesnt make sense. He's an ap mage but plays like a brusier.
: That is why I said Assassin's don't have a proper 20% CDR Item, therefore why they need one and just one like any other class (ignoring the fact that currently some classes still have several items).
LOL, im not interested in CD. I want to be able to kill the enemy if i DODGE all their abilities. No matter how good an assassin is, any tank with cc KILLS THEM. score doesnt matter, cs doesnt matter .
: What does Kat have to do with items?
IF you look above. Each class has items. Katarina is an ap Assassin. but never builds any of those items
Rioter Comments
: yea me too. i can just open my browser and watch %%%%%%% and jerk off while im waiting to find match.
Jenivie (NA)
: autofill should be removed, i have no problem waiting to get the role i WANT. PERIODT
: No item should have 20% CDR, enough said. Or if there was one item with 20% CDR, there should only be 1 item per champion class with this not multiple items... >* Fighters = {{item:3071}} >* Mages = {{item:3285}} >* Marksman = {{item:3508}} >* Support = Supports don't really have a proper 20% CDR Item >* Tank = {{item:3025}} >* Assassins = Assassins don't really have a proper 20% CDR Item (though they use Black Cleaver) There shouldn't have to be extra items that contribute to additional 20% CDR (I didn't mention some 20% CDR Items because they either usually never bought together like Black Cleaver and Trinity Force)... * {{item:3161}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3115}} Years ago, if we wanted to 40% CDR we would need to actually invest in a few items to get it, today all we need is Ludens Echo/Black Cleaver + Lucidity Boots and any +10% CDR item. Not to mention Runes didn't help with this situation, Cosmic Insight increasing CDR cap by +5% and gives +5% CDR and more, Transcendence gives free +10% at level 10.
: Katarina is so underwhelming to play now
I agree 100% and even the challenger kat mains agree. You hear it every streeam - kat is not good. If you compared Katarina's damage to any AP champ with the same items, kat does FAR LESS - kat isnt in a good spot rn. contemplating to leave and return when they eventually fix her
Aevsu (EUNE)
: BA Katarina Issue
: that draven damage...this game...
Its becoming tank meta, soon we'll be saying '' what damage''
: Trick plays in Diamond. Diamond is utterly screwed up rn from the start of season lp fiasco.
: top ten midlaners are only assasins. and its more bruisers rather then tanks.
I see more Irelia's mid than I do, Ahri. And top lane, well look at trick2g's stream, All he plays is volibear, nasus, tahm kench and he's able to 1v5
Rioter Comments
: Temp bans
You guys are soo nice, why aren't you all in my games?
: My Departure, My realization. My Lament
Awe Dude. Good bye friend - you will be missed {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:39}} is a mechanically intensive champion and has a high skill ceiling.
Yea, I main Katarina- who is by far- harder than Irel. But Kat doesnt do nearly the same amount of damage. Zed is also A high skill cap champ, but doesnt do the same BURST damage as Irell.
Rioter Comments
: Ranked flex is not the same as ranked 5v5.
Yea, but its the closest thing now, tbh.
: Fair? Yes. As in everyone has an equil chance of having the same kind of trash on their team. I just want to say at this point, get better?
Thanks for the advice friend {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: If the first defence he uses is "you arent playing what the rest of the sheep play, so you cant talk" then obviously he IS a kid. He wants to act like a kid, I will address him as one. I am not here to coddle his overinflated sense of self-importance, I am not his mother.
Do you have to be that person's mother to treat them with respect? I was taught to treat everyone equally.
: Im in wood elo
Same Friend, Same
: Another pathetic "you dont play what everyone else plays so you must be new" Yeah come back when you dont try to dismiss my point because.....Meta. I have been playing long enough that I know how to play my champs, and yeah I do well enough. So yeah, try again kid.
you shouldnt belittle someone by calling them kid. Then talk about ego - its not a good thing lol
youthere (NA)
: 4v5, 4v5, 4v5, 4v5...
I agree, I had 2 , 4v5's in 2 ranked games. It caused me to derank. And guess what riot says, - it happens all the time and we win when the enemy has an afk so its fair looll. imagine. Even riot acknowledges the flaw in their game
: Ranked 5v5 should be brought back
: This is incorect. I know that if there is actual evidence of this kind of crap it gets shut down. How do I know this? I have done it. Saw someone whos history was identical - 20% winrate, all same champ, all same 0/10+ kda, and I sent a ticket to riot with that info and the op.gg link. Watched the account for the next couple days and saw it immediatly- guy went from playing 5+ games a day to none for two days, four, a week, and then no games on record. The system works, if you put in the work and are patent.
But look at the damage left behind.. Is it fair to the other players?
: Losing 2 games is not riots fault for you deranking. Shit happens to all of us. We all get games like that, its not the sole reason you are deranking.
It was the sole reason. Because in both games, I was doing great - most damage on my team, great score . But impossible to win a 4v5 because these games were nearing 30 mins where everyone was full build/ Riot made this a team game, so 1v9 IS impossible nowadays
rujitra (NA)
: You also win more games against enemy teams with AFKs. So no, you have no basis for complaint there. AFK players are punished actually. What do you want Riot to do, go kidnap them from their house and put them in a room without internet so they can't play? All because their baby brother fell off his high chair and he needs to go to the hospital with them?
Dude - this is why ranked is messed up . I can claim an emergency happened and afk, just like the senario given above. Does that make afking in ranked okay? Losing lp in a 4v5 senario is OKAY/? then take out ranked from league . It basically the same as norms if IT has no value . Because Im sure the afks Dont care about ranked . A game is meant to enjoyed' how is losing because of someone else fair? Also its not like season 4 when one person can 1v9 carry. now its A TeAm gaMe """" Also , if you have a baby brother - its the brother's fault for being careless.
Rioter Comments
I feel bad for you , bc I cant relate - but I suggest you make a smurf orsomething - tonnes of peeps have 1
: Dying to fast
Considering tanks do insane damage, Idk what you're talking about, look at sion, sej, nasus = all tanks, AND THEY do massive Damage, as well as Garen, Darius and the other tanks. If YOU'RE dying as a tank - your playstyle might be for some other champion
: Gragas needs buffs bad
Honestly, they cant do it. I'd ask for kat buffs, but if a Pro player abuses it , they will nerf it. Because riot makes decisions based on Pro play rather than the majority of players in low elo
Chyn94 (EUW)
: Reduce loss of LP in ranked when a team have a AFKer or leaver
I've had 2 , in 2 games, and it caused me to derank - I've lost faith in this company. Ranked isnt even competitive anymore - its just luck
: If you nerf zoe again im quitting this game
Try main kat - you wont regret it
: When is the cats vs dog event? Is it today?
: I feel like runes shouldn't deal damage
Runes actually used to determine if you win lane or not, now its just for fun.
: Differences between ADC and Mid
Depends on the mid/. Generally I wait for tanks to go in
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