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: Rewards for positive play
The only thing I have to say I have a problem with the system is why don't you tell us what we did so we can learn off of it. It would help if we knew so we could try to change how we talk or do other things in league.
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: Jedi and boy together are a slant rhyme. This is a rhyme that is not as accurate at being a rhyme like boy and toy, but it rhymes just enough to be accepted. And I personally loved this poem. I Really Loved the Kingdom Hearts References!
Except the words are nothing alike a slant rhyme has to be simalar not 2 completely different words.
: ya know, If you had kept reading youd realize that my poems are written ABCB instead of AABB as you appear to think it instead of rhyming jedi and yi, its jedi and boy.(which is a better rhyme then what you think it is). I rhyme like bay and say, ton and fun, sale and fail, here and fear, read the whole thing before you criticize plz. thanks.
A. Jedi and boy don't rhyme in the slightest. B. Go back to first grade and relearn the meaning of Rhyme. C. The rest was meh.


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